• Things To Do In Munich: All The Classics

    The capital of Bavaria is known for its beer festival, Oktoberfest. Every year people drink hundreds of litres of good beer, eat kilometres of sausage and scarf down thousands of roast chickens. But does Munich, during the rest of the year, resemble the city that we see in the news each year? Well, a little bit, yes...
    Eating in Munich is all about the classics. There's sausage, chicken, pork, beer, of course. But when you go looking for something "different", you find other classics, too: excel
  • Spend February In These 4 Stunning Central America Towns

    Spending a winter month in a warm-weather destination is a dream for many Canadians. But enjoying several weeks away from the frigid temperatures and feet of snow of the Great White North doesn't have to break the bank. These four Central American towns, loaded with natural beauty, culture, and budget-friendly places to call home, will encourage you to take a little more time off work this winter.
    Caye Caulker, BelizePhoto credit: James Willamor
    Belize is becoming an increasingly popular long-te
  • 5 Costa Rican Beaches To Ease Your Winter Blues

    The winter blues sets in shortly after the cheer of the holidays has passed. But you can beat those feelings of hatred for shoveling snow, icy windshields and slippery roads by escaping to the exotic beaches of Central America. These five Costa Rican beaches, complete with lanky palm trees, jungle backdrops, sugary sands, and laid-back tropical vibes, are guaranteed to make you forget what sub-zero temperatures feel like.Playa GrandePhoto credit: Angelique
    Just a short walk north of Tamarindo is
  • Where To Rent A Cottage This Winter

    Cottage season was longer than ever this year: September boasted summer-like warmth; October and November saw temperatures in the 20s.Yet, a countrywide cooling is finally underway. The first flurries have fallen and, more tellingly, pumpkin spice has been dethroned by eggnog.For many Canadians this change in climate signals the end of cottage season, a peculiar behaviour for a people who call the great white north home. It gets a little -- err, a lot -- chilly and Canadians cease to take part i
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  • An Insider's Guide To Capri

    Capri, the blue island, is a Mediterranean magnet for celebrities, jet setters and global nomads alike. It's inhabitants are Caprese first and Italians second. Everything about Capri's lifestyle and pace reinforce it's unique beauty and appeal to such a well-travelled tourist. On a recent jaunt to the tiny island, i met a unicorn. A beautiful Caprese -- Anna Chiara Della Corte -- born in the town of Capri, "on the south side by Marina Piccola, the little bay from where you can see Farraglioni R
  • Parks Canada's Site Crashes After Releasing Free National Parks Passes

    Canadians are really eager to get their hands on a pass to a national park.
    Parks Canada is handing out free 2017 Discovery passes to mark the country's 150th anniversary. The passes will be available for the entire year, but nature lovers were so ready to jump on the offer, that they crashed Parks Canada's website over the weekend.
    "We are thrilled that so many of you are excited for Canada150 and the free souvenir 2017 Parks Canada Discovery Pass," the organization posted on Facebook.
    "We wish
  • L.A.'s Best Hikes

    Hiking is known as one of Los Angeles's most popular outdoor activities - and for good reason. With some of North America's most scenic views and an abundance of natural beauty, any one of L.A.'s numerous trails are the perfect place to lace up and set out on an adventure.We've compiled some of the best hiking routes across the metropolis for beginners, intermediates, and pros to explore the Los Angeles wild. So, grab your gear, some H2O and your best hiking pal and head out on an adventure acro
  • Travel Gifts You'll Actually Use

    Holiday shopping is always a challenge, and shopping for frequent travellers can be even more difficult. If we've seen one list of "travel gifts," we've seen them all, amirite? How many monogrammed travel pouches, passport covers and decorative globes does one person need? Sure, it's the thought that counts, but why not combine thoughtful with genuinely useful this holiday season?Cheapflights.ca has compiled a list of travel gear that will make great gifts for the frequent flier in your life --
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  • Edmonton's About To Get The Buzzy Downtown It's Always Wanted

    Lino Oliveira has been running his restaurant in downtown Edmonton since 2008 and says he has never seen as many patrons as he has this fall. Sabor, which specializes in Mediterranean dishes and seafood, served more than 250 diners one weekend night in October, a culinary feat for a restaurant that seats about 120 people.
    The change is stark and dramatic in a city whose downtown core has struggled for vitality. Those fortunes changed on September 8 -- when Edmonton's sensational $480-million are
  • Saint-Émilion: A Medieval French Village Ideal For Art, Culture And Wine Lovers

    Note: Airfare provided by Air France. Accommodation and activities arranged courtesy of Atout France, Aquitaine and Saint-Emilion Tourism. Tours of the art galleries were not arranged - I explored them solo.With its old-world architecture, Romanesque churches, limestone ruins, underground caves, steep and narrow cobbled streets, Saint-Émilion is a picturesque medieval French village surrounded by vineyard landscapes and world-renowned châteaux. It's a surprising treat and an ideal s
  • You're Missing Out If You Don't Visit Quebec City This Winter

    Winter is unlike any other time of year in Quebec City. Cobblestone streets are lined with freshly-shoveled snow, 17th-century buildings drip with icicles, and seasonal events and attractions welcome those who aren't afraid to travel north once the temperatures drop. These four reasons to visit Quebec City this winter prove those who only visit in the warmer months are missing out.Embrace Winter at the Quebec Winter Carnival
    Photo credit: Ivailo Dochkov
    The Quebec Winter Carnival encourages loca
  • How To Stay Healthy While Travelling

    I am traveling more and more these days and I love it! But it is a challenge to maintain the same healthy eating patterns (and exercise) when I am traveling.
    Recently, I was lucky enough to speak with Kim McDevitt, MPH, RDwho works at Vega as a National Educator. Kim shared with me easy and practical tips that will keep your healthy habits on track during your travels.
    View from my room - recent trip to MiamiWhat are the top tips for eating healthy while travelling?It can be tricky (and tempting
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  • You May Want To Start A Travel Bucket List

    Celebrated world traveler, Robin Esrock encourages you to explore your backyard, whether it is in Canada or anywhere in the world. In his new book, The Great Global Bucket List, Robin lists One-Of-A-Kind Travel experiences that anyone can do.If you live in British Columbia, or just anywhere in Canada, you don't have to go very far from home to take in some of the greatest natural sights the world as to offer.Canada is a natural theme park. It hosts endless mountaintop vistas, dark skies perfect
  • Welcome To Bhalil: Morocco's Hidden Gem

    Morocco is a curious traveller's dream. Bordering Spain to the north and Algeria to the east, this is a country of many cultural influences. Bustling marketplaces in cities like Marrakech and Fez offer a glimpse of the real-life Arabian nights: handwoven carpets hang on the walls of narrow alleyways and colorful spices sit in big, cane baskets on the stone path below.As you follow the aroma of spicy kebabs and vegetable tagines ahead, you can't escape the vendors selling handicrafts who ask you
  • 4 Insane Winter Experiences That Can Only Be Had In Canada

    Canadians are no strangers to outrageous winter adventures. They're used to playing ice hockey on frozen lakes, skiing down steeps in chest-deep powder, and soaring downhill on plastic saucers.However, many Canadians and travellers from around the world are missing out on some of the most thrilling winter adventures that can be had in the Great White North. These four insane winter experiences are just a handful of the bucket-list-worthy, snow-based thrills you can find on a trip to Canada this
  • Discover Big Culture On A Small Budget In These Exotic Destinations

    Exotic escapes don't have to be expensive. While lounging on a tropical beach in the Philippines or discovering the ancient Pyramids of Giza sound like excursions that will burn a hole in your pocket, you'll be wowed by how far your Canadian dollar can go in such sought-after travel destinations.Since 2015, the Canadian dollar has appreciated by an average of 19 per cent, while flight prices have dropped by roughly 20 per cent. Combine the lower airfares with destinations that offer more bang fo
  • France's Revitalized Bordeaux Is Buzzing With Life

    (Photos: Desi Globetrotter)
    Note: Airfare provided by Air France. Accommodations and activities arranged courtesy of Atout France, Aquitaine and Bordeaux Tourism.Like preserved fine wine, Bordeaux is becoming better with age. Famous for its surrounding vineyards and chateaux, this port city in France's southwestern Aquitane region is no longer a gateway or a quick stopover on the road to the world's best vinos; it's also a highlight. To fully understand the Bordelais art de vivre, or art of liv
  • Local's Guide To The Best Adventurous Weekend In L.A.

    Los Angeles is an adventurer's paradise. Home to more than just tanned celebrities, the sprawling metropolis offers everything from modern rock climbing to incredible trails ideal for mountain biking and of course amazing surf spots. And what better time to head to the sunny state than when the snow starts falling in the Great White North?To get you started, we've put together a two-day itinerary ideal for any thrill seekers craving a daring getaway.DAY 1
    Upon arrival, check in to the Farmer's D
  • 5 Places Where The Canadian Dollar Has Extra Value

    Photo credit: f.ermert
    There's no better time than now for Canadians to pack their bags and start traveling. A strong Canadian Dollar coupled with shockingly low flight prices means Canadians will see huge savings on travel when compared to previous years. In fact, in some destinations, Canadians are seeing their dollars go 36-per cent further than they did last year.Award-winning, Calgary-based travel agency Discount My Flights recently released its list of 15 cities around the world where you
  • A Guide To Surviving Your Next Red-Eye Flight

    Co-Authored with Elena Murzello, Author of The Love ListUnless you have money to burn, red-eyes are a great way to save on an extra day of a hotel costs. They also give you a full day to hit the pavement running. I usually can't stand taking red-eyes, but I found myself taking one last week from Vancouver to New York City.The normal daytime flight would take approximately 5.5 to 7.5 hours depending upon layovers -- this amazing red-eye took a quick 4.5 hours due to the tail wind. 4.5 hours was e
  • How To Relocate Like A Fashion Girl

    What to do when you've got hundreds of pairs of shoes, enough clothes to dress a small army, and your career demands that you move, oh on average, about every three years? And not just to another city, but an entirely foreign country.
    Welcome to Anne-Marie Bodal's life. The Footwear Design Director currently lives in Alicante, Spain (that's the designer shoe capital of Europe BTW), but before that she called Thailand, Singapore, South Africa and the UK home. After studying at De Montfort Univers
  • Winter Fun In Toronto!

    I love finding new places to visit and exploring new parts of cities. Recently, I was lucky enough to learn about some new fun activities to try in Toronto in the winter!
    Here are my top ten picks for what I think will be super fun for your next visit to Toronto this winter!
    1. Why not try, Winter surfing? Yes, you read that right.. you can surf in the winter!2. If you have been following my blog, you have probably read about how I love cross-country skiing, Downhill skiing and Snowboarding. You
  • The 'Coolification' Of Victoria, B.C. Continues

    It's 1 p.m. on a Sunday and Douglas Street is teeming with action. Over there, a bhangra dance class is ruling the corner of Johnson Street. Up the block, local band Lovecoast is turning out funky, danceable pop songs on a sun-lit stage. In front of them is a beer garden, food trucks and artisan vendors, altering downtown Victoria into a street party not unlike what you might see on a weekend in Montreal.
    Of all of Canada's major cities, Victoria would be considered the farthest away from cuttin
  • 7 Jaw-Dropping Bathrooms Across The Globe

    After you check in, and swipe the key card to unlock your hotel room, what's the first thing you do? Lie on the bed? Check out the view? Unpack your suitcase? Our research shows when entering a hotel room, 47 per cent of us head straight to the bathroom (And not because we've necessarily been needing to go since the airport).Similar to someone's home, a bathroom can say a lot about a person -- or a hotel. It's way of understanding how that hotel wants to treat their guests. Whether it's a freest
  • The Best Places To Travel In 2017, According To National Geographic Traveler

    Editors of National Geographic Traveler magazine have released their picks for the best destinations of 2017, giving shout-outs to places like Banff, Chengdu, Seoul, Madrid and Georgia, USA.
    For their annual Best of the World list, editors chose a total of 21 destinations they deem to be “must-see” places to visit next year.
    The selections fall into three categories: cities, nature and culture.
    In the nature category, the magazine shines the spotlight on Kauai, a paradisiac island in
  • Celebrating The Local Food Movement And Canada's Place In It

    Kale, quinoa and pulses -- they've all had their fifteen minutes of food fame. Food trends come and go, but when a trend evolves and starts to have a lasting impact on business and the economy, it becomes a movement. That's what's happening with local food in Canada.In my role as "Ms. Food Tourism" at the Culinary Tourism Alliance (CTA), I've seen the local food "trend" become a national food movement, and the impact of this cannot be underestimated.
    Our food-obsessed culture is more interested
  • Vancouver International Airport Launches Autism Access Sticker

    Vancouver International Airport (YVR) has become the first in Canada to launch a program to help travellers with autism get through airports faster.
    The I CAN Fly program, announced Monday, will be rolling out resources to make air travel easier for those on the autism spectrum, including the YVR Austism Access Sticker.
    The badge is placed on a passenger's boarding pass, and guarantees quicker processing through customs and security screenings.
    This sticker will speed up the airport screening pr
  • Vancouver International Airport Launches Austism Access Sticker

    Vancouver International Airport (YVR) has become the first in Canada to launch a program to help travellers with autism get through airports faster.
    The I CAN Fly program, announced Monday, will be rolling out resources to make air travel easier for those on the autism spectrum, including the YVR Austism Access Sticker.
    The badge is placed on a passenger's boarding pass, and guarantees quicker processing through customs and security screenings.
    This sticker will speed up the airport screening pr
  • 15 Reasons Banff Is The Best Winter Destination In Canada

    We might be a little bit biased,but we think winter in Banff National Park should be experienced by every Canadian at least once.The snow-capped mountains, the multitude of festivals, the gigantic fireplaces and toasty mugs of hot chocolate – spending some time in this winter wonderland is like being transported to the set of the most romantic holiday movie you could ever imagine, and then some.
    The best thing about winter in the Canadian Rockies is that there is something for everyone. Wa
  • Forget Holiday Gifts -- Treat Yourself To A Trip This Year

    The holiday season can be overwhelming. There are presents to buy, parties to plan, extravagant meals to cook, and relatives to entertain. However, you can eliminate all of the stresses of the holidays by escaping to a warm-weather destination, a city you've always longed to see, or a winter wonderland this time of year.Visit one of these five out-of-this-world destinations instead of spending your money on gifts this holiday season -- no one will miss those ugly Santa socks anyway.Puerto Vallar
  • 6 Reasons To Spend The Holidays At Lake Louise

    Lake Louise saw more than 20 inches of snowfall last December. This Alberta winter wonderland is the ultimate destination for a holiday vacation, complete with twinkling lights, icicles hanging from window sills, snow-covered pines, and mountainside ice skating rinks. Add the world-renowned Fairmont Chateau Lake Louise and some of Canada's top-rated ski resorts, and there's simply no better place to be for the holidays. These six reasons to start booking your winter escape to Lake Louise will in
  • 15 Towns Where Streets Are Made Of Water

    If you're a travel addict looking for a unique way to get around a new destination, look no further.From China to Thailand, Sweden, France and more, these beautiful countries, while their landscapes may differ, all have one thing in common: towns with roads that are made of water.But no need to panic if you're not an avid swimmer. They all have boats available to get pedestrians around.Check out the video above to see the full list of cities!Have you ever been to one of these destinations before
  • Think Twice Before Flying Your Pet In Cargo

    By Vjosa Isai
    The festive transformation of storefront windows and winter drink menus are already in motion, signalling this year's holiday season is upon us once again. While it may be too soon for Christmas shopping, anyone thinking of a holiday getaway would benefit from an early start to planning, especially if you're bringing along a furry friend.
    Airlines have pet policies in place to designate which animals are permitted in the cabin versus cargo hold, a vital consideration for pet owners
  • 5 Tips For Learning A New Language Efficiently

    Vacations are fabulous opportunities to immerse ourselves in new cultures and experiences. However, with more than 4,000 languages spoken around the world, communication remains a constant barrier for those who are not multilingual.
    While we would all would like to learn the language of the country we're visiting before actually getting there, the fact of the matter is learning the nuances of an entire language can be almost impossible before embarking on a holiday.
    Not being able to easily comm
  • American Searches For Canadian Homes Spike Amid Trump's Victory

    Moving to Canada is starting to look like a very real prospect for many Americans, if search trends are any indication.
    Real estate portal Point2 Homes saw American searches for Canadian housing spike by 282 per cent leading up to the U.S. election on Tuesday.
    This graph shows how much home searches trended up in the two days leading up to the U.S. election day. (Photo: Point2Homes)
    The queries were primarily from millennial women aged 25 to 44.
    Many were looking at homes in Ontario, where searc
  • Let Your Pets Have A Bathroom Break Inside These Airports

    If you're a snowbird heading south for the winter, you might be packing a pooch along for the ride as well. Until recently,jet-set pets looking for pre-flight places to do their business had few options once past the security checkpoint.A federal regulation on United States now requires airports that serve more than 10,000 passengers a year to have in-terminal pet relief areas for service animals accompanying travellers, and most are open to any other four-legged passengers or service workers. T
  • Saddle Up: 7 Ways To Live The Ranch Life

    If you have a passion for the outdoors, love horses and have always been inspired to experience 'home on the range' then why not shake up your next vacation?With more than one million accommodations - including everything from extravagant castles to rustic tent stays and icy igloos -- we've put together seven rockin' ranch stays for you to experience a taste of the cowboy life for yourself. Grab a pair of boots and your Stetson hat, seize the reins and let the adventure begin!Sundance Guest Ranc
  • 6 Reasons To Head To Mexico This Winter

    Photo credit: Blok 70
    Many travelers are overlooking one of North America's best travel destinations. Mexico is a culturally and naturally diverse nation, offering the key items most travelers seek -- postcard-worthy scenery, rich culture, hospitable people, delicious food, and affordability. These six reasons to visit Mexico will encourage you to forget about misleading media headlines and find your slice of heaven south of the border.You'll Get More Bang for Your Buck
    Mexico can be an affordab
  • The Top 4 U.S. Cities For Holiday Shopping

    Holiday shopping doesn't have to be a drag. It's easy to feel overwhelmed when creating your list and checking it twice, but the experience of picking out all of those special gifts should be remembered not hated. These four cities across the United States offer holiday cheer, world-renowned shops, and plenty of attractions for when the shopping is done.San Francisco, CaliforniaPhoto credit: Ken Lund
    Not exactly seeking a winter wonderland this holiday season? Head to San Francisco for a destina
  • Air Canada Remembrance Day Poppy Ban Has Airline Apologizing

    For 95 years, the poppy has served as a solemn symbol of remembrance for veterans who have died in war.
    But for Air Canada, wearing it became a violation of the uniform policy for flight attendants — until the airline reversed itself just hours later.
    A view of Air Canada planes at Toronto Pearson International Airport on July 20. (Photo: Artur Widak/NurPhoto via Getty Images)
    On Monday morning, Renée Smith-Valade, vice-president of in-flight service at Air Canada, issued an interna
  • The City Of Brotherly Love Offers Sights And Great Bites

    The City of Brotherly Love has garnered a reputation as the destination to learn about the storied tale of America's birth -- and that you can't leave the city without seeing the legendary Liberty Bell in person. And while it is certainly a city rife with history, there's so much more to see and do beyond "the bell."You may not be aware but this is a lively city budding with delicious cuisine, art culture, beer gardens, local artisan boutiques and so much more. Here are my five favourite spots y
  • Canada May Make Flights Cheaper By Allowing More Foreign Investment

    MONTREAL — The federal government plans to raise the cap on foreign ownership of Canadian airlines in a bid to drive down fares and offer travellers more choice.
    Transport Minister Marc Garneau promised legislation that would allow foreigners to own up to 49 per cent of an airline in Canada, a jump from the current cap of 25 per cent. However, an individual foreign investor or group of foreign investors will still be capped at 25 per cent.
    Garneau said loosening Canada's foreign investment
  • Swap Snow For Sand: People-Watching In L.A.

    It's easy to conclude that a favourite part about summer is heading to the beach - to swim, tan, relax and of course, people watch. Whether it's Toronto's Cherry Beach or Vancouver's English Bay Beach, beachgoers are always hoping to spot some unique individuals to make the day. While the weather here is getting colder, this doesn't mean our favourite activity should stop.We have compiled a list of the best beaches to spot beloved celebs, street performers and average Californian Joes while soak
  • Patriotic Places To Toast To Your Destination's National Tipple

    Salut! Chin chin! Na zdorovie!Raising a glass of Bordeaux in France, Aperol spritz in Italy or chilled vodka in Russia is certainly one way to familiarize and assimilate yourself in your surroundings while visiting a new country. Enjoying and sampling local cuisines also enhance sipping an archetypical tipple -- is there anything better than a caipirinha consumed by Brazil's famous beaches?We've compiled a short list of the world's best spots to get a feel for your environment -- places that ser
  • 5 Reasons You Should Take A Cruise For The Holidays

    October is here, and holiday decorations are beginning to show in the big box stores. To some, that means it's time to start preparing meal and gift ideas for the holidays. But to travelers, the smell of nutmeg and sound of holiday tunes means it's time to start planning a getaway.Heading out on a cruise is one way to skip the gifts (and snow) and spend more time enjoying each other's company during this otherwise overwhelming season. These five reasons to choose a cruise over your usual holiday
  • Cappadocia: Utterly Magical, Authentically Turkey

    It's 5:30 a.m. and I'm climbing out of a van in the middle of a large field in central Turkey. It's still dark, but I can see the silhouettes of half-filled hot air balloons scattered about on their sides. We watch a man inject the closest one with air, and then warm that air with huge bursts of fire. The sky gets lighter, and the balloons inflate slowly, like giant, benevolent monsters coming out of a deep sleep.Our pilot introduces himself. His name is Baris, but, he says, we can call him Bori
  • The Most Unique Caribbean Islands For Your Winter Escape

    The Caribbean sees more than 25 million visitors every year. It's no wonder many Caribbean destinations are more crowded than the pictures in the brochures suggest. However, the Caribbean is home to more than 7,000 islands and 25 nations, some of which are drastically less crowded than others.These unique Caribbean countries and islands are ones you should consider to escape the crowds and still enjoy the iconic sugar-sand beaches this winter.
    DominicaDominica is commonly confused with the Domin
  • Head To Mexico On Day Of The Dead

    Painted faces, decorated skulls and vivid flowers can mean only one thing -- Día de Muertos is fast approaching. Dating back nearly 3,000 years, the annual holiday is celebrated throughout Mexico to honour those who have passed away.Recently, the ancient tradition has gained immense popularity and not surprisingly the country's capital has seen a significant increase in tourism with Mexico City, Cancun and Playa del Carmen being some of the top Mexican destinations booked by Canadians thi
  • Three Days In Ghana's Capital Of Accra

    Tucked above the Gulf of Guinea along the infamous Gold Coast, Ghana's capital of Accra is everything you imagine a major West African city to be -- steamy, chaotic, colourful and steeped in history, much of it involving the region's tragic legacy of slavery. Here is how to get the most of out this fascinating city of three million and its environs over 72 steamy hours.Day One: Coffins, culture and cuisineCheck into the Labadi Beach Hotel, a five-star oceanfront oasis amid Accra's sticky hot ma
  • 5 Places Where You Haven't Missed The Fall Colours Yet

    There's a small window of time for seeing the fall colors at their peak, and in many parts of North America, you haven't missed it yet. While leaves become more sparse and the thought of shoveling becomes much more real here in Canada, a long list of U.S. states are finally experiencing peak fall colors. These five destinations are the best of the best for eeking a few more fall foliage drives out of late October and early November.
    Asheville, North Carolina
    Asheville's iconic fall color display