• Barr & Mueller Report – whitewash turning grey

    Even a Fox news presenter accused the Attorney General William Barr of acting as if he was Trump’s defence lawyer rather than the nation’s senior law officer, when he gave a press conference effectively in support of Trump before releasing a redacted copy of the Mueller Report.
    What’s interesting despite all the hollers of ‘no collusion’ and ‘no obstruction’ is how dire Barr’s chart looks. He’s walking into a s
  • Emmanuel Macron – his troubles don’t come singly

    Emmanuel Macron is spinning through a series of crises, some of them self-created with the Notre Dame fire adding to his challenges. The gilets jaunes (yellow vest) protests against economic inequality and rising fuel prices forced him into a humiliating climbdown that will add to the national deficit and make it less likely he can push through any more much needed and promised reforms.  His isolated Presidential style of government is coming under increasing
  • Extinction Rebellion – activists walking their talk

    The activist group Extinction Rebellion (XR) has threatened to shut down London until the end of April by blocking roads in protests in order to draw attention to climate breakdown. Two days of disruption so far have seen 120 arrested and many tens of thousands of workers had their travel plans disrupted.
    XR was set up in 2018 with one hundred academics signing a call to action over climate change, biodiversity loss, and ecological collapse. A declaration was issued on 31 Oct
  • Notre Dame fire – Paris disrupted by the Eclipses

    The fire which ravaged the historic Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris yesterday has stunned the French for whom it is a national symbol. It was under renovation and at risk with an ancient wooden frame which serves as foundation for the roof, making it ‘incredibly flammable.’  It has survived remarkably over 850 years, through World Wars and religious attacks.
    The foundation stone was laid on 24/25 March 1163 JC which gives an
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  • Pete Buttigieg – a fiery and inspiring kick off

    Just a quickie on Pete Buttigieg, who has become an unexpected rising star since launching an exploratory low-key start to a Presidential bid in January and yesterday made it official.  He declared himself in at around 2pm in South Bend, Indiana, yesterday. This puts the Aries Sun exactly trine Jupiter in a nearly exact trine to a Leo Moon  – so an inspirational, confident, attention-seeking Fire Grand Trine. The Sun is also in a heavy-duty square
  • Tiger Woods – back on top of his game

    From a near-crippled has-been and the butt of late night TV jokes after his sex scandal, Tiger Woods has fought his way through four back operations to win his first Golf Masters and first major win in more than a decade.  He said afterwards it was wonderful for his kids to see him win after so many years watching him in pain.
    Born 30 December 1975 10.50 pm Long Beach, California, he has a seriously determined Capricorn Sun square Pluto opposition Jupiter in upfront Arie
  • Game of Thrones – a myth for our time

    The phenomenon that is Game of Thrones returns to TV screens for its final season today and is expecting an audience of 1 billion across 170 countries. Based on George R R Martin’s A Song of Ice and Fire series of fantasy novels, it launched on 17 April 2011. This coincided with a tough, military Mars Mercury opposition Saturn in a ruthless and unyielding square to Pluto – influential, control-freaky, enduring, with a high mortality rate. There was als
  • EU in more trouble and sooner than the UK

    Poking over the entrails yet again in the faint hope that distance and another look might bring new inspiration (unlikely) does produce one thought. Which is that the EU will run into crisis, financial or otherwise, before the UK.
    Tr Uranus is moving to oppose the EU’s 2nd house financial Neptune from just after mid this May onwards to coincide with the key elections which could shift the balance of power in the EU Parliament at a time when there are o
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  • Farage – Brexit and a deflated Westminster ** Add on

    At the heart of the Brexit carnival stands Nigel Farage, a trenchant Leaver since Maastricht in 1992, founder of UKIP, and on off player ever since. He’s now formed a Brexit Party on 11 January 2019 and is likely to contest the EU elections late this May.
    Born 3 April 1964 4,30 pm Farnborough, England, he’s looking shattered this month (and again mid August to mid September and February 2020) with tr Neptune conjunct his Mars/Saturn midpoint. Tr Uranus will conjun
  • Farage – Brexit and a deflated Westminster

    At the heart of the Brexit carnival stands Nigel Farage, a trenchant Leaver since Maastricht in 1992, founder of UKIP, and on off player ever since. He’s now formed a Brexit Party on 20 January 2019 and is likely to contest the EU elections late this May.
    Born 3 April 1964 4,30 pm Farnborough, England, he’s looking shattered this month (and again mid August to mid September and February 2020) with tr Neptune conjunct his Mars/Saturn midpoint. Tr Uranus will conjun
  • Stephen Miller – pandering to the base **

    Trump stirring it on the immigration front as a sop to his far-right fans is being fuelled by his unelected aide Stephen Miller. Though there seems to be a division of opinion with Jared Kushner who is also being tasked with finding a more bipartisan solution. Which is evidently classic Trump – create dysfunction and get employees fighting amongst themselves.
    Below is an older post on Miller:
    Stephen Miller, one of Trump’s closest advisers, a voc
  • Stephen Miller – pandering to the base

    Trump stirring it on the immigration front as a sop to his far-right fans is being fuelled by his unelected aide Stephen Miller. Though there seems to be a division of opinion with Jared Kushner who is also being tasked with finding a more bipartisan solution. Which is evidently classic Trump – create dysfunction and get employees fighting amongst themselves.
    Below is an older post on Miller:
    Stephen Miller, one of Trump’s closest advisers, a voc
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  • Brexit & May – who will rid us of this turmoil?

    The Brexit marathon has been stretched another six months to 31 October – and maybe longer as the finishing line recedes into the far distance. The Halloween date lands on Mercury’s station to retrograde which isn’t inspiring. There’s admittedly a direction-change, potential separation from Uranus in the 10th opposition Sun; but there’s also a mega-aggravated, hugely frustrated, argumentative and stuck Mars square Saturn Pluto.
    The cl
  • Sudan – ongoing misery

    Sudan is rapidly sliding into chaos with the police and some soldiers in Khartoum protecting demonstrators from Government  security agents. Protests against the Islamist President Oman al-Bashir, who has governed Sudan since 1989, have been under way for several months, initially over food prices but that has now turned into demands for a transitional government with new leadership. A young Sudanese woman in a white robe has become one of the iconic symbols
  • Benjamin Netanyahu – in step with malign times

    The repressive Saturn Pluto conjunction is the clear winner of the Israeli elections with Netanyahu and a right-wing coalition looking likely to take power. Haaretz, the liberal Tel Aviv newspaper is scathing about the election – “the surest proof that Israel under his leadership has transitioned to dictatorship — the emergence of the equation under which Netanyahu hopes to trade annexation of West Bank settlements in exchange for immunity fro
  • Kirstjen Nielsen out, McAleenan in – for how long?

    Kirstjen Nielsen was hardly a weak-kneed liberal as Homeland Security chief but she still fell foul of Trump’s disdain for the rule of law. When she pushed back against his more extreme ideas because they clashed with U.S. immigration laws and federal court orders, he forced her to resign.
    Kevin McAleenan, the next pick for the job has not ruled out reinstating the separation of immigrant children and parents. NBC news reported that Trump has been pushing fo
  • Libya – no resolution anytime soon

    Libya which has been torn by violence and political instability since Gaddafi was deposed and killed in 2011 is winding up for yet more trouble with foreign troops and peacekeepers exiting because of the danger. There are dozens of militias operating in the country and this present confrontation was precipitated by rebel forces under Egypt and UAE-backed Gen Khalifa Haftar who have been advancing from the east with the aim of taking the capital, Tripoli. The UN-ba
  • Tiger Roll – a Piscean champ

    Tiger Roll won the Grand National yesterday to become the first horse since Red Rum 45 years ago to win the Aintree race two years running. In fact Red Rum went on to win a third National and come in twice in subsequent years.
    Tiger Roll, who at 15 hands 2 inches is more of a lady’s hack size than a steeplechaser, was foaled in Ireland on 14 March 2010. He’s a Sun Uranus Mercury in Pisces with Jupiter and maybe Moon also in Pisces. If that sounds too w
  • Keir Starmer – a healing and influential Virgo

    Keir Starmer, the UK Opposition spokesman for Brexit, comes across as a steady pair of hands. He was formerly a defence lawyer with an interest in human rights and Head of the Crown Prosecution Service. He only became an MP in 2014 and declined to stand in the leadership contest because of his lack of political experience.
    Born 2 September 1962, he does have an influential and powerful chart with a ‘healing’ and private Water Grand Trine of Mars in Can
  • Princess Beatrice and Edo – a Leo Scorpio match

    Princess Beatrice is being seen with a new beau, having seemed a rather forlorn singleton at her sister Eugenie’s wedding. Edoardo Mapelli Mozzi, a property and design magnate in London, has an Italian count father but was educated in the UK and has been part of the young Royal crowd since childhood. After graduating from Edinburgh University, he first worked as a researcher for David Cameron, before founding his property business, Banda, in 2007 – now
  • Chancellor Hammond bracing for a setback

    In the faint hope of finding a nugget of helpful info in the carnage of Brexit – Philip Hammond, the Chancellor, definitely a soft Brexiteer (if it happens at all) is looking decidedly agitated from mid this month and more so in the first three weeks of May with tr Uranus square his Uranus and then opposition his Mars in Scorpio. He’s also got a scary, trapped and acutely frustrated Solar Arc Pluto conjunct his Mars around now or in coming months.
    May looks an unp
  • Lori Lightfoot – a breakthrough with questionmarks

    Lori Lightfoot has been elected as the first openly LGBTQ and black female mayor of Chicago.  She started in private legal practice and held various government positions, most notably as former President of the Chicago Police Board and chair of the Chicago Police Accountability Task Force. Her win hasn’t been greeted with unallowed joy in the liberal community given her not entirely progressive track record in police matters and elsewhere.
    Born 4 August 1962 she&rs
  • Julian Assange – maybe yes, maybe no

    Julian Assange is being ousted from the Ecuador Embassy in London. No he’s not. Wiki says yes and fans as well as police queue up outside. The ambassador says it’s all nonsense.
    He does look on tenterhooks till mid April with tr Uranus conjunct his Sun/Mars midpoint, which can bring a sudden change of circumstance; plus tr Pluto square his Venus/Mars midpoint in April and May which can either accompany a surge of passion or health issues; with dashed hopes in May
  • Doris Day – sparkling image, secret drama

    Doris Day, the bubbly blonde with the girl-next-door image who became a household name in the 1950s/60s for Calamity Jane and Pillow Talk is still going strong at 97.  She was the top ranking female star in musicals with Gordon MacRae and rom-coms with Clark Gable and Rock Hudson but since retiring from acting three decades ago has lived a private life apart from her promotion of her animal welfare foundation.
    She was born 3 April 1922 at 4.30 pm Cincinnati, Ohio, USA in
  • Brunei – back in the dark ages ** updated

    Brunei has enacted strict new Islamic laws that make male homosexuality, adultery offences and blasphemy punishable by stoning to death. The new measures cover a range of other crimes including punishment for theft by amputation. Unfortunately for the mediaeval and sour-faced Sultan there is now an enthusiastic campaign led by George Clooney to boycott hotels he owns – the Bel Air and Beverley Hill in LA, the Dorchester in London amongst others.
  • Mick Jagger – Jumping Jack grounded temporarily

    Mick Jagger will have surgery later this week to replace a heart valve after his Rolling Stones tour was postponed till after July. He is expected to make a full recovery.
    Born 26 July 1943 2.30am Dartford, England, he’s a flamboyant and super-confident Sun, Jupiter, Pluto, Mercury in Leo; with a high-octane Mars in Taurus square his Pluto Mercury. And a tactile Taurus Moon which is trine musical Neptune in the performing 5th.  Not shy and retiring that’s for
  • Joe Biden – a tactile Taurus Moon his downfall

    Joe Biden’s run towards 2020 is probably over before it started with another accusation of misconduct. It’s more about him being overly tactile and crashing into personal space than anything too heinous. But it doesn’t sit well in the times.
    He was born 20th November 1942 8.30 am Scranton, Pennsylvania giving him an emotionally intense collection of a charming Sun, Venus, Mercury conjunction as well as Mars in Scorpio in his 12th. He’s also got an eart
  • Michael Avenatti – Saturnine karma

    Brash, bombastic, a headline-grabber, lawyer Michael Avenatti is attracting a different sort of publicity these days. From his heady promotion of Stormy Daniels’ hush-money lawsuit with megaphone promises to take Trump down and his tease about running in 2020 himself, he’s now defending himself against criminal charges of attempting to extort millions of dollars from Nike; and unrelated charges in California that he had defrauded a former client and a bank. These
  • Wayne Messam – hoping for the American dream

    Another day, another Democratic candidate for 2020. Wayne Messam, the first black mayor of a Florida city and son of Jamaican immigrants, has pitched his hat into the ring. He has an MBA in Management Information Systems, and owns a construction company.
    Born 7 June 1974, he’s a Sun Gemini opposition Neptune in a confident though none too realistic square to Jupiter in Pisces; with his Sun also in an innovative trine to Uranus. His Mercury Saturn in Cancer are in a toug
  • Florida – voter suppression favours the GOP

    When you can’t win fairly, cheat – appears to be the Republican approach in Florida. Until last year, Florida still operated under one of the largest-scale voter suppression laws in the nation. That changed with passage of Amendment 4 last November, restoring voting rights to an estimated 1.4 million ex-felons, most of whom are black and poor who have completed their sentences, including probation, and paid back restitution; and would exclude those who committed f
  • Prince Charles and Andrew – far from a bro-romance

    Prince Charles has always had a conflicted relationship with his younger brother Andrew which has not been improved by Charles’ wish for a slimmed-down monarchy ahead, excluding Andrew and his children, the two princesses. In part the brotherly stand-off may be a result of the Queen’s evident favouritism of Andrew which would not sit well; and Charles’ jealousy of Andrew’s fighter pilot machismo in early adulthood.
    It’s a shame in one
  • Jordan Peele – a funny, scary Pisces

    Comedian turned super-star film director Jordan Peele is looking at another blockbuster success with US. In the horror genre, it focusses on an affluent black family menaced in their home by another family who look almost exactly like them. It took $110 million worldwide in its first few days and achieved the second best opening weekend in North America for an original live action film, after Avatar in 2009; and only cost $20 million.
    His pre
  • Bleary Brexit Britain – on its knees

    The Lord alone knows what comes next for Brexit and He’s not dropping too many hints. Possible exits might come from tr Pluto sextile the UK Pluto mid April to early May, again over the New Year – which indicates an upheaval. Or tr Saturn square the UK Sun/Moon midpoint around this August, September, October for the final time – which can be a relationship split.
    At the time of Brexit in 2016 tr Pluto was hovering around the square of the UK Sun/Moon midpoin
  • EU and China – the dragon extending its reach

    The EU is belatedly wakening up to the problem of China which is the EU’s second biggest trading partner. China is encroaching on eastern and southern Europe, with investment and commercial tie-ups which favour the monolithic Chinese state system. China already owns Greece’s largest port, Piraeus, and has, to the consternation of Berlin and Paris, just signed a memorandum of understanding with Italy regarding future investment i
  • Book Review: Astrology and the Archetypal Power of Numbers

    If fewer people are reading books
    these days, you’d never know it from the size of astrology books. Joe
    Landwehr’s recent contribution to the astrological canon clocks in at nearly
    600 pages, and like any book of such size, the commitment required demands that
    the effort be rewarded.Assessing whether it’s worth the time
    and cognitive energy can be challenging, but I think that there are two simple
    points on which the decision would hinge: are you interested in numerology, and
  • Adam Schiff – defending his corner with vigour

    Adam Schiff has come out fighting against Republican demands that he resign his chairmanship of the House Intelligence Committee over the Mueller Report. He argued that he still believes there is ample evidence of collusion and said he’s long insisted such evidence may or may not rise to the level of a criminal charge. Despite Mueller’s decision not to charge any Americans in Russia’s election interference efforts he said he still finds the Trump campaign&rs
  • Theresa May – into the wilderness

    Theresa May has her fans who see her as diligent, earnest, dutiful and straight, landed by fate with a poisoned conundrum that no one could have been expected to solve. There again there are those who reckon she’s part of the problem, indeed in the words of one despairing minister the “sole architect” of the recent and present Brexit chaos. He said “It is her inability to engage in the most basic human interactions that brought us here.”
  • Jerome Powell – economic scapegoat

    Jerome Powell, Trump’s pick as chairman of the US Federal Reserve, has been slagged off by the President as having ‘no feel’ for the economy – in his standard when-things-go-wrong-find-someone-to blame mode.
    Powell, 4 February 1953, is a fixed Aquarius Sun opposition Pluto and square Jupiter in Taurus. His chart is riddled with quincunxes which will give him a degree of strain – his Sun is inconjunct Uranus, and his Mars i
  • Elizabeth Holmes – an Aquarius hustle

    The rise and dramatic fall of the youngest self-made female billionaire Elizabeth Holmes, the Silicon Valley tale that was too good to be true, is the subject of a new HBO documentary.  Academy Award winner Alex Gibney (Enron: The Smartest Guys in the Room, HBO’s Emmy-winning Going Clear: Scientology and the Prison of Belief) dug deep into the entrails of Theranos, her healthcare company which claimed to have revolutionized blood testing.  In 2014,
  • Affordable health under threat – as Trumps gears up

    The Trump administration now believes that the entire Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) should be struck down as “unconstitutional.”. This policy shift is described as a “total bombshell, which could have dire consequences for millions of people.” It’s risky for Trump and the Republicans since in 2018, the Democrats campaigned — and won — on their health care pledges, which matter a good deal more to voters than the Mueller report.
  • Scott Walker – walked his own road

    The sun ain’t gonna shine anymore. Scott Walker, in the 1960s more popular than the Beatles when part of the (non-related) Walker Brothers, who later branched out into the wilder edges of the avant grade, has died. Shy and solitary in temperament, he was not well designed for life in the spotlight. He suffered horrendous stage fright and took to heavy drinking to cope. His later career after the group split was marked by long periods of inaction and occasional reappeara
  • Mueller & Barr – the fall out will run on

    Robert Mueller’s investigation into possible Trump collusion with Russia ended on a whimper not a bang, which was not that surprising given tr Neptune opposition his Mars this month; and square the Investigation Mars in April – both influences repeating later in the year. So confusion, maybe smokescreens or just a typical Neptunian dissipation into a fog, with questions that can’t or won’t be pinned down.
    What is clear is that h
  • Lachlan Murdoch – Fox News on edge with new CEO

    Lachlan Murdoch, eldest son of Rupert, is now Chairman and CEO of the Fox Corporation, a slimmed down entity after the sale this month of 21st Century Fox to Disney. It raises the question of how he’ll manage the pro-Trump, right-wing Fox news end of the business. Rupert was regularly in contact with Trump, Lachlan evidently never.
    Born 8 September 1971 he’s a hard-working, understated Sun Venus in Virgo with a tough-mind
  • Duchess of Cambridge marking her territory

    As light relief from political bickering, there appears to be a struggle for social supremacy amongst the ‘turnip toffs’ in Norfolk which has resulted in the Duchess of Cambridge falling out with former model Rose Hanbury, Marquess of Cholmondeley. A one per cent of a one per cent problem.
    Rose Hanbury was born 15 March 1984 and is a Sun Pisces in an ultra-determined trine to Mars in Scorpio, with Pluto and Saturn also in Scorpio. She has an intensely
  • Uri Geller – hoping to bend Theresa May

    A blast from the past has reappeared to add a much-needed dash of comedy to the Brexit fiasco.  Uri Geller, psychic and spoon bender, has promised to stop the process telepathically since he intuited that most Brits were against it.
    His track record is a touch spotty when it comes to claims of magic powers – viz the time he tried to help Second Division football club Exeter City win a game by placing “energy-infused” crystals behind
  • Algeria – the old guard versus the young

    Algeria’s ailing 82 year old President Abdelaziz Bouteflika is insisting he stay in place during a transition to a new administration, having been forced into declining a fifth term. The theory being he is being propped up by vested interests amongst his entourage. It hasn’t calmed dissent on the streets with major demonstrations across the country, mainly from younger voters but also the professions and some military joining in.
    His Deputy Defence Min
  • Adnan Syed – ups and downs ahead

    Adnan Syed  imprisoned in 1999 for the murder of his ex-girl-friend Hae Min Lee, from whom he had separated, has had his case aired by the podcast Serial and has been through a number of appeals. He was convicted on the basis of no physical evidence and the word of a man whom defence lawyers say was coached in his testimony. A possible alibi witness was never brought forward.
    Syed, born 21 May 1980 into a conservative Muslim family, is a Sun Mercury in Gemini
  • Emilia Clarke – death defying in life as well as on screen

    Emilia Clarke, the English actress who plays Daenerys Targaryen in Game of Thrones has admitted she suffered two brain aneurysms early on in the eight-year run of the series. Either of them could have killed her and she underwent risky brain surgery and a difficult convalescence before stepping back into a pressured role.
    Born 23 October 1986 in London (no time sadly) she’s a last degree Libra or zero Scorpio Sun conjunct Pluto square Mars in Aquarius, so carries a good
  • Anthony Pellicano – a trunkful of secrets

    Anthony Pellicano, the private investigator/fixer for the stars and inspiration behind the violent Ray Donovan tv series will be released from prison this week. He’s served more than 15 years inside, on charges ranging from possession of plastic explosives and hand grenades, to wiretapping, racketeering, protection, intimidation, witness tampering and destruction of evidence. He was an expert in electronic surveillance and consultant on the movie The Enemy of the State.
  • Good Friday Agreement – under extreme strain

    The Good Friday Agreement which lies at the heart of the Irish backstop problem was the peace agreement between the British and Irish governments, and most of the political parties in Northern Ireland, on how Northern Ireland should be governed; and relations between the North and the South and the British government. It guaranteed an open border which is the stumbling block if/when the UK exits the EU and the Republic of Ireland stays in.  It was agreed on 10t

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