• Helen Tupper: Investing in your career will deliver real ROI

    There is no shortage of listicles full of career advice, like ‘five ways to be more productive’ or ‘10 things the most successful people do’. We have all seen them and, while there may be some value in them, staying on top of all these tips, tricks and second-hand advice can be confusing and exhausting. Hardly the recipe for a happy career.
    However, if you are interested in investing in your career development, there are some activities that will pay you dividends regardl
  • JIC Mail launch creates first ever industry-wide audience standard for direct mail

    Direct mail industry bodies and businesses have teamed up for a major initiative to record standardised audience data for the channel for the first time. The DMA, IPA, ISBA, Royal Mail and Whistl are among those who make up the board of the Joint Industry Committee for Mail (JIC Mail), which launched last night (18 January).
    The organisation will measure the readership, reach and frequency of exposure for each piece of direct mail delivered in the UK, whether addressed or unaddressed. The secon
  • M&S overhauls marketing structure to fight falling sales

    Marks & Spencer has restructured its marketing team to help combat weakening sales and support a “changing M&S”, as part of its five-year transformation plan.
    The move sees the appointment of former Tesco marketer Sharry Crammond as marketing director, food and hospitality.
    Crammond, who joins from Southeastern Grocers in the US, did two stints at Tesco before exiting in 2015 as part of CEO Dave Lewis’s management shake-up. She has also held senior marketing r
  • Nestlé launches pink KitKat and Lidl slows US plans: International round-up

    Nestlé launches naturally pink KitKat in Japan to appeal to millennials
    Nestlé is launching a pink KitKat variant made from ruby cocoa beans, in a bid to appeal to a younger audience. The new bars will be launched in Japan and South Korea before being rolled out to other countries including the UK.
    The newly developed chocolate is naturally pink in colour and Nestlé claims to be the first company in the world to commercialise it.
    Sandra Martinez, head of confectionery strate
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  • Huawei, Shell, Amazon: The top 10 YouTube ads in December

    1. Huawei & Save the Children UK – Santa RebootedLast month’s most popular ad was, rather fittingly, Christmas themed. Chinese technology giant Huawei partnered with charity Save the Children UK to show off a “rebooted” and upgraded Santa. He’s had a total overhaul, including a new hipster look, a fancy workshop and sleigh. And apparently he’s also into clean eating and yoga. The ad ends by encouraging viewers to donate to its charity partner Save the Chi
  • Huawei, Shell, Amazon: The top 10 most popular YouTube ads in December

    1. Huawei & Save the Children UK – Santa RebootedLast month’s most popular ad was, rather fittingly, Christmas themed. Chinese technology giant Huawei partnered with charity Save the Children UK to show off a “rebooted” and upgraded Santa. He’s had a total overhaul, including a new hipster look, a fancy workshop and sleigh. And apparently he’s also into clean eating and yoga. The ad ends by encouraging viewers to donate to its charity partner Save the Chi
  • Recommended reading: How to lead in times of crisis and the ‘troublemakers’ of Silicon Valley

    Tribe of Mentors
    Timothy Ferriss
    Trying to find a mentor can be difficult but Tim Ferriss has done the hard work by rounding up 100 of the world’s leading thinkers to offer advice on everything from careers to wellbeing. Contributors include Arianna Huffington who says “burnout is not the price you have to pay for success”, while TED curator Chris Anderson believes “pursue your passion” is bad advice. There are also lessons from top athletes such as Maria Sharapova
  • Duracell’s CMO on the 7Ps that are redefining the brand

    Batteries are admittedly not the most exciting product category. Consumers buy them to power other products, so the buying decision is often largely based on price and value. Standing out in such a commoditised market is therefore crucial, and one of the reasons Duracell places such huge importance on the power of its marketing.
    Being part of the Procter & Gamble stable helped the brand build a solid grounding in marketing. But its sale to Warren Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway at th
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  • Evian issues call-to-arms to brands to do more on plastic waste

    Evian has issued a call-to-arms to brands to do more about plastic waste, aiming to use its leadership position to fuel a global move towards a reduction in the use of plastic in packaging.
    The move sees Evian give itself the target of adopting a 100% circular approach to plastic use by 2025 – meaning it will look to keep plastic in the economy and out of nature through recycling. And it is calling on other brands to follow its lead.
    “What is really important is that everybody needs
  • Richard Robinson: Modern marketing requires relentless learning and development

    Ever since 1996, when Morgan McCall, Michael Lombardo and Robert Eichinger asked 200 executives to self-survey how they thought they learned, the principle of 70:20:10 has become commonplace best practice, if not the perceived truth, for how people learn in the workplace.
    If you’re unfamiliar with the model, it suggests that “development generally begins with a realisation of current or future need, and the motivation to do something about it”. And within this it offers a prin
  • Marketing job prospects deteriorate as economic worries hit hiring

    The jobs market for the marketing sector has hit its lowest level for a year as concerns over the impact of Brexit on the economy and business investment hit hiring.
    According to data from the IPA’s quarterly Bellwether survey shared exclusively with Marketing Week, nearly 30% of respondents expect to hire more staff in the coming three months. That is in line with how brands feel about the financial futures of their companies.
    However, nearly 16% are forecasting a decline in employment, c
  • Lucy Tesseras: 30 years of data proves shoppers’ demands will only get tougher

    Thirty years is a long time. Three decades ago Margaret Thatcher was prime minister, Belinda Carlyle thought heaven was a place on earth and Roger Rabbit had yet to be framed. At the same time, a ‘smart phone’ was one that didn’t require a manual switchboard, being able to do your shopping virtually was the stuff of sci-fi and ‘social networking’ was an activity normally confined to the local pub.
    It’s no secret that digital disruption and economic factor
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  • Google’s tighter ad rules for YouTube ‘don’t go far enough’

    Google is making big changes to the ad rules on YouTube as it looks to clean up the site amid ongoing issues for marketers around brand safety.
    The update means YouTube will impose stricter criteria on the types of videos that can generate ad revenue and introduce a new review process for ‘Google Preferred’, its premium content. It also claims it will offer greater transparency around where brands’ ads are appearing and simpler controls.
    However, while the ad industry has welco
  • YouTube to manually review popular videos before placing ads

    Platform to ensure top content meets ‘ad-friendly guidelines’ following unease at scandals, but some vloggers may lose incomeVideos from YouTube’s most popular channels are to be subject to human review, as the Google platform attempts to use advertising money to reign in content producers following a series of scandals.For the first time, the company will be pre-emptively reviewing large swaths of its content to ensure it meets “ad-friendly guidelines”, raising the
  • Mark Ritson: The Diet Coke relaunch shows its marketers have lost the plot

    Up until now the general consensus has been that, while Coca-Cola might be in bit of trouble, its marketers were one of the major reasons to keep the faith and assume they would steer their company through the tough times ahead.
    There seems little doubt that Coca-Cola (the brand) is starting an irrevocable decline as global tastes swing away from sugar, artificial sweeteners and fizzy drinks. Coke will always be Coke but it will become a fraction of its former self in the years ahead. That&rsqu
  • Marketing budget growth slows as marketers face ‘challenging’ 12 months

    Marketers are facing a “challenging” 2018 as tepid economic forecasts and a “loss of momentum” caused marketing budget growth to slow to its lowest rate for almost two years in the final quarter of 2017.
    According to the IPA’s quarterly Bellwether report, 23.9% of marketers surveyed said they increased their budgets in the last three months of the year in an effort to support brands, help new product launches or in response to greater competition. However, cost pres
  • Why marketers want to leave their job

    Staff retention is a big issue for any employer, so understanding when people are likely to move on and what might motivate that decision is invaluable.
    The latest Marketing Week Career and Salary Survey shows that while the majority of respondents (74.9%) are definitely or very likely to stay in marketing for the next five years, many are planning to leave their current job.
    Of those surveyed, 43.2% are planning to change their role in the next one to three years, with 37.8% looking to mov
  • Marketoonist on the culture of innovation

    Tom Fishburne is founder of Marketoon Studios. Follow his work at marketoonist.com or on Twitter @tomfishburne
    See more of the Marketoonist here
    The post Marketoonist on the culture of innovation appeared first on Marketing Week.
  • What was the key to success for retailers over Christmas?

    The festive trading quarter is one of the most important of the year for retailers, but they faced a perfect storm of challenges in the run-up to Christmas 2017.
    Figures from the British Retail Consortium (BRC) show footfall was down by 3.5% in December, the biggest decline since March 2013, with high streets and shopping centres the hardest hit. And separate research by The Retail Think Tank shows the retail sector’s financial health in the so-called ‘Golden Quarter’ fell for
  • ‘Strong evidence’ junk food TV ads make children eat more, charity claims

    Cancer Research UK has called for Ofcom to ban junk food adverts being shown during programmes that are popular with teenagers, after research by the charity claimed to show a direct link between TV advertising and obesity.
    The charity commissioned YouGov to survey 3,348 teenagers aged between 11 and 19 on their viewing habits and diet. It found that those who watched three hours of commercial TV a day or streamed content with ads were more than twice (139%) as likely to drink fizzy drinks
  • Tanya Joseph: Seven ways to make 2018 a successful year

    I once did ‘dry January’. I discovered that January is a very long month and that I didn’t feel any better having been on the wagon for its entirety. I shan’t be doing it again. But this is the time of year when one can take stock, reflect on behaviours (professional and personal) and decide to change things.
    I don’t mean deciding that you have to lose 15kg by Easter, do an Iron Man, climb K2 or walk the Inca Trail in bare feet. I am talking about achievable t
  • Tesco Clubcard, Pret, Volkswagen: Everything that matters this morning

    Tesco backtracks on changes to Clubcard loyalty scheme
    Tesco has backtracked on planned changes to its Clubcard loyalty scheme after facing a backlash from customers. The supermarket was set to change the value of some of its rewards; currently points collected can be turned into vouchers that can be redeemed for between two and four times their value. Tesco wanted to change this to mean vouchers would always be three times their face value.
    The supermarket argued this would make the system easi
  • OnePlus, the Guardian, Formula One: Everything that matters this morning

    OnePlus breaks billion-dollar sales barrier
    Chinese smartphone maker OnePlus has broken the billion-dollar sales barrier for the first time, doubling its revenues last year to more than $1.4bn (£1bn).
    Speaking to The Telegraph, OnePlus chief executive Pete Lau confirmed the company had made “healthy profits” during the period and now plans to challenge bigger players by collaborating with mobile networks in the US and Europe. While the company started out selling to fans d
  • Iceland, Airbnb, Disney: Everything that matters this morning

    Iceland becomes first grocer to go ‘plastic free’ by 2023
    Supermarket chain Iceland has said it will eliminate or drastically reduce plastic packaging of all its own label products by the end of 2023.
    Prime Minister Theresa May has called plastic waste “one of the great environmental scourges of our time”, and vowed to ban all avoidable plastic waste in the UK by 2042.
    As a first measure, the grocer says new food ranges being launched in February will be packaged using a
  • Greggs, KitKat, YouTube: Everything that matters this morning

    Greggs unveils hot food menu with evening appeal
    High street baker Greggs is continuing to expand its offer to customers, following the introduction of home delivery and the increased focus on breakfast and healthy options, by testing a menu designed to appeal to evening eaters. Evening is currently the “the part of the day when Greggs doesn’t trade”, CEO Roger Whiteside is quoted saying in The Guardian. “Hot food is the last of the big food trends we have chosen to purs
  • Budweiser, Nike, Asda: Everything that matters this morning

    Bud takes advantage of dry January with Prohibition push
    Budweiser has kicked off a marketing push for its alcohol-free Prohibition Brew beer to make the most of consumers doing dry January.
    As part of the drive, Love Island’s Gabby Allen, will unveil a fleet of beer floats that will travel around the country giving away free samples of Prohibition Brew, as part of the brand’s UK launch.
    Budweiser is also partnering with Time Out to raise awareness of the alcohol-free variant, includ
  • Five trends that will change the media landscape in 2018

    Streaming services will take more cues from traditional media
    Streaming services are working hard to steal eyeballs from traditional broadcasters – and they seem to be succeeding. Netflix beat analysts’ expectations by adding 5.3 million new subscribers during the third quarter of 2017.
    And it is planning on spending some serious money to continue that trajectory, with a content budget of roughly $8bn (£5.9bn) for 2018 – a major leap from the $2bn (£1.5bn) it spent
  • Wanted: recruits for touchy-feely army. Sorry, no facial tats | Catherine Bennett

    For some reason, a new advertising campaign fails to mention poor pay and conditions and the need to killRegrettably, at least for anyone whose main reason for not joining up is the terror of serving alongside someone like Iain Duncan Smith, the army’s latest big recruiting campaign sets out to allay quite different fears about military service.“What if I get emotional in the army?” asks a tasteful animated film featuring a large, plopping tear, with a view to tempting recruits
  • Ben Davis: Science won’t save crap creative

    When the hype around programmatic display advertising peaked early this decade, journalists and bloggers hit back with lots of articles about how marketing will never be an exact science.
    Digiday’s Brian Morrissey wrote: “The ads, we’ve been told for years, would become so relevant that they’d be ‘like content’. I don’t know any normal person unaffiliated with this industry who would believe this to be the case.”
    ‘Ad Contrarian’ bl
  • Coca-Cola, Amazon, Cadbury – 5 things that mattered this week and why

    Coca-Cola turns its attention to Diet Coke
    Having claimed big success with its Coca-Cola Zero Sugar rebrand, Coke is now turning its attention to the Diet Coke brand promising “exciting things” for the brand in the UK following an overhaul in the US.
    Despite not being very forthcoming about plans for the UK, the brand refresh does signify a direct desire to appeal to health-conscious millennials. And with the sugar-tax set to come into force in April, the push would be timely.
    The US
  • Coca-Cola brings back ‘First Taste’ ad in renewed Coke Zero Sugar push

    Coca-Cola is bring back its ‘First Tastes’ campaign as part of a renewed push for Coca-Cola Zero Sugar and a wider focus on its healthier drinks as consumers increasingly opt for lower sugar options and with the introduction of the government’s sugar tax imminent.
    The campaign, which will launch on Monday (15 January), will be pushed across TV, online and cinema with supporting activity across out-of-home advertising, digital and PR.
    The advert, created by McCann EMEA, is a con
  • The Marketing Week Podcast: Salary Survey 2018

    In the latest Marketing Week podcast features editor Lucy Tesseras and senior writer Charlotte Rogers wrap up the key takeaways from the 2018 Marketing Week Career and Salary Survey.
    The podcast discusses the happiest and unhappiest sectors, the persistent gender pay gap and how marketers are defining the future of work by leading the charge for flexible working.
    The 2018 Marketing Week Career and Salary Survey analysed the responses of 4,154 marketers from 24 different industries including
  • Cadbury ditches joy positioning after six years to go ‘back to brand roots’

    Cadbury is getting rid of its ‘Free the Joy’ campaign and will instead focus its marketing on the founding principles of the brand and its founder, philanthropist John Cadbury, by showing moments of “kindness and generosity”.
    The change will be implemented across the Cadbury portfolio, starting with the Cadbury Dairy Milk brand. A new TV campaign, first airing tomorrow (13 January) and created by VCCP, tells the story of a young girl who wants to buy her mum a bar of Dair
  • Hostelworld ramps up customer focus as it appoints Kristof Fahy as CCO

    Hostelworld has appointed former Ladbrokes Coral top marketer Kristof Fahy to the newly created role of chief customer officer (CCO) in an effort to put customers at the “centre of all decision making”.
    Speaking to Marketing Week, Fahy, who left his role as Ladbrokes Coral CCO in September, hopes his experience of working in the fast paced gaming and gambling sector will be a key asset in his bid to help Hostelworld engage its target 18- to 35-year-old audience.
    “The exciting t
  • Ikea launches pregnancy test ad, Diet Coke gets a revamp in the US: International round-up

    Ikea asks women to pee on its ad – to check if they’re pregnant
    Is it April Fool’s yet? You might think this is the case looking at Ikea’s latest magazine ad. The advert, which ran in Sweden, has a weird twist – it also functions as a pregnancy test.
    Swedish agency Åkestam Holst’s first ad of the year for the retailer is an advertisement for cribs. If you happen to be in the market for a crib (read: you’re pregnant), then you can get a discount on
  • Coca-Cola preps Diet Coke overhaul in the UK to boost sales

    Coca-Cola is overhauling its Diet Coke brand in the US and has promised “exciting” changes in the UK to fight declining sales.
    Diet Coke is rebranding with new packaging, flavours and a new campaign, the company announced yesterday (10 January).
    The original Diet Coke flavour will continue, and the four new flavours include ginger lime, feisty cherry, zesty blood orange and twist mango. The packaging is also changing with slimmer cans, a sharper logo and different colours representin
  • John Lewis backs ‘thoughtful giving’ Christmas message despite signs of fatigue

    John Lewis has given its continued backing to its “thoughtful giving” Christmas message as it posts upbeat sales for the festive season despite a difficult climate for high street retailers.
    Sales at stores open for more than a year were up 3.1% in the six weeks to the 30 December, with gross sales rising by 3.6% year on year to £1.03bn – John Lewis’s first ever billion-pound festive trading period. At the John Lewis Partnership gross sales were up 2.5% to £1.
  • M&S hails ‘brilliant’ Paddington campaign despite ‘mixed’ Christmas sales

    Marks & Spencer (M&S) had a difficult festive trading quarter, with like-for-like sales falling at both its clothing and food businesses.
    The retailer blamed an unseasonably warm October for a 2.8% year-on-year decline in its general merchandise (GM) division, which includes clothing and home, over the 13 weeks to 30 December. Without the poor performance in that month, M&S says its same-store sales would have been positive for the quarter.
    And its food business, which has been relie
  • Tesco records ‘biggest ever’ Christmas as fresh food lifts sales

    Tesco has published its “biggest ever” Christmas results, with fresh food and online sales pushing the business ahead of the market.
    Like-for-like sales in the UK grew by 2.3% in the third quarter, representing the eighth consecutive quarter of growth.
    Tesco also saw record sales during the Christmas period, delivering its strongest ever week of sales in the week leading up to Christmas itself and “significantly” outperforming the market. Fresh food outperformed the rest
  • Salary Survey 2018: Wellbeing and the future of work

    Marketers have a very important part to play in shaping the future of work. Whether it is exploring new ways of working, embracing greater flexibility or abandoning burnout culture, marketers are leading the charge for change.
    Results gathered from the Marketing Week Career and Salary Survey 2018, a study of 4,154 marketers across 24 different industries, highlights the importance marketers place on flexible working in their quest to achieve a better work/life balance.
    Some 92.2% of those survey
  • 'Going vegan': Australia's latest lamb ad doesn't quite cut it with viewers

    The ad, in which duelling gangs end up uniting over a plate of chops, has been criticised for its heavy-handed satire and lack of humourAustralia’s latest lamb ad is being described as so bad it is turning viewers into “raw vegans”, based on its attempt at political satire that has fallen flat with audiences.The ad, launched on Thursday by Meat and Livestock Australia, is a West Side Story-inspired musical where duelling gangs chant “left” and “right” in
  • WPP Prepares for Brexit, Acquiring Portugal Shop

    Amid the specter of Brexit, WPP is strengthening its European presence with the acquisition of Portuguese creative agency Bomptempo, Anahory & Ralha.The agency is merging with Ogilvy & Mather Portugal to create BAR Ogilvy, which will be run by BAR's three founders, Jose Momtempo, Diogo Anahory and Miguel Ralha.BAR's clients include Sagres, Nespresso, and TAP Air Portugal. It was founded in 2009 and revenue for 2016 were $3 million.
    Continue reading at AdAge.com
  • Ikea invites customers to 'pee on this ad' to check for pregnancy – and a crib deal

    The Swedish store’s new ad is made of paper which contains similar technology to a pregnancy test – and if it’s positive, the ad reveals a special saleIkea, the Swedish homeware giant, has come up with a novel way to get would-be parents streaming through the doors to the company’s cavernous outlets – a magazine advert for baby cribs that doubles as a pregnancy test. Ikea is encouraging the possibly pregnant to pee on the ad in its latest catalogue, the paper of whi
  • Colin Lewis: The key to marketing success is changing your mindset

    The mind of a marketer can be a delicate thing. We like to think that we’re logical, reasonable and objective in our insight. The truth really is that we’re all bad at being objective. We prefer to solve problems by asking: which ideas do I already have, and know well, and how can I apply them to the situation at hand? Daniel Kahneman calls this tendency the “availability heuristic”. And it is toxic to having a great marketing mindset.
    I was reminded of this recently by s
  • Only a third of businesses completely understand marketing

    Being understood by the wider organisation and working within a company that values your worth is integral to the happiness of marketers. Of those questioned, 34.8% say marketing is completely understood by their company, where it is seen as an investment and placed at the heart of everything.
    This is compared to 50.2% who say marketing is somewhat understood by their company and 13.5% who say marketing is not understood at all by the rest of the business.
    According to Marketing Week’
  • Sun makes £24m loss amid print ad slump and phone-hacking costs

    Challenging print ad revenue and legal costs relating to hacking scandal continue to trouble tabloid and pre-tax losses of the Times increase by £2mThe Sun made a loss of £24m last year as a tough print advertising market and mounting costs relating to phone hacking hit the UK’s biggest tabloid.Its stablemate the Times saw pre-tax losses increase from £4.5m to £6.5m in the year to 2 July, in part due to a £7m bill for redundancy costs.Continue reading...
  • Andrew Willshire: Will this be the year the online advertising bubble bursts?

    The story of how Joe Kennedy preserved his family fortune when so many others lost their shirts has passed into legend. When he started getting stock tips from the shoeshine boy, he knew that everyone was already in the market and the only way was down.
    He called his broker and sold all his holdings, just days before the 1929 stock market crash that triggered the Great Depression. He escaped with his wealth intact; most did not.
    Bubbles are a common historical phenomenon. Charles Mackay’s
  • Models-turned-influencers are the biggest celebrity endorsers in 2017

    Models with a large social media influence are the top celebrity endorsers for brands in 2017, according to a new report by Celebrity Intelligence.
    Model Bella Hadid was the number one celebrity endorser for her work with high end fashion brands such as Versace, Fendi and Alexander Wang.
    Hadid is a model who has a huge following across a multitude of social media platforms with 16.4 million Instagram followers and 960,000 followers on Twitter.
    Bella’s older sister Gigi came third and is an
  • Salary Survey 2018: The most diverse and inclusive places to work

    Alongside working environment, opportunities for progression and fair pay, the creation of inclusive and diverse teams is a further crucial element in determining the best industries for marketers, according to Marketing Week’s Career and Salary Survey 2018.
    Single parents, for example, are underrepresented or not represented in the fashion industry, according to 36.6% of marketers, while retail and wholesale is the best performing sector (21.1%) in this regard.Some 65.8% of those marketer
  • Amazon plots digital ad push with ad tech launch

    Amazon is pushing further into the digital ad market as it brings new ad tech tools to Europe aimed at helping publishers make more money online.
    Amazon’s Transparent Ad Marketplace, which went live in the US a little over a year ago, is now launching in the UK, Germany, France, Italy and Spain. It offers digital publishers and app developers a new means to monetise their content using header bidding (a technology that allows multiple ad buyers to bid on ad space at the same time, meaning

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