• How To Revamp Your Sleep Routine Using Meditation

    Sleepless nights do not discriminate. And if you’ve ever lain awake thinking about commitments to work, school, family and friends, you’re familiar with what a challenge it can be to turn all those thoughts off at the end of the day and relax, let alone fall asleep.Enter meditation. Research indicates that practicing meditation may result in a slew of health benefits, from lowering blood pressure to easing the symptoms of anxiety and insomnia.If you’ve never tried meditation,
  • Believe It Or Not, Tinder Could Lead To Better Marriages. Here’s Why

    If you’re not a fan of swiping left or right, it’s easy to get demoralized about the current state of dating. 
    But don’t be too alarmed by Tinder and similar apps. As biological anthropologist Helen Fisher explains in The Atlantic video above, our brains are hardwired to look for romantic love, not just fleeting hookups. 
    “The vast majority of people on the internet, even on Tinder, are looking for a long-term committed relationship,” she s
  • 23 Tweets About Single Life That Are Funny Because They're True

    Dating around can be fun, but if we’re being honest, there are parts of the experience that are just plain awful: Awkward first dates, weirdos on Tinder, ghosting, the list goes on and on... 
    For some much-needed comic relief, here are 23 tweets that perfectly sum up the struggles of being single.
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  • How Weed Works Its Magic Just Got Easier To Understand

    Scientists still don’t know the whole story of how marijuana makes people high. But they’ve just taken a big step forward in our understanding of pot’s effect on the human body by figuring out the three-dimensional structure of cannabinoid receptor 1 (CB1).
    CB1 is the large protein molecule in nerve cells that is activated by marijuana’s main mind-altering constituent, tetrahydrocannibinol (THC), spurring the cellular processes that lead to the euphoria and other eff
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  • John Oliver Pinpoints A Fake Statistic That Fueled The Opioid Crisis

    In John Oliver’s latest segment on opioids during Last Week Tonight, he pulled up one of the key statistics pharmaceutical salespeople used to market prescription opioids to doctors in the 1990s: Less than 1 percent of patients taking opioids become addicted to painkillers. 
    That figure is completely inaccurate, of course, and as Oliver points out, it has a disturbing origin story.
    “I know it may seem like they are pulling that number out of their ass, but they actually pulled
  • Top Ten Tips to Help Adjust to Daylight Savings Time Change

    Top Ten Tips to Help Adjust to Daylight Savings Time Change
    On Sunday November 6, 2016 at 2 AM clock time shifts back one hour.It works the same for all of us, if you normally went to bed at 11 PM, the new clock time will indicate it is 10 PM at that time. When you wait until it is 11PM new clock time, that makes it the equivalent of midnight before you changed clock time, so you are staying up one hour later. Some people find this change difficult and even upsetting.Here's some tips to try to m
  • What Is Priapism?

    Priapism is probably not a commonly known male condition but any man who has ever experienced it will tell you he never wants to have it again.Priapism is when a man has an abnormal erection in which blood that engorges the penis fails to drain out. Every year emergency rooms see thousands of men with this painful condition that if an erection lasts too long - more than 4 hours - can do permanent damage to the penis.
    Two types of priapism
    There are two types of priapism - ischemic priapism and n
  • How Routing Mammography Screening Leads To Overdiagnosis And Overtreatment

    Around 40,000 individual women die of breast cancer each and every year. Sisters. Mothers. Daughters. Spouses. Friends. For each of these women and their loved ones breast cancer is a personal tragedy.
    Breast cancer is also a public health crisis and social justice issue. Despite decades of awareness campaigns, breast cancer is the second leading cause of cancer death for women in the U.S. And a woman's chances of surviving a diagnosis are significantly impacted by her race, as well as socioecon
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  • He's Going To Tie The Knot: 9 Healthy (And Mature) Ways To Deal With The Painful News

    You know what's worse than watching the evening news? Yes, it's knowing that the ex you used to love (and maybe still have some feelings for) is going to walk down the aisle with the woman he loves (who didn't happen to be you) soon. So if you've found yourself in this unfortunate situation today, here are seven ways you can deal with it like a boss.
    1. Keep calm.Lashing out on your social media accounts just because you think he doesn't deserve to be happy even for one second of his life ain't
  • How Senior Executives Find Time To Be Creative

    The number-one attribute CEOs look for in their incoming workforce (according to an IBM survey of more than 1,500 CEOs across 33 industries and 60 countries) is not discipline, integrity, intelligence, or emotional intelligence. It's creativity.
    After all, every company wants to be at the forefront of its industry and on the cutting edge of innovation. And for that, you need highly creative employees.
    While much of the advice on becoming more creative is known, what's harder to figure out is how
  • Halloween: Feasting On The Dead

    The calendar at this time of year fills up with observances in cultures and religions around the world. In many of them, death is woven into the fabric. Yet, even though we honor our dead and dress up in skeleton costumes, we don't take advantage of the opening to talk to each other about death, dying, or grief.
    In the northern hemisphere, harvest festivals celebrate the crops being brought in. There are celebrations of light with dancing and music.Diwali, the Hindu festival of lights, is on Oct
  • Prevent Opioid Abuse: Turn In Unused Medications

    Prevent Opioid Abuse: Turn in Unused Medicationsby SreyRam Kuy, MD, MHS, FACS and Addie Imseis, RN, BSN
    Tackling the opioid epidemic seems daunting.On an average day in the US, 3,900 people initiate nonmedical use of prescription opioids while 580 people initiate heroin use.Opioid abuse is a concern as 80% of heroin users reported starting out misusing prescription opioids.Each day, more than 40 Americans die each day from opioid overdoses.Can one person make a difference? What can an individual
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  • 7 Things Parents Should Know About Dealing With Teenage Addiction

    One of the biggest fears of parents of adolescents is addiction. While in the yesteryears, parents worried mostly about alcohol and smoking, today's parents have to also be aware of addictions that come in different flavors- Social media, video games, junk food, gambling, prescriptions drugs, the list goes on!Addictions often happen as a result of kids trying to cope with something through a substance or thing. For example, a teenage girl who might be afraid of bullies could end up being hooked
  • The World Can't Afford To Ignore Mental Health: Here's Why

    This week, the World Federation for Mental Health met in Cairns, Australia to discuss mental healthcare, particularly suicide and self-harm. Approximately one million people a year lose their lives to suicide, according to the World Health Organization. That's one person every forty seconds dying by their own hands. Yet we have heard almost nothing about mental health in the 2016 US election cycle. With millions of people suffering from a variety of mental health issues in every part of the glo
  • This Is How Colorblind People See The World

    Ever considered the idea that your version of the color red isn’t someone else’s red?
    As many as eight percent of men and .5 percent of women of Northern European descent have the common red-green form of colorblindness, according to the National Eye Institute. Many of them, however, don’t even know it. 
    The video above from Mind Warehouse walks viewers through testing, diagnosing and experiencing color blindness, which is actually an entire set of color vision anomo
  • Helping The Neediest Patients: Stopping Insurers' Rejection Of Prescription Medications

    Are cancer drugs worth the cost?That's the question a controversial Boston-based non-profit, the Institute for Clinical and Economic Review (ICER), convened about last week in St. Louis to discuss. The group, who notoriously "cherry-picks data," often reviews new medications, deems them too expensive, and allows the insurance industry justify limiting coverage for new treatments and pass costs directly onto patients.
    Last week's target: non-small cell lung cancer treatments.Non-small cell lung
  • Meditation Is The Trick April Ross Swears By To Sleep Through The Night

    When Olympic beach volleyball player April Ross gets anxious the night before a match, there’s one thing she can count on to get her through the night: meditation.
    “I do meditation before bed,” Ross recently told The Cut. “In the past, even if I was really relaxed and we had competition the next day, I’d get adrenaline. I’d start picturing us playing and be a little bit worried about how we were going to do tomorrow, making it really hard to fall asleep. I fo
  • A Call To End HIV/AIDS In America

    As the new Administration is presented with great challenges facing the United States, one will be a longtime foe, the U.S. HIV/AIDS epidemic. Since President Barack Obama was elected in 2008, I have publicly called on our country's leaders to utilize the largest global health initiative in history - the President's Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief (PEPFAR) - as a model to address the U.S. epidemic. This historical global health initiative, which uniquely put a real dent in the global HIV/AIDS cri
  • You'll Want To Get Inked After Seeing This Tattoo Artist's Masterful Work

    From tiny tattoos to white ink tattoos, we’re the first to admit we love an artistic ink job. An Instagram-famous tattoo shop in Korea called Sol Art takes artistic tattoos to a whole new level with incredibly detailed work.
    Sol Art’s Instagram account displays examples of tattoos that somehow manage to pack in a ton of colors and shading into very small, delicate tattoos. Just look at this rendition of Van Gogh’s “Starry Night” here:A photo posted by Sol
  • How The Fashion Industry Contributes To Body Image Problems

    A few weeks ago, I read a great article by Tim Gunn talking about how the fashion industry is doing a disservice to American women. I totally understand how much of runway fashion is about design and art. To create great art, the designers prefer a non-descript blank canvas to work on, e.g., a five-foot nine-inch tall size 2 (or 0) stick of a woman. What Tim Gunn accurately pointed out, is this is the easy road. How simple, relatively speaking, is it to create great art on these blank canvases.
  • Teen Stuns Family After Waking From Coma Speaking Only Spanish

    The family of a 16-year-old Georgia boy is describing how he woke from a coma speaking Spanish instead of English.
    Reuben Nsemoh was playing goalie for a Gwinnett County team late last month when another player accidentally kicked him in the head while he was diving for the ball, local ABC affiliate WSB-TV reported.
    The high school sophomore, who has now suffered three soccer-related concussions, fell into a coma for several days. When he woke up, he could only speak in Spanish.
    “Our life
  • What Is Your Source Of Love?

    Most of us grew up believing that another person should be our dependable source of love - that this is what a relationship is all about. Yet this is the very thing that destroys many relationships.When we are small children, our parents are supposed to be our dependable source of love. They are supposed to access the love that is Spirit and bring it to us. That is part of their job as loving parents.
    The other major part of their job is to role model accessing God/Spirit as a dependable source
  • St. Jude Heart Devices Can Be Hacked, Experts Say

    (Reuters) - Short-selling firm Muddy Waters said in a legal brief filed on Monday that outside cyber security experts it hired have validated its claim that St. Jude Medical Inc cardiac implants are vulnerable to potentially life-threatening cyber attacks.
    Boutique cyber security firm Bishop Fox disclosed its findings in a 53-page report that was attached to a legal brief filed on Monday in U.S. district court in Minnesota on behalf of the short-sellers, who hired the firm to perform the work a
  • No Means No, Or Not Now; You Choose

    Salespeople will say that when the answer they receive to their sales pitch is, no, in their mind, no means, not now. The consumer is just not ready to purchase what they have to offer.This is true in our lives as well. Often I've heard women say that the first time their husband asked for a date, her answer was no. Obviously in time, no was changed to a yes and her no meant not now.Often others ask us to eat with them, but eating is not what we planned at that time. Yet we are tempted to eat t
  • In Muir Woods

    Masters of stillness,masters of light,who, when cut by somethingfalling, go nowhere and heal,teach me this nowhere,
    who, when falling themselves,simply wait to rootin another direction,teach me this falling.
    Four-hundred-year-old trees,who draw aliveness from the Earthlike smoke from the heart of God,we come, not knowingyou will hush our little wantto be big;
    we come, not knowingthat all the work is so muchbusyness of mind; allthe worry, so muchbusyness of heart.
    As the sun warms anything near,b
  • 5 Reasons Why Caregivers Aren't More Engaged With Technology

    AARP puts the number of unpaid family caregivers who care for an older and sicker person at 40 million. And not surprisingly, 71 percent of those caregivers said in an AARP survey that they would love to have some technology to help them provide care.
    What is surprising is that only 7 percent of those caregivers are actually using tech tools to help out, attendees of MedCity News ENGAGE in San Diego heard recently. The conference-goers also heard various theories about why this is ―
  • Recharging, Rejuvenation, Reclamation: The Art Of Letting Go

    For the last few years, I have been feeling frustrated, overwhelmed, dissatisfied, and generally unhappy in my life despite the blessings of stable employment, health,professional achievement, and a loving family.I am still too young for it to be a "mid-life" crisis/malaise, so what gives?When I took a step back to figure out what was going on, I realized what my problem was; I was doing too much and investing too much of myself into other people and activities, instead of remembering to give b
  • Therapists Responding To Anxiety Reactions Of Adults And Children In Today's Political Climate

    I am a psychoanalyst and psychotherapist on Long Island, NY. After practicing for three decades with children, teens, and adults I have found today's political climate is feeling threatening to many people I treat. While many children and adults who suffer from anxiety disorders seek treatment with psychotherapy and often medication, recently I am finding children and adults are reporting increased anxiety due to what they are hearing in the news.
    The major themes are a generalized feeling of in
  • Meet Vitamin D

    The sweet spot for vitamin D is still debated, and there are many who are confused by the current brouhaha about this vitamin.
    It's almost impossible for a day to go by without noticing a mention of vitamin D in the news. This is because an increasing number of studies have revealed the importance of this vitamin in a multitude of biochemical pathways, making its deficiency a focal point in the precipitation of some diseases.Adolf Windaus who received the Nobel Prize in chemistry in 1928 for his
  • Learn Mindfulness: Practice 11 -- Letting Go

    In the end, just three things matter: how well we have lived;
    how well we have loved; how well we have learned to let go.Jack Kornfield
    What if your only job in this lifetime was to find all the knots in your body, the tangles in your mind and the fear in your heart and dissolve them? Where would you start? How would you begin?
    Individuals are here to discover how to open, how to love and how to live in compassionate awareness with, and of, one another.
    In order to bring forth this c
  • 100 Mindfulness Meditations Book Review

    We are delighted to share the first review of Neil Seligman's new book 100 Mindfulness Meditations.
    This review comes from the wonderful Lynn Exley.Lynn is a Mindfulness Meditation Teacher, Mind Factor Coach, Sophrologist, yoga teacher, golfer and speaker. She is passionate about teaching simple practices and everyday ways in which people can make small changes that can have a big impact on their golf handicap and their lives. Using the evidence-based disciplines of mindfulness meditation, sophr
  • Dar Zemora, Marrakech - hotel review

    John Gregory-Smith finds a blissful bolthole in this modern Moroccan boutique hotel
  • There’s A Reason It Seems Like Rich People Are Completely Ignoring You

    Wealthy people appear to spend less time looking at other human beings, compared with how much time people in lower social classes look at others, according to a new study that used Google Glass headsets to track people’s gazes.
    The findings suggest that your social class influences how much other people grab your attention, the researchers said.
    More research is needed to know why the wealthy may look less often at other people, the researchers noted. But one possible explanation may be
  • When do the clocks go back in 2016 and what is Daylight Saving Time?

    Summer is coming to an end. Make sure you're in the know about when the clocks are set to change with our guide
  • 7 Questions That Test Your Knowledge Of Stress

    1. Stress can cause your hair to fall out in clumps. T/F2. Stress can cause sudden cardiac death in people with no previous symptoms of heart disease. T/F3. Stress causes ulcers. T/F4. Just being in the doctor's office can cause your blood pressure to rise. T/F5. Chronic stress can gradually raise your bad cholesterol, your blood pressure, your resting heart rate and your triglyceride levels. T/F6. Stress can cause memory loss. T/F7. Stress can cause premature aging. T/FAnswers
    1. Tru
  • Why Gothenburg is Sweden's coolest city

    Gothenburg has got it all, says Hannah Summers
  • Processed Red Meats And Cancer One Year Later: Cutting The Risk By Half

    It is the one year anniversary of the announcement by the International Agency for Research on cancer(IARC), an agency of the World Health Organization known for expertise in analyzing scientific data for health risks, that meat acts as a carcinogen (http://www.iarc.fr/en/media-centre/pr/2015/pdfs/pr240_E.pdf). The analysis placed processed red meat at a risk similar to the notorious pesticide RoundUp at best and comparable to diesel fumes and tobacco at worst. These were very strong words that
  • Domestic Violence Is A Major Public Health Problem In The U.S.

    Domestic violence is a crime, but it’s also a serious public health problem. Those who experience it are at a higher risk of mental health disorders, chronic diseases and infections. They’re also more likely to die. 
    Domestic violence is also a lot more common than you’d think. Nearly one in four women and one in seven men in the U.S. have experienced physical violence at the hands of their domestic partners, according to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and
  • A Restaurant Selling Posh Crisps And Dip Is Coming To London

    A new and incredibly niche foodie venture is coming to the capital - and it involves a certain potato snack.
    ‘Hipchips’ will sell what we can only describe as posh crisps and dips, with prices ranging between £4.50 and £11.50. 
    There will be five varieties of crisps to choose from, which will be baked before customers in the Soho-based restaurant. While dips will include flavours like smokey cheese fondue with pickled onion, creamy katsu curry, Moroccan yoghurt and b
  • Your High-Intensity Feelings May Be Tiring You Out

    Why are we always exhausted at the end of a workday? Why do we come home wiped out, with barely enough energy to make dinner before collapsing for the night?
    Normally, when we think about being tired, we think of physical reasons: lack of sleep, intense exercise, or long days of physical labor. And yet, as Elliot Berkman, professor of psychology at the University of Oregon, pointed out to me in an interview, in our day and age, when few of us have physically demanding jobs, we are wiping ourselv
  • Worlds Apart: Maintaining Personal Relationships As Political Opposites

    This election cycle has been characterized by an unprecedented amount of polarizing discourse and outright hostility. There are strong feelings of alarm and moral outrage on both sides of the political divide. Many have reported getting into a fight with a friend or family member over the election.From the perspective of relationship experts, the turn our political discourse has taken this election can be seen as a case-book example of exactly how not to speak if you value your personal relation
  • Male Breast Cancer Survivors Open Up About Their Mastectomy Scars

    Many of us think of breast cancer as a woman’s disease, but men suffer too.
    More than 350 men are diagnosed with the disease every year in the UK, compared to 50,000 women. But while the number are markedly different, this often means awareness materials are directed solely at women - just think of the pink ribbon.
    As a result, men are missing out on information that is not only relevant, but could prove life-saving. 
    As part of our month-long project raising awareness of t
  • Heavy Marijuana Use May Be Bad For Your Bones

    People who regularly smoke large amounts of marijuana may be more susceptible to bone fractures than people who don’t use the drug, according to a new study conducted in the United Kingdom.
    Researchers also found that the people in the study who used marijuana regularly tended to have thinner bones than the people who did not use pot. Having thinner bones might put people at higher risk for osteoporosis, a condition in which a person’s bones become brittle and fragile, the researche
  • How Do You Know If A Cancer Treatment Is Best For You

    With the growth of the Internet over the years and the number of personal websites that exist on just about any topic, more people are turning to their computers as their first source of information. It seems that if you search just about anything, the results that you receive will provide you with such a volume of information that it is almost overwhelming. And, of course, this applies to the world of cancer and all of the treatments available these days that not only come from the medical com
  • Why Being Young And Coupled Up Is Good For Your Career

    A version of this article originally appeared on Forbes. Sign up for my newsletter to get my articles straight to your inbox.
    In her 2014 Forbes article "9 Reasons to Love Being Single," Alyson Krueger suggested one reason as "Singles are investing in themselves and their careers ... They want to establish themselves and become a happy, successful person before having a serious relationship."
    A 2015 article on the millennial women's site Bustle claimed that people who prioritize their careers ov
  • The Right Way To Combat A Negative Body Image, From People Who Know

    There’s a magic in gathering women together before going out for the night, but there’s a troubling, common theme, too.
    Someone ― perhaps everyone, at some point ― will express a negative thought about themselves. 
    It was in one of those moments, getting ready for an evening out with a group of girlfriends, that I made up a rule. For every bad thing we said about ourselves, we had to follow up with two nice, complimentary things.
    My friends played along. We laughed
  • The Best Time to Get a Flu Shot Is Now

    Brian S. Koll, MDExecutive Medical Director for Infection Prevention and Control
    The Mount Sinai Health SystemThe Best Time to Get a Flu Shot Is Now
    As a specialist in infection prevention and control, I have often fielded the question, "When is the best time to get a flu shot?" Usually peaking in November, December, or January, flu season typically runs from September 1 through April 30. I got my flu shot in September, and urge anyone who hasn't been vaccinated this season to do it now.Why Get
  • The Ritz Carlton Budapest, Hungary - hotel review

    Katie Law checks into Hungary's first Ritz Carlton
  • People Reveal What They Wish They'd Been Taught About Sex

    For most adults, memories of sex education at school can be summed up in three words: unhelpful, brief, and awkward.
    Now people on Reddit have been sharing the things they’d actually been taught about the birds and the bees.
    1. Basic Hygiene 
    “How genitalia function on a day-to-day basis, what is normal vs what is abnormal. Things like, vaginal discharge exists and is normal, you haven’t somehow gotten an STD without having sex like some sort of reverse Virgin Ma
  • This One Personality Type Is More Successful Than Both Introverts And Extroverts

    Many of us classify our personality types as introverted or extroverted. And we can be quite rabid about the distinction, congregating with our fellow introverts or extroverts and enumerating the reasons our personality type is superior.
    But in reality, there is one group of personalities that is most successful of all. And they are not introverts or extroverts. Actually, they’re a little bit of both.
    Ambiverts are individuals who fall somewhere in the middle on the introverted-extroverte

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