• Time Inc UK, publisher of NME and Marie Claire, to be put up for sale

    Parent company Time Inc seeks to sell several assets after revenue from both sales and advertising fell more than expectedThe publisher of magazines including Marie Claire, NME, Wallpaper and TV Times is being put up for sale by its American owner.Time Inc said on Friday it was looking to sell several assets including Time Inc UK after warning that revenue from both sales and advertising had fallen more than expected during the current quarter.Related: The Village Voice prints its final edition
  • Uber to Lose London License; Company Will Appeal Decision

    Uber says that it will appeal the decision of Transport for London, issued Friday, not to renew its license in the city.Just an hour after Transport for London, backed by London Mayor Sadiq Khan, said it had found that Uber was "not fit and proper" to hold the license after it expires on Sept. 30, Uber retailiated in a statement, saying that "Transport for London and the mayor have caved in to a small number of people who want to restrict consumer choice."TfL has today informed Uber that it wil
  • John Lewis, Disney & Morrisons: 5 things that mattered this week and why

    Disney courts digital ad dollars
    Disney has always had a focus on monetising new films and TV series, however, the media giant is turning its efforts to monetising its digital content, allowing brands to integrate into its content “more comprehensively” than in the past.
    Disney’s aim is to have more brands advertising around the digital content it produces.
    Robbie Douek, VP of digital partnerships of Disney EMEA, tells Marketing Week: “This is for digital formants only, a
  • Uber brand takes another hit as it loses London licence

    Uber’s brand has taken another hit as Transport for London (TfL) revoked its private hire operator licence in London and slammed the company for not being “fit and proper” and lacking “corporate responsibility”.
    In a damning decision, TfL says Uber rejected the application because “Uber’s approach and conduct demonstrate a lack of responsibility” in relation to issues including reporting serious criminal offences, obtaining medical certificates, an
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  • Corona, Innocent and AEG on what it takes to launch a music festival

    Black Sabbath headlining Hyde Park’s British Summer Time festival back in 2014With brands from John Lewis to Guinness now putting their names to annual music festivals, it’s clear more and more marketers are looking to enter the events business.
    Last year alone, an impressive 30.9 million people attended gigs and festivals in the UK. This was a 12% rise on 2015’s figure of 27.7m, according to a survey by UK Music. Of this 30.9 million figure, it claims four million people spec
  • Corona, Innocent and AEG on how to launch a successful music festival

    Black Sabbath headlining Hyde Park’s British Summer Time festival back in 2014With brands from John Lewis to Guinness now putting their names to annual music festivals, it’s clear more and more marketers are looking to enter the events business.
    Last year alone, an impressive 30.9 million people attended gigs and festivals in the UK. This was a 12% rise on 2015’s figure of 27.7m, according to a survey by UK Music. Of this 30.9 million figure, it claims four million people spec
  • How university partnerships are helping brands attract the best talent

    Loughborough University student Ralph Lyons took part in a placement with creative agency Some Bright SparkRecruiting the best graduate talent is a serious concern for companies across the business spectrum. However, as graduate expectations of the workplace shift to focus on wellbeing and finding a cultural match, brands cannot rely on a slick advertising campaign to attract the best candidates.
    Similarly, as the cost of undergraduate degrees soars to £9,250 a year, universities are seek
  • Russia's election ad campaign shows Facebook's biggest problem is Facebook

    Facebook’s systems didn’t fail when they let Russians target American voters with divisive political messages. They workedMark Zuckerberg marked his return from paternity leave Thursday with a concerted effort to put lipstick on the pig of Facebook’s role in swaying the 2016 presidential election. In a Facebook live address from an earth-toned, glass-walled office, the chief executive laid out a series of steps the company will take to “protect election integrity and make
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  • Public Health England wants to make its brand ‘part of the fabric of society’

    Public Health England’s recent campaign looked to raise awareness of heart disease by inviting consumers to do a quick online test.Public Health England wants its brand to become part of people’s day-to-day lives, and it is looking to smarter use of data and partnerships to achieve this.
    The body has released its new social marketing strategy today (22 September), which sets out plans for improving public health over the next three years.
    Its marketing strategy is focused around fou
  • Is the way you track conversions damaging your campaigns?

    Measurability is no doubt a huge attraction of paid media – the way we know exactly what return we generate and can optimise to further increase it. However, one of the biggest flaws is the focus on last-click, which we know can result in an imbalance of attention being paid to bottom-of-the-funnel activity, rather than looking at the top of the funnel and the initial interactions that customers make.
    This is often seen at a basic level in the performance of brand versus non-brand keywords
  • International round-up: Coca-Cola’s new corporate campaign, Uber sues mobile agency

    Coca-Cola looks to make its corporate brand about more than just Coke
    Coca-Cola has launched a new corporate branding campaign in the US that aims to portray it as a “total beverage company” and shift the focus away from its most famous product. The spots, which are airing on US TV, feature a wide range of its products including organic tea and coconut water. It also highlights the work of The Coca-Cola Foundation to support conservation and its relationship with independent bottlers
  • How Cancer Research UK is preparing for GDPR

    There are now less than nine months to go until the EU’s General Data Protection Regulations come into force and yet many marketers are still in the dark about the potential impact.
    Research released just last week by the World Federation of Advertisers found 70% of brand owners do not feel marketers at their organisations are fully aware of the extent of the laws, and just 65% expect to be fully compliant when the GDPR comes into force in May 2018.
    Cancer Research UK, however, is one of t
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  • WeChat Parent Opens an Ad Bureau in Silicon Valley

    WeChat's U.S. invasion continues as its parent company Tencent builds out ad services for American brands looking to reach Chinese consumers.The Chinese mobile messaging giant, with 963 million monthly users, is opening an ad bureau inside its Palo Alto, Calif.-outpost to start promoting the service to U.S. advertisers."Advertisers can actually spend some ad budgets and get brand awareness in China," says Poshu Yeung, VP of international business at Tencent. "Targeting options allow advertisers
  • Disney shifts focus to put digital content at the heart of its brand partnerships

    Disney is putting a growing focus on monetising its digital content by changing the way it works with brands to enable them to integrate into its content “more comprehensively” than in the past.
    The media giant unveiled the Disney Digital Network at Dmexco last week. The aim is to increase the number of digital partnerships it has with brands.
    In practice, this means Disney wants more brands to advertise around the digital content it produces, or get involved with original programmin
  • John Lewis puts focus on social media with 360 ad trial and new hire

    John Lewis is trialling 360 video as part of a broader focus on social marketingJohn Lewis is in the process of hiring a head of brand and social marketing as it looks to up its focus on social media and differentiating the shopping experience.
    The move comes after Rachel Swift, who was head of brand marketing, left to take on a new role as brand director and head of creative at O2. She has been at John Lewis since 2010 and spent four years in her most recent role, but John Lewis looked externa
  • Mark Ritson: Spreadsheet jockeys are misunderstanding the marketing funnel

    In an era when many traditional marketing and advertising conferences are underwhelming it’s clear that Dmexco – the digital marketing exposition and conference – is rising in both its influence and attractiveness. The annual event in Cologne is rapidly acquiring a marquee place not only in the calendars of the digerati but also the broader marketing community too.
    Among the 570 speakers last week in Germany were some of the biggest names in the business including senior media
  • The Body Shop on how its new owners are trying to revive its ‘activist spirit’

    The Body Shop is looking to return to its roots as a purpose-driven retailer after admitting it has struggled in the market amid newer rivals that are “speaking louder”.
    Earlier this year, The Body Shop was sold by L’Oreal to Brazilian firm Natura in a deal believed to be worth £885m. Sales at the company sank 5% to £813m in 2016, down from £854m the year before. In truth, its performance outside of the UK has been suspect for quite some time, while many of it
  • Morrisons on how staff are inspiring both its marketing and turnaround

    With seven consecutive quarters of growth under its belt, the turnaround at Morrisons is in full flight. For the first six months of the year, its pre-tax profits jumped 40% to £200m while like-for-like sales rose 3%, compared to a rise of just 1.4% in the previous year.
    Morrisons has prospered by creating a consistent price strategy and prioritising its fresh food offer in-store. It has also been boosted by its deal to supply Amazon Fresh with own-label products, with the partnership lead
  • How marketers are stepping up to take control of media

    Just a year ago, YouTube was seen as a safe place to put ad dollars and the idea that Facebook could miscalculate the success metrics it gave to advertisers seemed out of the question. However, after well-publicised advertising scandals hit both Google and Facebook in 2017, as well as the Association of National Advertisers’ investigation into rebates and Procter & Gamble marketing boss Marc Pritchard’s seminal speech about media transparency, marketers have realised they have lo
  • Aviva campaign designed to ‘make Britain’s roads safer’ banned for promoting dangerous driving

    An Aviva campaign designed to “make Britain’s roads safer” has been banned by the ASA for encouraging unsafe driving.
    The ‘Good Thinking’ campaign, which was created by Adam&EveDDB, featured ex-Formula 1 driver David Coulthard disguised as a rogue taxi driver who disturbs unwitting passengers with his unsafe driving. The customers are then shocked as Coulthard demands a payment for the ride before revealing his true identity.
    The idea behind the campaign was tha
  • Apple cuts cookies – but there is more to come in the online advertising arms race

    Apple’s latest software update has enraged companies who have been using cookies to track users across the webApple is cutting down on how many cookies advertisers can force on to your devices, with changes coming to iPhones, iPads and Macs. The advertisers, naturally, are not happy.Digital cookies are small text files that can be used to track users as they surf the web, helping to build up a detailed profile of which sites they visit, what they do while they are there, and how long they
  • Melania Trump ads removed from Croatian capital after legal threat

    Zagreb language school’s marketing campaign tried to persuade Croats to emulate first lady by learning EnglishBillboards featuring Melania Trump and the slogan “Just imagine how far you can go with a little bit of English” have been removed from the Croatian capital after her lawyer threatened legal action.The billboards were part of a marketing campaign by a private language school in Zagreb, which tried to persuade Croats to learn English by reminding them of the Slovenian-bo
  • Ed Pilkington: Marketing success requires an appetite for risk

    Most great businesses were set up by people who were prepared to take risks. Any founder tends to be a risk-taker – someone with a compelling vision who is prepared to fail in pursuit of achieving that vision.
    A lot of the brands that make up the business that I am in were set up by such people. So, it is interesting that as businesses grow there can be a feeling that the founding mentality of risk-taking dissipates.
    What causes this feeling? Maybe it is the word ‘risk’, and wh
  • Apple, Nike, BT Sport: The top 10 YouTube ads in August

    1. iPhone 7 — The Rock x Siri Dominate the Day
    Despite the new iPhone 8 and iPhone X models hitting stores imminently, the most popular YouTube ad for August was in fact for the iPhone 7.
    The clip features American actor, producer and professional wrestler Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson, who wastes no time showing off how many things he can get done in one day – with the help of Apple’s Siri, of course. This includes going to space, flying to Italy and still making it to
  • Marketoonist on PowerPoint pitches

    Tom Fishburne is founder of Marketoon Studios. Follow his work at marketoonist.com or on Twitter @tomfishburne
    See more of the Marketoonist here
    Tom Fishburne will be speaking at the Festival of Marketing, which is taking place on 4 and 5 October at Tobacco Dock. To find out more information, including how to book tickets, visit www.festivalofmarketing.com
    The post Marketoonist on PowerPoint pitches appeared first on Marketing Week.
  • Deliciously Ella on her ‘unusual’ approach to marketing

    What does ‘marketing’ mean for your brand and how have your ways of doing it changed as your business has grown?
    We’ve had a very unusual approach to the marketing side of our brand and almost five years into our company I still operate that side of the business and we’re yet to create a marketing department. Instead we talk directly to our audience, about twenty-eight million people a month, through social media. Our approach on social media is to be very accessible, aut
  • Thomas Barta: Marketers must stop being digitally naïve

    I love technology. When new tech stuff comes out, I immediately fall victim to the ‘wannahave’ mentality. For some it’s shoes. For me it’s gadgets. But too often, the adrenaline kick is short-lived: great idea, no real use. There go my Apple Watch, fitness belt, smart charger and pocket drone. My ‘uncool drawer’ is full of items like these. But hey – worst case, I’ve burned through a couple of hours of my time (and a few pounds worth of cash).
  • Apple blocking ads that follow users around web is 'sabotage', says industry

    New iOS 11 and macOS High Sierra will stop ads following Safari users, prompting open letter claiming Apple is destroying internet’s economic modelFor the second time in as many years, internet advertisers are facing unprecedented disruption to their business model thanks to a new feature in a forthcoming Apple software update. iOS 11, the latest version of Apple’s operating system for mobile devices, will hit users’ phones and tablets on Tuesday. It will include a new default
  • Stereotypical TV ads ‘causing resentment’ among consumers

    Brands are still out of touch with consumers when it comes to portraying gender in TV advertising and it’s causing resentment among men and women, according to a new study.
    These attitudes are unveiled today (18 September) as part of Havas Creative’s latest Prosumer Study, “The Future Is FeMale”, which seeks to analyse how far gender equality has come. The study surveyed more than 12,000 men and women in 32 countries.
    In the UK, almost half (41.5%) of women surveyed said
  • Robin Bonn: Don’t miss out as agencies finally toughen-up

    When the truth isn’t obvious, sometimes we need an insane caricature to see the point – like Donald Trump kindly donating himself to political satire.
    So when a cautionary tale arrives like a brick through the window, it’s our duty to listen.
    Are you sitting comfortably? Then grab some popcorn, peep through your fingers and let’s find the moral.
    How not to choose an agency
    I recently saw a vague and insulting pitch request on LinkedIn. Heartwarmingly, your confident agenc
  • Toys R Us, Guinness, Uber: Everything that matters this morning

    Toys R Us files for bankruptcy protection as its struggles continue
    With three months to go until Christmas, Toys R Us has filed for bankruptcy protection in the US and Canada as the kid’s retailer struggles with huge debts, increased competition from the likes of Amazon and pressure from suppliers.
    Toys R Us, which has 1,600 stores globally and employs more than 60,000 staff, claims its operations outside of the US and Canada won’t be effected by the move. The proceedings are d
  • Thomson, Twitter, Sainsbury’s: Everything that matters this morning

    Thomson kicks off campaign to communicate TUI rebrand
    Thomson has kicked off a campaign that aims to communicate its rebrand to TUI. The ad shows a man diving into clear crystal blue water with the message ‘Thomson is changing to TUI’. The 20-second spot, created by Young and Rubicam, is the start of a communications push that TUI hopes will explain the change, thus avoiding confusing consumers.
    Jeremy Ellis, marketing director at TUI UK and Ireland says: “The foundations for o
  • Snapchat, Ryanair, Google: Everything that matters this morning

    Facebook and Google set to be taxed differently by the EU
    EU finance ministers from 10 countries backed a plan over the weekend to start taxing the revenues of digital giants like Google, Amazon and Facebook, which have been accused of paying minimal tax.
    The plan would force major tech firms to start paying a tax on revenues in any country where they do business, instead of being taxed on profits that they currently report in often low-tax countries.
    But as all members have to agree on any plan
  • Google, Ryanair, Wetherspoons: Everything that matters this morning

    Google signs $1.1bn deal with HTCGoogle parent company Alphabet has signed a $1.1bn (£822m) deal with Taiwanese smartphone maker HTC in a bid to expand its own smartphone business.
    Under the terms of the arrangement, Google will acquire half of HTC’s smartphone research and development team, around 2,000 people, who will develop Pixel smartphones for the US company. 
    Google will also receive a non-exclusive license for HTC’
  • Facebook, Uber, Evans Cycles: Everything that matters this morning

    Facebook looks to change political advertising standards
    Last year’s US elections were certainly controversial, with Russia being accused of meddling by secretly promoting Trump to the American masses.
    Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has now said his company will share 3,000 Russia-linked political adverts with US investigators, and has pledged to make political advertising more transparent on the platform in future.
    “We will work with others to create a new standard for transparency f
  • Should your brand launch a youth sub-brand?

    Marketers are always talking about wanting to appeal to millennials but a number of brands are now taking this a step further and launching sub-brands targeted specifically at this generation.
    Earlier this month, Vodafone unveiled Voxi, a mobile network designed specifically for under-25s. It offers young consumers three SIM-only mobile plans, with free data for social media apps such as Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.
    Dan Lambrou, who is heading up the Voxi brand, believes Vodafone needed to l
  • Hack your commute: Don’t buy into brain training

    Cast your eye around any commuter train and you will almost certainly see more than one person engaged in a sudoku puzzle, crossword or similar test of mental acuity.
    Some may even have shelled out for a subscription to play brain training games – apps and websites that offer simple tests of cognition professing to boost intelligence or ward off the onset of dementia.
    But the scientific evidence for the efficacy of brain training remains highly contested.
    In 2014, 70 leading neuroscientist
  • Channel 4 adverts to show viewers different sight loss conditions

    Adverts will have visual filters applied so viewers can experience macular degeneration and cataractsTV viewers will have the opportunity to experience what their sight would be like with various eye conditions on Monday night when Channel 4 airs a unique advert break.The broadcaster will show five commercials that will have different visual filters applied to them so the viewer can understand how their eyes would be affected by the most common eye conditions in the UK. Continue reading...
  • Betting and media firms offer to fund addiction awareness ad campaign

    Offer to government is revealed as ministers prepare to publish review covering regulation of gambling adverts Betting firms and broadcasters have made an offer to the government to fund an £8m addiction awareness campaign, in a move Labour warned must not be a “stitch-up” to stave off tighter regulation of adverts.The Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS) will publish a long-awaited review of the gambling industry within weeks, including the government’
  • Apple, GDPR, Nespresso: 5 things you need to know this week and why

    Apple gambles on a premium iPhone X
    This week, Apple revealed its latest iPhone and along with the premium design of the iPhone X comes a premium price tag of $999.
    The latest edition of the iPhone features a new design style, with Apple dropping the home button and instead opting for an all-screen design. Exclusive new features of the X include an advanced facial recognition system, which allows users to unlock their device with their face, and a new super-fast processor.
    Tim Cook, Apple’
  • Amazon reveals how it thinks about advertising

    Amazon has advised marketers to rethink how they might advertise to consumers on its site to consider how they can add value to the customer journey rather than just use it to boost sales.
    Speaking at the Dmexco ad tech conference in Germany this week, Amazon’s director of international ad sales Dan Wright says: “Traditionally, people think if they sell products on Amazon they want to sell more products or start advertising to create value in that way. But the [real opportunity] is h
  • Next: We won’t retaliate against Amazon, we will learn from them

    Earlier this month, Amazon launched the first big-budget advertising campaign for its new own-label Find fashion brand. The Find collection, which includes hero pieces such as a red, floral wrap dress and hot pink sock boots, as well as more timeless pieces such as a plaid trench coat, looks to be targeting the same everyday consumer of high street fashion brands such as M&S and Next.
    However, Next chief executive Lord Wolfson insists his business isn’t in competition with Amazon or lo
  • Facebook allowed advertisers to target 'Jew haters'

    Embarrassing discovery that Facebook let advertisers target users interested in antisemitic topics comes as the social network’s ad practices are under scrutiny
    Facebook has allowed advertising to target users interested in the topics of “Jew hater” and “How to burn Jews”, according to an investigation that adds to mounting criticisms of the way the company allows and profits from unethical ads. ProPublica, an investigative news organization, reported on Thursday th
  • International round-up: Facebook fined in Spain, L’Oréal uses AI to target Chinese shoppers

    Facebook fined by Spain for illegal data usage
    Facebook faces a fine of €1.2m for allegedly obtaining personal information from users in Spain that could then be used for advertising.
    The fine is the result of an investigation into the social network company by national data protection watchdog AEPD. It performed similar probes in Belgium, France, Germany and the Netherlands.
    It found three cases in which Facebook had collected personal details such as the gender, religious beliefs, persona
  • Twitter CEO promises overhaul of ‘clunky’ ad offering

    Twitter‘s CEO Jack Dorsey has promised to overhaul its ad offering to make it a more attractive proposition to advertisers after admitting it was previously too complicated, making it hard to see its point of difference.
    Speaking in a Q&A session with WPP boss Sir Martin Sorrell at the Dmexco ad tech conference in Cologne, Dorsey claimed that while it has a very strong differentiated business advantage, it hasn’t clearly communicated that with marketers and agencies. And that fai
  • Marc Pritchard: 2017 is the year the bloom came off the rose for digital media

    Procter & Gamble‘s chief brand officer Marc Pritchard believes 2017 has been a big wake-up call for the digital marketing industry but that it is rising to the challenge.
    Speaking at the Dmexco ad tech conference in Germany yesterday (13 November), he said the changes he demanded the industry should make in his seminal speech in January are now “60% done”. He is also impressed with the progress the likes of Google and Facebook have made, but emphasised the need to “st
  • John Lewis says Christmas offer must be ‘irresistible’ amid weaker consumer demand

    With less than three months to go until Christmas, the John Lewis Partnership isn’t in the best place after posting disappointing half-year numbers.
    Pre-tax profit at the group fell 53% to £26.6m in the first six months of the year. And even when redundancy and restructuring costs were stripped out, pre-tax profit was still down almost 5% at £83m as higher costs ate into margins.
    Gross sales were up 2.3% for both its brands [Waitrose and John Lewis] – with revenue hitting
  • John Lewis says Christmas ad must be ‘irresistible’ amid weaker consumer demand

    With less than three months to go until Christmas, the John Lewis Partnership isn’t in the best place after posting disappointing half-year numbers.
    Pre-tax profit at the group fell 53% to £26.6m in the first six months of the year. And even when redundancy and restructuring costs were stripped out, pre-tax profit was still down almost 5% at £83m as higher costs ate into margins.
    Gross sales were up 2.3% for both its brands [Waitrose and John Lewis] – with revenue hitting
  • John Lewis says Christmas ad must be ‘irresistible’ amid ‘weak’ consumer demand

    With less than three months to go until Christmas, the John Lewis Partnership isn’t in the best place after posting disappointing half-year numbers.
    Pre-tax profit at the group fell 53% in the first six months of the year, to £26.6m. When redundancy and restructuring costs were stripped out, pre-tax profit was down almost 5% at £83m as higher costs ate into margins.
    Gross sales were up 2.3% for both its brands (Waitrose and John Lewis) – with revenue hitting almost £
  • Dummies' guide to: effective advertising - Dentistry.co.uk

    Dummies' guide to: effective advertising
    advertising 'Page advertising doesn't work' – yes it does; you've just been doing it wrong, says Chris Baker. The role of an advertisement is to stimulate a sale. Obvious? I have lost count of the amount of dental practice advertisements that I have ...

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