• With kango you can enjoy corn anytime, anywhere

    As a child, what did meal times mean to you?As a child, I didn’t like to eat. I preferred snacks and my mum sometimes had to force me to eat. I remember sharing my brother’s baby milk because I didn’t enjoy eating solid foods. Wasn’t there a dish you liked?I actually liked fried plantain (dodo). What did your mum do to encourage you to eat healthily?
  • For the love of beef, go for delish meat balls

    What is it like being in a profession widely acknowledged as that of a woman?It’s exciting for me because I believe it’s a talent that God has given me and I’m using it. What inspired you into going into catering?Apart from the fact that I have a passion for it, when I was in the secondary school, people called me ‘Okanlawon’ because I was the only guy among women in the food and nutrition class. Thereafter, I trained in several catering outfits to perfect the
  • Inside the overgrown car park where exotic cars have been abandoned by their rich owners

    These startling images show an overgrown car park, where cars totalling millions have been left abandoned and taken over by weeds.Inside this small lot in Chengdu, China, there are at least two Bentleys, two Land Rovers, three Mercedes Benz and even the odd motorbike according to People’s Daily Online.They all have one thing in common - they’ve been abandoned by their owners.There are over 200 vehicles, dubbed ‘zombie cars’, in the lot.The place they’re kept in is c
  • Take jollof rice to another level with cheese

    Why did you choose to go into catering?I just love it. It’s my passion. How long have you been catering?
    I started food service in the year 2013. What is the culinary trend in parties these days? Jollof rice, fried rice and swallow such as amala, pounded yam, semolina, wheat, eba. For soup, we have edikang ikong and efo riro. What has been your most challenging experience?
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  • Tantalise your taste buds with catfish pepper soup

    Why did you decide to go into the food business?Before I relocated to Ibadan, whenever I visited I was always on the lookout for a classy lounge to hang out and have good food but it was difficult to get one. When I finally relocated, my husband and I decided that since it was difficult to get a place that’s secluded, classy with good and affordable food, we could as well create one. That was how the idea was birthed. Our strength is in our food, exclusivity and the services we offer. More
  • The Battle of the Saucepans Begins on Knorr Taste Quest 4

    Ready, Set… Cook! The Battle of the Saucepans Begins on Knorr Taste Quest 4    It’s time for a test of cooking skills, nerves and taste buds, as Nigeria’s favourite reality cooking  competition, Knorr Taste Quest sizzles back onto  screens across the country, &
  • If your cake maker doesn’t do these things, fire him!

    What attracted you to catering?I have always loved being around the kitchen since I was a child. I loved the aroma of food and the fact that it allows you express creativity. To me, the kitchen is another world I love exploring. A lot of men are going into the food business these days, what in your view is the attraction?
  • For tasty ogbono soup every time, avoid these mistakes

    Ogbono is one soup that is loved across many ethnic groups in Nigeria. Its simplicity, time saving and tastiness are few of the factors that make it endearing. It’s also a delight for mothers who want to introduce solids to their toddlers’ diet owing to its mucilaginous quality that makes for easy swallowing. From the health stand point, ogbono seed has been discovered to be beneficial for weight loss, lowering cholesterol levels and diabetes control.
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  • Tomatoeless Stew

    Hello Tribers, this pot i wrote on instagram two days ago, inspired me to share this recipe. I went shopping with Big Oladunni today and I felt like hugging all of you in Nigeria. Oh my goodness, everything was so expensive. I just kept yelping and opening my mouth and exclaiming. Even my bargaining Ijebu […]
  • ‘Preparing tasty noodles is science’

    What piqued your interest in cooking?Though I have four elder sisters, I have always been fascinated by cooking and right from my childhood, I enjoyed spending time in the kitchen. I discovered I had a passion for cooking and serving delicious dishes and that’s how the journey started. With four sisters, one would have expected the hands in the kitchen were more than enough. Were you given the chance to actually cook?
  • ‘Why fruit cakes are the best’

     What attracted you to catering?
    I was born into a family of caterers, so it’s in the blood. When I was younger, any time I came across a cake in any party, it enticed me and I made sure I got to know how it was made. So, growing up, it was natural for me to go into the line of cake making. For me, it’s an interesting hobby. Do you have any formal training in cake-making?
  • Why Nigerians should stop eating meat

    What inspired your choice of vegetarianism?
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  • Why amala with abula is king in Ibadan

    What did meal times mean to you as a child?I grew up in the polygamous setting and my father always insisted we all ate together, so we had a common pot. He had four wives, so, I didn’t really have the opportunity to go to the kitchen. However, my mum found ways of making sure we were trained in the art of cooking. My dad would also ask any of the children to prepare certain meals sometimes. By the time I went to the boarding school, I had more opportunities to learn how to cook from the H
  • Yajichurri Meatballs Sauce and Linguine

    Hello, hello Tribe. This recipe has been a long time coming. I wanted to write it before easter when a big batch of yajichurri was supposed to head to lagos and disaster struck, i mean everything that could go wrong went wrong, from two new food processors going bad within a day from each other […]
  • Perfect ways to enjoy fleshy, delish mangoes

    Mangoes are in season and beyond the succulent deliciousness they offer as fruit, they can be incorporated into everyday dishes and still be thoroughly enjoyed. When served with rice, fish or even the much-loved dodo, mangoes are sure to tickle your taste bud with a mix of different flavours. Get creative and don’t limit yourself to just munching on this sumptuous fruit. 
  • Schwartz Uk Ebook – Jollof rice and Chicken Ayilata made the cut

    This had been a long time coming. When i got the email to make a recipe for Schwartz Uk, I almost jumped out of my skin. I kept trying to think of something creative and jazzy to represent Nigerian food and to also utilise Scwartz spices. All that kept coming to my mind were cosmopolitan […]
  • Tantalise your taste bud with macaroni carbonara

    How long have you been in the catering business and what spurred your interest?I started in 2003. Right from my childhood, I’d always loved cooking and baking. Since I knew that was my passion, I decided to train and become a professional. Do you believe great cooking skills are learned or innate?
  • Puff Puff and Cocktails – a new era for our national favourite chops

    If you follow me on Instagram. Wait, you mean you are not following @dooneyskitchen on Instagram? Oya, face the wall!!!!! Lol, seriously, you should. That is how you will just be missing all the new and exciting stuff about Nigerian food. Don’t be the latecomer among your friends and family. @dooneyskitchen on Instagram, is where […]
  • Peppered Yam and Dodo = YamDodo

    Hello Tribe, bear with me for now with the infrequent posting, i’m trying to get a hang of organising all the different sections of my life, so one doesn’t suffer while the other flourishes. Yajichurri numbers are on the up and up and each week, it has landed in more locations, more than my wildest […]
  • Go fishing this Easter!

    Are you wondering what healthy but sumptuous treat you would prepare this Easter? Why not step out of the usual and go for fish? Fish is one of the healthiest foods on the planet. Loaded with protein, vitamins and minerals, they are also the world’s best source of Omega-3 fatty acids, which are important for your body and brain. They are equally easy to digest. The best way to enjoy the benefits of fish is to cook it in a manner that limits sodium, fat and calories while still offering the
  • Refreshing local brews you should try

    Kunun Zaki: With millet as the main ingredient, this non-alcoholic beverage is a unique blend of spices such as ginger, cloves, red and black pepper to make a refreshing drink. Rich in protein and fibre, to prepare, you will need four cups de-hulled millet; one medium-sized sweet potato, peeled (optional); one teaspoon each of ginger, cloves, black pepper; sugar (to taste).  Place millet in large bowl and cover with water. Leave for 24 hours, remembering to change the water every eight hour
  • ‘For the tastiest yellow soup, add seafood, biscuit’

    Where are you from?I am Ijaw from Bayelsa State but married to a man from Asaba, Delta State. Being married to a Delta man, how did you adjust in the early years of marriage?
  • Deconstructed Okro Soup – Okro stir fry

    You guys must think i have given up on blogging by now. I am so sorry for the long absence. I’m entering a new phase for Dooney’s Kitchen, and I’ve had to let the blog suffer for a bit, to be able to focus all energies on getting Yajichurri off the ground and it has […]
  • Editan: Sumptuous, nutritious soup for dry season

    How  long have you been a chef?I’ve been cooking professionally for close to 20 years. But before going into catering, I had always enjoyed cooking. This may be because of where I am from where we are known to have a variety of foods and are also good cooks. And where is that?I am from Calabar, Cross River State. Do you mean that every person from there is a good cook?
  • The secret to perfect amala is...

    Can you recall what your favourite food was when you were a child?It was amala. It was a dish I enjoyed and everyone knew it. Even now, it’s still my favourite food. I particularly like it hot but even when it isn’t hot, I still enjoy it. What did you enjoy eating it with?Though there were many soups I liked, when it came to amala, I preferred eating it with ewedu and stew. How about your least favourite?I didn’t like eba and I still don’t like it. 
  • Make it a heart-inspired feast this Val

    Valentine’s Day is here again and one thing we love about Val’s Day is the fact that we are permitted to indulge and have the best of chomps and treats. But you don’t always have to go out to dinner with that special one; you can mark the day with delicious, home-cooked, heart-shaped inspired foods for every meal. What makes this more exciting is that you can enjoy your everyday foods but with a visually exciting appeal that reminds you of the day being celebrated. 
  • How to make Valentine’s Day memorable!

    It is seven days to Valentine’s Day and by now, many people are already planning on how to make the day memorable for that special man or woman in their lives.  For those who have not made up their minds on what to do on that day, here are some ideas on how to put smiles on your partner’s face on lover’s day.
    Spend quality time together
  • Spot fake honey with these easy steps

    It’s a known fact that honey is one of the world’s superfood. With its tremendous health, healing and beauty benefits, it has increasingly become common in most homes. However, in recent times, there has been a rise in the incidence of adulterated honey.
  • ‘With fondant icing, there is very little one cannot do’

    What sparked up your interest in confectionery?
    My interest in baking was birthed from the need to develop an entrepreneurial skill and by so doing, empower myself as a self-employed individual. During one of the ASUU strikes in my university days, I decided to learn a skill and I chose baking because I had ample background knowledge of it as I am the third generation baker in my family.
    What did you study at the university?
  • Tantalise your buds with tasty finger foods

    Finger foods commonly known as small chops have gradually become a staple in most parties. Serving as appetisers, they add colour and deliciousness to dishes served. But beyond parties, they can also be served at home as snacks. Interestingly, they can easily be prepared in the comfort of the home with easily available ingredients. Below are some finger foods and how to prepare them.
    Chicken and vegetable minced spring rolls
  • Add colour to your meals with fruit drinks

    What is your food timetable like?
    I feed on anything that comes my way because I hardly have time to eat due to the nature of my job.
    Have you always been non-choosy about food?
    I believe I have always been because even as a child, I ate anything my mum prepared.
    So there wasn’t a dish you didn’t like as a child?
    Well, I didn’t like eating yam at all. Even now that I am married with kids, I avoid cooking yam as much as possible and my family is fine with that.
  • Buka Fusion Jollof and the Nigerian Rice bowl

    Hello folks, I hope you had a good week and are looking forward to the weekend. Even if you didn’t hey TGIF right!!!!! I hope this recipe brightens up your week. You know we Nigerians love our Jollof rice, so much so we’ve picked fights with Ghanaians over it. Another well loved dish is Buka […]
  • The secret to mouth-watering oha soup is…

    Were you selective of food as a child?
    My mum did not tolerate that. She believed that whatever she gave you must be eaten. But I did not like eba.
    Did you have a favourite food back then?
    Every child I have known loves plantain and I was no exception.
    Can you recall your first cooking blunder?
  • Redefining Yam and Eggs – Pancakes, Waffles & Toasties

    Hello Tribe, Hello my people, Happy New Year. 2015 was so good for me and for Dooney’s Kitchen, too many blessings to count. I am looking forward to even more blessings and with you guys support and His Grace, they will surely roll in. 2015 was my dress rehearsal as a blogger. 2016, it is […]
  • Ditch stew: Go for veggie gravy in 2016

    In this part of the world, we love stew. Tomatoes, different kinds of pepper, onions and various condiments fried and cooked is a delight for many anytime.
     The great part of it is that it goes well with a variety of foods; rice, yam, plantain, vegetable soup, name it. But it can sometimes get boring, moreover, health experts say too much fried foods and the constant use of oil, especially in deep frying is not too healthy for the body.
  • ‘Fried rice & chicken, my family’s delight at Christmas’

    How early did you start cooking as a child?
    I started cooking at the age of 10.  As the first child of the family, I used to stay in the kitchen. I was around  six years old then. So when I was 10, my mum gave me  the opportunity to cook.
    Do you cook because you are a woman or you have passion for cooking?
    I have great passion for cooking, it is my hobby.
    Can you recall the first food you prepared?
    Yes! The first food I prepared was amala with ewedu soup.
  • Alhaja Modinat’s Buka Stew

    Long time no hear folks. I have been almost buried under the weight of Yajichurri orders. My head must have spun a few times at the overwhelming response and the feedback. I can’t even keep up, but this is the best way to end 2015. It has proven to me something I had suspected for […]
  • Make soup complete with cow butter

    What are some of the dishes you had while growing?
    There is this general misconception that northerners don’t have variety of food but this is not true. There are several such as miyan kuka (baobab leaf soup), miyan taushe, danwake, okra and the like but the most celebrated dish is Pate. It is a corn meal.
    How is pate prepared?
  • Sumptuous treats from rotten plantain

    Plantain moin moin (ukpo ogede)Take moin moin to another level with overripe plantain. This dish is not only tasty but nutritious
    You will need:
    2 overripe pieces of plantain
    1 cup plantain flour
    I teaspoon ground crayfish
    1 small onion
    Pepper and salt to taste
    Palm oil
    Moin moin leaves
    To prepare:
    Pour plantain flour in bowl, add water to get a smooth, medium consistency.
    Peel overripe plantain and add to plantain flour mix.
  • Red velvet cake: ‘Made of little sugar with salt’

    You are a graduate of Mass Communication, why did you choose to go into the cake making business?
    I went into cake making business because I wanted to be independent. Again, I also  realised that you generate more income when you empower yourself with a skill like this. It’s actually more lucrative than the so-called white-collar job. My parents actually wanted the certificate, so I gave it to them and went in pursuit of my own dreams.
    How long have you been baking?
  • The kings of food in Naija (2)

    Okoho: The food basket of the nation celebrates this dish in its festivities. Especially common among the Idoma and Tiv of Benue State, Mr Adams Onoja says “if you haven’t served an Idoma man with okoho soup and well pounded yam, then you haven’t served him any food. The way to an Idoma or Tiv man’s heart is okoho soup.”
  • Nigerian Devilled Eggs

    I had the craziest, fun weekend. It started from going to see Feyi at her new flat on Friday evening. I love when I am associated with friends who we grow together in tangible, measurable terms. I love that we talked about this, without any back biting or jealousy or competition, I offered as much […]
  • ‘Give fried rice new meaning with smoked fish’

    What attracted you to catering?
    I have always loved cooking right from a very tender age but  what really attracted me to the business was that I discovered that most of the caterers around are more interested in making money and not adding real value to their customers. I have also always had passion for healthy eating culture which is lacking. I want people to have access to delicious and healthy meals wherever and whenever.
    You have training in the sciences, how can science be app
  • Dooney’s Kitchen and WIMBIZ Free Ticket Giveaway

    This year, I feel like I have been living out what I said to achieve with Dooney’s Kitchen Tribe, which is Connecting people through food. I have been given another opportunity to bless someone through what I do. So, something amazing happened almost two weeks ago. Arese of Smart Money Africa was giving away a […]
  • Abak Etighi – the kitchen sink Okro Soup

    Hello Tribe. This feels like the first proper new recipe since the site launched. I hope you are having a great time using the new blog. Thank you for all the kind comments you have written on the blog and on social media. I truly appreciate the support, and for those who haven’t said anything, […]
  • Pancakes: Different tastes, still yummy

    Pancakes are simply a delight. They are quick to prepare, rich, light and deliciously yummy. They are ideal for breakfast, lunch, dinner or a light snack. Although several condiments and spices can be added to perk the taste, did you know you could make pancakes out of ripe/overripe plantain, wheat flour and even chocolates?You can also get creative with the toppings. Though butter and syrup are classic toppings, you can also try jam, honey, peanut butter, lemon juice, powdered sugar or whipped
  • Dooney’s Kitchen has a new look

    Welcome to the new and revamped Dooney’s Kitchen. This has been a painstaking task, labour of love, the hardest thing I have ever done, the most stressful, I can go on and on. Seriously I mean that. When you start getting tension headaches, hyperventilating in the middle of the night and you are on your […]
  • Garri

    Details Coming Soon…
  • Beans

    Details Coming Soon…
  • Spices

    Details Coming Soon…
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