• Lexus’ new UX compact crossover to break cover in Geneva

    Lexus will pull the covers off of the production version of its UX small crossover, a compact SUV designed to take on the BMW X2, Jaguar E-Pace, and Mercedes-Benz GLA, during the Geneva auto show in the beginning of March, the company said mid-February.
    The car’s taillight signature was shown off in a teaser image February 20, and hinted at a toned-down version of the wild, futuristic-looking concept UX of 2016, pictured below.
    The new crossover will reportedly be based on the Toyota C-HR
  • Mercedes conducting internal probe into alleged emissions-cheating software

    Mercedes-Benz‘s parent company Daimler sought to play down a newspaper report that its own engineers questioned the legality of software used to control diesel equipment in its vehicles, saying U.S. authorities knew about the allegations and haven’t taken action.
    Documents reported on by newspaper Bild am Sonntag have “selectively been released in order to harm Daimler and its 290,000 employees,” Joerg Howe, a spokesman for the Stuttgart, Germany-based manufacturer, said
  • First Drive: 2019 Hyundai Nexo FCEV

    GANGWON-DO, SOUTH KOREA – Outwardly, the 2019 Hyundai Nexo looks like a contemporary crossover complete with its two-box styling and, in a nod to Jaguar, door handles that pop out when the vehicle is unlocked. However, what lurks beneath is a dedicated platform with a 2,790-millimetre wheelbase and the company’s latest fuel-cell technology. It’s a zero-emission ride that produces nothing but water — it also “vacuums” the air because what goes in (smog, tiny pa
  • Alfa Romeo unveils first new F1 car in 33 years

    Alfa Romeo hasn’t had a Formula One car in 33 years and it hasn’t won a driver’s championship since 1951. The last F1 car to wear the Alfa Romeo badge was the 185T, a machine Riccardo Patrese dubbed “the worst car I ever drove.” But here to break the 33-year absence is the striking Alfa Romeo-Sauber C37. 
    Though it wears the proud badge and rosso corsa colours, the C37 is actually designed by a Swiss operation and only became an “Alfa” after a brand
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  • The Ferrari 488 Pista is more hardcore than the Speciale or Challenge

    A new track-ready Ferrari 488 designed to replace the 458 Speciale broke cover in leaked images on a Ferrari Chat forum mid-February, offering a glimpse at the company’s next top-tier supercar.
    The car is rumored to boast a 711-horsepower turbocharged V8 derived from the 488 Challenge – the most powerful production V8 from the marque ever – and, based on the licence plate the car in the leaked photo is wearing, will be called “Pista,” Italian for “race track.&
  • Your Corner Wrench: Auto glass care and hacks

    It’s seldom a good day when you come out to get your commute started only to find some glass panel on your ride with a crack, or worse. You know you’re in for a deep pocketbook hit before you pick up the phone to contact your normal service provider and a matter of inconvenience while waiting for replacement parts and an installation appointment. But there are a few things you can do to soften the dollar impact and even prevent many incidents in the first place.
    Windshields are impos
  • Lorraine Explains: Defrosting your windshield

    In the throes of winter as we are right now, mornings can be especially difficult as we try to warm up the car and clear off the snow. But perhaps the most perplexing – and therefore frustrating – thing that hangs up our quick getaways is a fogged windshield. You can wipe from the inside, but it still comes back, and waiting for the car to reach a comfortable temp inside just isn’t possible when you’re late for work or school. 
    But it doesn’t have to be like th
  • Lincoln, Genesis pick-up services could do more than just save time

    “Starting March 1, Lincoln dealers will pick up a client’s 2018 vehicle when it is time for service and drop it off when finished.”
    Lincoln, you have just said the magic words.
    The best way to make my vehicle service experience fantastic is by removing me from the equation. Let me avoid the faux ficus and the leather-like couches; let me not drink a partial cup of lukewarm pod coffee while I read the promotional material perched on the pile of tires for the umpteenth time becau
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  • On the Road: 1952 Buick Super Estate Wagon

    CALGARY — It took a quarter of a century for this 1952 Buick Super Estate Wagon to appear at the World of Wheels.
    For the past 25 years the car has been a work in progress for Rob Rees. After putting on the finishing touches late last year, Rees is pleased to display what he considers automotive artwork from a bygone era. It’s his hope that younger showgoers will appreciate the unique design of the car.
    “I can’t say I spent 25 years on that car only,” Rees says from
  • Volkswagen’s 4Motion all-wheel-drive an ideal driving partner

    ST-ALEXIS-DES-MONTS, Quebec – Yes, it’s winter, so almost on cue various carmakers are showcasing their winter-friendly models. What makes a car particularly adept at winter driving is all-wheel drive – no, it’s not really any safer to drive an all-wheel driver in winter than, say, a modern two-wheel drive car equipped with ABS, traction control, and a good set of winter tires.
    However, AWD does add a measure of convenience, since it reduces the amount of shovelling neede
  • First Drive: 2019 Aston Martin DB11 Volante

    NICE, France – Like a hot knife through foie gras, the 2019 Aston Martin DB11 Volante cut to the very quick of its raison d’etre. The people of southern France noticed. It even elevated this sun-starved Canuck wheelman to something altogether more … intriguing. Yes, this fresh drop-top Aston rumbles with V8 authority and immerses its front seat occupants in a cocoon of the finest hides and woods, but first and foremost the Volante invites the world to share in your good fortun
  • This Delahaye for years harbored a secret identity

    If you’ve ever laid eyes on a real Delahaye 135, you’re one of a not-very-large cadre of people. The French carmaker only ever assembled some 2,000 examples of the sporting machine, between 1935 and 1954, and not nearly as many survive.
    The 1939 Delahaye in the collection of the Classic Car Club of America (CCCA) Museum in Hickory Corners, Michigan is rarer still — though exactly how rare wasn’t known until recently. Their car, donated in 1985 and on display now at the Ca
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  • John Cena asks judge to dismiss Ford’s lawsuit against him

    John Cena is seeking to have the lawsuit leveled against him by Ford dismissed, claiming the clause in the contract he’s accused of having violated was never in the ownership papers handed to him by the dealership.
    Ford is suing for breach of contract, fraudulent misrepresentation and unjust enrichment because the pro wrestler and actor sold his 2017 Ford GT just a few months after taking delivery of it when, the automaker says, he agreed not to sell it for two years. The restriction is me
  • FCA recalling 229K Ram trucks over transmission shifter issues

    Fiat Chrysler is recalling about 229,000 Ram trucks, mostly in North America, because they can be shifted out of park without a key in the ignition or a foot on the brake.
    The recall covers certain 1500, 2500 and 3500 pickups. Also included are 3500, 4500 and 5500 Chassis Cab trucks. All are from the 2017 and 2018 model years, and have steering column-mounted shifters.
    U.S. government documents say if the brake pedal is pushed for a long time when the trucks are running and in park, the brake-sh
  • Three full-size pickup trucks with plenty of cash on the hood

    On the last three Fridays of every month, Graeme Fletcher combines manufacturers’ incentives from Unhaggle.com with resale value, dependability and overall ratings to find you the best deal for your money in new cars. This week, we look at light duty pickup trucks. The hot deals are on the 2018 Ford F-150 Lariat 4×4 SuperCrew, GMC Sierra 1500 SLT 4×4 Crew Cab and Ram 1500 Laramie Crew Cab 4×4.
    Before delving into these three pickups, it’s important to note that give
  • Motor Mouth: Infotainment systems are distracting, period

    Have you ever given any thought to all the distractions in your car? Oh, I know you get the concept of distraction, that any distraction from the task of driving a car is bad, and some of you may even know that distraction has leapt ahead of drunk driving as the scourge of personal responsibility behind the wheel. But, have you ever thought about the exact nature of distraction, what it is that causes you to not pay attention to your driving and, more exactly, what are the multiple variables &md
  • Zen and the art of a Motorcycle Collective

    “I want to buy a bike but I don’t know how to work on it. And even if I did I don’t have anywhere to work on it.”
    The just launched Vancouver Motorcycle Collective hopes to solve those two issues for both prospective and longtime riders. And in the process create a non-intimidating, inclusive and supportive environment for the city diverse group of riding enthusiasts.
    The brainchild of Rising Sun Motorcycles owner Samson Lang, the VMC is essentially a shared garage space
  • Nothing is conventional for Koenigsegg, both the man and machine

    Christian von Koenigsegg is not your average car company executive, and even less your average car company owner. But seeing as Koenigsegg – the low-volume supercar company based in Sweden – is really not at all your average car company, well, then it makes a bit of sense. You’d need to have a bit of unconventional behind you to start a car company at just 22 years of age back in 1994. 
    Koenigsegg – the man – is in Toronto for the Canadian International Auto Sh
  • It’s Mine: 1986 Plymouth Caravelle coupe

    CALGARY — Any show and shine or car show features rank upon rank of the pony cars, muscle cars and prestige cars that have attracted collectors almost since they were produced. Some cars stand out because of their performance. Others because of their style. There are also cars that stand out just because they’ve survived, and that’s the case with ‘Baby Girl’.
    The 1986 Plymouth Caravelle coupe that Katelyn Gallup brings to Calgary-area shows isn’t much of a per
  • Five things we like – and don’t like – about the 2018 Honda Accord

    When it comes to bread-and-butter family sedans, there’s a good reason why Honda doesn’t mess around. For more than four decades, the Accord has been a staple, earning a near-unbeatable reputation for the right blend of reliability, driving dynamics, interior space – and just a tiny dash of boring.
    For 2018, the story is hardly different. The outgoing Accord was good, so it’s somewhat unfathomable how Honda could make it even better. Yet somehow, they did it – so mu
  • Collector Classics: 1939 Ford Coupe

    Keith Smith believes his 1939 Ford coupe has a soul. As such, he considers himself merely the current custodian of this rolling piece of B.C.’s hot rod history.
    The car has a colourful past dating back more than 60 years from the time it was first customized in Victoria. The hot rod changed hands over the decades, and in the process appeared in many early custom car shows from Seattle to Vancouver to hometown Victoria where she was featured in local parades.
    The old coupe was first customi
  • Tech is the new horsepower: Driving’s infotainment challenge

    We now take it as a given that infotainment systems — once so lowly that automakers let the aftermarket dominate the audio system sales — are an important, nay crucial, part of the automotive purchase. Indeed, there are some who would say that, if it is not already, audio/information/connectivity systems will soon be the most important aspect of a car’s performance.
    And yet seldom do said infotainment systems get more than a casual mention in a typical automotive road test. Oh,
  • Porsche Celebrates 70th Anniversary at Toronto auto show

    Porsche is a very unlikely success story, in 1948, Germany was a recovering nation and its people wanted affordable, practical transport. Thus Porsche launched a two-seat sports car with no roof and no weather protection whatsoever. That funny little car with its happy frog eyes would grow up to be the 356 and lead Porsche into the history books. Porsche is celebrating that history with an exhibit in the Canadian International Auto Show that plots a timeline of Porsche progress from the 356 to t
  • Alfa Romeo Stelvio Quadrifoglio will start at $95,000

    If you’re constantly late dropping the kids off at school, FCA Canada seems to have the solution for you with the Alfa Romeo Stelvio Quadrifoglio – though you might want to save your pennies. 
    The company announced today that its ultra high performance SUV will start at $95,000 when it goes on sale here in the second quarter of 2018. The 505-horsepower SUV with 443 lb.-ft. of torque earned its title of “fastest SUV” with a 7 minute, 51.7 second lap of
  • Ram introduces 1500 Sport at the Toronto auto show – and it’s just for Canada

    Of all the available models and trims available with the outgoing Ram 1500 pickup, Canadians loved the Sport the most. That’s why, when the freshly redesigned 2019 truck officially launches later this year, we’ll see another Ram 1500 Sport – and it’s just for us.
    Unique to the Ram 1500 Sport is monochromatic paintwork – no two-tone or chrome bumpers here – plus blacked-out headlight bezels, grille and, of course, badges. Twenty-inch wheels are standard, but 22
  • Photos: Highlights from the 2018 Canadian International Auto Show

    It’s that time of year again – the Canadian International Auto Show in Toronto has officially kicked off, and this year’s show is nothing short of impressive.
    Obviously, the star of the show is the Koenigsegg Agera RS, but that doesn’t mean it ends there. In addition to the bevy of new Canadian debuts, vintage metal and high-end exotics, Hot Wheels is marking their 50th anniversary at the show and Porsche is celebrating its 70th year.
    Canadian and North American debuts at
  • These exquisite hood ornaments were early car bling

    While someone looking to personalize their car today might opt for a set of custom rims, in the ’20s and ’30s, you made your vehicle your own in a different way — via a hood ornament.
    “They were kind of like early bling for your car, a way to personalize it,” offers Christoper Shires, executive director for the Gilmore Car Museum in Hickory Corners, Michigan.
    The museum acquired a collection of some 200 hood ornaments in 1989, and let the organizers of the Canadian
  • 2018 Honda Accord named Canada’s Car of the Year

    The 2018 Honda Accord is Canada’s Car of the Year for 2018, as named by the Automobile Journalists Association of Canada (AJAC) at the 2017 Canadian International Auto Show in Toronto.
    The Accord, also named AJAC’s Best Large Car for 2018 and the North American Car of the Year, beat out the 2018 Volvo S90 and V90 siblings, and the 2018 Mazda3. That said, the S90 and V90 were named AJAC’s 2018 Best Large Premium Car and the Mazda3 is AJAC’s 2018 Best Small Car award winner
  • Don’t forget about your car’s key locks

    While most advances in auto convenience technology really do benefit consumers, there are a few that leave something to be desired – and often, some expensive repair bills down the road, long after warranties have expired.
    Keyless entry is a great example. While it’s nice to not fumble through pockets or bags when our hands are full, and it’s very convenient to lock the doors after you’ve gone inside, few drivers – or automotive designers, for that matter – ev
  • Smart motorcyclists are preparing for spring now

    Now that spring is finally on the horizon, smart motorcyclists are getting ready to ride now. They want to be prepared to hit the road as soon as a warm, dry day occurs — and in Ontario, that could be as early as March!
    Being ready means buying the new or pre-owned bike of your dreams, or having your existing bike professionally serviced so that it is road-ready. Add to that new accessories, helmets, and protective apparel, and smart bikers know the time to start preparing is now.
    In all c
  • Mainstream auto brands’ quality catching up to luxury cars: J.D. Power

    Finally some good news for the middle class: Mass-market auto brands are almost as good as luxury cars when it comes to lasting quality.
    J.D. Power’s annual vehicle dependability study, which measures problems per 100 vehicles for three-year-old cars, found the gap between premium and mass-market brands has narrowed significantly. Mainstream brands now have 143 problems per 100 cars, just seven more than premium models. “High quality is not the preserve of luxury brands,” Dave
  • Lamborghini’s ‘super-SUV’ is the ticket it needs to survive

    Is there any reason why a sport-utility shouldn’t be a supercar? Lamborghini doesn’t think so, and that’s why it pulled the wraps off its all-new Urus SUV at an event prior to Toronto’s Canadian International Auto Show, which opens on February 16 and runs to the 25th. It was the first time the new Italian-built model has been shown in Canada.
    Of course, the Urus has to be true to its heritage, and the company calls it a “super-SUV.” It sprints from zero-to-100
  • The next-gen BMW X4 gets bigger, but somehow lighter

    BMW previewed its next-generation 2019 X4 sport activity coupe, a refreshed, more athletic-looking version of its predecessor, ahead of the vehicle’s full reveal in Geneva in March.
    The X4 is longer and wider, and adds 2.1 inches to the wheelbase, for a heftier but sportier look than the outgoing first-gen X4; however, despite growing dimensionally, the SUV actually loses about 50 kg, thanks to the use of lighter weight materials.
    In Canada, the X4 will come in two trims: the standard xDri
  • Five super romantic date cars for under $5,000

    It’s Valentine’s Day, and many of you will be going out on lovely dates with your lovely dates. But have you ever noticed that in romantic comedies, the protagonist never drives a new, nondescript crossover? That’s because they’re not romantic!
    Luckily, we have sourced five c?r?e?d?i?t?-?r?u?i?n?i?n?g? ?h?e?l?l?-?p?r?o?j?e?c?t?s?  affordable classics to make your date swoon when they come out the front door. 
    1968 Volkwagen B?e?e?t?l?e?  Love Bug
    1968 Volks
  • SUV Review: 2018 Ford Explorer Sport

    One of the smartest features on the 2018 Ford Explorer Sport is probably the smallest: Whenever the the rear window is washed, fluid also rinses dirt off the back-up camera. Same applies to the front camera that comes on the Sport model — spray some fluid on the front glass and the front camera gets a clean. It’s a good solution to persistent problem with cameras in cars, far less complicated than concealing the camera altogether, as some manufacturers do.
    That little pleasantry was
  • How It Works: Cylinder deactivation

    If you want to save fuel, one of the easiest ways is to not to use it. That’s the idea behind cylinder deactivation, used by some automakers to help improve fuel economy and reduce emissions.
    Most use trademarked names for their systems, and exactly how they operate may differ slightly between them, but the overall concept is the same: When full power isn’t needed, some cylinders don’t get any fuel.
    Deactivation is mostly used on V6 or V8 engines, where, in principle, it reduce
  • Fourth-gen Mini will get more tech but stay retro cute

    In 1959, decades before “mobility” became an industry buzzword, Sir Alec Issigonis set a ball rolling that BMW picked up when it purchased Rover in 1994. We’re talking about the emblematic Mini. The Munich-based firm re-invented the tiny car once in 2000, and it’s preparing to do it again in the coming years. BMW Group chief designer Adrian van Hooydonk says that Mini has already started working on the next-generation Hardtop, and he gave us insight into what we can expec
  • GM brings car-sharing service Maven to Toronto

    General Motors is bringing its Maven car-sharing service to Canada with a launch this month in Toronto, the automaker said mid-February.
    The Maven City service works via an app that lets users book round-trip short-term rentals of GM vehicles like Chevrolet’s Cruze, Malibu, Tahoe, Trax and Volt; GMC’s Acadia and Yukon; or Cadillac’s ATS and XT5. In Toronto, the rental rate starts at $9 per hour, including the cost of fuel and insurance, but bookings can be made by the hour, day
  • The 2019 Mercedes-AMG G 63 does zero-to-100 km/h in 4.5 seconds

    Mercedes-AMG pulled the cover off of its 2019 G 63, a 585-horsepower off-road performance machine, mid-February, ahead of a full reveal at the Geneva auto show in March.
    The performance-trim G-Wagen boasts a 4.0-litre twin-turbo V8 engine mated a nine-speed automatic feeding power to all four wheels. Cosmetically, it gets an AMG-specific grille, flared wheel arches, side-exit exhaust pipes and wheels available in sizes up to 22 inches.
    While the displacement is down from its predecessor’s
  • This Corvette-Mustang Batmobile is a steal at $850,000

    A replica of the “Tumbler” Batmobile from the recent Dark Knight trilogy of films is up for sale in Florida, boasting a $675,000 USD price tag and several features that may make it one of the most accurate replicas available yet.
    The vehicle is built off of a custom tube-frame chassis, and while it’s powered by a 350-cubic-inch allegedly sourced from a 1969 Corvette, it’s legally registered as a 1968 Ford Mustang. (To boot, it’s listed on Autotrader.com as a 2018 La
  • Car Review: 2018 Toyota Camry XSE

    Just like the stereotypical dowdy-cum-sultry librarian, the 2018 Toyota Camry has tossed its horn-rimmed classes, let down its hair and donned a come-hither frock. She might want to sue her plastic surgeon, though, for operating while under the influence of … acid? Nonetheless, the perennially conservative Camry has undergone a remarkable transformation. And to put a point on it, Toyota states – with tongue firmly planted in cheek – the Camry is no longer available in beige.