• UK backs Robotics and AI projects

    Jason Ford, news editor
    The launch of IBM Watson in Munich was punctuated with a recurring phrase from C-Suite bigwigs reminding attendees that ‘data is the new oil’.
    The company’s $200m investment into its global Internet of Things research hub recognises that IoT devices will become increasingly ubiquitous and that AI will be at the forefront of efforts to help monetise the untapped data generated by them.By 2022 the IoT market is estimated to be worth $14.2 trillion and IBM
  • USAF picks Elta for counter-UAS deal

    Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) Elta North America subsidiary has been awarded a $15.5 million, fixed-price contract to provide the US Air Force with counter-unmanned air system equipment.
  • Compact hydrogen storage gets a boost

    An international team of researchers has used nano-engineering to speed up the charge and recharge cycle of compact, solid-state hydrogen storage materials.
    Solid metal hydrides are seen as a potential fuel source for powering hydrogen vehicles, but are usually limited by slow hydrogen uptake and release. But scientists from Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (LLNL), working with colleagues from Sandia National Laboratories, Thailand’s Mahidol University, and the National Institute of
  • NHS faces £1bn annual bill after 'reckless' change to injury payouts

    Angry insurers criticise alteration to personal injury formula that will also hike car premiums by £75 for millions of peopleA “reckless” government-ordered change to the way personal injury awards are calculated will add as much as £75 to already fast-rising average car insurance premiums, and land the NHS with an annual £1bn bill, the insurance industry has warned.The lord chancellor, Liz Truss, has announced a change to the so-called Ogden discount rate, which is
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  • NHS faces new £1bn annual bill after 'reckless' change to injury payouts

    Angry insurers rail against ‘crazy change’ to personal injury formula that will hike car premiums by £75 for millions with British military and small firms hitA “reckless” government-ordered change to the way personal injury awards are calculated will add as much as £75 to already fast-rising average car insurance premiums, and land the NHS with an annual £1bn bill, the insurance industry has warned.The lord chancellor, Liz Truss, has announced a change
  • ​AVALON: RAAF chief stresses power of networked capabilities

    The chief of the Royal Australian Air Force has laid down a strategy for the next ten years that emphasises networked assets and joint capabilities.
  • Military wives demand action on psychological wounds of war

    Families driven to breaking point by strain of caring for husbands back from AfghanistanNikita Dallison was only 20 minutes into the three-hour drive to her parents’ house in Bedfordshire when she felt an inexplicable urge to make a U-turn. Her husband, Luke, a military policeman in the Royal Air Force, had seemed unusually upbeat of late, but Dallison could not ignore the dread stabbing at her core. Her intuition was proved correct when she reached their home at RAF Shawbury and foun
  • F-35 to fight ISIS in a few years

    The US Air Force s F-35A will fight ISIS in the near future, but don t expect to see the Lockheed Martin Lightning II flying over Iraq or Syria this year.
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  • Why Masterships could be the future of engineering

    The introduction of the apprenticeship levy from April 2017 – raising cash to part-fund three million apprenticeship places by 2020 – means that more employers will want to take advantage of the available subsidies, and in particular, to develop specific higher skills at degree level and above.
    One of the ways in which they can do is to put an employee forward for a Master’s degree level apprenticeship, or Mastership.
    The defence industry has been the first to develop and run M
  • News story: SJFHQ undertake valuable maritime familiarisation visit to HMNB Devonport

    Standing Joint Force Headquarters (SJFHQ)was established under the last Strategic Defence and Security Review and is a new deployable, operational 2* Joint Headquarters intended to command Joint forces in response to a crises or contingency worldwide.SJFHQ personnel come from all 3 services and the purpose of the visit to HMNB Devonport was to widen the experience of SJFHQ staff from the British Army and the Royal Air Force in particular, so they can better appreciate the significant contributio
  • News story: UK troops on NATO mission join Estonian national celebration

    Ahead of the deployment of 800 British troops to lead part of NATO’s Enhanced Forward Presence in Estonia, an advance team from 5th Battalion the Rifles already in country today joined the Estonia Independence Day Parade, marching through the capital of Tallinn to a crowd of thousands.The event marks the Estonian Declaration of Independence in 1918, after Britain played a key role in helping the Estonians to gain their independence.The UK and Estonia have a long history of working together
  • TP400 engine fix nearing completion: MTU

    German engine specialist MTU expects that a final fix for the power gearbox issues on the Airbus A400M s Europrop International (EPI) TP400-D6 engines will be installed from September.
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  • New products and dedicated sales team deliver record year for Yamazaki Mazak

    Yamazaki Mazak has announced a record year in 2016 for sales of laser machines in the UK.
    The company said its success has been driven by new products and the formation of a dedicated UK laser sales team. The growth has been achieved across a variety of sectors, with particularly strong performance in construction and general subcontracting.Ian White, General Manager for UK laser sales in the UK, said: “The dedicated laser sales team is still a relatively new construct, but its impact on t
  • Pressing engagement: Nissan starts work with new stamping machine

    Nissan will be able to stamp 2.5 million panels a year at its plant in Sunderland after starting production with its new extra-large press.The new press line and panel storage area required a building extension totalling 6,780m², taking the total built up space on site above 362,000m².
    Nissan’s divisional vice president, European Manufacturing, Kevin Fitzpatrick, said: “The new press is a fantastic piece of cutting edge technology which sets up the next generation of produc
  • Boeing to manufacture actuation systems in Sheffield

    Boeing plans to open its first manufacturing plant in Europe with a facility in Sheffield that will produce trailing-edge actuation systems for Next-Generation 737, 737 MAX and 777 aircraft.Located alongside Sheffield University’s Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre (AMRC), the proposed 2,300-square-metre plant, which represents an investment of over £20m, is part of a broader plan by Boeing to begin in-house manufacturing of actuation components and systems in the US and Britain.
  • Stanford team builds artificial synapse

    Researchers from Stanford University have created an artificial synapse made from organic materials, a development with potential for advanced computing and brain-machine technologies.(Credit: Manel Torralba via flickr)
    When we learn, electric signals are sent around the brain via synapses, creating neural pathways. Less energy is required each time a path is travelled, as the route becomes more defined. This essentially makes learning and memory part of the same process. Reported in the journal
  • Press release: Defence Secretary confirms £1.7bn investment in Scottish military bases

    Sir Michael Fallon outlined how Scotland will be home to several additional key Defence capabilities by 2020 to the Board and recognised its unique contribution to UK national security.Defence Secretary Sir Michael Fallon said:Scotland is on the frontline of defending the United Kingdom from growing threats at sea, in the air, and on land.Our commitment to the future of defence in Scotland is underlined by increasing investment in better infrastructure for the Armed Forces helping to keep us saf
  • OPINION: Should A400M partners prop up Airbus?

    Even for a programme with a history as chequered as the A400M, Airbus chief executive Tom Enders latest critique of the troubled airlifter was astonishingly frank and packed with intent.
  • Red harvest: robot farmers find sweet spot for strawberries

    Intelligent robot strawberry farmers, capable of travelling up and down fields monitoring crops, are being developed in the UK.Dogtooth Technologies, a start-up company based near Cambridge, is developing autonomous robots designed to harvest soft fruits such as strawberries.
    The company tested its first prototype robot in the field in the summer of 2016, and is already working on an improved version. Five of these second generation robots are due to be operating on a farm this summer.
    Now, in a
  • M28 tour to showcase Skytruck's commercial potential

    Buoyed by its position within Lockheed Martin s global group of companies, Sikorsky subsidiary PZL Mielec is optimistic of driving fresh sales of its M28 Skytruck in several regions of the world.
  • To rule the waves: US eyes large-scale navy revamp plan

    According to US military and defense experts, the country’s navy needs a deep modernization in order to be able to counter the emerging threats and challenges. During a recent visit to United...
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  • USAF C-5Ms deliver Army helicopters to Europe

    A contingent of Army AH-64 Apache helicopters, delivered by two Air Mobility Command C-5M Super Galaxies, arrived here Feb. 22 in support of Operation Atlantic Resolve. OAR is a tangible...
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  • RAAF to Test Skills in High-End Air Warfare Exercise

    The Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF) has deployed to Guam to participate in Exercise Cope North 2017—a high end air combat and humanitarian assistance exercise. Up to 12 F/A-18A Hornets from Number...
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  • UAE to Order Locally-Produced Armored Vehicles

    NIMR Automotive, a subsidiary of Emirates Defense Industries Company (EDIC), the UAE’s integrated defence manufacturing and services platform, today announced that the UAE Armed Forces intends...
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  • Top US general readies ‘full range’ of Syria options for Trump

    The Pentagon’s top officer on Thursday would not say if US ground forces will deploy to Syria to fight Daesh terrorists, observing only that he is readying a “full range of options” for President...
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  • China continues ‘steady pattern’ of South China Sea militarization: experts

    Recent satellite imagery appears to show China is completing structures intended to house surface-to-air missiles (SAMs) on a series of artificial islands in the South China Sea, a Washington...
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  • Directed energy atmospheric lens could revolutionise future battlefields

    ithin the next fifty years, scientists at BAE Systems believe that battlefield commanders could deploy a new type of directed energy laser and lens system, called a Laser Developed Atmospheric Lens...
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  • Team Spartan challenges Canadian FWSAR award

    Just when the Royal Canadian Air Force thought it could put a 14-year acquisition process to bed, Team Spartan has challenged the fixed-wing search and rescue (FWSAR) award to Airbus Defence & Space.
  • ​USAF requests funding for low-cost fighter test

    The US Air Force has requested funding for a low-cost fighter experiment in its supplemental budget request, indicating the service is serious about finding a close air support alternative.
  • MPs call on Theresa May to release 'kill list' for UK drone strikes

    Letter signed by former DPP also calls for release of report into 2015 strike that killed Cardiff-born Reyaad Khan in SyriaLord Macdonald, the former director of public prosecutions, has co-signed a letter to Theresa May calling for greater transparency on the UK’s use of a “kill list” for drone strikes targeting British fighters in Syria and elsewhere. The letter calls for the release of a report by parliament’s intelligence and security committee (ISC) into the British
  • ANALYSIS: Tianjin becomes eastern cousin of Toulouse

    Airbus s 2004 decision to establish an A320 final assembly line in Tianjin was a milestone in its growth in the Middle Kingdom.
  • Statement to Parliament: Debate on the armed forces and investigation and prosecution of historical cases

    Mr Speaker, I am grateful to the Right Honourable Member for North Belfast and his colleagues for bringing this motion to the House today and for initiating this very important debate.So can I be clear from the outset.Operation Banner, as the House is aware, lasted for nearly 30 years.It was the longest single continuous deployment of the Armed Forces in British military history.
    During that period over 250,000 people served.The Armed Forces and the RUC combined lost over 1,000 men and women to
  • News story: MOD to attend Who Do You Think You Are live 2017

    Experts from DBS within the MOD are to attend the Who Do You Think You Are live event at the NEC, Birmingham, between the 6 and 8 April. The show, a spin off from the popular BBC1 TV series, “Who Do You Think You Are?”, attracts over 12,000 visitors during the 3 days as it focuses on genealogy.The stand, supported by TNT UK Ltd, will be staffed by a DBS team from the Medals and Records Offices and will offer.Displays of medals and service recordsMedals and records advice, including i
  • Construction to start on HS2 as Hybrid Bill receives Royal assent

    The Department of Transport declares “full speed ahead” on new Midlands-London link and says construction will start in spring
    The hybrid bill enabling phase 1 of high speed two (HS2), the new rail line that will eventually link Leeds and Manchester to Birmingham and thence to London, has received Royal assent after three years of scrutiny by both Houses of Parliament. This marks the beginning of the active phase of the project, and the Department of Transport said that schemes to al
  • Liberty Vehicle Technologies unveil T1 Evo hypercar

    A new hyper-car inspired by fast jets, which will be engineered and manufactured in the UK, has been unveiled today by Liberty Vehicle Technologies.The new T1 Evo by Liberty, which will be produced at the group’s new £10m centre of excellence at Leamington Spa, is designed to exceed the performance of previous Evo models.
    The T1 Evo, which is being developed by the group’s Liberty 920 Engineering (920E) business, will incorporate features including active aerodynamics and suspe
  • Italian navy takes first troop transport NH90

    Italy has received the first of 10 NH Industries NH90 troop transport helicopters destined for its navy, which will be used to perform special forces and amphibious support missions.
  • Light-driven reaction converts carbon dioxide into fuel and feedstock

    A selective catalyst that transforms atmospheric CO2 into methane powered by ultraviolet light has potential for other industrial chemistry
    A ‘swarm’ of 37nm rhodium nanocubes uses uv to convert carbon dioxide into methane at room temperatureOne of the problems with carbon dioxide is the strength of the carbon-oxygen bond. Potentially, CO2 in the atmosphere could be a valuable source of carbon for industrial processes, which would both reduce its concentration and cut raw material co
  • Silicon sawdust could help power your phone

    Researchers from Japan’s Tohoku University and Osaka University have used the waste material from the production of microchips to produce anodes for lithium-ion batteries.
    Making silicon wafers with high purity for electronics is expensive and energy consuming, and 50 per cent of the material essentially ends up on the floor as ‘silicon sawdust’. Traditionally, this has been discarded as industrial waste, but the Japanese engineers have developed a technique to breathe new life
  • Video of the week: Planet bonanza

    Our video this week comes on the back of the exciting discovery of seven Earth-size planets in a nearby solar system.
    The planets orbit an ultra-cool dwarf star called TRAPPIST-1, just 40 light years away. Three of the planets were discovered last year by scientists using Belgium’s Transiting Planets and Planetesimals Small Telescope–South (TRAPPIST), located in the Chilean mountains at ESO’s La Silla Observatory. This led NASA to train its Spitzer Space Telescope on the s
  • Poland ousts 90 percent of top brass in defence overhaul

    Warsaw: About 90 percent of Poland’s top military brass have been replaced in an overhaul launched by the rightwing government, the defence ministry said Wednesday. Several leading generals had...
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  • Paramount pushes low-cost Mwari

    As South Africa positions itself for an aviation renaissance, Paramount pushed its new armed AHRLAC in Dubai this month.
  • Leonardo sets sights on strike-roled M-346 FA

    Leonardo has used the IDEX exhibition in Abu Dhabi to unveil plans to produce a new fighter/attack (FA) version of Aermacchi M-346, to be available from next year.
  • Pakistan orders new MRAP vehicles

    Pakistan has given Navistar Defence, a US manufacturer, a $35 million contract to produce 40 mine-resistant ambush-protected (MRAP) MaxxPro Dash DXM vehicles for, IHS Jane’s Defence Weekly...
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  • US report highlights fracking spill risk

    A study from the US suggests that two to 16 per cent of hydraulically fractured oil and gas wells discharge hydrocarbons, chemical-laden water, hydraulic fracturing fluids and other substances.
    Over 5,000 gallons of spillages from pipeline leaks in North Dakota over 10-years (credit: Science for Nature and People Partnership)The analysis, published in Environmental Science & Technology, is said to have identified 6,648 spills recorded across Colorado, New Mexico, North Dakota and Pennsylvani
  • Airbus seeks fresh talks to ease burden of A400M

    Airbus has written to its customers for the A400M military transport in a bid to reduce its financial exposure to programme delays, after the company s charges on the programme hit 2.2 billion ($2.3 billion) last year.
  • More grid flexibility urgently required

      Andrew Wade, senior reporter
    Whenever we write about renewables at The Engineer, there are inevitably voices decrying their intermittency. The sun does not always shine and the wind does not always blow, we are reminded.
    Renewables have many benefits, but their intermittency does indeed carry a cost. That cost is something the UK Energy Research Centre (UKERC) has been examining, and a new report published this week looks at where those costs are and how they can be minimised.
    The study i
  • News story: Queens Park Rangers sign the Armed Forces Covenant

    The club, which has pledged to help service leavers and veterans achieve their goals and find jobs with its Community Trust work skills programme, run in conjunction with the Royal British Legion, signed the covenant during their match with fellow Covenant members Wigan on Tuesday.The scheme, which helps personnel prepare for life after the military, has already helped half of its previously unemployed participants find work.Defence Minister Mark Lancaster, who attended the signing, with the Chi
  • News story: MOD signs £146 million contract to upgrade RAF’s long-range missile

    The shared deal with MDBA will see the UK’s Storm Shadow and France’s SCALP missiles updated so they remain fit for purpose and ready for operational use.During an inward visit by Laurent Collet-Billon, the Minister confirmed the strong partnership with France in a series of meetings at Lancaster House. The collaboration is providing a £50 million saving for both sides.The contract will keep the missile in service for the next decade and beyond and help to sustain around 60 UK
  • Plymouth scholarship seeks talent from challenging backgrounds

    Plymouth University has launched a mentoring and scholarship programme to help counter the shortfall of engineering graduates from socioeconomically vulnerable sections of society.
    The Tamar Engineering Project will offer an annual bursary and one-to-one professional mentoring from leading industry figures to high-performing students from such backgrounds.
    Launched with a £500,000 donation from an anonymous benefactor, the Tamar Engineering Project is being supported and championed by Plym
  • EEF to lead calls for five year Brexit transition period  

    Walking away from the EU with no deal in place will leave UK manufacturers on a cliff edge of uncertainty that will damage jobs and investment.
    This stark warning will be made by Dame Judith Hackitt CBE, Chair of EEF, the manufacturers’ organisation at the National Manufacturing Dinner in London on Wednesday evening (February 22).
    Hackitt will tell guests: “Uncertainty and confusion will result in business being left on a cliff edge. While the Prime Minister has warned of walking awa

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