• Knorr talks sustainability for the first time in campaign aiming to get people to eat more plant-based food

    Knorr has joined forces with wildlife charity the World Wildlife Fund to launch its first global food sustainability campaign to raise awareness of more sustainable food choices and ultimately change the way people eat.
    The campaign is accompanied by a new report that identifies 50 plant-based, “future-facing” foods the Unilever-owned brand believes people should eat more of in order to improve their health and reduce the negative impact food has on the environment.
    The three areas
  • Try This: Build someone’s confidence

    “Hello Lucas, your dad told me you want to be a goalkeeper? Good lad. We always need good goalkeepers. Here’s some advice from me. First of all, you have to work hard. Being a goalkeeper is not easy. But the more you play… your eyes will get better at spotting the angles… great goalies have good anticipation… keep practising and you’ll get better and better at this… and be brave, too, if you lose or make a mistake. We all make them. I made some mist
  • Marketoonist on the seven marketing personas

    Tom Fishburne is founder of Marketoon Studios. Follow his work at marketoonist.com or on Twitter @tomfishburne
    See more of the Marketoonist here
    The post Marketoonist on the seven marketing personas appeared first on Marketing Week.
  • ‘People asked if I was smoking something’: Mastercard’s CMO on developing its new sonic branding

    Barely seven weeks into 2019 and Mastercard has already given us two major branding stories. First, the company dropped its name from its logo, becoming one of a small number of symbol brands that can rely on people recognising its brand without the name written.
    Then it launched its sonic brand identity, a melody that will play wherever the Mastercard brand shows up whether that is in advertising, sponsorship or when customers make a transaction.
    Both the steps point to a branding future in wh
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  • Zoopla shifts focus from awareness to consideration

    Zoopla is shifting its media strategy, making its above-the-line and brand communications investment more focused and “pulsey” as it looks to create more integrated marketing campaigns with a greater focus on content as it shifts attention from raising awareness to improving consideration.
    Speaking to Marketing Week, Zoopla’s new CMO Gary Bramall has identified changing the marketing mix as a key area of opportunity for the brand as it doubles down on growing the property divi
  • The Guardian view on Facebook: the arrogance of power | Editorial

    A few giant companies now control most of the internet. This gives democratic governments a paradoxical opportunityPoliticians across the spectrum are now agreed that the powers of the big tech companies must be curbed. The surveillance economy appears as an existential threat to democracy. Self-regulation is no longer enough. But it is a long way from sentiment to policy. Monday’s report from the digital, culture, media and sport select committee set out a path. In this work it has had no
  • M&S splits ad business as it puts clothing and home up for review

    Marks & Spencer is splitting its ad business, putting its clothing and home account up for review in the latest sign that the retailer is looking to pursue different strategies for the two sides of its business.
    Grey London, which was appointed as lead creative agency across the business in August 2016, will retain the food business. But clothing and home is up for pitch, with M&S currently compiling a long list. It is possible Grey could be on that list, although whether the agency wou
  • What celebrity reaction to Calvin Klein’s new ads tells us about social media

    J-Lo is ‘thirsting’ over Shawn Mendes in his undies on Instagram – and such in-jokes are becoming an internet spectator sport
    Calvin Klein has released its underwear campaign eight weeks into 2019, which feels inherently cruel – anyone used their NutriBullet recently? But you have to flog underwear while the sun shines, as the adage goes, and the fashion brand has roped in the dewy-skinned pop good boy Shawn Mendes to front its new campaign.For a brand that built its imag
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  • Top ad spenders, in-house talent, retail sales: 5 killer stats to start your week

    1. UK’s top ad spenders tighten their belts
    Procter and Gamble (P&G) has overtaken Sky to reclaim its position as the top spender on traditional advertising in the UK. P&G spent £186.5m in 2018, down from £196.4m in 2017 but enough to make it the best spender. Sky’s expenditure declined 30% year on year to £124.2m.
    Unilever fell out of the top three advertisers for the first time in five years coming in at number seven with spend down 29.2% to £82.9m
  • One marketer on how a sabbatical helped her reset mentally and professionally

    Mieke Stones took a three-month sabbatical from her role as head of marketing at London Sport to cycle around Europe.
    “I was experiencing some mental health problems and I had some compassionate leave. It got me thinking that I needed something to aim towards. I knew that I’d been working for my employer for several years and they really valued me. So in my head I just thought, ‘I have no idea what I will use the time for, but I’ve got nothing to lose by asking them if I
  • The Insight Show partners with networking forum Aura

    The Insight Show has again partnered with Aura in a deal that will see the networking forum for brand-side insight professionals host its own conference within the show.
    Sessions at the Aura conference will be presented in three parts to meet different objectives: to bolster the influence of insight in conversations with senior marketers, and to improve communication of and engagement with insight-led projects.
    The third part will explore the newest techniques to engage and reward respondents
  • John Lewis, White Stuff, RB: Everything that matters this morning

    John Lewis to work with six startups as part of retail innovation programme
    John Lewis is to work with six startups that it believes could transform shopping in the future after a competitive pitch for its retail innovation programme JLAB.
    Eleven companies were invited to pitch to a panel of 10 judges plus a group of customers and John Lewis employees. These ranged from a new way to explore and navigate shops using a smartphone to home beauty services and technology to create so-called urban al
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  • Facebook, Bose, Porsche: Everything that matters this morning

    Facebook branded a ‘digital gangster’ in government report
    Facebook and its executives have been accused of behaving like “digital gangsters” that consider themselves to be “ahead of and beyond the law” in a new report from the Digital, Culture, Media and Sport select committee.
    The 18-month investigation into disinformation and fake news accuses Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg of contempt for refusing to give evidence on numerous occasions and warns British
  • How marketers are switching up their careers with sabbaticals and secondments

    With the UK’s national retirement age rising to 67 by 2028, it is widely accepted that people will have multiple careers during their working lives, likely to be over 40 years long.
    To get the most out of their careers, people are now exploring new ways to broaden their horizons, which could be why interest in secondments, rotations and sabbaticals appears to be growing. A recent survey of 2,315 UK workers carried out by employee benefits platform Perkbox found that 64% of respondents con
  • Revealed: Facebook enables ads to target users interested in 'vaccine controversies'

    Social media platforms under pressure by US congressman to crack down on anti-vaccine propaganda, citing Guardian investigationsFacebook enables advertisers to promote content to nearly 900,000 people interested in “vaccine controversies”, the Guardian has found.Other groups of people that advertisers can pay to reach on Facebook include those interested in “Dr Tenpenny on Vaccines”, which refers to anti-vaccine activist Sherri Tenpenny, and “informed consent”
  • Under Armour, Pernod, Benefit: 5 things that mattered this week and why

    Under Armour on doing more with less
    There’s no doubt Adidas and Nike dominate the sportswear space leaving little room for other brands to carve out their niche. Which is why Under Armour is looking to make its marketing dollars stretch further as it faces relentless competition from industry giants and declining sales in North America.
    The American company plans to be a “louder brand” and turn each marketing dollar “into three”, according to its chief operating o
  • RAF challenges sexist stereotypes with provocative ad juxtaposing clichéd ad slogans with front line combat

    The Royal Air Force (RAF) is launching a thought-provoking campaign, ‘Women should be defined by actions, not clichés’, challenging sexist stereotypes and the clichéd portrayal of women in advertising.
    Developed by RAF’s creative agency Engine, the campaign mocks the gender stereotypes that frequently appear in mainstream advertising, juxtaposing them with the RAF’s own talent serving in front line roles.
    Those stereotypes include phrases such as: 
  • ‘There’s no such thing as a digital team’: Co-op Bank rethinks marketing as it launches business campaign

    Co-op Bank is launching a business banking campaign that will use data to specifically target SMEs across catch-up TV and social media as it looks to extract the best value out of its investment and cut-through in a competitive market.
    The campaign, ‘The bottom line is…’, aims to raise awareness of Co-op Bank’s business offering through creative that features a variety of its own customers, including retailers, education organisations, co-operatives and charities. Creat
  • Recommended Reading: Debunking the ‘bullshit’ and navigating the post-trust era

    From the Ground Up
    By Howard Schultz
    In this partly candid memoir, former Starbucks CEO and chairman Howard Schultz searches for answers through interwoven narratives. Firstly, he tells the story of his conflicted boyhood and wanting to be the first in his family to graduate from colleague. The parallel story then explores his efforts to challenge old notions about the role of business in society.
    Schultz attempted to tackle a number of societal issues from race and supporting refugees, to heal
  • Toyota gears up to bring marketing automation in-house in efficiency drive

    Toyota is in the “very early stages” of creating the infrastructure to bring its marketing automation in-house in a move it hopes will help it both be more precise with its messaging and measure the performance of digital channels.
    To ready the business for this shift, the Japanese car manufacturer has created a new division within its marketing team in Europe that is in charge of creating specific content by channel and “very personalised messages”, while the bigge
  • Mark Ritson: Think TV is dying? You’re forgetting about the ‘Knopfler Effect’

    Photo: Victor SchiferliAlas, I am old. I can remember glimpsing the initial efforts of MTV on American TV screens and then, a little later, on the sets back in the UK. And I can recall the videos that dominated those early years of the nascent music channel too. There was a lot of Billy Ocean, way too much Def Leppard, and a whole series of dodgy Whitesnake videos (ask your dad).
    But more than anything I remember MTV as essentially a promotional channel for Dire Straits. You couldn’t make
  • Helen Edwards: Use technology to show more humanity, not less

    Helen checks into a hotel, versions one and two. In version one, I reach the desk with a sigh, let my bag slip to the floor and stand there passively while the check-in clerk goes through the routine, looking even more world-weary than I feel. It’s slick enough – all the details are accurately logged in on the system – but feels so joyless it seems to take an eternity.
    Once I get to my room, though, there is a personal salutation – on the TV screen. ‘Welcome Helen
  • Marketing Week’s Masters Awards are back for 2019 and open for entries

    Marketing Week’s Masters Awards are back for 2019 and open for entries from today (14 February).
    With more than 30 categories, the awards are the biggest celebration of marketing effectiveness, innovation and creativity in the UK. From the challenge of digital transformation, to effective use of new and old media channels in all major industry sectors; and from boardroom demands to extract more from less, to the challenge of building a winning marketing team, the Marketing Week Masters co
  • Let’s give citizens free cash to save not-for profit journalism | Owen Jones

    The Cairncross review into the media wants public-interest news outlets to benefit from tax reliefs. That’s not radical enoughA flourishing, diverse media is essential to a functioning democracy. We have neither. An already broken model faces an existential crisis. Back in 1948, the media mogul Lord Beaverbrook told a royal commission on the press that he ran the Daily Express “purely for the purpose of making propaganda and with no other object ... I look at it as a purely propagand
  • Benefit reviews its brand DNA to keep up with Gen Z

    Benefit is plotting an update to its brand DNA as it looks to ensure it is relevant to a new generation of consumers more interested in inspiration than aspiration and amid growing competition from direct-to-consumer brands.
    The beauty brand is currently “knee-deep” in the review, which has taken 18 months so far. Updates are set to include a change in colour to make the brand brighter and “streamline pink”. But Lou Bennett, head of marketing in UK and Ireland for Benefi
  • Charlotte Rogers: By embracing the grassroots Carling shows a real interest in life on the margins

    Set against the current backdrop of Brexit confusion and heightened political tensions, several brands have encountered trouble while trying to define what it means to be British.
    Despite denying the EU referendum result in any way influenced the tone of its ‘Together We Thrive’ campaign, HSBC was accused of harbouring anti-Brexit feeling last month with an outdoor campaign which proclaimed that the UK is ‘not an island’, but a nation of Colombian coffee drinkers who wat
  • Under Armour wants to be a ‘louder brand’ as it looks to turn ‘each marketing dollar spent into three’

    Under Armour plans to be a “louder brand” and turn each marketing dollar it invests “into three” as it faces declining sales in North America, its largest market, and continues to fight for market share in a landscape dominated by Adidas and Nike.
    The focus on marketing effectiveness comes after the activewear giant today (13 February) unveiled its fourth quarter earnings, which revealed that while revenue from its international business increased by 24% to $395m, revenu
  • We need to protect children from gambling ads. Let’s start with football | Jonathan Freedland

    It’s right to curb ads that may target children. But weak new rules don’t tackle gambling’s stranglehold on English footballIt’s a fair bet that the new rules announced today aimed at preventing the gambling industry from targeting children will be welcomed by almost everyone. Who could be against a ban on betting ads popping up on sites, computer games or apps popular with kids, like the promos that were once embedded in the I’m a Celebrity ... Get Me Out of Here o
  • Football is addicted to gambling – and it’s harming children | Jonathan Freedland

    It’s right to curb advertising. But weak new rules don’t tackle gambling’s stranglehold on English footballIt’s a fair bet that the new rules announced today aimed at preventing the gambling industry from targeting children will be welcomed by almost everyone. Who could be against a ban on betting ads popping up on sites, computer games or apps popular with kids, such as the promos that were once embedded in the I’m a Celebrity ... Get Me Out of Here or Mario Kart a
  • Hollywood outraged by plan to present Oscars in TV ad breaks

    Stars lambast ‘insulting’ bid to cut Academy Awards’ running time by presenting cinematography and other awards during commercialsEven by the accident-prone standards of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences (Ampas), the reaction against the plan to relegate four awards presentations to commercial breaks during the live Oscars telecast has been vociferous and damning.Academy president John Bailey had announced the move as part of its attempt to shorten the TV show&rsq
  • How Coca-Cola, Lego and Gillette tapped into the wisdom of crowds

    Gillette used crowdfunding to raise awareness and gain feedback on its new heated razorWhen Procter & Gamble wanted to test its new shaving innovation, a heated razor for its Gillette brand, it chose what until recently would have seemed an unusual route. Rather than holding focus groups or sending out surveys, it turned to crowdfunding platform Indiegogo.
    The product aims to reproduce the experience of a hot towel shave at a barber by adding a “warming bar” that heats the razor
  • Dark money is pushing for a no-deal Brexit. Who is behind it? | George Monbiot

    Targeted no-deal Brexit ads are funded opaquely, yet the government has failed to bring in new laws
    Modern governments respond to only two varieties of emergency: those whose solution is bombs and bullets, and those whose solution is bailouts for the banks. But what if they decided to take other threats as seriously?This week’s revelations of a catastrophic collapse in insect populations, jeopardising all terrestrial life, would prompt the equivalent of an emergency meeting of the UN secur
  • New rules hit gambling brands targeting under-18s

    New standards will limit the way gambling brands advertise online to protect children from the potential risks associated with “irresponsible” advertising.
    Coming into force on 1 April, the guidelines devised by the Committees of Advertising Practice (CAP), which is responsible for writing and maintaining the UK advertising codes, will prohibit online ads for gambling products being targeted at individuals likely to be aged under 18. These standards cover all digital media including
  • Gambling ads to be banned from child-friendly sites and games

    New rules also prohibit celebrities who look under-25 from appearing in promotionsGambling adverts will no longer be allowed to appear on websites or in computer games that are popular with children, under new rules designed to stop irresponsible gambling.Bookmakers will be required to use every targeting tool possible to ensure online gambling promotions are not seen by under-18s. They will also have to avoid placing gambling adverts on parts of websites that are popular with children, and stop
  • Digital ad market under fresh scrutiny amid competition concerns

    UK government backs investigation into dominance of Facebook and GoogleFacebook and Google could be forced to open up their businesses and share details of how their advertising model works, after the government backed an investigation into concerns that their dominance of the online advertising business is hurting news publishers. Related: Google and Facebook fuel UK ad boom despite print slumpContinue reading...
  • How Liverpool FC looks to ‘compete at the highest level’ both on and off the pitch

    Mohamed Salah celebrates after scoring from the penalty spot. Photo by John Powell/Liverpool FC via Getty ImagesLiverpool is in the running to break a near three-decade drought and secure its 19th league title, its first since the introduction of the Premier League.
    And while success on the pitch no doubt bolsters Liverpool’s marketing activity and provides it with a positive narrative, everything it does must extend beyond match days if it is to tap into its growing global fan base.
  • Pernod Ricard on ‘right trajectory’ following marketing shake-up

    Pernod Ricard has unveiled its first set of results since putting its former finance chief in charge of brand strategy and beginning its transformation plan, which CEO Alexandre Ricard says is starting to pay off.
    Speaking at its first half results this morning (12 February), Ricard told Marketing Week the results are evidence that the changes the business has made to its management team – including the appointment of Christian Porta to the newly-created role of global mana
  • Pernod Ricard on ‘right trajectory’ following marketing and strategy shake-up

    Pernod Ricard has unveiled its first set of results since putting its former finance chief in charge of brand strategy and beginning its transformation plan, which CEO Alexandre Ricard says is starting to pay off.
    Speaking at its first half results this morning (12 February), Ricard told Marketing Week the results are evidence that the changes the business has made to its management team – including the appointment of Christian Porta to the newly-created role of global mana
  • ‘Love Jez, h8 Brexit’: billboard graffiti show ire at Corbyn's stance

    Anti-Brexit group Led By Donkeys installs blank billboard near Labour leader’s London homeAnti-Brexit campaigners have turned their attention to Jeremy Corbyn by erecting a largely blank billboard in the Labour leader’s constituency that invites people to write slogans challenging his position.Until now, the guerrilla advertising campaign targeted Tory and Ukip Brexiters with billboards depicting Twitter accounts that highlight the past predictions and statements of politicians, incl
  • How brands can thrive despite the squeeze on consumers’ attention

    The post How brands can thrive despite the squeeze on consumers’ attention appeared first on Marketing Week.
  • Online ad market faces investigation over competition concerns

    A government report has urged the competition watchdog to investigate the online ad market over concerns about the dominance of Facebook and Google both in terms of ad revenues and their increasing control of publishers’ online distribution.
    The Cairncross Review, which looked into the future sustainability of the UK news industry, found that online publishers face a growing threat from Google and Facebook. And it has urged the Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) to investigate the on
  • Marketoonist on brand social purpose

    Tom Fishburne is founder of Marketoon Studios. Follow his work at marketoonist.com or on Twitter @tomfishburne
    See more of the Marketoonist here
    The post Marketoonist on brand social purpose appeared first on Marketing Week.
  • Ben Davis: AR fails on its only selling point – escaping reality

    My grumpiness was mostly kept in check over Christmas and new year, but I let myself unwind slightly by shouting at the radio when one presenter was discussing the future of television. Could it be interactive, they pondered, like Black Mirror’s Bandersnatch episode?
    I like Black Mirror but all I could think was that if I wanted to ‘choose my own adventure’, I wouldn’t be watching the television. I fully expect TV to take care of the narrative, so I can concentrate on ea
  • Plastic debate: Price and convenience still outweigh consumers’ willingness to go ‘naked’

    Coco Di Mama replaced plastic straws with a pasta alternative called the #PastrawBrands big and small are working to reduce the amount of plastic they use instead offering ‘naked’ alternatives, such as loose fruit or unwrapped greetings cards, but new research suggests they’ve got a long way to go to convince consumers to make the switch.
    Consumers have been quick to jump on the anti-plastic bandwagon, in part thanks to shows like the BBC’s Blue Planet II. However, if mak
  • Public funds should be used to rescue local journalism, says report

    Cairncross review warns that closure of local newspapers threatens democracy Local news coverage could disappear unless the government provides direct financial support, according to an independent report on the future of the British media, which warns the industry’s collapse poses a threat to the “long-term sustainability of democracy”.Dame Frances Cairncross was appointed by the government last year to investigate ways to secure the future of high-quality journalism in Britai
  • Meet the halal beauty brand looking to appeal to consumers regardless of their religious beliefs

    Whether in fashion or beauty, all mainstream brands are underestimating the financial power of the Muslim community according to Jolie Nubani, co-founder of halal beauty brand Shade M.
    “When we talk to people about targeting Muslims, people say, ‘oh, that’s great niche targeting’, but in reality it is the fastest growing religion and is one of the largest populations globally from a religious perspective,” she explains. “They have a lot of money to spend, so
  • GDP, Amazon, commercial radio: 5 killer stats to start your week

    UK GDP growth slows as Brexit uncertainty bites
    UK GDP growth slowed to 0.2% in the fourth quarter of 2018 as Brexit uncertainty, weakness in the Eurozone and the trade war between the US and China impacted the economy. That was down from relatively strong growth of 0.6% in the third quarter.
    Services provided the bulk of the growth in the final quarter, increasing by 0.4% between October and December. Manufacturing output shrank by 0.9%, while construction was down 0.3%.
    The figures also show
  • Sports Direct, Airbnb, Just Eat: Everything that matters this morning

    Mike Ashley pulls out of Patisserie Valerie bid
    Mike Ashley’s Sports Direct has pulled out of its bid for Patisserie Valerie just two days after entering the ring to buy the cafe chain.
    Ashley is said to have walked away from negotiations on Sunday after making a late bid for the business reportedly worth more than £15m, the Guardian reports.
    Sports Direct described itself as being “at a serious disadvantage as a bidder”, after claiming it has been shut out of the b
  • Ikea, Imperial Tobacco, P&G: Everything that matters this morning

    Ikea eyes launch of sales platform for multiple homeware brands
    Ikea is exploring the possibility of launching a website that sells its own furniture alongside rivals’ products as it looks to gain a stronger foothold in ecommerce.
    Torbjorn Loof, chief executive of Inter Ikea told the Financial Times he believes there is an opportunity to launch something that sits between its own site and third-party sites such as Amazon.
    He says: “What are the opportunities between the dominating,
  • Heineken, Nestlé, Monzo: Everything that matters this morning

    Alcohol-free beer bolsters Heineken’s sales growth
    Heineken has reported its strongest sales growth in more than a decade thanks to the launch of its non-alcoholic beer range.
    The beer giant says sales of its leading brand climbed 7.7% last year, helped along by the growing success of Heineken 0.0 (alcohol free) which was rolled out to 38 markets last year. The company’s shares also jumped almost 5% as the profits exceeded expectations.
    Additionally, operating profits grew 6.4% to &

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