• Tina & Bobby: Steal Michelle Keegan’s Style

    Our fave northern babe is the star of ITV's footy drama.We’re obsessed with Michelle Keegan new ITV drama, Tina & Bobby. So much so we’ve scoured the high street in search of 60s and 70s-style pieces to get the look.
    Michelle Keegan looks gorgeous as a sixties WAG
    Michelle plays Tina Moore, wife to England footy legend Bobby Moore (played by a very handsome Lorne Macfayden), in the show. The series is centred around the couple’s relationship before, during and aft
  • Tina & Bobby: Steal Michelle Keegan’s 60s Style

    Our fave northern babe is the star of ITV's footy drama.We’re obsessed with Michelle Keegan new ITV drama, Tina & Bobby. So much so we’ve scoured the high street in search of 60s-style pieces to get the look.
    Michelle Keegan looks gorgeous as a sixties WAG
    Michelle plays Tina Moore, wife to England footy legend Bobby Moore (played by a very handsome Lorne Macfayden), in the show. The series is centred around the couple’s relationship before, during and after Bobby
  • Michelle Keegan Wows In Tina & Bobby… We’re Officially Obsessed

    *Spoiler Alert* although it's mainly an outfits spoiler, tbh...Michelle Keegan plays Bobby Moore's first wife Tina in Tina And BobbyIt feels like forever since we saw pap shots of Michelle Keegan filming Tina & Bobby with blonde locks and a cute sixties wardrobe. The ITV show finally hit screens tonight and was everything we wanted and more.
    The first episode of Tina & Bobby was a stylish one
    Michelle plays Tina Moore, wife to England footy legend Bobby Moore (played by a very
  • This Is What Super Bass Singer Sophia Grace Looks Like Now

    Remember super cute 8-year-old Sophia who became famous thanks to The Ellen Show? Well, she's back, she's older, and she's got a new album out...Sophia Grace is back, peopleSophia Grace is back, people. And she looks all grown up!
    In case you’re struggling to remember, Sophia was the 8-year-old who shot to fame after appearing on YouTube with her rendition of Nicki Minaj’s Super Bass back in 2011 that got over 50 million views.
    She then appeared on The Ellen Show alongside cousin Ros
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  • Inside Kendall Jenner’s Amazing Glam Room!

    It's a thing of dreams.For most people, getting ready for a big night out usually involves squatting on the floor of your bedroom whilst peering into an IKEA standalone mirror. Not Kendall Jenner who has the best glam room we have ever heard of.
    See: Why Bella Throne Stuck Up For Kendall Jenner On Twitter
    Like the rest of her Kardashian-Jenner crew, Kenny has created a room devoted to the art of getting glam. And hers is INCREDIBLE.Kendall likes her water “really chilled”
    KJ enlisted
  • People Are Confused By Perrie Edwards’ Outfit In The Touch Video

    The Little Mix singer works a nude corset over a pink hoodie (and looks AMAZING) - but not everyone is so sure...YES, people. The video for Little Mix’s Touch has officially dropped.
    It’s a pretty saucy one. During a sequence of sexy routines, we see Perrie Edwards, Jesy Nelson, Leigh-Anne Pinnock and Jade Thirlwall grind on some rather handsome male dancers. See below…
    See: ‘I Am Not Faking’: Little Mix Unveil New Touch Video (And Another Dig At Zayn Malik?)
    Of co
  • Liam Payne is back on Facebook with a BIG announcement - Heat

    Liam Payne is back on Facebook with a BIG announcement
    Liam Payne has been teasing us with hints into his solo career for a while now. First there were those sultry Instagram snaps which just screamed album cover. And then in news we'd literally never thought we'd hear, rumours started flying around of a ...
  • Chrissy Teigen Takes To Twitter To Slam Racist Pap

    Chrissy Teigen is p*ssed off, and we don't blame her one bit.Chrissy Teigen has taken to Twitter to unleash her disgust following an incident at JFK airport where a paparazzi asked her a racist question about her husband, John Legend. She’s furious, and once you read this, you’ll be furious too.
    ‘Paparazzi at JFK just asked me ‘if we evolved from monkeys, why is John Legend still around?’ — and people wonder why celebs lose it in pics,’ the 31-year-
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  • Wait. Did Bella Hadid Hang Out With The Weeknd Last Night?

    After a dramatic week for Bella, Selena and The Weeknd, there's a Snapchat Story doing the rounds... Apparently, Bella Hadid just had her very first run-in with her former beau The Weeknd, following reports that he’s now dating Selena Gomez.
    We mean, bumping into the ex on a night out is never ideal, right? But when you happen to be famous, it’s a whole different ball game…
    The 20-year-old attended a memorial event for the late rapper A$AP Yams at Madison Square Garden in
  • Michelle Keegan’s 30th Birthday Post About Mark Wright Gets A Huge Reaction

    Michelle Keegan has been gushing about hubby Mark on his special day... And their fans are loving itMichelle has been wishing husband Mark a happy 30th birthday...It’s Mark Wright’s 30th birthday today. HAPPY BIRTHDAY WRIGHTY!
    And of course, wife Michelle Keegan has flocked to social media to send her hubby a very special message.
    Sharing a carefully-collated collage of her and Mark from over the years, Mich wrote the sweetest message for her other half.
    Read: Michelle Keegan Makes A
  • The Shocking Truth About BB Cream….

    You think it’s good for your skin, right? The BB Cream revolution hit the beauty scene around four years ago, promptly changing everything as we knew it. Suddenly the promise of fresh, lighter coverage was real! Glowy dewy skin that had been prepped and primed without the need for extra prods! It sounded like the dream. But were we tricked?
    According to Nicola Moleti, Laura Mercier make-up artist and Popsugar contributor, yes. She says BB Cream is actually a foundation and not the Beauty B
  • Tom Daley Reveals His Diving Could Leave Him In A Wheelchair

    After years of tough training, the 22-year-old Olympic star admits he's at risk of suffering from degenerative disc diseaseTom Daley has admitted that years of diving has taken its toll on his body.
    The 22-year-old competed in his first Olympics at the age of 14, and could now potentially end up suffering from a crippling back condition.
    See: People Have Said Vile Things About Tom Daley’s Diving Loss
    Tom Daley says diving ‘isn’t easy’ on his body
    He tells the Daily Mail:
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  • Sad Dogs Outside Shops: The Instagram Account That’ll Have You Crying In Your Tea

    Pictures of sad dogs outside shops? Oh no*Clutches heart*We love a good animal Instagram account, but we weren’t prepared for this. Yes, Sad Dogs Outside Shops is our newest double-tap obsession, because we honestly can’t handle seeing pictures of pooches looking depressed.
    We mean, check this lad out. Look at his little face. Actually can’t deal. #saddogsofmaroubra #saddogsoutsideshops #dogs_of_instagram #dogsofinstagram #dogphotography #dogpics #dogslife #dogsofig #staffordsh
  • This Will Make Sure You Finish Dry January…

    Behold, the incredible effect no booze has on your wardrobe…Dry January could save you almost £410According to those in the know, the average Jo(sephine) will save around £65 when jumping on the Dry Jan wagon.
    We know, it seems kind of feeble (and perhaps not worth it) but then, when you take all the inevitable extras into account, the total amount you could save is pretty impressive.
    Are you a social smoker when you’ve had a cocktail or two? You’ll save a whopping
  • CBB’s Kim Woodburn’s Friend Says Her Behaviour Isn’t What It Seems

    After a tumultuous week in the Celebrity Big Brother house, Kim's friend insists she's actually very 'sensitive'...CBB's Kim has been causing fireworks in the house...It’s been a tumultuous week in the Celebrity Big Brother house for Kim Woodburn.
    The How Clean Is Your House star has shaken up her fellow housemates by getting into explosive arguments with, well, pretty much everyone.
    And her row with Nicola McLean and Jamie O’Hara earlier this week even saw the 74-year-old being forc
  • One Direction star Liam Payne offering a date to one lucky fan - expressandstar.com

    One Direction star Liam Payne offering a date to one lucky fan
    One Direction hunk Liam Payne is offering one lucky fan a chance to go on a date with him. Liam Payne. The Bushbury-born star vowed to fly a fan and their friend out to Los Angeles. He will also fork out for their accommodation in a lavish hotel and ...
    One Direction's Liam Payne to release solo music, collaborates with Lady Gaga, Little Mix & Selena Gomez writers and ...International Busine
  • Nicola McLean’s Husband Has Spoken Out About Kim Woodburn

    After Nicola McLean and Kim Woodburn's fall out on Celebrity Big Brother, Tom Williams has spoken out... Kim Woodburn has been falling out with pretty much everyone on Celebrity Big Brother. 
    In the past few days, we’ve seen her come to verbal blows with a number of her fellow housemates – including a dramatic showdown with Nicola McLean.
    See: The Mystery Behind Nicola McLean’s Eye Has Been Revealed
    The How Clean Is Your House? star seems to enjoy throwing insults at her f
  • Bella Hadid Has ‘Warned’ The Weeknd About Selena Gomez

    The model's ex-boyfriend was snapped kissing Selena last week...It’s safe to say that the past week hasn’t been the easiest for Bella Hadid.
    The model’s ex-boyfriend The Weeknd was spotted smooching Selena Gomez last Wednesday, and she’s now reportedly feeling ‘hurt’ and ‘p****ed’.
    See: Bella Hadid Reacts To Kylie Jenner’s Date With The Weeknd ❤️The Weeknd is bouncing back from Bella Hadid just fine by making out with Selena Gom
  • ‘I Am Not Faking’: Little Mix Unveil New ‘Touch’ Video (And Another Dig At Zayn Malik?)

    WATCH: Little Mix release new video for 'Touch' (and another series of telltale lyrics...)Little Mix have dropped their racy new video for Touch, and once again, we’re left thinking that Perrie Edwards might have a bit of ex axe to grind.
    Joining fellow Mixers Jesy Nelson, Jade Thirlwall and Leigh-Anne Pinnock in the fab new video, Perrie Edwards — looking fly in a flesh coloured corset, wowsers — appears to be getting trés cosy with a rather handsome male dancer during
  • Binky Felstead’s Mum Writes A Moving Blog Post About Her Pregnancy

    'What a wonderful gift this is'Binky Felstead’s mum Jane has opened up about her daughter’s pregnancy.
    The Made In Chelsea star, 26, hit us with the shock news that she and her on-off boyfriend Josh ‘JP’ Patterson are expecting their first child over the weekend.
    See: MIC’s Binky Felstead Shares Her Top Pre-Natal Workout Moves When you get the best surprise you never knew you always wanted … There's a little 'buh' on the way ❤️
    A photo posted by
  • Caroline Flack Reacts To THAT Shock Xtra Factor News

    Caroline Flack has reacted to the news that the Xtra Factor won't be returning for 2017...Caroline Flack has reacted to the news of Xtra Factor being axed...Caroline Flack is the latest to react to the news that the Xtra Factor won’t be returning for 2017.
    The 37-year-old presenter, who hosted the show back in 2013 alongside Olly Murs, took to Twitter to thank her colleagues for the great friends she’d made over the years.
    ‘Xtra Factor was such a huge and wonderful part of our
  • Binky Felstead Shows Off Her Bump On The Set Of Made In Chelsea

    The reality star is absolutely glowing... Binky Felstead has been seen filming Made In Chelsea for the first time since announcing that she’s pregnant with her first child.
    The 26-year-old revealed the news at the weekend, releasing a photograph of herself – and her baby bump – with on/off boyfriend Josh ‘JP’ Patterson.
    See: Binky Felstead Announces That She’s Pregnant With JP’s Baby
    Last night her co-star Jamie Laing filmed the reality star for his Snap
  • Kylie Jenner Supports BFF Jordyn Woods After Her Tragic News

    Kylie asks fans to support Jordyn after it's revealed that her dad has passed away from cancer...Kylie Jenner and Jordyn Woods have been BFFs for many yearsKylie Jenner showed her support for best friend Jordyn Woods last night after it was revealed that her dad had passed away.
    The teenagers have been famously close for years, and Kylie took to social media to gush about her BFF after the sad news broke.
    Sharing a snap of her and Jordyn cosying up in a hug, Kylie’s emotional caption read:
  • One Direction And Zayn Malik Together Again? Louis Tomlinson And Liam Payne On Board But What Of Harry Styles ... - The Inquisitr

    The Inquisitr
    One Direction And Zayn Malik Together Again? Louis Tomlinson And Liam Payne On Board But What Of Harry Styles ...
    The Inquisitr
    The following article is entirely the opinion of Kim McLendon and does not reflect the views of the Inquisitr. For One Direction's Harry Styles, Zayn Malik, Liam Payne, Louis Tomlinson, and Niall Horan, 2017 is going to be a completely new era. The ...and more »
  • Liam Payne thanks fans from inside his LA studio - Daily Mail

    Daily Mail
    Liam Payne thanks fans from inside his LA studio
    Daily Mail
    Thanks! The star welcomed the support from the boyband's fans and was keen to thank them for backing Harry, Louis and Niall as well. He finished his update by picking out a couple of names from those watching and thanked them personally. Liam touched ...
  • This Is The Only Jumper You Need

    Want to know the secret to feeling extraordinarily happy? It could just be this cult knit. January blues – 0. Fashion – 1. @livpurvis and @blaireadiebeeIn theory, there’s not a lot to like about January. It’s still cold and the days are short but we don’t even have Christmas to look forward to. Your friends have all signed up for ‘Dry Jan’ and you’re starting to regret the festive generosity which overwhelmed you in December now that your recent wa
  • Liam Payne Surprises Fans With A Facebook Live Video

    The 23-year-old singer says everything is 'great' with him as he thanks Directioners for their supportLiam Payne has been pretty quiet over the past few months, grafting away on his debut solo album.
    But the 23-year-old surprised fans with an impromptu Facebook Live session earlier today, straight from the LA studio he’s working in.
    See: Liam Payne Would ‘Love’ To Relocate To LA – But What About Cheryl?
    Liam Payne sent a sweet message to fans in a Facebook Live video earl
  • This Morning’s Phillip Schofield’s CBB Opinion Is Pretty Controversial

    The ITV presenter has spoken out about a controversial contestant... Whilst Kim Woodburn has been making herself very unpopular with both her fellow Celebrity Big Brother housemates AND the audience at home, Phillip Schofield appears to have admitted that he quite likes her.
    During today’s episode of This Morning, the show’s presenter attempted to persuade his co-star Holly Willoughby to tune in and catch up with the Channel 5 show.
    See: The One Question Everyone Had About Kim Woodbu
  • Blorange Hair Is The Hottest Shade To Have Right Now

    It’s the new kid on the colour block.We love when a fresh hair colour takes over Instagram and therefore our lives. Say hello to our new crush, blorange hair!
    It might sound strange but blorange is going to be the watchword in the world of colouring so you might as well get used to it.
    See: Peach Is The Beauty Shade Of 2017 Blorange
    A photo posted by Georgia May Jagger (@georgiamayjagger) on Sep 23, 2016 at 1:12am PDT
    The actual shade and name refers to that rich ruby-orange red of a blood
  • Lorraine Kelly Is Blasted On Twitter For Her ‘Funny Bones’ Comment

    The TV host accidentally caused offence with her comment to disabled actress Liz Carr...Lorraine Kelly made a bit of a faux pas during an earlier interview with actress Liz Carr.
    Liz was on Lorraine to talk about her new play, a comedy play called Assisted Suicide: The Musical. And during the discussion, the presenter made a comment about Liz having ‘funny bones’.
    ‘That’s just my medical condition, but thanks for bringing that up!’ the actress coolly replied.
  • People Were A Little Confused By Michelle Keegan’s Tina And Bobby Accent

    The 29-year-old actress plays Essex-born Tina Moore in the ITV dramaYep. We’re officially addicted to Michelle Keegan‘s new show Tina And Bobby.
    The ITV drama tells the story of World Cup-winning footballer Bobby Moore and his first wife Tina, who fell in love as teenagers in Essex.
    See: Michelle Keegan Defends Herself After Being Mocked For Football Comment
    Michelle Keegan plays Bobby Moore’s first wife Tina in Tina And Bobby
    Of course, this means Michelle’s had to swap
  • CBB’s James Jordan Speaks Out Against One Housemate On Loose Women

    The controversial contestant has continued with his opinions outside of the house... Celebrity Big Brother‘s James Jordan didn’t exactly get along with Kim Woodburn during the short time that they spent in the house together.
    But, even after the professional dancer’s eviction, the drama has continued to unfold on our screens, leaving many to brand the How Clean Is Your House? star as one of the most controversial contestants to ever take part on the reality gameshow.
    See: How T
  • Missing Cheryl? Liam Payne cuts a lonely figure in LA studio while chatting with fans on Facebook Live - Mirror.co.uk

    Missing Cheryl? Liam Payne cuts a lonely figure in LA studio while chatting with fans on Facebook Live
    Liam Payne might be expecting his first child with his girlfriend Cheryl, but the couple are currently separated by the Atlantic ocean. And the 23 year old cut a lonely figure today as he hunched over the mixing deck to concentrate on his new solo music.
    Liam Payne returns to Facebook and sends a video message thanking his fans and promising them 'music is coming'The
  • ‘Whatevs’: Chrissy Teigen Shares Post-Baby Stretch Mark Snap On Twitter

    The model posted an unretouched photo of her stretch marks on Wednesday nightIt’s a well know fact that Chrissy Teigen likes to keep things real on social media, but her latest Twitter admission has us well and truly floored – in a good way.
    Last night, the 31-year-old model (and wife of John Legend) decided to give us a sneaky peek at changes her body has experienced since welcoming daughter Luna, by sharing an unretouched snap of the stretch marks on her legs. Captioned simply &lsq
  • 10 Seriously Good Make-Up Tips For Older Women

    From which foundation to choose to how to successfully define your eyebrows, here are the best makeup tips for older women...Top make-up tips for older women...It’s no secret that as we get older, our beauty habits tend to change. Because that frosted lipstick and heavy contour that looked good at 21 might not work so well at 55, right?
    But with a whole load of makeup products and tips out there, it can be tough to know what makeup is best to wear as an older woman. For example: What&rsquo
  • Selena Gomez Confuses Fans With Her Latest Beauty Selfie

    The singer is looking as gorgeous as ever as she teases a 'secret project'... Selena Gomez is the name on everyone’s lips.
    Sure, there’s that little thing that’s currently going on with The Weeknd. But we’re also loving the fact that, after a hiatus from the spotlight to enjoy some much-needed R&R, the 24-year-old is back.
    And what’s more, she’s giving us as much beauty inspiration as she ever did.
    See: Did You Guess This Secret About Selena Gomez’s
  • What To Wear On Valentine’s Day, Whatever Your Plans

    Whether you're having a romantic evening with your beloved or going out for dinner with your closest pals, we're here to help you find your perfect Valentine's Day outfit... Valentine’s Day sure is a divisive force. A quick survey of the office drew some pretty extreme reactions, from fervent enthusiasm to severe disdain. There are those who cannot think of anything better than having an entire day in which to celebrate their greatest love, while there are also those who similarly cannot t
  • Bella Thorne Sticks Up For Kendall Jenner’s Acne: “Leave Her Alone!”

    Because, tbf, who doesn't suffer from a bit of nasty acne every now and then?Anyone not used to seeing a Hollywood star be all refreshing and honest needs to pay attention to Bella Thorne. The 19-year-old is always telling it straight, most recently when she stuck up for Kendall Jenner’s skin.
    Landing in LA after a long flight, Kendall was subjected to the usual mass of paparazzi. Snaps of the star wearing shades and velvet joggers (hello new crush) soon hit the Internet with people unfair
  • How Spencer Pratt Became The Unlikely Star Of Last Night’s CBB

    During Kim Woodburn's epic showdown on last night's Celebrity Big Brother, why were viewers more interested in tweeting about Spencer's reaction...?Kim was removed by security after getting into fierce rows with several housemates...Okay, so it wouldn’t be Celebrity Big Brother without an argument or two. But Kim Woodburn’s recent antics have really taken the biscuit.
    The How Clean Is Your House star has rocked the house ever since she joined the show last week. And last night, her v
  • Louis Tomlinson Opens Up About His Mother Johannah Deakin’s Death

    'It was my mum who said to me that I've just got to keep going'Louis Tomlinson has opened up about his mother’s death for the first time.
    Johannah Deakin lost her battle with leukaemia in December, just days before Louis was due to release his debut solo single Just Hold On.
    See: Louis Tomlinson’s Stepfather Shares An Emotional Message From His Late Wife
    Louis Tomlinson’s mum Johannah Deakin passed away in December
    Now the 25-year-old has admitted how hard Johannah’s diag
  • 5 Times Kim Kardashian Wore Joggers (In A Non Ironic Way)

    Watch out Mel C. Kim Kardashian is reinventing the jogging bottom...Kim Kardashian is known for making some bold style choices. Actually, we think it’s fair to say that Kim K is probably one of the bravest celebrities out there when it comes to going out on a fashion limb. PVC, fishnets, lycra cycling shorts (ermazing), there is nothing that Kim won’t try when it comes to making a sartorial statement.
    And now it seems, the humble jogging bottom is having a bit of a KK revival. Not th
  • Trending T-shirt Dresses To Shop RN

    From sporty slogans to loud and proud prints these t-shirt dresses will take your daily wardrobe from zero to hero in seconds. Missguided t-shirt dress, £15If you ever have those days when you just can’t decide what to put on in the morning then these t-shirt dresses are your fast track to whatever-the-weather styling success. Believe us! Grey and drizzly out? No problem; just throw on a long line jersey tee dress over a pair of your fave skinnies and finish off with a wet weather fr
  • The One Question Everyone Had About CBB’s Kim Woodburn’s Dramatic Exit

    After Kim Woodburn was removed from the Celebrity Big Brother house by security, we've got an update...What happened to Kim Woodburn after she was removed from the CBB house?So it’s safe to say that Kim Woodburn is one of the most controversial stars of this year’s Celebrity Big Brother, then.
    Last night was potentially the most explosive episode yet as Kim found herself engaging in arguments with, well, pretty much every single housemate in there. In fact, things got pretty bad, pre
  • Why Jennifer Lopez’s Dress Caused Such A Stir At The People’s Choice Awards

    Lots of people have said that the actress suffered a wardrobe malfunction. But all might not be what it seems... So Jennifer Lopez pulled it out of the bag AGAIN with a winning frock at the People’s Choice Awards. 
    The 47-year-old upped the ante in a floor-length black dress, complete with a nude panel and dramatic embellishment detail across the chest.
    See: People’s Choice Awards – The Best DressesMaking sure that all of the attention was on that head-turning dress, Jen s
  • Jessica Cunningham’s Boyfriend Threatens To Dump Her Over Calum Best

    'If anything more was to happen then we won’t be dating anymore'Jessica Cunningham’s boyfriend Courtney Wood has been pretty cool about her flirting with Calum Best on Celebrity Big Brother.
    But The Apprentice star has made it clear that their romance will be over if things go any further. Eep.
    See: Jessica Cunningham’s Boyfriend Tweets About Her And Calum Best
    Calum Best treated Jessica Cunningham to a shoulder massage over the weekend…
    Courtney, 30, tells The Sun: &lsq
  • Bella Hadid Reacts To Kylie Jenner’s Date With The Weeknd

    Bella Hadid is reportedly 'hurt' about what's been going down with her ex The Weeknd...Bella Hadid is reportedly 'hurt' over her ex The Weeknd's actions...Just a day after The Weeknd was spotted on a night out with Kylie Jenner and boyfriend Tyga, it’s reported that Bella Hadid is feeling ‘hurt’.
    Bella and The Weeknd split last November after nearly two years together, and since then, the singer has moved on with Selena Gomez.
    Bella was then dealt another blow when pictures eme
  • The Mystery Behind CBB’s Nicola McLean’s Eye Has Been Solved

    After the Celebrity Big Brother was seen holding her eye on last night's show, the truth has been uncovered...People were confused about Nicola McLean's eye on last night's CBB...In case you missed last night’s Celebrity Big Brother, there was a whopping great big row between, well, everyone.
    It all kicked off when housemate Kim Woodburn got into an altercation with Stacy Francis after Stacy fell out with The Apprentice star Jessica Cunningham.
    Upon entering the bedroom, Kim then began to
  • ‘You Can’t Have Him!’ Blake Lively’s Shout Out To Ryan Reynolds Is Giving Us #LoveGoals

    Blake Lively accepted her first ever People's Choice Award last night, and her speech was just the cutest.Blake Lively beat back some stiff competition last night to win her very first People’s Choice Award in LA last night, and her acceptance speech was actually the cutest thing ever!
    Besting the likes of Julia Roberts, Emily Blunt and Meryl Streep, Blake picked up the Favourite Dramatic Movie Actress for her role in scary shark flick The Shallows. Accepting the gong from Liam Hemsworth (
  • Rylan Clark-Neal And Matt Edmonson React To The Xtra Factor’s Axing

    It's been announced that the show is coming to an end after 12 years on the airRylan Clark-Neal and Matt Edmonson have received some pretty bad news.
    It’s been announced that The Xtra Factor has been axed, meaning the pair won’t be returning to our screens later this year. Booo.
    See: The Xtra Factor Suffers An Awkward Live Technical Issue
    Rylan Clark-Neal and Matt Edmonson presented The X Factor together last year
    An ITV spokesperson tells the Daily Mirror: ‘The X Factor is our
  • Everyone’s Talking About Johnny Depp’s Acceptance Speech At The People’s Choice Awards

    The actor scooped the prize for Favourite Movie Icon. And the internet has some feelings about it... So it seems as though Johnny Depp is the talk of the internet after last night’s People’s Choice Awards. 
    Of course, the 53-year-old has found himself in the headlines recently due to his very public divorce from ex wife Amber Heard. The actor also faced abuse allegations after photographs of his former partner surfaced, showing a bruised face that she alleged was caused by him.

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