• We Finally Know What Your Finger Lengths Say About Your Personality

    Image credit: RexCan our physiology say anything about what kind of people we are? Palm reading has been popular for decades and will probably continue to be despite scepticism. However, the growth of your finger in the womb can say more about you as a person than any fortune-teller.
    This is straight science. High exposure to testosterone in the womb can slow the growth of your index fingers in the womb. This is why guys more commonly have a difference between their index finger and ring fi
  • Best Facial Oils: Our Top 10

    For your glowiest skin yet.This dry oil will plump and rejuvenate your skin overnight, without you even having to lift a finger! Warm 6 drops of this antioxidant and essential oils mixture in your hands and gently apply all over your cleansed face.Every girl should have a facial oil in her skincare regime, and if you don’t, we promise that you will by the end of reading this. Many of you may think that putting oil on your face is a big no-no, especially if you have naturally oily or spot-p
  • Kim Kardashian Makes Her First Public Appearance Since Paris Robbery

    Kim Kardashian's been keeping a low profile since her ordeal in Paris, but she's now been seen out for the first timeKim is having to deal with something *awful* circulating the Internet today...Kim Kardashian has been understandably quiet since her traumatic robbery in Paris at the start of October. She hasn’t made any public appearances, even missing the wrap party for the 12th series of Keeping Up With The Kardashians.
    But she’s now stepped out for the first time, to watch her hus
  • Oyster Pink Is The Perfect Colour On Holly Willoughby

    The 35-year-old worked a girlie midi on today's This Morning - and looked ah-mazing...Holly Willoughby was beautiful in oyster pink on today’s episode of This Morning.
    The 35-year-old presenter was working a midi dress from The Fold, which featured a ruched neckline and autumnal long sleeves.
    She’d paired the piece with Office courts in a similar hue. Just gorge. Today's look on @thismorning … dress by @thefoldlondonshoes by @officeshoes xxx
    A photo posted by Holly Willoughby
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  • 3 Incredible Benefits Of Boxing By Anthony Joshua

    LOOK writer Lucy spoke to IBF Heavyweight Champion Anthony Joshua on why boxing is the workout that women need to get to grips with…When Nicola Adams walked away with her second Olympic gold medal this year, we rejoiced; boxing is no longer just a tough man’s sport.
    We sent our very own Lucy Gornall for a one-on-one with IBF Heavyweight Champion Anthony Joshua, and he was quick to tell us the five benefits of incorporating boxing into your workout routine.It can up your friend count
  • Insanely Talented And Successful People That Started Their Careers With Failure

    Image credit: RexFeaturesFailure is just one part of the typical career in 2016. One could argue that it’s as, if not more, important than success. Falling down teaches us how to pull ourselves back up but it also can be used to set some perspective.
    Continuous failure could be a sign that you’re not putting enough work in and you don’t really care. What matters is how you respond to it.
    Even the most successful people in the world have experienced failure of some sorts. There
  • We’ve Got Big News About Joe Walker From Louis Theroux’s Drinking To Oblivion

    Remember Joe? Well, if you watched this hit documentary, then you'll want to read this... Rewind back to April of this year, and you probably saw quite a bit of chat surrounding a man named Joe Walker.
    He was, of course, one of the subjects of Louis Theroux’s documentary about alcoholism, Drinking To Oblivion. 
    Joe’s story had quite the impact on viewers at the time, with many flocking to social media to comment on their concern for him.The 32-year-old was desperate to
  • Cara De La Hoyde And Nathan Massey Reveal Upsetting Love Island News

    Turns out, that Christmas spin-off ISN'T happening. Waaah :(((Love Island fans, we have some very sad news for you.
    Remember those rumours that we’d be catching up with the crew in a Christmas special? Well, winners Nathan Massey and Cara de la Hoyde have totally poo-pooed that idea. Oh.
    See: The Love Island Christmas Special Is Apparently Coming, People Looking forward to tonight @nordoffrobbins @boxnationofficial event with my ❤️ Wearing: @modaminx
    A photo posted by Cara De
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  • The New Hiking Boots Set To Storm AW16!

    Louis Vuitton eat your heart out. The new kicks in town have landed, and lucky for us the High Street has gone gaga for these new chunky soled hiking boots.Louis Vuitton's Hiking Boots we are ALL lovingWhen Louis Vuitton revealed their new AW16 collection, everyone pounced on their range of chunky soled inspired hiking boots. We were swooning over the metallic pair, but at a hefty price tag of £925, we thought it best to explore some other avenues. Lucky for us, the high street is full of
  • The Friends Café In Singapore Is Upsetting Fans Of The Show Everywhere

    Image credit: RexFriends is a show that millions of people hold dear to their heart. Because of the youthful aplomb found the first couple of seasons, many people found themselves relating to the gang way back in the day and still now.
    When the show spiralled into success, the resonance faded but the investment in the characters, humour and running gags kept the spirit of Friends alive even a decade on from its final episodes.
    Friends has forged many frien
  • GBBO’s Selasi Is Opening His Own Bakery

    Selasi has made every Great British Bake Off fan fantasy come true with this newsGBBO contestant Selasi is set to open his own bakeryGreat British Bake Off viewers were outraged when fan fave Selasi was voted off the show by judges Mary Berry and Paul Hollywood, a week before the highly anticipated final, which airs tonight at 8pm on BBC 1. Forget soggy bottoms; our eyes were streaming when Sue and Mel delivered the news.
    However, we can officially wipe away our crocodile tears, as Selasi hasn&r
  • X Factor’s Sam Lavery’s Ex Has Spoken Out About Her Rumoured Romance

    The X Factor contestant's ex boyfriend has dropped a bombshell about how their relationship came to an end, as rumours swirl that she's moved on with a fellow contestant... Break-ups are never easy. But when they happen as part of the nation’s favourite singing contest, we can only imagine that they would be that little bit messier.
    See: Emily Middlemas And Ryan Lawrie Open Up About Their X Factor Romance
    There seems to be a number of romances blossoming on this year’s X Factor,
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  • Is There A Secret Meaning Behind Taylor Swift’s Choker?

    Taylor Swift fans are working themselves into a frenzy because of one accessory she wore on stage. Sounds weird? Kind of isNever underestimate the power of a fandom. Eagle-eyed superfans seem to know more about the artist they love than most of us, but this latest Taylor Swift fan theory is a bit out there by anyone’s standards.
    See: Taylor Swift Takes A Cheeky Swipe At Calvin Harris
    It all started when she performed at the US Grand Prix in Texas wearing a choker. Now, this isn’t the
  • This Campaign Is Striving To Rebrand The Term ‘Essex Girl’

    Image credit: RexThe term ‘Essex Girl’ has numerous connotations, most of which aren’t flattering and are, more often than not, grossly generalising. The label has been making the rounds since the 1980s and has become a favourite category for the patronising and misogynous masses.
    Even the online dictionary, a source we trust to be unbiased, comes across a bit sharp: “Derogatory a contemptuous term applied to a type of young woman, supposedly to be found in and aroun
  • Hailey Baldwin Just Designed Shoes We Can All Afford

    She’s teamed up with Public Desire, and the results are amazing…The Hailey Baldwin x Public Desire collection is available nowBritish shoe brand Public Desire might have only been going for three years, but it’s already got one heck of a celeb following. Bella Hadid, Beyoncé and Jourdan Dunn have all been spotted wearing Public Desire, but one A-lister loves it so much that she decided to team up with the label on very own collection: Hailey Baldwin. Yes, really.
    Peep t
  • The New Succulent Nail Art Trend Is Incredible

    BRB, just watering our nails...Here at Look, we love a decorative flower display as much as the next person. They can be used to brighten up a dull and dreary office and act as a saving grace for our other halves when they’ve done something to really annoy us (what time do you call thi… omg look at the elegant combination of the lavender orchids and the pink godetia).
    But could your love of plants extend as far as, lets say, allowing them to start sprouting on your fingernails? If y
  • Gigi Hadid Just Went On A Rant About THOSE Perrie Edwards Rumours

    The 21-year-old model takes to Twitter to explain why she's so upset...Gigi Hadid just went on a serious Twitter rant.
    The 21-year-old model usually tries to ignore intrusive fan comments and false reports about her personal life – but this time she couldn’t stay quiet.
    See: Did Gigi Hadid Just Made A Big Dig At Harry Styles’ Solo Cover?She took to the site last night to write: ‘🤔……exactly what qualifications does one need to be a “source&rdquo
  • Extendable Mascaras That’ll Give Your Lashes Hella Oomph

    Meet the new mascara brushes about to transform the way you boost your lashes… New York Woman Fashion Week Autumn/Winter 2016/ 2017 Anna Sui showGreat lashes are like an art form, they take time to craft and curl. No two wands do the same thing. We all have our trusty go-to that we rely on, but what if we told you there are some new brushes on the block that boast almost infinite abilities. We’re talking a fuller flutter, serious curling power, and even defined hard-to-reach little
  • Tinder Matches Will Actually Lead To More Stable Marriages In The Future!

    Image credit: RexWe think people need to stop railing on Tinder now. The app has had its ups-and-downs ranging from good natured fun Tinder matches to not-so-fun and dangerous threats to safety. We can’t make light of the latter but, all in all, we believe online dating is a force for good.
    Considering that online dating is matchmaking as much as, and maybe more than, other people introducing mutual friends, it’s time to stop resisting the future.
    The problem isn’t Tinder, the
  • Viewers Think Last Night’s Married At First Sight Couple Are Adorable

    After seeing their wedding on yesterday's show, we're all REALLY rooting for Adam and Caroline...We don’t know about you, but we’re officially hooked on Married At First Sight.
    The Channel 4 show has the most ridiculous-sounding concept. Two people get hitched – and meet each other for the first time at the altar.
    They’ve been matched by science, and are told nothing about their future spouses apart from their first names.Wedding: "You may now kiss the bride."#MarriedAtFi
  • Nicole Scherzinger: The X Factor Is Not Fixed!

    When viewers questioned whether the theme of the show really was down to chance, X Factor judge Nicole Scherzinger stepped in to reassure themIt’s not like people claiming the X Factor is fixed is a new thing.
    But such has been the anger from fans this year after the new voting rules were revealed, that Nicole Scherzinger felt the need to assure us all that it’s all real.
    Dermot O’Leary revealed on last weekend’s show on 22 October that voting lines would open at the star
  • Has GBBO’s Candice Brown Been Keeping One Huge Secret?

    The Bake Off contestant has become a firm favourite on the BBC show, but fans have been speculating about something on Instagram... We’re a right ol’ mash up of emotions right now.
    Great British Bake Off is set to come to an end tonight. Sure, we’re SUPER excited to see who’s going to come out of the tent on top. But we’re also dreading the thought that we won’t be getting our dose of cakey goodness each week.
    And it’s also the last time we’ll ever
  • Take This Test To See If You’re Sleep Deprived, All You Need Is A Spoon

    Image credit: RexBeing sleep deprived is a real drag. You don’t even need a medical condition like insomnia to feel it, a couple of late nights in tandem will do the trick. Over time the damaging effects compound and can put your body in serious danger.
    We all like to exaggerate how tired we are, it’s just part of the British small-talk zeitgeist, but to those who are genuinely sleep deprived, you have our pity. That said, you could be suffering sleep deprivation and not even re
  • See The Whole Archive By Alexa For M&S Collection

    The second lot is here - and we want it ALL.She’s the girl who launched a thousand copycats (and then some) and went from T4 to haute couture. She’s Alexa Chung, and her second collection for M&S has finally arrived.
    Alexa’s first foray into the Marks and Spencer archive produced piecrust collar blouses, classic trench coats and Chelsea boots. It also created a suitable amount of hysteria (largely within the Look office, granted) and some rather frantic trips to our local M
  • Olly Murs: X Factor Contestants Are ‘Nobody’ When They Finish The Show

    Olly Murs, who came third on the X Factor in 2009, says the contestants need to remember that the show isn't a one way ticket to being a celebOlly Murs on The Jonathan Ross Show on Saturday night...X Factor contestants, brace yourselves, because someone is NOT very happy with you.
    Olly Murs – who, let’s not forget, was once an X Factor contestant himself – has hit out at the current hopefuls, or, some might say, said what the rest of us are all thinking.
    Speaking to the Metro,
  • Perrie Edwards Has Apparently Called It Quits With Luke Pasqualino

    The Little Mix singer decided there was 'no spark' between her and actor LukeWe have some sad news… Perrie Edwards and Luke Pasqualino have reportedly called time on their romance.
    Despite being one of the most gorgeous couplings in Showbizland, it seems the pair just couldn’t make things work between them. Boooo.
    See: People Had An Issue With Perrie Edwards’ Outfit On The One ShowIt was apparently Little Mix lady Perrie, 23, who ended things with 26-year-old Luke, because the
  • This Justin Bieber And Selena Gomez News Is Just Too Cute

    Selena Gomez seems to be going through a bit of a tough time at the moment. But rumour has it that Justin Bieber has been there for her... Jelena shippers are probably about to launch into an absolute frenzy, because we’ve just been informed of yet another sign that Justin Bieber could still be a little bit in love with his former girlfriend, Selena Gomez.
    We mean, we wouldn’t blame him, because we’re totally obsessed with her too.See: Is Justin Bieber’s Cryptic Inst
  • Liam Payne wants to wed Cheryl Fernandez-Versini - Waterloo Record

    Liam Payne wants to wed Cheryl Fernandez-Versini
    Waterloo Record
    The One Direction hunk is eager to put a ring on the 33-year-old pop star's finger following her "quickie" divorce from Jean-Bernard Fernandez-Versini last week and has already been out to buy the perfect sparkler for when he pops the question. A ...and more »
  • It’s Time We Talked About New York’s Annual Halloween Dog Parade

    Image credit: InstagramDressing up for Halloween isn’t that exciting when you think about how great dogs look dressed up for Halloween. This year is going to be especially uninspiring with Harley Quinns, Donald Trumps, Ken Bones and wobbly-headed dinosaurs prowling the streets. Oh, and thousands of Elevens from Stranger Things. 
    This weekend saw New York City’s finest pups dressed up in a range of adorable and creative costumes at the 26th annual Tompkins Squ
  • Alesha Dixon Perfects Daytime Chic In Ripped Jeans And Pinstripes

    The 38-year-old singer managed to look both casual AND sophisticated for a TV appearance yesterday...Alesha Dixon looked AH-mazing on Loose Women yesterday.
    The 38-year-old nailed casual chic, working ripped jeans and a loose-fitting pinstripe shirt. Injecting a shot of glamour, she’d paired the ensemble with statement lace-up heels.
    See: Why Does Relley C *Really* Think She Was Voted Off The X Factor?But while her outfit was on point, not everything about Alesha’s appearance on the
  • Is This What Nicole Scherzinger Is Like Behind The X Factor Scenes?

    A former contestant claims Nicole Scherzinger's off-camera persona is a bit different to the Scherzy we know and loveShe’s known for her flamboyant personality and, erm, unique ways of describing things (schamazing, anyone?) but one X Factor contestant has less than nice things to say about Nicole Scherzinger.
    James Hughes, who made it as far as the judges’ houses before being sent home, slammed Scherzy for being rude off-camera, saying: “She’s so nice on camera, but I fe
  • Eight Questions To Ask Yourself Before Quitting Your Job

    Image credit: InstagramIt takes guts and initiative to quit a steady job. You’re accepting that there may be a turbulent time ahead of job-seeking or you’re moving career paths which is equally terrifying.
    If you are considering quitting, stop, breathe and think it through.Your happiness is the number one priority – above everything else. If you’re not happy in the job you’re doing, then move, there’s no shame in ‘quitting’.
    You’re not giving
  • Emily Middlemas And Ryan Lawrie Open Up About Their X Factor Romance

    The X Factor couple admits that being a couple in the public eye can be tough...Ryan Lawrie and Emily Middlemas are just the cutest on The X Factor.
    The young couple’s relationship was revealed during the Six Chair Challenge, and now we often see them exchanging glances and holding hands during the Live Shows. Aw.
    See: Why Does Relley C REALLY Think She Was Voted Off The X Factor? My boy is the wildcard @thexfactor ❤️❤️❤️ HE IS BACK AND I AM SO PRO
  • Instagram Fitness Stars Reveal Their Favourite Cheat Day Treats

    Image credit: InstagramThat’s quite the jarring image above. It does drive home an important point: even the most elite fitness gurus and Instagram stars have the odd cheat day. These people guzzle down milkshakes and over-eat just like the rest of us. The difference is that they take extreme steps to hide the evidence.
    Think of exercise as brushing your overindulgences under the carpet. It’d be easy to get them under there but you’ve really got to put the work in to make it lo
  • Lottie Tomlinson Is Releasing Her Very Own Lip Kit

    Move over Kylie Jenner - Lottie's got a brand new Lip AND Nail Kit... without the crazy shipping fees!At 18-years-old Lottie Tomlinson has a preeeeeetty enviable day job. After assisting make-up artist Lou Teasdale on tour with One Direction, Lottie’s gone on prettify the faces of Louisa Johnson and Selena Gomez and has collaborated with Nails Inc on her own line of Nails Inc Spray Cans. But it’s Lottie’s latest launch that’s got us seriously excited. We chatted with the
  • Liam Payne, Cheryl Fernandez-Versini Engaged: Wedding Confirmed Happening After Baby Arrives? One Direction ... - Gamenguide

    Liam Payne, Cheryl Fernandez-Versini Engaged: Wedding Confirmed Happening After Baby Arrives? One Direction ...
    Liam Payne and Cheryl Fernandez-Versini are reportedly having their wedding after their baby arrives. (Photo: Stephen Lovekin/Getty Images). Liam Payne and Cheryl Fernandez-Versini are reportedly planning to settle down very soon. Now, new reports are ...and more »
  • Louise Thompson Looks Unrecognisable In New Instagram Pic

    Louise Thompson's face looked noticeably fuller in a new picture Louise Thompson faced a Twitter backlash after last night's MIC episode...Louise Thompson has caused a stir on Instagram with her latest picture. Nope, it’s not a PDA with boyf Ryan Libbey or anything rude – she looks her usual gorgeous self, just with a noticeably fuller face.
    While her appearance could all be down to clever contouring tricks, fans immediately started speculating.
    See: Alik Alfus Thinks Louise Thompson
  • The ‘Wine Condom’ Is The *Weirdest* And Most Useful Way Of Keeping Your Drink Fresh

    Image credit: WineCondomsAnother fresh entry into the series of wine related content that we’re calling, ‘Our Lives: A Wine Story’. Let’s recap the chapters so far in case this is your first exposure to our spiralling obsession with a drink that tastes great but does bad things to us.
    First there was the nutritionist that actively encouraged us to drink wine on a daily basis. It wasn’t a lot but it was enough to drink daily and say that it was to benefit our he
  • Why Does Relley C *Really* Think She Was Voted Off The X Factor?

    Fans have blamed the new voting rules for Relley C's exit from the show, but the Birmingham singer thinks there's another reasonIt wouldn’t be the X Factor if it didn’t give people plenty of things to moan about.
    This year is no different – need we even mention Honey G? She isn’t the only point of controversy; after the show last weekend, viewers were outraged when host Dermot O’Leary revealed a significant change to how the voting works.
    See: Things Got Awkward For
  • Little Mix Hit Back At Claims They ‘Copied’ Another Band’s Song

    After fans noticed similarities between Shout Out To My Ex and G.R.L.'s Ugly Heart, the ladies speak out in defence of their #1 hit...The Little Mix girls have responded to comparisons between their #1 hit Shout Out To My Ex and G.R.L.’s Ugly Heart.
    Perrie Edwards, Jesy Nelson, Leigh-Anne Pinnock and Jade Thirlwall were accused of ‘copying’ the band’s 2014 track after they debuted their latest single on The X Factor earlier this month.
    On Twitter, messages popped up such
  • 15 General Life Tips That You *Need* To Start Ignoring

    Image credit: RexWhere has conventional wisdom and ‘life tips’ ever got us? In fact, every great development in human history has started with going against the grain. Remember how we used to think the sun revolved around us? Putting jeans in the freezer might be considered the Copernican Revolution of our times!
    The Guardian have put together a hefty list of general tips that we should be ignoring. Things like owning a landline, learning to drive, collecting CDs – guess what?
  • Celebs Can’t/Won’t Stop Wearing M&S’s £35 Shoes

    Marks & Spencer’s miracle mules have been spotted on the likes of Fearne Cotton and Laura Jackson – and likely you after you read this…Fearne Cotton and Laura Jackson are huge fans of M&S' mulesMarks and Spencer’s shoes have been giving us all the fashion feels lately. We don’t know quite how it’s happened but the high street hotspot has simultaneously managed to create the comfiest collection of heels we’ve ever worn that also pack a major styl
  • Shay Mitchell Just Made Us Reconsider Black Lipstick

    And we know how to rock it in every day life...Halloween marks the one time of the year we feel it totally acceptable to throw out our makeup rule book and do something crazy like…. *gasps* applying a black lipstick (because you can’t be Dracula’s mistress without one, right!?)
    But Shay Mitchell has seriously made us rethink our neglect of this deepest, darkest lip colour in one of her latest insta posts where she is slaying a black lip, and it shows us exactly why this look s
  • Little Mix Hit Back After Mel C’s ‘Provocative’ Criticism

    Former Spice Girl Mel C questioned whether Little Mix were being inappropriately sexy. Little Mix responded by... being sexy, obvWhat’s Mel C’s beef with Little Mix?
    The former Spice Girl recently felt the wrath of the Mixers after questioning whether they were too “provocative” recently – but were her words twisted?
    During another interview on October 20 for the AOL Build series, the former Spice Girl, 42, seemed to suggest that they were. She said a journalist ask
  • Remember That Toy Car Everyone Had As A Kid? It’s Now Road Legal!

    Image credit: ScreenshotI’m in the camp that attests that the 90s weren’t actually that great. Sure, the cartoons available were great at the time but when you think that Street Sharks and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles were pretty much the same show, you can start to pick apart this lauded era.
    What was great about the 90s was that most of us were kids. And being a kid is totally underrated. Especially when you can roll about the place in a baller yellow
  • How To Get 20% Off These Amazing Shoes

    What could be better than a new pair of shoes? Try a new pair of Schuh shoes with 20% off! That’s right; we’re talking about a no strings attached, unadulterated bargain. Just for you.Left: £78, Right: £45To paraphrase every single character in Game of Thrones, Winter Is Coming. Do you know what that means, folks? It means you no longer have to panic about unpainted toenails or convince yourself that paying a stranger £20 every few weeks to paint said toenails is a
  • Best Fake Tan: 11 That Amp Up Our Bronze

    Best fake tan reviews from the LOOK beauty team, including best fake tan products for pale skin, as well as those for your body and face...Think of this as a BB cream for your body; the 2 in 1 formula means that it cancels out or 'blurs' redness and imperfections as well as giving you a great tan - perfect for those of us who want a bit more for our money...Looking for the best fake tan to get a gorgeous golden glow even when the sun’s not shining? Except, without the much-feared streaky l
  • Liam Payne Proves His Love For Cheryl With A Cute Instagram Post

    The 23-year-old singer shares an adorable meme on his page...Yep. Liam Payne is certainly one smitten fella.
    The 23-year-old took to Instagram yesterday to post a super-cute meme – which we’re pretty sure was about his girlfriend Cheryl.
    See: Cheryl’s Instagram Has Been Hacked, And They’re Targeting Liam PayneA photo posted by Liam Payne (@liampayne) on Oct 24, 2016 at 7:09pm PDT
    The image showed a billboard sitting in the middle of pavement, bearing the words: ‘The
  • One Direction's Liam Payne and Louis Tomlinson register a song together - BBC News

    BBC News
    One Direction's Liam Payne and Louis Tomlinson register a song together
    BBC News
    The One Direction duo are registered as composers and authors on a new track called Something That Scares Me About Love. It's not clear who the song has been written for. But with the news coming 11 months after One Direction started their hiatus, the ...
    Liam Payne and Louis Tomlinson team up to write new song Something Scares Me About LoveThe Sun
    One Direction's Liam Payne 'buys engagement ring' for
  • Has Kim Kardashian Just Posted Her First Picture To Social Media?

    For the first time since her tragic robbery in Paris, the star appeared to make a return to Instagram this weekend... Fans believe that Kim Kardashian West has made a return to social media, after seeing a selfie posted to Caitlyn Jenner’s Instagram over the weekend.
    Of course, by now you would have seen that Kim turned 36 last Friday, and her social media-loving family wasted no time in sharing their well-wishes online.
    See: The 90s Fashion At Kim Kardashian’s 16th Birthday Par

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