• 'They feel … betrayed': Pockets of toxic workplace culture drive some city employees to quit

    The City of Edmonton is overhauling its workplace complaints process in the face of serious concerns about pockets of festering harassment and discrimination.
    Past and current employees in multiple city departments told Postmedia the system allows a toxic work culture to develop in pockets of the city administration. Their stories — along with city surveys evaluating employee satisfaction, interviews with councillors hearing staff complaints, and union officials managing an increasing numb
  • Two Sergeants unable to brew amid zoning, licensing woes

    The owner of a small brewery on 105 Avenue — behind the Brewery District — believes he’ll have to pay $15,000 to open for business.
    After three years of operating in Fort Saskatchewan, Kevin Moore hoped to relocate his brewery, Two Sergeants Brewing Inc., to Edmonton. He signed the lease for his new location late May, only to learn in July that he’d have to be approved for brewing.
    Moore first hoped to open by the end of August but is now aiming for the end of September.
  • Edmonton companies gearing up with less than 60 days until Legal Pot Day

    Canada will legalize recreational marijuana in less than two months, and a variety of Edmonton firms are working hard to find their place in one of the world’s newest major industries.
    A recent study by American firms Arcview Market Research and BDS Analytics predicted total Canadian pot sales will balloon to US$5.5 billion in 2022 from US$569 million last year, which would give Canada 17 per cent of the entire world market.
    Local companies want a slice of that giant pie once weed goes leg
  • Alberta's police watchdog is 10 years old: Is it working?

    Early on in her career with Alberta’s police watchdog agency, Susan Hughson spoke to an officer who — during the course of an officer-involved shooting investigation — was read his Charter rights.
    The officer was trained to “Charter and caution” people he suspected of committing crimes. Hearing the words directed at him was jarring.
    “It threw him completely off,” she said in an interview this week. “It was outside his realm of experience. He never
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  • Fringe review: Those Who Can't Do, Teach

    Those Who Can’t Do, Teach
    • 2.5 stars out of 5
    • Stage 2, Big Rock Backstage Theatre at the ATB Financial Arts Barns
    Teaching children is a humour diamond mine.
    Untainted by the nuances of social convention, kids blurt out blunt observations and perpetually test boundaries.
    Ergo, a teacher-themed cabaret sounds like fun, but this one scrapes by with a barely passing grade.
    Singer and musical theatre teacher Cassie Muise has a lovely voice. She’s likely an excellent instruct
  • Man dead after 'targeted' shooting in northeast neighbourhood

    A man is dead after what police believe to be a targeted gun attack in the city’s northeast.
    Police found a deceased male in an apartment parking lot after responding to reports of multiple gunshots at 162 Avenue and 51 Street shortly before 11 p.m., said Edmonton Police Service Staff Sgt. BIll Clark. The man was shot in his vehicle.
    “We do believe we know the identity of the male,” Clark said. “He was very well-known to police.”
    “One, possibly two” susp
  • Fringe review: Every Story Ever Told

    Every Story Ever Told
    • 4.5 stars out of 5
    • Stage 36, La Cité Auditorium
    Stories are what make up theatre, so when one person declares that he will tell every story ever told in 60 minutes, it’s bound to make for an entertaining hour.
    Now full disclosure, Vancouver-based Ryan Gladstone doesn’t actually tell all, but he certainly comes close – and it is a riot.
    Gladstone’s motivation for the piece comes from reading stories to his children every
  • Climate Justice portrait series to span Trans Mountain pipeline expansion

    A group of local environmentalists hopes to install a series of colourful eight-foot portraits along the Trans Mountain pipeline expansion this fall.
    The portrait series, “People on the Path,” is planned for locations around Jasper and Edmonton under the organization of Climate Justice Edmonton. They were displayed together at Whitemud Park Sunday afternoon as a backdrop for several speeches from environmentalists and Indigenous advocates.
    “We wanted to spark a discussion aroun
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  • Fringe Review: Al LaFrance: I Think I'm Dead

    Al LaFrance: I Think I’m Dead
    • 5 stars out of 5
    • Stage 26, The Almanac
    There are moments during his storytelling piece I Think I’m Dead, when he talks about consuming copious amounts of energy drinks. He also talks of having a panic attack so severe he thinks he’s having a heart attack.
    There were also moments during I Think I’m Dead when I wondered how many energy drinks he had before he came out on stage or whether he was about to have a heart attack.
    I Thin
  • Fringe Review: The ADHD Project

    The ADHD Project
    • 4 stars out of 5
    • Stage 24, Roots on Whyte
    For many, what it’s like living with ADHD is a mystery. Some don’t even believe it’s even a real diagnosis.
    But for so many people, it’s a challenge they live with (impulsiveness, distraction, disorganization, hyperactivity) and try to make the best of.
    Carlyn Rhamey offers her story of growing up with ADHD in the funny and poignant show, The ADHD Project.
    Over 60 minutes she recounts her stru
  • Fringe review: Flutter Bird

    Flutter Bird3 stars out of 5
    Stage 9, Telus Phone Museum 
    Looking back on childhood, there’s certain things we miss or for which we lack the context. Context is important, especially as we get older.Flutter Bird is about that context, the information we thought we had nailed down as we grew up, but which looks so different with the passing of time.Maryclare McCauley was the third of four children, a skinny and hyperactive child who couldn’t keep on weight. From a young age she w
  • Nick Lees: Age is meaningless for these seniors who work hard to stay active

    Ninety-year-old Edward Mickelson took the gold medal in the inaugural city-wide Walk, Run and Roll one-kilometre race in Victoria Park last Sunday.
    He lifts weights, attends fitness classes twice a week and has good news for the world.
    “There’s great fun in growing old,” he says. “The secret is to make it fun and not sit around expecting others to entertain you.”
    The fundraising race was organized by seniors who use the downtown drop-in Jewish Senior Citizens Centre
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  • Fringe review: Thunderfoot

    • 3.5 stars out of 5
    • Stage 37, Auditorium at Campus Saint-Jean
    Aaron Malkin of James and Jamesy works through the death of his own mother when he was five years old and weaves a tale of a brave boy who sets out to fight the giant Thunderfoot and find his missing mom.
    There are lots of mimed bits that will be familiar to the Vancouver duo’s fans as Malkin creates scenes out of nothing on the bare stage, morphing into one of the finger people he has just shown us flee
  • Fringe review: Jesus Christ: The Lost Years

    JESUS CHRIST: The Lost Years
    • 4 stars out of 5
    • Stage 36, La Cite Auditorium
    Something you may not be aware of, but that will help you understand this show: the Bible has nothing to say about Jesus between his early teen years and the age of 30. Vacouver’s Monster Theatre will try to shed some light on the life of the son of God in Jesus Christ:The Lost Years.
    Jesus loves his father, Joseph, until one day his parents reveal that his assumed parenthood may not be as straightforw
  • Fringe review: [title of show]

    [title of show]
    • 4.5 stars out of 5
    • Stage 27, Hi-Edmonton Hostel
    Musical theatre nerds unite for this hilarious comedy about attempting to make a big Broadway hit.
    That’s right, this popular 2008 Broadway musical chronicles its own life to the Great White Way — from phone call ideas and living room brainstorming sessions to the show’s entrance in the New York Musical Theatre Festival that gave it a new life.
    The show writers Hunter (Matt Graham) and Jeff (Mich
  • Fringe review: Cult Cycle: A New Musical

    Cult Cycle: A New Musical4 out of 5 stars
    Stage 35, L’unitheatreFrom the same people who brought you last year’s Evil Dead: The Musical comes the hilarious Cult Cycle: A New Musical, a funny look at the world of gym membership and the drive to physical and spiritual perfection.
    Patty has come to the Cult Cycle gym in order to find her friend Ben, who disappeared a year ago; Justine tagged along so she could make fun of everyone at work who isn’t getting fit and trim.
    What they
  • Canadian Medical Association awards two Edmontonians

    Two Edmontonians will receive awards at the opening of the Canadian Medical Association’s annual general meeting and council in Winnipeg this Tuesday.
    Dr. Cara Bablitz, who graduated with a University of Alberta medical degree in 2011, will receive an Award for Young Leaders (Early Career) for her work in palliative career and Indigenous health. Michael Gormley, executive director of the Alberta Medical Association, will receive the Owen Adams Award of Honour, the highest award that can be
  • Edmonton Marathon, Air Show enjoy respite from smoke but haze could return

    Aerobatic flyers dazzled audiences and runners breathed clear air as the Edmonton Marathon and Edmonton Air Show enjoyed a respite from smoky conditions Sunday.
    The weekend began in an apocalyptic haze, reaching an Air Quality Health Index high of 11, but steadily improved Saturday afternoon and remained at a low-risk three throughout much of Sunday. Saturday’s Eskimos game against the Alouettes went ahead as planned, leading to a crushing 40-24 victory for the home team.
    The westerly wind
  • Fringe review: Scorch

    • 4.5 stars out of 5
    • Stage 28, The Playhouse
    Ever wondered just how complicated life can be if you’re not sure what gender you are?
    Playwright Stacey Gregg draws from real life court cases in the U.K. to tell the tale of a 17-year-old transgender kid named Kes who was born female but identifies as… well? That’s still a developing question for Kes, played by Julie (NIUIBOI) Ferguson, credited as a trans non-binary performance artist, directed in this North Am
  • PHOTOS: Photography Club Camp

    The St. Albert Photography Club held their 6th annual camping trip to Elk Island National Park on the weekend. The club, which has approximately seventy members, has been in existence for twenty seven years and meet at the St. Albert Inn three times a month. (PHOTOS BY LARRY WONG/POSTMEDIA)
    A member of the St. Albert Photography Club participates in a light painting photography session at Elk Island National Park on August 19, 2018. The club, which has approximately seventy members, has been in
  • Fringe Review: A Sad Ass Cabaret

    A Sad Ass Cabaret
    4 stars out of 5
    Stage 13, Old Strathcona Public Library
    Most songwriters will tell you that it’s easier to write sad or dark songs than happy ones. Some of the best actually had good reasons to write sad stuff, though sad lives don’t always inspire lyrics of a depressing nature. You’ll hear about both in this entertaining hour of songs and stories about a few famous songwriters, a collaboration between Vancouver’s T.J.Dawe and Lindsay Robertson.
    Dawe se
  • Fringe review: Buyer and Cellar

    Fringe review: Buyer and Cellar
    • 3.5 stars out of 5
    • Stage 10, Have Mercy Acacia Hall
    Apparently, Barbra Streisand has really built a mall in the basement of her Malibu home where she displays all the dresses, antiques, costumes and other stuff she has collected.
    Imagine working there as the pseudo-shopkeeper, dusting, mopping and waiting for the owner herself to come down and play customer for her own things.
    That’s the premise of this comedy, which recounts the adventures of
  • Fringe Review: The Real Inspector Hound

    The Real Inspector Hound
    • Stage 12, The Varscona Theatre
    • 5 stars out of 5
    What do you get when you pair some of Edmonton’s most talented actors with a script by renowned playwright Tom Stoppard?
    A damn fine time at the Fringe.
    The Bright Young Things production of The Real Inspector Hound delivers a steady stream of laughs and surprises in a tight 60 minutes that manages to be an absurdist farce, a whodunnit, and a play within a play. This is non-stop fun.
    The play centre
  • Fringe Review: Concord Floral

    Concord Floral
    • 5 stars out of 5
    • Stage 4, Academy at King Edward
    Concord Floral is a massive abandoned greenhouse amid a thistle-covered field.
    It’s where local teens go to hang out, party, smoke weed, and have sex.
    But it harbours a secret, a dark secret that begins to haunt the group of teens that are central to the play.
    Once it is uncovered, it spreads through the group like a plague forcing all of them to confront an event they thought they had left behind them.
  • Exploring Wine: What to pair with the Fringe

    Edmonton Journal wine columnist Juanita Roos talks wine with Joses Martin, general manager of the Grindstone Comedy Theatre & Bistro. 
    The Grindstone Comedy Theatre is a venue for the 2018 Edmonton Fringe Theatre Festival. 
  • Fringe Review: For Science!

    For Science!
    • 5 stars out of 5
    • Stage 3, Walterdale Playhouse
    How many of you can pass by a roll of bubble wrap without having to pop it? Who among you can see a cup full of Lego perilously close to the edge of a counter and resist the urge to move it back to a safer spot, or worse, send it clattering to the floor? Who can avoid the Pavlovian response of ringing a bell for a treat?
    Better yet, who’s willing to do all of those, and more, in front of a packed house at the Walterd
  • You see food everywhere you look: Foraging for lunch in Edmonton's river valley

    Kevin Kossowan and Blair Lebsack lead a group on an expedition to forage for food in Edmonton’s river valley.
    A harvest lunch was then prepared by RGE RD restaurant Chef Blair Lebsack, which included mushrooms on toast, foraged cold brew tea, tumbleweed salad, foraged onion dumplings, wood over roasted broccoli and mixed berry clafloutis.
  • Edmonton Oilers bring in Scottie Upshall on PTO. D-man coming in trade next?

    This in from the Edmonton Oilers: “The Oilers have signed Scottie Upshall to a PTO contract. The forward & Fort McMurray native has played 759 @NHL regular season games & has spent the last three years in St. Louis, tallying 7G, 12A over 63 games in 2017-18.”Bob Stauffer @Bob_Stauffer: “Scottie Upshall has gone on PTO’s 2 of the last 3 years and earned Contracts: St.Louis 2015 (St.Louis) Vancouver 2017 (St.Louis). He can skate, competes, is smart and can PK. Could
  • Fringe review: Field Guide to the Gays

    Field Guide to the Gays
    • 3 stars out of 5
    • Stage 37, Auditorium at Campus Saint-Jean
    Do you know what a bear is, or a beard, or one of the original meanings of gay? If not, Logan Donahoo is happy to spill the tea for you.
    The ebullient Orlando, Fla. performer provides an hour-long voyage through the history, slang and civil rights milestones of gay culture, or more precisely American, overwhelmingly male, gay culture.
    For the most part it’s a light-hearted romp, even the primer
  • Fringe review: The Wilds

    The Wilds
    • 3.5 stars out of 5 
    • Stage 37, Auditorium at Camps Saint-Jean
    Not too often do shows have audiences laughing one minute and then sniffling with tears flowing down the next. But that is the roller coaster of emotions The Wilds elicits without a single word being spoken.
    This new physical theatre production by Victoria-based company Wonderheads uses great movement, music and expression to tell the beautiful story about life and love.
    The story follows Wendell

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