• iRevo Smart PC review: Don’t buy that cheap PC, just convert your TV

    We reviewed the iRevo Smart TV box, which lets you access web videos and other files on your old television. But iRevo has more tricks up its sleeve. The company also has a smart PC box that looks just like the smart TV box, but does much more than the latter.
    iRevo Smart PCAs I said, the iRevo Smart PC looks just like the entertainment hub from the company. But instead of an air remote, this one comes with a wireless keyboard and mouse. Also this has a completely different UI from the other box
  • Microsoft showcase AI bot that makes phone calls to humans

    Representational ImageWhile Google Duplex, which lets AI mimic a human voice to make appointments and book tables through phone calls, has mesmerised people with its capabilities and attracted flak on ethical grounds at the same time, Microsoft has showcased a similar technology it has been testing in China.At an AI event in London on Tuesday, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella revealed that the company's Xiaoice social chatbot has 500 million "friends" and more than 16 channels for Chinese users to in
  • Twitter shutting down most of its TV apps: Report

    After killing off apps used by a minority of its userbase including the "Twitter for Mac", the micro-blogging site is shutting down its TV apps on Roku, Android TV and Xbox from May 24."On Thursday, May 24, Twitter for Roku, Twitter for Android TV and Twitter for Xbox will no longer be available. To get the full Twitter experience, visit https://twitter.com on your device or desktop," the microblogging website tweeted.This is due to the dismal feedback that users gave because these Twitter apps
  • Facebook wants users to give nude photos to stop revenge porn

    Representational ImageIt may sound audacious to some but Facebook thinks that sharing with a trained employee of the company the intimate images that you fear might go viral in the social networking platforms can help it stop their spread, thereby protecting your privacy.The social networking giant on Tuesday said it was testing a reporting tool so that people who worry that someone might want to harm them by sharing an intimate image can proactively upload it, which will eventually help Faceboo
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  • Evidence of stars forming only 250 million years after Big Bang found by astronomers

    Scientists are said to have found traces of first stars which suggests that they winked to life roughly 250 million years after the Big Bang. 
  • Giant predatory worms invade France, shock biologists

    Hammerhead flatworms are said to hunt through the soil and their bodies produce small amounts of a substance called tetrodotoxin, which immobilises prey. 
  • Twitter to customise Twemojis for Android

    On the issue of missing emoji characters on Twitter, the micro-blogging platform has rolled out updated versions of its Twemoji designs for its Android users. This update appears to target users using the Twitter app on Android 4.4 KitKat to Android 7.1 Nougat, tech website Emojipedia reported late on Monday.Over one-third of the users were reported to be still using Android versions dating back to 2014 or earlier leading to the lack of new emoji support.The emoji implementation has been done us
  • New smartphone-based tool may aid patients detect urine blockage

    Representational ImageSurgeons are developing a new smartphone-based tool that can detect urethral or urine blockage, potentially making it easier for patients to test themselves for the condition from the comfort of their own homes.The novel technique could take high-speed photography which could capture subtle differences between a normal steady stream of liquid and a stream of liquid with an obstruction.Urethral strictures are a slowing or blocking of the natural flow of urine due to an injur
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  • Galaxy Note 9 to have Bixby 2.0: Samsung

    Samsung Galaxy Note 9. Pic courtesy/YouTubeSouth Korean electronics giant Samsung has confirmed that its flagship Galaxy Note 9 would have a new version of company's Airtificial Intelligence (AI)-powered assistant "Bixby 2.0".Speaking to The Korea Herald, Gray G. Lee, Head of the AI Centre Under Samsung Research, revealed that the Galaxy Note 9 will be the launch device for "Bixby 2.0", Forbes reported.Lee said that "Bixby 2.0" would be more than just a personal assistant.It would be an 'artifi
  • Apple sued over alleged keyboard problem in MacBooks

    A law firm has filed a class-action lawsuit against Apple alleging that MacBook and MacBook Pro's "butterfly" keyboard design is "prone to fail".According to a report in Forbes, Apple was hit with the lawsuit over the design and functionality of its "butterfly" keyboard system after a string of complaints that alleged defects in the keyboard's design.Law firm Girard Gibbs filed the lawsuit on behalf of two MacBook Pro owners after nearly 25,000 people signed a petition requesting Apple to addres
  • College students in India check smartphones over 150 times a day, say study

    Illustration/Amit BandreNew Delhi: On an average, a college student in India checks his mobile phone over 150 times a day, according to a study conducted by Aligarh Muslim University and the Indian Council of Social Science Research (ICSSR).The research, titled "Smartphone Dependency, Hedonism and Purchase Behaviour: Implications for Digital India Initiatives", has been conducted in 20 central universities, where 200 students each were interviewed."Anxiety and fear of missing out on information
  • Google brings AI-powered 'Google News' to iOS

    Keeping up with the promise made at its I/O Developer Conference last week, Google has now officially rolled out its "Google News" for iOS, the media reported.The new Artificial Intelligence (AI)-powered app is designed with machine-learning technology to make news finding, analysing and fact-checking, crisp and to-the-point, Engadget reported on Wednesday."Google News" comes with three options, "For You, "Full Coverage" and "Newsstand," to help users find news of relevance based on their readin
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  • Facebook introduces new updates in 'Stories' feature, beginning from India

    Facebook has rolled out new updates in its Stories feature that are available for the users in India first and will reach the global users later.One such update is "Voice Posts" that will let users share their thoughts via audio to their friends and families."Voice posts lets you share in the moment without having to share a photo or video. This could also help people who can't necessarily write in the language they want to share in," Connor Hayes, Director of Product Management, Facebook Storie
  • India against the world: The future of gaming in the country

    Representational pictureIn India, gaming is considered as a hobby and was less than inclined towards gaming from the get- go. But the scenario is slowling changing. Looking at the growth of the industry over the years, we have finally come to a point where families have started being supportive of this career choice. Rather than opting for a 9-to-5 job, more and more gamers have started taking their careers seriously and are transitioning into professional esports athletes and streamers.So what
  • WhatsApp facilitates group descriptions, admin controls

    New Delhi: Instant messaging platform WhatsApp announced the rollout of a number of new features for group chats, in a bid to make the platform more interactive and engaging. Among the new features is group descriptions, wherein a short blurb will appear under the group info tab that allows users to set the purpose, guidelines, or topics for the group.Furthermore, when a new member joins a group, the description will show up at the top of the chat.In a move to give group administrators more auth
  • Scientists discover the fastest growing black hole which eats a Sun every two days

    The energy emitted from this newly discovered supermassive black hole, also known as a quasar, was mostly ultraviolet light but also radiated x-rays.
  • OPPO unveils its sub-brand 'Realme 1' smartphone in India from Rs 8,990

    Targeted at millennials, Chinese smartphone maker OPPO on Tuesday debuted its sub-brand "Realme 1" smartphone in India for Rs 8,990 (3GB RAM and 32GB internal storage model).The 6GB RAM and 128GB internal storage variant is priced at Rs 13,990.The smartphone comes with the world's first 12-nm Artificial Intelligence-based MediaTek Helio P60 chipset with "AI shot" technology."Realme 1 is focused at young online consumers and is primed to be a market disruptor with a stylish design," Madhav Seth,
  • App exposed over 3 mn Facebook users' data for years, say report

    Representational pictureSan Francisco: A data set of over 3 million Facebook users collected via a personality app was available to download freely for anyone for almost four years, New Scientist reported. The data set was collected via the personality quiz app "myPersonality" by academics at the University of Cambridge."The data was highly sensitive, revealing personal details of Facebook users, such as the results of psychological tests."It was meant to be stored and shared anonymously, howeve
  • Paytm introduces 'My Payments' feature, automates monthly expenses

    One97 Communications Limited, the firm that owns digital payment major, Paytm, announced the unification of bank transfers for its customers with the new 'My Payments' feature on its app.This will enable Paytm users to make recurring, high-value payment and other monthly expenses in an instant. Using the Paytm app, bank transfers can be done from and to any bank account, making it easier for customers to make payments at zero charge, a facility which even non-KYC Paytm users can avail.With this
  • YouTube's latest 'take a break' feature prompts when you watch too many videos

    Do you also start watching a video on YouTube and lose track of time following the recommended/autoplay list? Google wants to tell you that it is concerned over this habit of yours and has inserted a nifty new feature to its video service.As part of its focus on digital well-being, Google has added a feature to YouTube called 'take a break' which notifies you when you have exceeded a specific amount of consecutive viewing time, The Verge reports.The feature is optional, and just like how you mig
  • Apple Watch plays good Samaritan, helps save 76-year-old man

    While digital technology often receives brickbats from the health-conscious, a 76-year-old man in Hong Kong now wants anyone with a heart problem to wear an Apple Watch after it helped him get a new lease of life by sending an alert about his elevated heart rate.Gaston D'Aquino, a semi-retired diamond trader, was sitting in a church in April when he spotted an alarm on his timepiece telling him that his heart rate was too high, tech website Phone Arena reported on Sunday.Although D'Aquino was fe
  • Baidu's 'Facemoji Keyboard' hits over 30mn downloads

    Baidu Facemoji Keyboard. Pic courtesy/YouTubeChinese tech company Baidu, populary known as China's Google, on Monday said that its third party app "Facemoji Keyboard," has reached over 30 million downloads since its launch.The keyboard, that is slowly gaining popularity in India, comes with emojis, GIFs, stickers and emoticons, and supports over 100 languages, out of which 22 are Indian dialects, Baidu said in a statement.The "customisable" keyboard features voice-recognition for easy speech-to
  • Microsoft says, Artificial Intelligence facing large skills shortage

    MicrosoftThe fast-emerging field of Artificial Intelligence, which has suddenly caught the attention of the IT industry and the governments across the world, is facing a large skills shortage, a top Microsoft official has said.The Artificial Intelligence (AI) is also facing the challenge of appropriate use of data, group programme manager of Microsoft Learning Matt Winkler told PTI."There is a pretty large skills shortage. Lots of folks are talking about it (AI). A lot of folks are very, very e
  • Google to roll out 'Take a Break' feature for YouTubers

    GoogleGoogle has rolled out a new series of controls that will allow YouTube users to set limits on their video viewing, and help them set "Take a Break" reminder from browsing the channels for too long, a media report said.The new feature will enable the users to set a reminder for every 15, 30, 60, 90 or 180 minutes, at which point the video will pause and users will receive "Take a Break" notification that they have been binge-watching videos for longer than they decided to.Users can then cho
  • Microsoft to replace Surface Pro 4 units with flickering screens

    Microsoft Surface Pro 4After receiving complaints regarding a screen flicker defect in some Surface Pro 4 devices, Microsoft has offered to replace the eligible devices free of charge.The faulty devices qualified for replacement should be up to three years from the time of original purchase, Microsoft Support said in a blog post late Friday."We will ship you a replacement device as soon as you return your existing device. Typically, it will take 5-8 business days for you to receive an exchange
  • In an interplanetary first, NASA to fly remote-controlled helicopter on Mars

    NASA said on Friday it will send a small helicopter to Mars as part of the US space agency's 2020 mission to place a next-generation rover on the Martian surface, marking the first time such an aircraft will be used on another world.
  • Snapchat rolls out new app redesign for iOS

    After drawing criticism from users worldwide about its controversial redesign, audio-video sharing platform Snapchat has rolled out another app redesign for iOS users.In the new design, snaps and chats are aligned chronologically and "Stories" from friends have been moved back to the right-hand side of the camera screen.Snapchat has added a separate "Subscriptions" feature to keep "Stories" from popular creators and publishers in the loop while letting the other "Stories" be separated, The Verge
  • Samsung to launch Galaxy 'A' and 'J' series smartphones in India soon

    Aiming to disrupt India's mid-segment smartphone market, Samsung is set to launch four new smartphones -- two each in Galaxy "A" and Galaxy "J" series -- this month.The upcoming Galaxy A6 and Galaxy A6+ smartphones could be priced between Rs 20,000 and Rs 25,000 while the devices in Galaxy "J" series could cost customers Rs 15,000 to Rs 20,000, industry sources told IANS on Friday.Two of the four smartphones in the upcoming line-up would come with dual camera set-up, the sources added.All of the
  • Google: AI calling voice will identify itself to humans

    In a bid to deliver transparency in technology and stay ahead of ethical pitfalls, Google has said that its Artificial Intelligence (AI) calling system "Duplex" would now identify itself while making appointments.Following the launch of the "Duplex" system, which lets AI mimic a human voice to make appointments and book tables, among other functions, a widespread outcry over the ethical dilemmas were raised by tech critics.Google clarified to The Verge that the experimental system would have a "
  • YouTube rolls out support for HDR videos on iPhone X

    YouTube has begun rolling out support for high dynamic range (HDR) video content for iPhone X, the media reported.For iOS users, YouTube videos in HDR can be viewed on the iPhone X, but the feature does not yet appear to be working on the latest iPad Pro models, MacRumors reported late on Thursday.HDR videos provide a broader range of colours and also supports quality video playback on a variety of screen sizes. YouTube has platforms like "The HDR Channel" that provides HDR videos for iOS.Apple