• ‘We insist on what is right at LASUTH’

    Does Lagos State University Teaching Hospital (LASUTH) lack basic amenities as claimed by some patients? No, says its Chief Medical Director (CMD) Prof Wale Oke in this interview with OYEYEMI GBENGA-MUSTAPHA.
    Patients complain of disgusting services at LASUTH. Their complaints range from lack of vintage services at the laboratory and pharmacy to lack of bed space, why is that?
    The Governor, Mr Akinwunmi Ambode, visited the hospital recently during the launch of the helipad. He toured the hospita
  • How to tackle endometriosis, by experts

    Some medical experts have gathered in Lagos to discuss endometriosis, a disease rampant  among women. OYEYEMI GBENGA-MUSTAPHA reports.
    Experts are against surgically removing endometriosis; where the endometrium grows outside the uterus, unless the symptoms do not respond to treatment. But the disease causes severe pains for premenopausal women.
    The experts spoke at an event organised by some specialists in reproductive health in Lagos. They urged reporters to help shed light on the disease
  • Eight-month-old boy needs N3.5m for heart surgery

    An eight-month-old boy, Mubarak Jaiyesimi, is down with a heart disease.
    An outpatient with  registration number 671632 at the Lagos University Teaching Hospital (LUTH), Idi Araba, Lagos, he lives on compound drugs.
    Jaiyesimi, who was born on May 25, last year, was barely two weeks old when it was discovered that his breathing was abnormal. He was initially taken to a private hospital in Ikorodu, Lagos, from where he was referred to another private hospital on Victoria Island, Lagos last Ju
  • Benefits of exercise. Your solutions to manifold diseases (4)

    Human fertility. It’s well- established that regular exercise can help you shed weight. Obesity is bad for your fertility either as a male or female. For the female, obesity can distort the female reproductive organs and thus delay or even prevent conception from occurring. Further, excessive weight may require or produce excess hormones that regulate female function and appearance. The result is that excess circulating hormone such as estrogen may lead to uterine fibroid, cancer of the br
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  • Toilet-pupil ratio in Katsina primary schools 1:161 – UNICEF

    The United Nations Children Funds (UNICEF) says the toilet-pupil ratio in public primary schools in Katsina State is ‘’one toilet per 161 pupils’’ (1:161) on the average.
    Mr Muntaka Mukhtar, the UNICEF Katsina State Education Specialist, disclosed this on Thursday in Katsina while presenting the state’s Annual School Census for 2015/2016.
    Mukhtar put the primary schools enrollment in the state at 1,549,157 sharing a total of 9,631 toilets across the 34 local governm
  • Random thoughts about aflatoxin, pawpaw leaf detox (2)

    I foresee poor pawpaw fruit harvest in the future if, carelessly, Nigeria plunges into pawpaw leaf medicine without putting the horse before the cart. Many people are showing interest in pawpaw leaf tea, juice, vegetable salad garnish and as anti-malarial, among its many natural medicinal uses. In the housing estate where I live in Lagos, it is almost impossible nowadays to find a pawpaw plant growing outside a house with its full complement of leaves. The health food stores hardly stock proprie
  • ‘How to prevent arthritis’

    Unknown to many, food plays a vital role in preventing or managing arthritis. OYEYEMI GBENGA-MUSTAPHA writes.
    Nutrition can  help prevent or  manage arthritis, a traditional practitioner, Dr Segun Fahuwa, has said.
    In an interview, he said what one eats or does not is the first step to avoiding the disease.
    Fahuwa, popularly called Mister Guarantee, said eating processed foods, such as baked or prepackaged meals and snacks could aggravate arthritis because they contain trans-fats which
  • AFC Launches clean water campaign

    The Africa Finance Corporation (AFC) has launched its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Program, tagged ‘AFC Clean Water Campaign’.
    The Campaign,which is a staff led initiative, aimed at increasing access to clean water and improve health and sanitation in schools and orphanages.
    According to a statement by AFC, the Clean Water Campaign provides access to clean water via a solar powered borehole, water treatment plant and storage tanks, which is in line with corporation&rs
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  • Beat Arthritis by checking your teeth

    Gum/tooth disease is a common complaint that comes with aging, which is the reason many elderly people lose their natural teeth with age. One thing many physicians and their patients are yet to realize is that tooth/gum trouble is a symptom of a much more serious health challenge. Pain in the joints is a well known symptom of Rheumatoid Arthritis, but a much less known fact is the relationship between arthritis and gum/tooth troubles. Physician/researcher Al Sears points this out when he says, &
  • 2,500 children affected by Lead poisoning in Niger

    The Federal Ministry of Environment, says it has facilitated the treatment of lead poisoning of more than 2, 500 children affected  in Shikira community of Rafi Local Government Area of Niger.
    Mrs Aanu Basil, the Deputy Director, Marine Pollution, Contamination Clean-Up and Remediation in the ministry, said other residents of the community were safe from lead poisoning with the clean-up.
    Basil made this known in Abuja in an interview with the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) on Saturday.
    She sa
  • Rotary donates two incubators to hospital

    The Rotary Club of Omole Golden, in conjunction with the Office of the Senior Special Assistant to the President on Sustainable Development Goals (OSSAP-SDGS), has donated two incubators to Ifako-Ijaiye General Hospital.
    Making the donation at the paediatrics ward of the hospital, the OSSAP-SDGS, Mrs. Adejoke Orelope-Adefulire, and Rotary Club District 9110 Governor Mr Patrick Ikheloa, harped on the need for more philanthropists and clubs to join the onerous task of reducing maternal and child m
  • ‘Leprosy is not heaven’s punishment‘

    The Minister of Health, Prof Isaac Adewole, has denounced speculations in some parts of the country that leprosy is  heaven’s punishment, adding that it is curable.
    He spoke at a briefing with reporters to mark this year’s World Leprosy Day in Umuahia, Abia State.
    The day was set aside to create awareness and mobilise support for leprosy control, and this year’s celebration was the 64th. The theme was: “Zero disability among children affected by leprosy”.
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  • Lagos warns against infected, unscreened blood

    The Lagos State AIDS Control Agency (LSACA) has urged  residents not to buy blood for transfusion from questionable sources, but to patronise registered blood banks or centres.
    According to the agency, patronising approved centres is one of the surest ways to avoid contracting HIV. This, the agency said, is because the state has put in place mechanisms to ensure blood supply with zero risk of transmitting infectious diseases, especially human immunodeficiency virus (HIV).
    The agency’s
  • Club urges govts on cancer care

    Nigeria could do with more diagnostic equipment, especially for cancer, the old students of Maryland Comprehensive Secondary School, also known as Landers ’88 Reunion Club, have said.
    The President, Mr Soji Adekogbe, who spoke at the third edition of Omolara Jolaoso Memorial Lecture, urged federal and state governments to provide adequate funding to equip hospitals with tools required for early diagnosis and prompt treatment of cancer.
    He also said the status of cancer care was worrisome a
  • Benefits of Exercise. Your solutions for manifold diseases: (3)

    One way to do your recommended 150 minutes of weekly physical activity is to do 30 minutes on five  days a week. All adults should also break up long periods of sitting with light activity. What counts as moderate aerobic activity? Examples of activities that require moderate effort for most people include: walking , water aerobics, riding a bike on level ground or with few hills, doubles tennis, pushing a lawn mower, hiking, skateboarding, rollerblading, volleyball, basketball.
    Please take
  • Random thoughts about aflatoxin, pawpaw leaf detox (1)

    PAWPAW leaf tea, juice and salad are catching on. I almost let out the cat in today’s bag at 6:59a.m last Sunday when Mr. Abayomi Olugbemi, 55, a civil servant in Kogi State telephoned me to say he was an avid reader of this column, read the previous week’s hints on the use of pawpaw (papaya) leaf for detoxification and wished to know how to boil and use the tea extract. Had I told him that, this week, I planned to say something more about the medicinal values of pawpaw leaf, he woul
  • ‘Food answers all health needs’

    One is inclined to take a pill when sick, but healthcare givers say good food holds the key to a healthy life, OYEYEMI GBENGA-MUSTAPHA writes.
    Everything is not about drugs.But people are inclined to first look for drugs whenever they feel that something is wrong with them. Most times, they feel  that they must take a pill to get better if they experience a cold, headache, or any other symptoms.
    But, healthcare givers believe that good food holds the key to a healthy life.
    According to a Na
  • The secret of Healthy Teeth, Healthy Joints

    More and more people, especially women visit their doctors with complaints of aches and/or pains in their joints, mostly knees, ankles, elbows etc. Rheumatoid arthritis is an autoimmune disease that causes chronic inflammation of the joints. Inflammation of the tissue around the joints and inflammatory arthritis are characteristic features of rheumatoid arthritis. The disease can cause inflammation and injury in other organs in the body. Yet many patients and health care professionals are yet to
  • One Simple Rule That Will Keep You Slim and long lived

    The orient is home to the longest lived races, like the Japanese and Chinese, and diet has been adduced to be the secret to this. They practice a remarkably easy weight loss approach called the 80 percent rule. Conversely, ever since Nigerians have adopted sedentary western lifestyles, and food choices, the average Nigerian portion size has been growing, not to mention the average waist and dress size. Meanwhile, Nigerian life expectancy has dropped over the years. Nigerian women are now
  • Cancer: ‘My story is a bad one, glory be to God I am alive’

    A breast cancer survivor, Ms Comfort Onyayi, has advised Nigerian women to always go for regular breast and cervix cancer screening for early detection and proper treatment.
    Onyayi gave the advice on Saturday in an interview with the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) in Abuja.
    “My advice to ladies is that they should not sit down till when the breast is paining them before they know that there is a problem; that was the mentality I had before now.
    “In fact, before the pain starts, it woul
  • Leave Fried stuff off the salad plate

    Lifestyle Hack for the week
    Salads are a healthy addition to every diet, even as dieticians advise that the fruits and vegetables are best eaten raw. However, some salads ingredients (like potatoes) need to be boiled to be edible.  Some people choose to add fried ingredients- either as vegetables or garnishes. True, fried vegetables or garnishes add a nice little crunch to salads and are lovely every now and then, especially when you’ve ordered a gourmet salad at the newest res
  • NACA canvasses increased funding for HIV/AIDS

    For the country to meet the 2030 date set for the elimination of HIV/AIDS, all  tiers of government must increase funding for programmes, National Agency for the Control of AIDS (NACA), Director-General Dr. Sani Aliyu has said.
    According to NACA, about 180,000 still die yearly of the disease in the country, with 700 new infections daily. Of the over three million people living with the virus, only about 800,000 are on treatment.
    The gap has been blamed on the country’s inability to fu
  • Lawmaker builds health centre for Ajasa

    It  was all joy for the residents of Ajasa Community in Agbado/Oke-Odo Local Council Development Area (LCDA) of Lagos State recently.  The health centre built  by Hon. Femi Adebanjo, a member, Federal House of Representatives, from Alimosho Constituency, was inaugurated.
    The storey building has seven rooms/wards, a consulting room, an out-patient parlour, five toilets and a store as well as the doctor’s office. It  has two access culverts with drainage.
    Inaugurating the
  • Group gets co-chairman

    Nigerian Business Coalition Against AIDS (NIBUCAA), with over 36 members, will change its leaders on February16 at Oriental Hotel, Victoria, Lagos.
    NIBUCAA is the voice of the Nigerian private sector response to HIV and AIDS.
    Managing Director of Total E and P Nigeria Nicolas Terraz and CEO/Group Managing Director  (GMD) of Access Bank Plc Herbert Wigwe are the incoming co-chair.
    NIBUCAA’s Acting Executive Secretary Gbenga A. Alabi who visited the Vintage Press Limited, publishers of
  • ‘Colorectal cancer is preventable, treatable’

    Colorectal cancer is the fifth killer-cancer after breast, cervical, lung and prostate cancers. Yet many do not know about it. A widow, Eniola Salu Akintunde, who lost her husband of 15 years to the disease, is doing everything to create awareness about it. She is pushing for the establishiment of colon cancer screening centres in the six geo-political zones before 2030, reports OYEYEMI GBENGA-MUSTAPHA
    Do you experience irregular bowel movement, unexplained stomach pain, diarrhoea and you are ab
  • Benefits of exercise. Your solutions for manifold disease (2)

    In today’s article, we shall deal with various forms of recommended exercises. There are various forms of exercises that individuals and groups or families can engage in. I will set out below, these types of exercises. Physical exercises are in generally classed into three types, based on the particular effect that the said exercise have on the body. In contract to the random and chaotic nature of some individuals who are claiming to be exercising, these classes of exercises will help guid
  • How to stop puffy eyes

    Everyone has suffered from puffy eyes at one time or the other; either because you did not get enough sleep, drank too much alcohol, partied too hard or simply find that yours is hereditary. Here are a few tips to banish puffy eyes or under-eye bags to keep your skin looking young and healthy.There are three ways to get rid of puffy eyes or under eye bags. Number one, you need to get moisturizer to help your body to de-puff your under eye bugs and get rid of all the toxins that build up t
  • Study confirms holistic approach to health: Diet cures, not drugs

    A ground breaking study, conducted by a doctor at Seattle Children’s Hospital and published in the Journal of Clinical Gastroenterology, has demonstrated, for the first time, that dietary intervention alone can allow complete remission of symptoms in cases of inflammatory bowel disease (IBD).
    “For decades or longer, medicine has said diet doesn’t matter, that it doesn’t impact disease,” researcher and gastroenterologist, David Suskind, said adding: “Now we kno
  • Jobelyn ‘can assist cancer cases’

    Cancer has remained a dreaded disease to humanity. The scientific and technological development across the world does not alter this statement. Even in the United States (US) where medical science has reached its peak, the position remains the same. When Mr. Nixon was president of the US, it was decreed that the cure for Cancer must be found within 10 years or so. This was several decades ago, but there is no light at the end of the tunnel yet. The solution to the problem of Cancer is buried in
  • Aflatoxins in Nigerian foods, cancer, HIV…antidotes

    Despite the searing heat, Nigeria farmers are back to the land, preparing their farms for the cultivation of this season’s crops. As I suggested in this column last Thursday, under the title AGRO-DOLLAR RAIN ABOUT TO FALL IN NIGERIA, more rice and maize, in particular, should be produced on the farms this year. This assumption is based on the fact that hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of more farmers will swell the population of farmers as more land is released for farming upcountry
  • Medical Centre probes alleged theft of patient’s kidney in Nasarawa

    The Federal Medical Centre (FMC), Keffi, Nasarawa State, has called for an independent professional investigation to unravel the truth behind allegation of stolen kidney at the hospital.
    The Medical Director of the centre, Dr Giyan Joshua-Ndom, made the appeal in an interview with the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) on Sunday in Keffi.
    Joshua-Ndom said the proposed inquiry would ascertain the truth behind an allegation by a patient that his kidney was removed at the centre by a consultant.
  • Why rate of deaths from HIV is falling, by minister

    Minister  of Health Prof Isaac Adewole has attributed the reduction in the number of Nigerians dying from HIV-related diseases to increased awareness of their HIV status and use of drugs.
    Adewole spoke at a Joint Stakeholders Summit on Drug Resistance Monitoring, Early Infant Diagnosis and Viral Load in Lagos.
    The event was organised by the National HIV/AIDS Control Programme (NASCP).
    Adewole said: “More people are getting to know their status and accessing HIV treatment and care; as
  • Reps order ministry, pharmacists body to eradicate quackery

    • Society advises members on registration renewal
    The House of Representatives has  mandated the Federal Ministry of Health and the Pharmacists Council of Nigeria (PCN) to close all unregistered pharmaceutical shops and prosecute their owners.
    There is anxiety over quacks’infiltration of the value chain of pharmacy.This has resulted in increased fake drugs.
    In a statement, the House said it acknowledged the various pharmaceutical shops and the scope of their practice as well as t
  • Cervical cancer ‘deadlier in Black women’

    Cervical cancer is a highly preventable cancer that can turn deadly if left undetected for too long. A study published in the journal Cancer discovered that the death rate from cervical cancer is much higher than previous estimates.
    The study analysed data from the National Centre for Health Statistics and, for the first time, adjusted for women who had had a hysterectomy, a procedure in which all or parts of the uterus are removed, including the cervix. Without a cervix, women cannot develop ce
  • Benefits of exercise. Your solutions for manifold disease: (1)

    I have been labelled as Exercise Evangelist by the many who receive my regular electronic messages on the subject.
    A lot of such people are taking my messages. Nothing can gladden a medical doctor than when he sees his patients and followers following his advice and getting better health. From all indications, it appears human beings are not made to be stationary. We are supposed to be in motion.
    It’s on the basis of such joy that I now write the public health promotion and education serie
  • Agro-dollar rain about to fall in Nigeria

    In many parts of Nigeria, the government of Lagos State is still on top of the rice talk chart. Rice talk has been going on everywhere in the country since Nigeria’s foreign income fell by as much as 50 percent and the government curtailed importation to balance the budget. The hammer fell on imported rice, which, for decades, had become a staple food nation-wide. The import ban, which was to encourage local production, forced prices up, sometimes up to three folds, and led to an outcry ag
  • Your role in preventing miscarriage, abortion, stillbirth and preterm (6)

    Closely related to all that we have discussed—miscarriage, stillbirth, and abortion – so far is prematurity.
    What is it? Prematurity is a term for the broad category of newborn born at less than 37 weeks’ of pregnancy.  Weight may also be used as indicator of prematurity. Doctors will often try to care for babies born alive who weighs about 400gram and above.
    Premature babies merely manage to escape the peril of other dangerous instances that I have mentioned ealier. Even
  • Keeping babies out of deformity’s way

    Sometimes there can be an abnormal number of chromosomes in a cell. This could be either additional or missing chromosomes. According to experts, this is known as aneuploidy and it accounts for the majority of inherited disease syndrome in babies. OYEYEMI GBENGA-MUSTAPHA writes that there are scientific ways out.
    Mr Akeem Odunfa and his wife Mary have battled infertility for eight years. The husband is a 42-year-old albino; the wife is 33. Aside the challenge of infertility, they fear if Mrs Odu
  • Fed Govt urges states to create budget line for logistics mgt

    Federal Government has urged state governments to create Logistic Management Coordinating Units (LMCU) for efficient supply of drugs and other health commodities.
    This was made known when a team from National Supply Chain Integration Project (NSCIP) paid advocacy visit to the stakeholders in the health sector in Abeokuta, Ogun State recently.
    Nigerian Supply Chain Integration Project was initiated by the Federal Government and consortium of International Donors and Partners to bridge gaps and ma
  • Ada App: New approach to healthcare delivery

    There is a new App simply called Ada that assists in monitoring one’s health. According to the founders, Ada is more than just an app. Ada is a virtual health companion on the go. Designed by a dedicated team of doctors and computer scientists, Ada gives you the best symptom assessment available. Building up a detailed picture of your health over time, Ada provides you with an accurate understanding of what is going on and helps you decide on next steps to take.
    It is described as a smart
  • Septuagenarian seeks recognition for traditional medicine

    Dr Debo Thompson is a cheerful  septuagenarian, with a penchant for making the world smile  through her healing prowess. On December 16,last year, she marked her 75 years birthday and celebrated her over 40 years of practice. OYEYEMI GBENGA-MUSTAPHA was at her Ajuwon, outskirts of Lagos residence where she spoke on several issues. 
    Dr Debo Thompson is a multi-talented natural health practitioner. She is a healer, iridologist,  herbalist, vintner, spices manu-facturer, and a f
  • Food and medicine in your flower beds (2)

    Begun last Thursday, this is the second part of a presentation I made on December 10 last year in Lagos at the training of URBAN GROWERS. These are women who are learning to promote the health and well-being of their families the natural way. They were brought together by organic farmers Mrs Sola Sowemimo, of Ope Farms and Mrs Yinka Odukoya, of Dasyooh Farms…
    Like banana planted around the house, plantain can provide food, gifts for the neighbours and fetch some money for
  • FMC Keffi confirms Lassa fever case

    Dr Giyan Joshua-Ndom, the Medical Director of the Federal Medical Centre, Keffi, Nasarawa state, has confirmed that a patient at the centre was suffering from a disease suspected to be Lassa fever.
    Joshua-Ndom told the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) on Friday that the centre had reported the matter to the Ministry of Health as well as the Centre for Diseases Control, Abuja.
    “It is true that a suspected case of Lassa fever had been discovered at the centre with a male patient being its victim
  • Kogi resident doctors join national protest

    The Association of Resident Doctors (ARD) in Federal Medical Centre, Lokoja, has joined the strike by National Association of Resident Doctors (NARD) to register their displeasure with the management of Nigeria’s health system.
    The ARD President in Lokoja, Dr Kennedy Obohwemu, said on Friday that his members were part and parcel of NARD and were duty bound to comply with the directive.
    “NARD directed its members to carry out peaceful protests by wearing black ward coats and conductin
  • Your role in preventing miscarriage, abortion, stillbirth and preterm (5)

    In the last 4 weeks, we have been dealing with extremely emotive issues of miscarriage and abortion. If the former two names and experiences evoke huge sensitivities in you, then spare a thought for parents that escaped miscarriages, abortion of any sort but nurtured desirable pregnancy beyond 20 weeks, had a raised hope, often desperately wanted the baby that the woman was carrying; but in the end, the foetus ended as still birth. Pray too for the clinicians (doctors, nurses, counsellors and so
  • ‘Oral hygiene is germane to healthy living’

    Nigerians have been urged to brush their teeth twice in a day (morning and  night before going to bed) so as to ensure good oral hygiene and its benefits, which include self esteem and confidence.
    According to the Assistant Brand manager, Oral B, Folarin Ojo, who made the plea in Lagos, about five million households have enjoyed good oral practice since the product came to Nigeria in 2011.
    Ojo, who stated this during Oral B loyalty reward event for those who emerged winners in the anniversa
  • Children’s centre calls for support for people with disability

    The Children’s Development Centre (CDC) in Nigeria has reiterated the need for parents, communities and governments to provide better  support to people living with disabilities through the provision of care and services as well as policy directions.
    The CDC, a non-governmental organisation (NGO), dedicated to the care and support of people living with disabilities, made the call at a Parents’ Summit  in Lagos. It formed part of activities to mark the 20th anniversary of th
  • 36% contraceptive prevalence ‘achievable’

    Nigeria is committed to achieving the 36 per cent target in Family Planning (FP) Contraceptive Prevalence by 2018, Director and Head of Reproductive Health Division, Federal Ministry of Health, Dr. Kayode Afolabi, has said.
    Dr Afolabi, who disclosed this in Abuja at the FP Watch final dissemination event, said notwithstanding this year’s  prevalence rate of 16 per cent, the 2018 target of 36 per cent is achievable as Nigeria forms part of the global movement on Family Planning-FP 2020
  • Food and medicine in your flower beds (1)

    On December 10 last year, I was a guest speaker at a training programme in Lagos for women who wished to improve the health of members of their families, using herbs and medicinal food crops which grow in their gardens.
    These women are called URBAN GROWERS. The group is the brainchild of Mrs Sola Sowemimo, of Ope Farms, and her friend, Mrs Yinka Odukoya, of Dasyooh Farms.
    I remembered them all this morning while writing the introduction to this column. Two women had come to ask for permission to
  • Conditions for healing

    A cleric, Father Anselm Adodo, tells OYEYEMI GBENGA-MUSTAPHA how to obtain in the new year an awesome health, which does not mean the absence of pain or disease, but harmony of body, mind and spirit, based on proper use of nature’s provisions.
    Father  Anselm Adodo of the Catholic faith has said only a holistic approach to health and well-being can provide lasting solution to human sickness. As the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Pax Herbal Clinic and Research Laboratories, the cleric