• A Former Goldman Sachs Partner & George Soros Employee Is Now Officially The U.S. Treasury Secretary

    By Kalee Brown
    President Donald Trump’s cabinet picks have stirred up some controversy in the U.S., and his latest selection is no exception. The Senate just confirmed Steven Mnuchin as U.S. Treasury Secretary after voting 53-47, suggesting that Trump may not be as “anti-establishment” as he would like us to believe.
    A highly experienced business associate, and chairman and CEO of the hedge fund Dune Capital, Mnuchin may seem like a suitable fit to those who don&
  • How You Could Fall Victim To Conspiracy Theories

    You don’t have to be a Lady Gaga fan to disagree with the Facebook video Alex Jones posted before the pop star’s Super Bowl performance this month... Read more: Donald Trump, Hate Speech, Psychology, Huffington Post, Super Bowl, Lady GaGa, Princeton University, Conspiracy, Journal of Experimental Social Psychology,Healthy Living News
  • NASA Live Video Feed Cut Again As 6 Large ‘UFOs’ Creep Past International Space Station

    By Joe Martino
    New and strange footage from NASA’s live feed of the International Space Station appears to show six large objects scurrying by. This is not the first time this sight has been seen, but this instance contains unique characteristics.
    As you can see in the live video below, relayed by the American space agency, the objects flying by move from the right of the screen towards the left. Unlike previous instances where only 1 object comes into frame, this video contains six UFO&rs
  • CBS News is in Antarctica for a Series of Disclosures on… “Climate Change”

    By Shem El-Jamal
    If we have been keeping up with the alternative news surrounding the disclosures of Antarctica, a CBS report on the subject may not come as a surprise. However, if we haven’t the subject may seem a bit ambiguous. Let’s cover the background of these Antarctic reports.
    RELATED: Dr. Michael Salla – Recent Twitter Posts Hint at Possible Beginnings of Antarctic Disclosures on CNN, CBS
    By now, many of us have gotten used to strange reports about numerous high-pr
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  • … And the Next Visitor to Antarctica is…

    By Jospeh P. Farrell
    Ok folks, things just became even more bizarre regarding the Antarctica Strange Visitors Sweepstakes. May we have the envelope please… ?

    And the next visitor to Antarctica is…

    ……….. The Russian Baltic Fleet! (Applause):
    Ships of Russian Baltic Fleet to make voyage to Antarctica this year
    …uhm… er… really?  I mean… really!?
    Now, as I recall, the last time t
  • Dr. Michael Salla: Antarctica Disclosure to Save the World

    What is under the ice of Antarctica? Top Nazi war criminals, Rudolf Hess and Hermann Goering visited Antarctica. Admiral Byrd flew to the Inner Earth in Antarctica. The Patriarch Kirill of Moscow was there a year ago. Skull and Bones member and Secretary of State, John Kerry, made a surprise trip to Antarctica during Trump’s election. And, Buzz Aldrin, the Freemason that established Tranquility Lodge 2000 on the moon, fell ill after his recent trip to Antarctica.Related Will President
  • Pedophile Supporter? Milo Yiannopoulos Denies The Claim Backlash Ensues At Breitbart

    By Aaron Kesel
    In a Facebook Live video this afternoon, Milo Yiannopoulos denied allegations that he supports pedophilia, alleging that the mainstream media chopped up his words.In a round of negative press following Milo’s attention-grabbing appearance on HBO’s Real Time with Bill Maher and the huge announcement that Milo would give a keynote speech at the major conservative conference CPAC, the mainstream media spun Milo’s words from an old interview to make it seem
  • Why Elon Musk Thinks Automation Will Force Governments To Introduce Universal Basic Income

    Elon Musk believes artificial intelligence that is much smarter than the smartest human on Earth could result in dangerous situations. Musk argues that the government must introduce a universal basic income program in order to compensate for automation.
    By Dom Galeon
    Recently, Elon Musk had the chance to share his thoughts on universal basic income (UBI) at the World Government Summit in Dubai. At the Summit, Musk had the opportunity to talk about the future, and the challenges the world wi
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  • Los Alamos Study Finds Airport Scanners Can Rip Apart & Alter DNA 

    By Dr. Kathy J Froti
    Can we ever believe what our government tells us about airport security devices?
    Apparently not. First they told us those X-ray scanners (that showed way too many naked body parts) were perfectly safe.
    Even the manufacturer of the device, Rapidscan, openly admitted the scanners had not been adequately tested. The truth was later revealed that the safety tests turned out to be totally rigged, as reported by Natural News.
    With fabricated results, the technology was q
  • The Government Science of Preventing Whistleblowers From Speaking Out

    By Lucas Dare
    John F. Kennedy was outspoken against the secret government growing behind the curtains of American democracy. In his address to American publishers and the media in 1961, two years prior to his public assassination, he remarked about the nature of secrecy and the dangers of allowing our government to operate without our consent and beyond our knowledge, warning the press to consider the importance of their role in protecting American liberty from the emergence of th
  • Mixed Messages on Russia: Trump Administration Divided and All Over the Place

    The Trump administration (including Trump himself) have highly mixed messages on Russia. Will Trump deliver on his election promise to be friendly towards Russia?
    By Makia Freeman
    Mixed messages on Russia are coming out of the Trump administration, which seems to be hopelessly divided and anything but cohesive on the Russian issue. Much to the great disappointment of many who see that a peaceful US-Russia relationship is the key to avoiding World War 3, Trump has for the most part changed h
  • Power of the People — From Encaged to Outraged

    By Gary ‘Z’ McGee
    The system is not improving, it is not progressing. It is precarious and faltering, beleaguered beyond the capacity to fix itself. And with the orange-faced personification of bigotry, intolerance, pomposity, greed, hate and overreaching plutocracy at the top of the unsustainable pyramid, it has been found waiting, covertly fixed and stagnating.
    But people are slowly starting to wake up to this fact, realizing that they can no longer wait for the syst
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  • Is an American Coup d’etat in Progress?

    By the Anonymous Patriots
    The Millennium Report Exclusive
    Have you asked yourself the question of why Former President Obama is hunkering down in a secure fortress in DC to lead the new “Regime Change” against duly elected President Donald Trump? 
    Are you wondering whether the transnational corporations, who are the military industrial complex and warlord bankers and brokers, are going to be able to overthrow the United States government?
    Do you get upset and wonder why “O
  • The Critical Connection Between Pizzagate and the Purple Revolution

    PIZZAGATE: Why it was exposed just before the 2016 election
    And who really blew it wide open
    DHS Insider Blows PedoGate Wide Open! Arrests Coming—Only A Matter Of Time!
    By State of the Nation
    What you are about to read is the extremely hidden back story of Pizzagate.
    Truly, nothing of exceptional gravity and great import ever gets disseminated in the public domain except by purposeful design.  That design, of course, can be of either divine or demonic origin, or both.*  
  • Former CIA Officer Robert David Steele Lays Out The Purple Revolution Plan

    The following is the transcript from the video we published on Friday detailing how Flynn was really fired because he was in possession of a high-level Washington DC pedophile list. — Editor
    Submitted by: Nina Sidorova
    Key Points
    • Former CIA officer Robert David Steele explains how Flynn was really fired because he was in possession of a high-level Washington DC
    • Pedophile list with many names. One of those names was Vice President Mike Pence’s “best friend&rdq
  • #PizzaGate: The Comet Ping Pong / Haiti Connection — Stunning Evidence!

    This report connects the dots between James Alefantis of Comet Ping Pong and Michael Maccoby of the Haiti orphanage that participated in the Laura Silsby child trafficking operation.
    Haiti Police Rescue 31 Girls in Child-Trafficking Sting
    Clinton Foundation Quits Haiti
    Child Trafficking Arrests in Haiti, Include American & Canadian “Tourists”
    How the Clintons Destroyed and Impoverished Haiti: Hillary’s “Dream Government” and Haiti’s P
  • Soros’ Ideology Exposed: A Post-Modern, Post-Family, Post-Border New World Order

    Over 58,000 people have signed a petition asking President Trump to deprive George Soros of citizenship and expel him from the US. Igor Pshenichnikov, an advisor to the director of the Russian Institute for Strategic Studies, an influential Moscow-based think tank, explains what’s at stake in the ideological and metaphysical battle shaping up.
    Note: You can sign the petition here.Thousands have signed a petition at verified petition site Change.org asking Donald Trump to&nbs
  • US intel ‘routinely taps Russian ambassador’s communications’ – Lavrov

    US intelligence services have made it clear to the media that they regularly tap the communications of the Russian ambassador to the US, says Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov.“In connection with the scandal that was built up around Trump’s adviser, General Flynn, US intelligence services told journalists absolutely officially, though anonymously – that our ambassador’s [Sergey Kislyak] communications are routinely tapped,” Lavrov told journalists.
    The tap
  • Diplomats shocked by sudden death of Russian UN envoy Churkin

    Russian ambassador to UN Vitaly Churkin dies day before turning 65
    Vitaly Churkin, who served as Russia’s permanent representative to the United Nations since 2006, “died suddenly” in New York, the Russian Foreign Ministry announced.
    Churkin would have turned 65 on Tuesday.We offer sincere condolences to the family of Vitaly Ivanovich Churkin.#Churkin #UN #Russia #condolences pic.twitter.com/XB37QP34nn
    — MFA Russia(@mfa_russia) February 20, 2017The announcement “of
  • FBI ANON Returns to 4chan

    Compiled by AusBitBank
    The original FBIANON that gave a lot of good information months ago has returned.
    The information given in his last appearance, turned out to be legit and showed geniune inside knowledge of the Clinton investigation and a coup within the intelligence community.
    Hopefully this will be the same.
    I’ll try to capture all of the relevant info here in this format :
    Question (from other 4chan users)
    Answer (from FBIANON)
    Original Post by Anonymous (ID: qxwGMxKu) 02/16/
  • Interview with Cathy O’Brien: CIA Whistleblower Project Monarch Exposed! Part 2

    MKULTRA Survivor Cathy O’Brien
    In this exhilarating and highly informative part 2 interview with MKULTRA Survivor Cathy O’Brien, Dark Journalist Daniel Liszt goes deep into her CIA MKULTRA mind control programming and the methods employed to keep her in a robotic state in order to carry out top secret black budget missions and sexual favors to politicians against her will.
    Project Monarch 
    Cathy outlines some of her fascinating and disturbing experiences in the Project Monarch p
  • India to Gates, Nigeria to Monsanto: GET OUT!

    By Joseph P. Farrell
    Things are definitely getting interesting, if you haven’t noticed. Two of the stories that have attracted my interest recently are, firstly, the studies of vaccines conducted in Italy, and (surprise surprise) the Italians found all sorts of …well… just plain old crud in them.  It’s been getting so bizarre than there are actually indications that&n
  • MSM Furious Over Continued Purging at the US State Dep’t

    By Covert Geopolitics
    There’s an ongoing removal of the remnants of the previous administrations, i.e. the permanent holdovers of the Deep State, by the new Secretary of State Rex Tillerson. 
    Through his lieutenants, the holdovers are advised to vacate the 7thfloor as their services are no longer needed which, as expected, the opposition party disguising as the mainstream media has been so furious about, as if they know better than the one in charge.
  • Leo Zagami: Trump Has a Spy in Vatican

    By Greg Anthony
    Greg interviews Leo Zagami in Rome about how Pope Francis is on a path to a One World Religion. Leo says the devil is stronger than ever within the Vatican and the people of Italy and conservative Cardinals are spreading a media campaign opposed to Francis. Also, the Pope speaks at Super Bowl, showing America he is the ruler of the world.
    Trump – Cannon Connection to Cardinal Burke
  • Simon Parkes Q&A February 19, 2017

    Simon Parkes is a life long experiencer of aliens, shadow people, elementals and ufo’s, these include Mantid (Mantis) beings, Draconis Reptilian, Feline, small and tall Grey creatures, Crystalline beings and other creatures that can’t be identified. Simon was an elected Politician and served a full term of office, he is currently taking a break from politics but is likely to resume later this year.
    Simon’s biological mother worked for the British Security Servic
  • This Week The ‘Arch Of Baal’ Was Displayed For The Third Time In Honor Of ‘The World Government Summit’

    By Michael Snyder
    Did you know that 4,000 world leaders from 130 different countries gathered in Dubai this week for the World Government Summit? It was held from February 12th to February 14th, and it featured more than 100 internationally-known speakers including UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres, Christine Lagarde and Elon Musk. If you would like to know more about this shadowy group, you can visit the official website right here. The first World Government Summit was held back in 20
  • David Wilcock: There has never been a greater need from the “Deep State” to use any and all possible means to win

    David Wilcock stopped by Fulford’s blog this morning to comment on Ben’s latest report.
    David Wilcock says:
    Ben passes along the intel that he receives, and leaves it up to us to decide what is truth. Let’s remember this and not consider his intel as gospel. He is stunningly right in many cases but there have also been many inaccurate statements as well, which I am sure he would acknowledge.
    Up until now I have not heard these allegations of Trump having sex with an undera
  • Benjamin Fulford: A few dozen arrests might be all it takes to free humanity now

    By Benjamin Fulford
    The battle to take down the Khazarian mafia is intensifying and reaching the point where the arrests of just a few dozen ring leaders may be enough to liberate humanity from this Satan worshipping scourge.
    Years of forensic research and testimony from multiple intelligence agency sources in Russia, Japan, China, the US, England, France etc. have now zeroed in on key ringleaders of the Khazarian mafia who need to be arrested or executed.
    Before naming names though, first of al
  • BREAKING: Secretary of State Rex Tillerson FIRES the Deep State ‘Shadow Government – 7th Floor’ Traitors

    While Rex Tillerson is on his first overseas trip as Secretary of State, his aides laid off staff at the State Department on Thursday.
    Much of seventh-floor staff, who work for the Deputy Secretary of State for Management and Resources and the Counselor offices, were told today that their services were no longer needed.
    Source: CBS News
    Remember, the “7th Floor” of the State Department was the ‘SHADOW GOVERNMENT’.
    From October 17, 2016:
    A new trove of interview summa
  • Former CIA officer: Flynn fired over high-level DC pedophile list

    Former CIA officer Robert David Steele explains how Flynn was really fired because he was in possession of a high-level Washington DC pedophile list with many names. One of those names was Vice President Mike Pence’s “best friend”.
    Steele also says that there are restaurants in Washington DC and Saudi Arabia where you can literally order children off of the menu.Here’s the cliff notes for the first 5 minutes or so of the video:
    * Donald Trump is our chance to take down th
  • BREAKING: HUGE Exclusive Interview with DHS Insider! Talks About #PedoGate & Much More (with Transcript)

    Victurus Libertas has been fortunate enough to work with some awesome people! We have loyal and awakened followers who help bring us information, and we also have trusted insiders, whistleblowers and leakers who trust us enough to give us information, too. Today, we have an exclusive interview with a special DHS insider who has answered some critical questions we have on PizzaGate. Our insider prefers to call it PedoGate and what he told us blew our minds!
    We are so fortunate that members o
  • Cobra: Make This VIRAL! Etheric Liberation — February 26, 2017

    By Cobra
    It is time to take action again! It is time to take the destiny of our world in our own hands! We all agree that the process of planetary liberation is taking too long. Here is our chance to collectively speed up the process. Therefore we are using the opportunity of the Solar eclipse on February 26th to create a portal through which we will enlighten the energy field around the planet.
    Make this viral! Share it worldwide! Please post it on your websites and blogs. Invite spiritual
  • Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. and Robert De Niro Just Offered $100,000 to Anyone Who Can Prove Mercury In Vaccines Is Unsafe

    This morning De Niro and Kennedy Jr. held a press conference announcing their World Mercury Project $100,000 challenge. Accompanying the announcement is the following open letter with all the details below.
    It doesn’t seem like this would be too hard to do, since there is myriad science showing the brain damaging effects of neurotoxic mercury in addition to proof through Congressional testimony that thimerosal, the mercury-laden preservative used in vaccines, was never tested for
  • Flynn, PizzaGate and the US Government’s Internal War

    By Ryan Christian
    There is never any shortage of outrageous topics to cover in the current American Political circus, and with both sides selling their version of events as “The Facts” Americans are left making emotional decisions on very important events. We find ourselves in a time where one’s feelings, personal opinion and political leanings are taking precedent over the truth. I don’t need to tell you, our loyal Vagabonds, how damaging that can be, 
  • Strongsville international adoption agency raided by FBI 

    By Chris Tye
    Strongsville – The FBI has confirmed to Channel 3 News that they executed a raid on a Strongsville international adoption agency Tuesday morning.
    Back in December the U.S. Department of State debarred European Adoption Consultants (EAC) from continued operation citing “a pattern of serious, willful, or grossly negligent failure to comply” with standards for international adoption.
    On Tuesday the FBI raided their offices and the home of its founder – but they
  • “Are We Alone?” Newly Found 1939 Essay Winston Churchill “Outlines Possibility of Alien Life and Exoplanet Habitable Zones”

    A newly unearthed essay, “Are We Alone in the Universe,” by Winston Churchill reveals he was open to the possibility of life on other planets. In 1939, a year following the radio broadcast of Ortson Welles’ War of the Worlds  with World War 11 breaking out, Churchill discussed the concept of habitable zones more than 50 years before the discovery of exoplanets. Churchill’s thinking mirrors many modern arguments in astrobiology and builds on the Copernican Princ
  • Dr. Michael Salla – Recent Twitter Posts Hint at Possible Beginnings of Antarctic Disclosures on CNN, CBS

    By Shem El-Jamal
    During the week of February 9th, Dr. Michael Salla posted a number of interesting links on his Twitter page. These posts were on the subject of the planned partial disclosure by the Cabal which we have heard so much about. This partial disclosure would involve the tactic of using the Antarctic excavation and discoveries to dazzle the public in such a way that would allow the Cabal to escape justice. Their hope is that when their crimes of pedophilia, a century of global extortio
  • Shadow Government Exposed

    TREASON, SEDITION, AND SUBVERSIVE ACTIVITIES – Shadow Government Exposed In All Out War Against Trump
    Conspiracy’ Explodes For All Americans To See The ‘Deep State’ Truly Exists
    By Susan Duclos
    While the present news cycle is focusing on the forced resignation of Michael Flynn, as well as the reasons behind it, with “America’s spies” illegally divulging confidential information to the press, if we take a step back and look at the bigger pi
  • State, local and federal agents execute warrants at Alderman’s PIZZA businesses

    Just another “Pizzagate” coincidence, or something more?
    By Carol Robidoux
    MANCHESTER, NH–Ward 8 Alderman Thomas Katsiantonisand two businesses he operates are under investigation by local, state and federal authorities.
    Although the search warrants have been sealed, Young said it is a financial investigation.Associate Attorney General Jane Young confirmed on Feb. 14 that authorities executed warrants at four locations in Manchester. Three businesses – Zoey&rsqu
  • Global PEDOPHILIA Rings Exposed And Arrested — Where’s U.S. Press Coverage?

    By Catherine J. Frompovich
    “Pizzagate” is a familiar pop culture buzzword and everyone probably knows what it means or that it is affiliated with sexual abuse of children, especially in Washington, DC.    However, there has been breaking news about world-wide arrests regarding pedophilia, but the U.S. media and television—other than CBS journalist Ben Swann in Atlanta, Georgia—have not investigated the problem to expose it and its perpetrators.In
  • Pizzagate Updates: FBI Raids Adoption Agency, New Podesta Video Found?!

    Some brand new Pizzagate developments.
    Video surfaces that researchers have linked to John Podesta: https://twitter.com/suziedaud/status/…(what do you all make of that video?)
    Strongsville international child adoption agency raided by FBI
  • The 7 Chakras – A Beginners Guide To Your Energy System

    By Maya Mendoza
    What on Earth is a Chakra?
    In many spiritual and healing disciplines, and in the world of complementary medicine the words Chakra pops up quite a bit. That’s fine if you know it they mean; not so great, and I must say pretty confusing, if you don’t. Here’s our simple summary of the 7 Chakras that covers what a Chakra is, and what the Chakra System is all about?
    The 7 Chakras are the energy centers in our body in which energy flows through.
    The word ‘c
  • “One Hundred New Alien Planets!” — Including One Orbiting the 4th Closest Star to Our Sun 

    An international team of astronomers released the largest-ever compilation of exoplanet-detecting observations made using a technique called the radial velocity method. They demonstrated how these observations can be used to hunt for planets by detecting more than 100 potential exoplanets. One of these probable planets is around a star called GJ 411, also known as Lalande 21185, the fourth-closest star to our own Sun and is only about 40 percent the mass of the Sun.
    The planet has a very short
  • Black Seed Oil Puts Deadly Asthma Medications to Shame

    According to latest research, the black cumin seed, nigella sativa (known simply as ‘black seed’) is a powerful alternative to dangerous pharmaceutical asthma medications.
    By Sayer Ji
    A new study published in the journal Phytotherapeutic Research reveals that a powerful little black seed known as nigella sativa — once referred to as ‘the remedy for everything but death’ — may provide a powerful alternative to pharmaceutical medici
  • How Sunscreen Could Be Causing Skin Cancer, Not The Sun

    By Arjun Walia
    Summer may be a long way off, but it’s never too early to start thinking about protecting your skin. For most people, this means covering themselves in sunscreen, which corporate marketing campaigns encourage at every turn. Yet, while we do indeed need protection to prevent sunburns, blocking out the sun entirely is not ideal. Rich in vitamin D, it offers a number of other health benefits, including, oddly enough, cancer prevention. We’ve been made
  • 4 Super Powers of the Highly Empathic Person

    Many empathic, or highly sensitive people feel that their ability to feel so many different emotional energies in their environments is a curse, but with recent research suggesting that empaths are actually highly psychic, you may want to hone your empathic skills instead of hiding them away, or bemoaning their existence. Here are 4 super-powers of empathic people, that you too can develop:
    1.) Read People’s Minds
    Empaths have a form of psychic ability that is considered a rare gift.
  • Jim Fetzer: “Trumps Relationship with Israel Worries Me But I’m Still Cautiously Optimistic.”

    Jim Fetzer, a former Marine Corps officer, has published widely on the theoretical foundations of scientific knowledge, computer science, artificial intelligence, cognitive science, and evolution and mentality.
    McKnight Professor Emeritus at the University of Minnesota Duluth, he has also conducted extensive research into the assassination of JFK, the events of 9/11, and the plane crash that killed US Sen. Paul Wellstone.
    The founder of Scholars for 9/11 Truth, his latest books include 
  • The History of Scalar Weapons

    By Christi Verismo
    It all started in the 18th century with a Scotsman named James Clerk Maxwell (1831-1879).
    He was a mathematical genius and his work led to the development of quantum physics which later led to Einstein’s Relativity. Maxwell’s equations linked electricity and magnetism and he discovered other waves that were higher than the normal hertzian electromagnetic waves. They are positioned at right angles coming off the electr
  • Mysterious sound recorded in Plymouth, UK

    Plymouth resident Joao Caetano managed to make a recording of the eerie sound on his mobile phone
    The city, which is situated on the southern coast of England, is certainly no stranger to unusual noises thanks to what is known as the ‘Plymouth Hum’ – a mysterious low droning sound that authorities have been struggling to explain for years.
    Hundreds of people claim to have heard the hum with some maintaining that it has even prevented them from sleeping at night. One theory sugg
  • Remains of a ‘Giant’ Discovered Alongside Ancient Treasure Trove in Iran

    Archeologists in western Iran have discovered a treasure trove of ancient artifacts, including the remains of an extremely tall man who lived more than 1,500 years ago.
    Archeologists excavating a site in the Iranian province of Lorestan have discovered a load of historically important artefacts dating back thousands of years.
    The most exciting discovery is the remains of a very tall man, believed to be two meters tall, who lived during the Sasanian Empire,

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