• Destiny 2: Curse Of Osiris - New Exotic Emotes, Ships, Sparrows, Weapon Ornaments, And More

    Destiny 2's first expansion, Curse of Osiris, is now available and brings with it all sorts of new playable content on PC, PS4, and Xbox One. There's a new planet with story missions, Strikes, and a Public Event, Crucible maps, and more. But in addition to acquiring new Curse of Osiris weapons, Faction gear, and Exotics, there's also a variety of cosmetics to get your hands on.The release of Curse of Osiris and update 1.1.0 marks the start of Season 2 for Destiny 2. Among other things, this has
  • Glass Trailer Coming Soon, Watch The Teaser Now

    The first teaser for M. Night Shyamalan's next film, Glass, has come online--but there isn't much to go on. The very brief video doesn't show much in the way of actual footage but it does provide some mysterious dialogue and sequences that may be enough to get you hyped. And the good news? The full trailer is coming this Friday to kick off San Diego Comic-Con.Glass is a sequel of sorts to Shyamalan's 2016 movie Split, which features James McAvoy as a person with more than 20 different personalit
  • Big Xbox Game Sale Starts Soon, Here's When

    In the market for some new Xbox games? A big sale is coming up soon, it seems. A post on the Xbox website reveals that Microsoft is bringing back its "Ultimate Game Sale" this week. It'll run July 19 through July 30, according to the post. Microsoft hasn't actually announced the sale yet, as it was only referenced as part of a sweepstakes event called the "Ultimate Dopplegamer Sweepstakes." As part of this, you can dress up like an Xbox character for a chance to win a trip to PAX West in Seattle
  • My Hero Academia: 10 Most Badass Moments So Far

    As My Hero Academia season 3 returns with the start of the new arc, Dave takes a look back at the top badass moments so far in the series!
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  • Fortnite: Battle Royale Guide - 10 Advanced Tips For Jumping Into Season 5

    Pro Tips
    The Fortnite community is packed with skilled players who are likely eager to learn more. And with Season 5 finally online, chances are you're looking for new ways you can overcome the incoming competition. If you're keen on winning, you need to know the ins and outs of everything you can do in the game. Not only do you need to outsmart and outgun other players--you need to effectively use your building capabilities to traverse the map, fortify your positions, and beat out the competiti
  • Best Nintendo Switch Games So Far (July 2018 Update)

    Switch Games That You Need To Play
    The release of the Nintendo Switch marked the beginning of a new generation for Nintendo. After the lukewarm reception of the Wii U, many were beginning to wonder if the company would be able to survive in today's console market. However, it defied all expectations with its hybrid console/handheld console. Alongside the Switch's release was the universally praised The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, giving it the killer app it needed to quickly rise to the
  • Amazon Prime Day 2018: The Best PC Gaming Hardware Deals (US)

    After a long buildup, Amazon Prime Day 2018 is finally here, and we're into the second day of the sale. Running now through 11:59 PM PT July 17 (3 AM ET July 18), Prime members can save money on products in all kinds of categories on Amazon, including, of course, video games. Of particular note, tons of PC gaming hardware is on sale, from keyboards and mice to headsets and monitors. Among the latest deals to pop up is one on the Oculus Rift VR headset. You can get a Rift with two Touch controlle
  • Amazon Prime Day 2018: Best TV Show And Movie Deals (US Only)

    The deals keep coming on Amazon Prime Day 2018. The 36-hour event sees markdowns on a wide-range of products--some great, some weird. If you're here, maybe you've purchased enough games are curious about what else you can get. Lucky for you, there's an assortment of Blu-ray, 4K, and DVD movies and TV series that are on sale.. There's even an additional 20% off at checkout--though some titles do not include the discount. Below you can find a roundup of the best deals on the biggest movies and TV
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  • Amazon Prime Day 2018 Deals: Best 4K UHD Movie Sales (US Only)

    Amazon Prime Day is ongoing, and there is a staggering number of deals available. Not all of them are necessarily good deals, of course, but those in the market for movies do have some solid options. Specifically, those hunting for 4K UHD deals are in luck, as a nice selection of films can be had for $15 or less in the US.Before diving into the specifics, remember that you'll need a Prime membership to take advantage of Prime Day deals. If you aren't currently a member and haven't been one in th
  • Create Your Own Game Deals Right Now For PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch (US Only)

    Most of today's retail attention is aimed at Amazon Prime Day. But even though the online mega-retailer has cut prices on many items across nearly all categories, not everything is on sale. In an effort to share some of the spotlight, the retailer Rakuten is cutting 20% off prices on everything on its site--provided you enter the promo code SAVE20 at checkout. That means you don't need to wait around hoping Amazon does a Lightning Deal on the item you want. You can just buy it from Rakuten.But a
  • Best Amazon Prime Day Nintendo Gaming Deals On Switch And 3DS (US)

    We're nearing the end of Amazon Prime Day 2018, which means you have until the end of July 17 to get deals on all kinds of items from Amazon, including video games. The deals are strictly for Prime members, but even if you're not a subscriber, you can probably get a free trial month here to take advantage of the deals.As is often the case when it comes to gaming deals, Nintendo fans don't have it quite as good as PS4 and Xbox One owners, but we can still find some good deals if we poke around. G
  • Best Amazon Prime Day Gaming Deals: PS4, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, PC, And 3DS

    We've cruising toward the end of Amazon Prime Day for 2018, and that means there are numerous deals for you to peruse before the sale concludes. In the US, the sale started out by taking down Amazon's website for many users. Now that it's working, you'll need an Amazon Prime membership--and you can sign up for a free trial if you don't already have one. There's still a fair amount of time left to take advantage of the sales on offer, and there may still be some to come that we don't yet know abo
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  • Mario Tennis Aces Update On Nintendo Switch Will Nerf Bowser Jr.

    One of the most controversial competitors in Mario Tennis Aces is going to be nerfed later this week. Bowser Jr., whose extra long reach makes him a little too good at reaching difficult shots, has been criticized as unbalanced among the community and pro players alike. That will start to be addressed this Thursday with a new patch that, among other things, reigns in Bowser Jr.'s power level.According to the patch notes, version 1.1.2 will adjust how fast Bowser Jr. can move when charging a shot
  • Unlock Eight Alternate Box Art Options For Octopath Traveler On My Nintendo

    Octopath Traveler's box art celebrates the eight-person traveling troupe in its entirety, but if you find yourself especially fond of one character, Nintendo has provided additional box art you can use instead. The box art is limited to North America.There are eight designs in total, one for each main character. All eight box arts can be downloaded from My Nintendo for 50 Platinum Points. You can buy them right now. They'll remain on My Nintendo through the rest of 2018 if you'd rather wait unti
  • New Bohemian Rhapsody Trailer Shows More Of Freddie Mercury

    Upcoming biopic Bohemian Rhapsody focuses on Freddie Mercury joining and spearheading the British band Queen to stardom, all while leading up to the band's Live Aid performance in 1985. Though there have been a few trailers in the past, 20th Century Fox has released the official trailer for the Rami Malek-led movie. And in it, we finally get a good look at the life Mercury led before and during his tenure with the bandThe trailer shows a young Freddie Mercury chatting with Queen before a band me
  • No Man's Sky Update Adds Multiplayer Next Week; New Trailer Shows It Off

    No Man's Sky developer Hello Games has detailed a significant update that will introduce a number of much requested features to the massive, sci-fi exploration game. Titled "Next," the update will be available for free for PS4, Xbox One, and PC players from July 24. Perhaps the biggest new addition is multiplayer, which allows players to team up with a small team of friends and explore the universe together, or be joined by random members of the community."You can help friends to stay alive, or
  • Middle-Earth: Shadow of War's Microtransaction Market Is Completely Gone

    After earlier promising micotransactions would be removed from Middle-earth: Shadow of War, Monolith has officially removed all traces of the in-game market from the game. A number of new game improvements also accompanied the update.To account for the removal of in-game purchases, the Orcs previously recruited through Online Vendettas or Ranked Conquests are now unlocked via the Garrison. Those Orcs can still undergo training and the player can still upgrade and customize them, but all of that
  • All The Best Amazon Prime Day Deals: Games, Movies, TVs, And More

    Amazon Prime Day 2018 is going strong all day, but between the website crashing and the sheer volume of discounts, it can be difficult to navigate through the offerings to find the best deals. That's where we come in. We've been monitoring the sale since it went live, and we've gathered all the best deals on video games, electronics, movies, and more in one place. So skim through the sales and see what items you want to save money on below.The sale ends late tonight (12 AM PT / 3 AM ET), and sto
  • Best Anime Deals For Amazon Prime Day: Dragon Ball Z, My Hero Academia, Steins;Gate, And More

    Plenty of sales are currently going on for Amazon Prime Day 2018; everything from games and hardware to PC accessories and movies are heavily discounted from Prime members. But you can't leave anime out of the equation since there are a number of deals on Blu-rays for notable series. Dragon Ball, Cowboy Bebop, Attack on Titan, and My Hero Academia are all available, and you can check out all the anime that's included for Prime Day below.We highlighted a handful of movie and TV series deals in a
  • Get $10 Off An Ebay Purchase For... Pausing A Video?

    Update: The $10 promotion has met an untimely end, as all of the codes have been used. The PRIMO119 code detailed below is still good.Ebay has a new promotion for anyone with a Facebook account that gets you a code for $10 off any item priced $10.01 or more. All you have to do is start watching a six-second video and hit the pause button. With the video paused, you'll see a prompt that says, "Get your code." That's it. Just enter your code during checkout on Ebay, and you'll get $10 off almost a
  • PUBG PC Update Out Now On Test Server, Adds New Vehicle, Weapon, And Custom Match Beta

    PUBG Corp. continues rolling out a regular stream of new updates for PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds. Patch #18 for the PC version is now available on the game's test servers, and it introduces a new Sanhok-exclusive vehicle and weapon, along with a handful of other features and tweaks, to the popular battle royale game.The aforementioned weapon is the QBU, a new DMR that only appears on the smaller, tropical themed Sanhok map. It takes the place of the Mini 14 on Sanhok and uses a standard, 10-ro
  • The Other Side Of Octopath Traveler’s Combat

    With the release of the JRPG on Nintendo Switch, Mike Mahardy takes a deep dive into the game's combat, and the various games that inspired it.
  • The Brilliance Of Octopath Traveler's Combat

    With the release of the JRPG on Nintendo Switch, Mike Mahardy takes a deep dive into the game's combat, and the various games that inspired it.
  • Nintendo Switch: Best Amazon Prime Day Gaming Deals (US)

    We've reached the midway point of July, which this year is home to Amazon Prime Day 2018. This huge, Black Friday-esque sale is now underway and runs for a total of 36 hours (ending at 11:59 PM PT on July 17 / 2:59 AM ET on July 18). It offers a huge array of deals across all categories on the site, including gaming, although Nintendo Switch hasn't gotten many of its own. There are only hours to go before the end of the sale, so you'll want to act fast if you're interested in anything.Below, we'
  • Amazon Prime Day 2018 Deal: PS4/Xbox One's Overwatch Legendary Edition Is Half Off (US)

    Overwatch is one of the best multiplayer shooters around. If you've been itching to pick the game up on console, the Xbox One and PS4 versions of the Legendary Edition, which gives you extra skins for your heroes, is available for $30 through Amazon Prime Day. That's a 50% discount. You'll have to act fast though, as the deal ends Monday 9:20 PM PT / Tuesday 12:20 AM ET. [Update: Despite its original Lightning Deal status, Overwatch remains available for $30 on both consoles. However, Amazon lis
  • Great Amazon Prime Day 2018 Deal On Oculus Rift And Touch Controllers

    PC gamers interested in dipping their toes (and heads) into virtual reality can do so at a low price today, thanks to Amazon Prime Day 2018. Amazon has the Oculus Rift VR headset and Touch controllers for $350. That's $50 off the VR headset combo's usual price, making it a good deal for curious gamers.The bundle comes with the Oculus Rift headset, two Touch controllers, two Oculus sensors, cables to connect it all together, and seven free VR games/apps: Lucky's Tale, Medium, Toybox, Quill, Dead
  • Amazon Prime Day 2018: How To Get $5 For Free In Gift Cards

    Amazon Prime Day is upon us, offering deep discounts for all the good boys and girls who also happen to be Amazon Prime subscribers. If you're eyeing some bargain prices to treat yourself, you may want to take advantage of a little bonus offer that effectively stacks a tiny discount atop a discount. This might be the best deal you'll find this Prime Day, as it effectively amounts to free money, provided you're willing to put up some money in the first place.Purchasing at least $25 in Amazon gift
  • Create Your Own Game Deals Today At Rakuten: PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch (US Only)

    Most of today's retail attention is aimed at Amazon Prime Day. But even though the online mega-retailer has cut prices on many items across nearly all categories, not everything is on sale. In an effort to share some of the spotlight, the retailer Rakuten is cutting 20% off prices on everything on its site--provided you enter the promo code SAVE20 at checkout. That means you don't need to wait around hoping Amazon does a Lightning Deal on the item you want. You can just buy it from Rakuten.But a
  • Amazon Prime Day Deals: Nintendo Switch Bundle Available Right Now (US)

    It's Amazon Prime Day, the 36-hour event with deals made just for Prime subscribers. And if you've been holding out on a Nintendo Switch until you could score a good deal, today might just be the time to make the jump.The Nintendo Switch Gray and Nintendo Switch Neon Blue/Red are both on sale for $299.99. That's the standard price, but you get a couple of extras as well: a 64GB microSD card, and $20 in Eshop credit. That makes the combined value amount to around an extra $35-50, and it gets you
  • Amazon Prime Day 2018: Acclaimed PS4 Game Persona 5 Discounted Heavily

    One of the best games for PlayStation 4 is on sale during Amazon Prime Day this year, Persona 5. You can pick up the standard edition for PS4 for just $30 USD if you're a Prime member, and those who are a generation behind should be happy to know that the PS3 version is going for only $20. While it's important to highlight a sale on this incredible, heartfelt RPG, be sure to peruse GameSpot for more deals on PS4 games and accessories here.Persona 5 puts you in the shoes of a Japanese high school

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