• Bloodhound LSR arrives safely at Hakskeenpan

    The Bloodhound LSR car has arrived at the Hakskeenpan desert, Northern Cape, South Africa, where it will be readied for its very first high speed test runs.
    Bloodhound LSR team lands in desert and gears up for high speed runs (Image: Bloodhound LSR)The team’s first task will be to re-assemble the car, which has travelled in a semi‑dismantled state from Luxembourg to Johannesburg by airfreight, before making the final 570‑mile overland journey to the desert.
    The world&rsquo
  • Promoted Content: Modelling and Simulation for Meeting the Challenges of Battery Design

    The biggest challenges for battery design are energy density, power density, charging time, life, cost and sustainability. Modelling and simulation are very efficient methods that can assist researchers, developers and designers in meeting these challenges.
    Energy density is limited by the battery’s chemistry, which even without losses limits the theoretical energy density. The chemistry is defined by the electrode material and the composition of the electrolyte. Lithium-air batteries get
  • Nu Quantum raises £650,000 pre-seed round

    Nu Quantum, the Cambridge quantum photonics startup, has achieved a £650,000 pre-seed investment round.  The over-subscribed round was led by Amadeus Capital Partners, with participation from IQ Capital, Ahren Capital, Cambridge Enterprise and Martlet Capital, the investment arm of Marshall of Cambridge Group. The raise follows eight years of research at the Cavendish Laboratory at ...
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  • sureCore PowerMiser now on Samsung 28nm finfet process

    sureCore, the Sheffield low-power SRAM IP specialist, says its  PowerMiser  low power SRAM IP is now available for designs targeting the Samsung 28nm FDS process. “As the low power IC design and SRAM IP standard products leader, we’re responding to more and more enquiries about the low power consumption capabilities of silicon-on-insulator technology,” says CEO Paul Wells. ...
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  • FPGAs with NIST CAVP certification

    Lattice is sampling its MachXO3D FPGAs for secure system control which have received the National Institute of Standards and Technology’s (NIST) Cryptographic Algorithm Validation Program (CAVP) certification. CAVP validates that critical MachXO3D cryptographic algorithms are compliant with Federal Information Processing Standards (FIPS), the U.S. federal government’s standard for cryptographic software. By complying with both the ...
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  • NEC to launch Raspberry Pi-based MediaPlayer

    In February, NEC is to launch a MediaPlayer for digital signage based on Raspberry Pi. The MediaPlayer software comes pre-installed on NEC´s Raspberry Pi Compute Module at no additional charge, delivering customisation suitable for digital display boards in retail, digital menu boards, leisure and corporate communication applications. The SoC MediaPlayer can be integrated inside any ...
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  • $99 LoRa development packs

    ST has introduced two $99 ready-to-use development packs that enable designers to utilise LoRa’s long-range, low-power wireless IoT connectivity for tracking, positioning, metering, and other applications. The two packs provide a complete LoRaWAN development chain including gateway and end-node boards, firmware, and tools, leveraging ST’s convenient and proven STM32* Nucleo evaluation boards. Catering separately for regions ...
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  • TDK Ventures makes second investment

    TDK Ventures, the VC arm of TDK set up last July, has made its second investment. The investment is in Wheels, an operator of  e-bikes. Wheels was founded by brothers Joshua and Jonathan Viner as a shared electric micromobility platform that connects dockless electric bicycles. The Wheels e-bike is an e-bike with a seat with ...
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  • Japanese lab demonstrates 1Pbit/s data switching

    The Japanese National Institute of Information and Communications Technology (NICT) has developed and demonstrated the first large-scale optical switching test bed capable of handling one petabit per second optical signals – that is 1015bit/s and “equivalent to the capacity to send 8K video to 10 million people simultaneously”, according to the lab. Low-loss MEMS optical ...
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  • RS Components meets harsh-environment standards with steel connectors

    RS Components has introduced the TE Connectivity Amplimite D-subminiature range of stainless steel connectors, which combine salt spray resistance with RoHS compliance, without the use of toxic cadmium plating. Designed to meet the performance requirements of MIL-DTL-24308, Amplimite D-subminiatures are suitable for electronic and industrial design engineers working on military and aerospace projects such as weapons ...
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  • TSMC boosts capex by $5bn

    TSMC has upped its 2019 capex from $10-11 billion to $14-15 billion. The company forecasts a 10% rise in Q4 revenue, to between $10.2 billion and $10.3 billion, up from $9.4 billion a year ago. Q4 gross margin is expected to be 48%-50% – up from  47.7% in Q4 2018, Q3 showed a 13.5% rise ...
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  • GaN FET aids vehicle lidar systems’ accuracy

    A 15V gallium nitride (GaN) FET has been added to the eGaN offering from Efficient Power Conversion (EPC). The automotive-qualified EPC2216 is designed for lidar applications in self-driving cars and can also be specified in other time-of-flight (ToF) systems, such as facial recognition, healthcare, warehouse automation, drones, mapping and smart advertising systems. The 26mΩ, eGaN ...
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  • IET ‘Save our Seas’ winners tackle ocean plastic and waste

    The IET has revealed the two winners of its Save our Seas global engineering challenge, with projects to tackle cigarette butts and plastic food packaging scooping the prizes.
    PICAS blockPartnering with Greenpeace and GreenSeas Trust, the IET set two very different challenges, looking at reusable packaging in supermarkets and tackling the trillions of cigarette butts currently in our waters. For the first challenge, Team NanoMalaysia made up of PhD students Ivan Ling (27), Pauline Phoon Bao Lee
  • Taiwanese IoT hardware vendor Advantech focuses on Europe

    Advantech is a Taiwanese vendor of IoT hardware for sectors including healthcare, retail, factory and logistics. EW recently spoke with Michael Kreft, head of global sales at Advantech to discuss the company’s expansion efforts in Europe (its fastest-growing region last year), and the region-specific challenges it has faced. The company’s structure comprises three groups addressing ...
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  • Nanomesh helps fight against antibiotic resistance

    Nanomeshes are being fabricated in a way that makes them effective at delivering antibiotics, a breakthrough that could help in the global fight against antibiotic resistance.
    In studying the effectiveness of the nanomesh, two antibiotics, Colistin and Vancomycin, were added together with gold nanoparticles to the mesh, before they were tested over a 14-day period by PHD student Melanie Fuller (Image: Flinders University)The breakthrough has been made by researchers at Flinders University in Aus
  • Curved brainstem implant could help restore hearing

    Researchers in Switzerland have developed a new soft hearing implant that can adapt to the curvature of the auditory brainstem.For patients with damage to the inner ear, traditional cochlear implants are unable restore hearing. What’s required is direct electrical stimulation of the auditory brainstem, achieved using an auditory brainstem implant (ABI). But the success of these neuroprosthetic ABIs has so far been limited, with patients often only recovering sound perception as opposed to
  • Hakko signs HK Wentworth as sole UK distributor

    Soldering, de-soldering, PCB rework and fume extraction equipment by Hakko is available in the UK from HK Wentworth, following an agreement that the latter will be the sole authorised distributor of Hakko products in the United Kingdom and Northern Ireland. Following HK Wentworth’s recent acquisition of the UK’s previous distributor of Hakko tools, Dancap Electronics, ...
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  • X-Fab adds flash and EEPROM functions to 180nm platform

    X-Fab Silicon Foundries SE has announced the availability of Sonos-based flash and embedded EEPROM on its XT018 BCD-on-SOI platform. The addition of these non-volatile memory elements will open up a broader array of applications where high-voltage ratings and resilience to elevated temperatures need to be coupled with enhanced computational capabilities. The EEPROM part is designed ...
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  • Polymer film makes better headphones and phone speakers

    Aiming at micro-speakers in phones and headphones, Victrex (formerly ICI) has launched a higher-performance structural plastic film for diaphragms. “Victrex has announced the launch of an ultrathin APTIV DBX film product line,” said the firm. “The new films´ tighter thickness tolerance is designed to result in a more uniform thickness to enable laminators, speaker builders ...
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  • APC targets zero carbon projects with new funding round

    The Advanced Propulsion Centre (APC) has distributed £25.4m of funding to three UK automotive projects that are working towards a zero carbon future.
    (Credit: JLR)One of the recipients is JLR’s CompETe consortium, a multi-partner project to create a new lightweight electric drive unit for a variety of new vehicles. JLR has pledged to offer an electrified option across its entire range from 2020. The other projects to receive funding are an EV drivetrain for buses and a modular hydrog
  • SMMT counts cost of ‘no deal’ threat

    Over a third of automotive employers have cut jobs due to Brexit fears, according to new figures released by the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT).The report, conducted in September 2019 before the latest efforts to broker an exit deal, also found that over 80 per cent of SMMT members were concerned about damage to their future business prospects if no agreement was reached. If the UK crashes out of the EU without a deal, WTO tariffs of 10 per cent on automotive imports and expor
  • Promoted Content: Behind the Rumble and Roar of Mahindra Motorcycles

    Mahindra Two Wheelers used multiphysics simulation to meet engine noise regulatory requirements in its high-end luxury motorcycles while maintaining customers’ satisfaction.
    Mahindra Two Wheelers builds a wide range of scooters and motorcycles for the Indian market. Thanks to the adoption of numerical simulation tools early in the development cycle, drivers and passengers can enjoy great performance and mileage, along with a superior ride experience on tough Indian roads. Mahindra used mu
  • Late great engineers: Alan Turing

    Nick Smith looks at the life of Alan Turing, who had a huge impact on the outcome of the Second World War before tragedy brought his career to an untimely end
    Portrait of Alan Turing (1912-54). Image: Science Photo LibraryDozens of academic and technical departments worldwide are named after Turing. Winston Churchill famously said that Turing had made the single biggest contribution to Allied victory in the war against Nazi Germany. The biopic based on his life – The imitation game –
  • 28nm represents 49% of installed capacity

    Leading-edge processes (<28nm) took over as the largest portion in terms of monthly installed capacity available in 2015, says iC Insights. By the end of 2019, <28nm capacity is forecast to represent about 49% of the IC industry’s total capacity, based on IC Insights’ Global Wafer Capacity 2019-2023 report. At the very leading edge, <10nm ...
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  • Panasonic, IBM to co-develop semi process

    IBM and Panasonic are to co-develop and market a new high-value-added system to optimize the overall equipment effectiveness of  customers’ semiconductor manufacturing processes. Panasonic currently develops and markets edge devices and manufacturing methods that contribute to improving semiconductor manufacturing of advanced packaging.  These new devices and methods include dry etching equipment, plasma dicers, plasma cleaners ...
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  • 60GHz gesture recognition chip

    Infineon has developed a 60 GHz radar chip for gesture recognition. It is used in Google’s Pixel 4 phone. With an integrated antenna system, it senses the presence and movement of people and objects  or measures distances and speeds. “With our radar technology, devices become ‘context-aware,” says Infineon’s Andreas Urschitz. Infineon’s radar technology has its ...
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  • Toray plans 2020 volume production of elastic film for displays

    Toray Industries has developed an elastic film that recovers its original shape and size after folding and rolling. Applications include displays and wearable devices. Toray is developing mass-production techniques for launch in 2020. Recent years have seen the emergence of foldable and rollable displays and wearable devices on clothing or directly on the skin that ...
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  • UKESF and Dialog launch award for female STEM students

    The UKESF and its partners have promoted gender parity in engineering this year with scholarship awards for female undergrads in STEM. Electronic engineers are in high demand, yet there remains a significant gender imbalance in the sector. Indeed, only 12% of the UK’s engineering workforce is female. This year, the foundation teamed up with The ...
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  • Nordic Thingy:91 IoT prototyping kit available at Rutronik UK

    Nordic Semiconductor’s multi-sensor IoT prototyping kit Nordic Thingy:91 is now available at Rutronik UK. Designed for IoT applications based on the nRF9160 SiP (system-in-package), the kit features the nRF52840 for short-range radio connection and a range of sensors and interfaces, designed for rapid prototyping and proof of concept. It’s suitable for applications including logistics and ...
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  • Portable device instantly analyses airborne hazards

    Airborne hazards such as sulphur dioxide and benzene could be identified instantly and at a safe distance thanks to a portable device developed in Singapore.
    Assoc Prof Ling Xing Yi (right) with PhD student Phan Quang Gia Chuong (left) operating the gas analyser laser device (Image: NTU Singapore)The prototype device from a team at Nanyang Technological University, Singapore (NTU Singapore) provides real-time monitoring of air quality and is said to be suitable for rapid deployment by first resp
  • CareerTech challenge invests in adults at risk of job displacement

    Nesta and the Department for Education have launched the £5.75 million CareerTech challenge. The challenge aims to find “cutting edge innovations that will equip adults across England with the right tools and skills to find rewarding future employment”. With one fifth of UK workers currently in occupations that will be affected by automation over the ...
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  • White noise monitors infant breathing as it soothes

    Engineers at the University of Washington have developed a system for smart speakers that uses white noise to monitor infants’ breathing and movement, while also soothing them to sleep.
    (Credit: Dennis Wise/University of Washington)Known as BreathJunior, it works by measuring the reflected white noise signal that’s bounced off an infant’s chest as it sleeps. It was developed in line with the hardware used in Amazon’s Echo smart speaker. According to the research, which wi
  • Mistubishi Electric cobots announced for Q1 2020 launch

    During a press event at its Hatfield branch on 15 October, Mitsubishi Electric unveiled the Melfa Assista series of collaborative robots, or “cobots”. The machines are designed to offer safety and durability combined with ease of use and programming, while maintaining high positional repeatability. Mitsubishi stressed, however, its cobots are not designed to replace its ...
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  • Jointly developing the smart cars and cities of tomorrow

    The speed and standard at which driverless vehicles and the supporting infrastructure are developed and deployed will be one of the tests for making the world’s leading cities fit for future mobility writes Rob Capaldi, Commercial Manager for connected and autonomous vehicles (CAV) at HORIBA MIRA.
    Smart city initiatives are developing at a rapid pace around the world in a bid to improve every aspect of our lives – from how our power and water supply networks make use of smart meterin
  • Millbrook gears up to test future automotive technologies

    New facilities at the Millbrook Proving Ground will take the UK automotive industry’s primary testing centre towards the future of driving. Stuart Nathan reports. Millbrook Proving Ground in Bedfordshire has for many years been the place where the automotive industry comes to test that its products meet the performance standards for which they are built. A banked circuit allows cars to be driven at speed with no steering input, and routes providing a variety of challenging surfaces, t
  • Promoted content: Innovative motor designs for electric cars come to life

    Faraday Future designs motors for electric cars.
    The automotive industry is in the midst of a disruption and the transcendence of electric vehicles from niche to mainstream products is a driving force behind this change.
    Yet challenges remain to improve the motor designs used in electric vehicles. One potential solution is the use of Power Magnetic Devices (PMDs), a category of devices that include motors, generators, transformers and inductors. In simple terms, these components utilise an elect
  • ON Semi and AImotive hook up on autonomous cars

    ON Semiconductor and AImotive, are to work together to develop prototype sensor fusion platforms for automotive applications. The collaboration will help customers explore  integrated solutions for future generations of sensor data conditioning hardware platforms. The companies plan to develop a series of hardware platform demonstrators, combining ON’s latest HD camera and radar sensor and pre-processor ...
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  • Subtle facial recognition technology

    Fujitsu and Carnegie Mellon have developed an AI facial expression recognition technology that detects subtle changes in facial expression with a high degree of accuracy. Figure 1: Shows the relationship between AU and facial expression. Figure 2: Developed Technology One of the obstacles for facial expression recognition technology is the difficulty in providing large amounts ...
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  • Infineon to sample 77GHz radar auto MCU in 2022

    Infineon intends to sample a new member of its automotive microcontroller family AURIX in 2022. TC3A will address new automotive 77 GHz radar applications such as high-end corner radar systems for advanced driver assistance systems and automated driving. Features include a new signal processing unit, 6MB of SRAM memory dedicated to radar and four TriCore processors running ...
    This story continues at Infineon to sample 77GHz radar auto MCU in 2022
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  • Screw-less PCB terminals rated for 130°C

    CUI has introduced push-button screw-less terminal block connectors operating across 40 to +130°C. There are horizontal types TBLH10‑350 TBLH10‑500 and vertical types TBLH10V‑350 TBLH10V‑500 As a size example, TBLH10‑350 is 14.2 x 8.5mm, length is up to 46.2mm, depending on pole count Pitch choice is 3.5 or 5.00mm – the names give the game away, and the ...
    This story continues at Screw-less PCB terminals rated for 130°C
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  • 64 channel 200V switch for ultrasound imaging

    STMicroelectronics has created a 64-channel 200V analogue switch IC for ultrasound systems, probes, piezoelectric drivers, automated test equipment, industrial automation, and process-control systems. The firm combined its own BCD6s-SOI (silicon-on-insulator) and BCD8s SOI processes to get precise bipolar analogue as well as low-voltage CMOS logic and DMOS power stages on the same chip – it can ...
    This story continues at 64 channel 200V switch for ultrasound imaging
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  • pocket-sized 20kW quad servo driver aims at robotics

    Quartet is a four-axis motion controller for a total of 20kW of servos from Israeli firm Elmo Motion Control. Four 5kW servo drives on a single board work with a single central processing core. “Small enough to fit in the palm of a hand, Quartet combines the simplicity and high power of centralised control with the ...
    This story continues at pocket-sized 20kW quad servo driver aims at robotics
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  • Rohm sponsors student electric racing car team

    Rohm is to sponsor German student electric racing car enthusiasts Team Starcraft, of the Technical University Ilmenau. Formula Student, accordinr to Rohm, has three divisions: combustion vehicles, electric vehicles and autonomous vehicles. “Teams compete in an international design and racing competition that is not just about the fastest car. The goal of every team is to ...
    This story continues at Rohm sponsors student electric racing car team
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  • This week’s poll: would you buy an electric car?

    In this week’s poll we’re asking readers whether, given the clear technological advances being made, they would consider investing in an electric car?Take Our PollMany of us will know someone who drives an electric vehicle, and some of us will have even taken the plunge ourselves into the world of fossil fuel free motoring.
    The Nissan Leaf is one of the UK’s most popular EVsThere’s little doubt that electric cars – or cars boasting some significant level of electrif
  • Small battery data loggers measure for up to two years

    Gemini Data Loggers of Chichester has announced fist-sized data loggers that run for up to two years on a battery. Called the Tinytag Instrumentation range, they measure: voltage 0-2.5Vdc – 0.1mV resolution 0-25Vdc – 1mV resolution current 0-25mAdc – 1μA resolution impulses 0-14,000 – 50 counts per second max When connected to a variety of ...
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  • TFT LCD displays meet rail environments

    300 Litemax TFT LCDs have been supplied by Display Technology in a major transportation contract for a rail CCTV system. The  1068E 10.4inch TFT LCDs emits 1600 nits LED backlighting and boasts high brightness of 1600 cd/m2 with a resolution of 800 x 600 (SVGA) and a viewing angle of 65°(H) and 65°to 45°(V). The ...
    This story continues at TFT LCD displays meet rail environments
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  • First sensing product from Cambridge spin-out Sorex 

    University of Cambridge spin-out Sorex Sensors has launched the first product based on its film bulk acoustic resonator (FBAR) technology. It is a particulate sensor, and has been delivered alongside a development kit. Use dust control systems inside air purifier systems and atomic layer deposition tools is expected. Claimed mass sensitivity is down to femtograms. “This makes it ...
    This story continues at First sensing product from Cambridge spin-out Sorex 
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  • Last week’s poll: regulating data in the age of AI

    We asked our readers if a fresh approach to the regulation of data is required in the age of powerful artificial intelligence?Currently, AI is best described as the ability of machines to store, manipulate and analyse very large datasets, but even under this definition there are many complexities surrounding its use. Increasingly, there are concerns that regulation is in danger of falling behind the capabilities of the technology, leading to both intentional and accidental misuse.
  • Unique adhesive formed from liquid-driven chaos

    Materials with properties like those found in gecko feet have been created by harnessing so-called liquid-driven chaos to produce soft polymer microparticles.
    Branched, sticky particles are the result of harnessing liquid chaos (Image: Orlin Velev, NC State University)The findings from North Carolina State University could lead to advances in gels, pastes, foods, or non-woven sheets and coatings. Their results are described in Nature Materials.
    Adhesive material mimics the way geckos stick to su
  • Autonomous bus takes passengers on manoeuvres

    The UK’s first full-sized autonomous bus gave its first public demonstration at the National Exhibition Centre in October 2019 for visitors to the Coach & Bus UK show.
    Autonomous bus is ready for passengersMembers of the public travelled on an 11.5m Alexander Dennis bus as it manoeuvred around part of the NEC car park.
    The demonstration replicated work done by Fusion Processing, Alexander Dennis and bus operator Stagecoach earlier in the year to demonstrate buses navigating autonomousl

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