• 6 Wild Retreats To Get Closer To Mother Nature

    Do you have a love for nature, and exploring the sacred wilderness? What about a desire for adventure? If so, why not extend Earth Month and book yourself a secluded retreat. Not only is this a chance be surrounded by incredible landscapes, magnificent mountain ranges and breathtaking scenery, it's also the perfect type of escape to recharge and rejuvenate.
    To help you out, we went through thousands of endorsements from our travellers and found some of the most beautiful properties right in the
  • Ferryland Iceberg Is Even More Stunning In This Aerial Footage

    Remember the spectacular iceberg that parked itself off the coast of Ferryland, N.L. earlier this month, attracting worldwide attention?Well, it turns out that all those beautiful photographs only paint a small picture of how amazing it really was.Residents of Ferryland, N.L., view the first big iceberg of the season in "Iceberg Alley." (Photo: Greg Locke/Reuters)A new video of the Newfoundland ice mass, taken from the air earlier this month, shows off even more stunning views of the 'berg.In th
  • These Are The 15 Most Lavish Honeymoon Destinations In The World

    You probably spent months planning the perfect wedding, but for many couples, all of that hard work is filled with just as much stress as excitement. Fortunately, it all pays off on the honeymoon, when you and are your partner are enjoying complete relaxation in the destination of your dreams.These 15 over-the-top honeymoon destinations are ones that are guaranteed to make you fall in love with each other and the thrills of luxury travel all over again.1. Pueblo Bonito Pacifica Golf & Spa Re
  • Why Our Same-Sex Family Stays Visible And Vocal On Vacation

    This past March Break, we travelled as a family to a small island off the coast of Cancun called Isla Mujeres. We love going to Mexico when given the opportunity. We enjoy the weather, the food, the beaches, the people. One day in the far-off future when it's time for us to retire (we're talking like many, many decades here!) we hope we can retire somewhere in Mexico.
    We always find Mexico to be very accepting of same-sex families. Isla Mujeres is very kid-friendly and the locals seemed to be ac
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  • How Canadian Travellers Can Keep Their Vacation Cruelty-Free

    The opportunity to interact with wild animals can be one of the most rewarding and memorable travel experiences, however, any time humans and wild animals come together there is also potential for danger, harm and abuse. Responsible travellers need to be informed.
    The reality is, animal suffering, cruelty and abuse is a massive global problem, and it's one that needs to be addressed. The good news is, as one of the largest sectors in the world -- supporting 28 million jobs and generating 9.8 per
  • The New Google Earth Gives Guided Tours Of The Globe

    NEW YORK — Google Earth is getting a revival, as the 3-D mapping service reorients itself to become more of a tool for adventure and exploration.A central feature in the new Google Earth is Voyager. Google has partnered with such groups as the BBC and NASA to add video clips, photos and text narratives to three-dimensional representations of particular locations.The Jane Goodall Institute, for instance, lets you journey to spots in Tanzania that inspired its founding chimpanzee expert. You
  • The Most Breathtaking Places To See Cherry Blossoms Bloom

    There's not much that can match the raw beauty of Mother Earth. And, every spring, you can count on her to paint the world breathtaking shades of pink and white. Known as sakura in Japanese, the cherry blossom is a symbol of renewal and hope. And while Japan might be world renowned for this beautiful bud, cherry blossom trees can be found all over in the world. With spring officially sprung, we have uncovered a few of the best places to experience these gorgeous blooms.
    Osaka, Japan
    (Photo: Book
  • WestJet Passenger Thanks Airline For Treating People With Care

    In a week of insane news about how airlines treat their passengers, it's nice to be reminded that forceful "re-accommodation" and bumping a 10-year-old from an oversold flight are the exceptions and not the rule.
    Joel VanderHoek, a businessman from Lynden, Wash., shared an open letter he wrote to WestJet after a flight on Saturday from Calgary to Abbotsford, B.C.
    "There was a medical incident, and the way it was handled deserves commendation," he wrote in a Facebook post.
    VanderHoek went on to d
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  • Top 10 Forests You Should Visit Across Canada

    Eastern white cedars (Photo by Mike Dembeck)
    Canada is rich in forest habitats, with many unique forests in each province. More than half of our country is covered in forests, and Canada is home to almost 10 per cent of the world's forests. The Nature Conservancy of Canada (NCC) is dedicated to preserving forests coast-to-coast, from the boreal forest in Newfoundland to the majestic coastal forests of Vancouver Island. We've chosen ten of our forest properties that are publicly accessible for y
  • The Best Ecotourism Impact Spots On Earth

    Whether you're tired of taking typical resort vacations or you're looking for something a little different when it comes to how you travel, ecotourism might be just the thing to shake up your vacation routine. Not only will you be experiencing a destination in a whole new way, you'll have the opportunity to positively impact the environment and its plants and animals.There are so many options when it comes to volunteering abroad or closer to home, but the travel experts at Cheapflights.ca have d
  • What You Need To Know About Overbooked Flights

    Recently, one of the most talked about events in air travel was the video of a passenger being forcibly removed from a United Airlines flight due to overbooking.In the 25 years I have been in the industry I have never seen anything quite like this.
    Although overbooking is a common occurrence among most airlines this case took things to the extreme. The violent removal of the unwilling traveller was recorded by fellow passengers for the world to see. This event has shone a light on overbooking an
  • Rules On Airlines Bumping Passengers Coming This Spring: Garneau

    MONTREAL — Canada will introduce new legislation this spring that will address the issue of travellers being bumped from flights, the federal government said Monday, as the violent dragging of an unwilling passenger off a U.S. flight highlighted the anger caused by the practice.
    A spokesman for Transport Minister Marc Garneau said bumping rules will be included in a passenger bill of rights that was promised last fall to establish clear, minimum requirements for compensation when flights a
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  • P.E.I. Wants LGBTQ Tourists To Feel Welcome

    Prince Edward Island is one of Canada's most charming tourist destinations, and a new campaign is hoping to promote the island as a safe space for LGBTQ travellers.In March, the P.E.I. Gay Tourism Association released a series of six videos on Facebook showing same-sex couples and their families exploring the province — from the historic streets of Charlottetown to beaches on the island's north shore. One video shows a happy couple's wedding, with one of the brides posing for a photo wrapp
  • 9 Global Destinations The Locals Can't Wait To Share With You

    There's nothing boring about the travel industry. New bucket-list destinations are constantly being uncovered and life-changing adventures can be had in nearly every corner of the world. Lower airfares and an unending list of must-visit attractions and locales means tourism boards are fighting harder than ever to lure travellers in during the spring and summer travel seasons.
    (Photo: Anyaberkut via Getty Images)
    Local tourism boards are becoming some of the best places to gain insight on destina
  • Visiting Vimy Ridge Was A Humbling Experience

    A few years back, I found myself in an extraordinary position -- I was going on a dream vacation to France. When I started planning our trip, I became very focused on Paris. How could I not? France, to me, was the Louvre, gorgeous architecture, and wine with every meal.As plans began to fall together and reservations secured, a thought dawned on us: since we're going all the way to France, why don't we visit Vimy Ridge?
    Fast forward a few months, and we're boarding a train in Paris, ready to emb
  • Soak Up The Sun At Some Of The Best Beaches Around The World

    As one of the world's favourite beach-based drama's hits the big screen with this spring's hotly anticipated new Baywatch movie, we've revealed some of the most popular sandy beaches around the world. So if you want to hit the beach, be it to explore, soak up the sun, or channel your inner lifeguard, look no further than these beautiful places to stay.
    Venice Beach, Los Angeles, USA
    The iconic Venice Beach -- and in particular the lifeguard station here -- were made famous in the original Baywat
  • A Letter To Mexico

    Mexico, my darling. Oh how you sway us in your turquoise ocean and hold our hands as we walk your white coral beaches. For the past ten days we ran freely through your dirt roads and danced wildly in your streets as you pulsed our heart to your beat.Our minutes were endless but our days were short and so we speak gratitude and stow bags filled with artisanal weaves and mezcal in our rental. The dawn hasn't dawned yet and the neighbourhood cock still chants his kee-kee-ree-kee to joyous squeals o
  • How To Fly Electronics-Free With Your Kids

    It's no secret that I like my gadgets. It is not unusual for me to travel with a laptop, a cell phone and a tablet... even for a beach vacation. The plane is one of my favourite spots to answer email and do some writing, and having the tools I need to do that with me is a no-brainer.
    Or at least it was.
    Rule changes with respect to what you can bring on board some international flights will force a change to my typical electronic hoarding.
    And while it'll be tough for me, I can imagine that par
  • Returning To The Caribbean Reminded Me Why I Left My Homophobic Home

    When my fiancée surprised me earlier this month with a trip to Cuba for my birthday, my first thought was "Yes! We're going where the sun shines all year round, and where the most beautiful beaches can be found -- the Caribbean."
    We took a flight from Toronto Pearson to Santa Clara and journeyed across to the off-shore island of Santa Maria. We were in Cuba -- the land of the revolutionary Fidel Castro, a man I grew up learning about from my uncle who was one of the first students from An
  • 15 First Time Travel Tips And Tricks

    Everyone remembers the thrill and excitement of their first time travel experiences, whether it's travelling somewhere for the first time ever, visiting a new destination, trying a new experience or staying in a new type of accommodation.To get the most out of visiting a new destination, we have curated a list of top tips for first time travellers following global research* from the most creditable source -- travellers who have been there, done that and have the passport stamp to prove it.Be bol
  • I Broke Up With Toronto And Fell In Love With Ottawa

    In the fall of 2015, I broke up with Toronto because I had fallen in love with Ottawa.
    My colleagues were puzzled when I announced that I was leaving my publishing gig in Toronto for a non-profit in our nation's capital. They were not perplexed by the notion that I was changing jobs. They were skeptical of my desire to live in Ottawa. The job was an exciting opportunity in and of itself, and I was thrilled to make a new city my own (although I'll admit I had my reservations).
    Canada Day firework
  • How To Make The Most Of Your Calgary Stampede Trip

    The last time I went to the Calgary Stampede, I was nine years old. I'm excited that I finally get to go back this year. I've been planning a lot already, and it seems like that's for the best, as accommodations and events book up quickly.
    Image courtesy of werner22brigitte at pixabay.com
    It's well known that the Stampede is synonymous with rodeo, cowboys, and a celebration of Western Canadian culture. But besides the rodeo and chuckwagon events, there are also a huge midway, live music shows, a
  • Our Adventures in Peoria, Arizona's Hidden Gem

    If you had told me even a week before it happened that my ten-year-old son would be sitting next to me sipping sparkling juice out of a champagne glass while we got side by side pedicures I would have thought you were kidding. Yet there we were clinking our tall glasses while our pale Canadian feet were scrubbed to perfection. Sure, I have had my share of pedicures, but my son Noah always said "No way!" when I suggested he join me at the spa. I am still not sure what changed his mind in Peoria,
  • 7 Travel Hacks You Need To Know Before Your Spring Escape

    Just as computer hackers modify programs to access otherwise inaccessible information, travel hackers alter their travel methods to bypass some of the less desirable costs and stresses associated with globetrotting. Unlike other forms of hacking, which could unfortunately involve your bank account or hard drive, travel hacking isn't something to be feared. In fact, when used properly, travel hacks will save you time, money, and much of the anxiety that goes hand-in-hand with vacation planning.
  • These 5 Lavish Resorts Are The Stuff Of Bucket-List Dreams

    Photo credit: charlywkarl
    Lounging on a 3,500 acre private island without a footprint in the sand, jumping off the porch of an overwater villa into a sparkling lagoon, and wading in an infinity pool while gazing at the St. Lucia's tree-covered mountains. These are the types of experiences you can have in the world's most luxurious resorts, and finding yourself there isn't as farfetched as it seems.These five over-the-top resorts are ones that should be on every traveller's' bucket list for offe
  • How To Survive A Mid-Flight Meltdown

    You're waiting for your flight to board and you receive an unexpected text that sends you to an emotional tailspin. Lucky for you, if you book it the nearest bathroom and compose yourself before heading up in the air. But what if you find yourself unexpectedly sobbing at the ending of a rom-com mid flight? Or you find yourself in the middle seat between happy families and newly engaged couples going to Disneyland and you can't help but replay the conversation in your head.
    Here are some steps yo
  • 5 Poetic Stays For World Poetry Day

    March 21st is World Poetry Day. It pays tribute to poetic geniuses such as William Wordsworth, Walt Whitman and Oscar Wilde whose words remain as stirring today as the day they were written. And, what better way to honour their legacy than to visit the cities that inspired their work. Whether you're a poet yourself or simply fascinated by their stories, we found the top five destinations that will help spark your imagination too!New York: Walt WhitmanBorn in New York, the legendary poet, Walt Wh
  • Canada 150: 7 Wallet-Friendly Ways To Celebrate All Year Long

    As if you weren't proud enough already, 2017 is the year to get patriotic and celebrate Canada's birthday. This year marks 150 years since the colonies of Canada, Nova Scotia and New Brunswick formed the Canadian Confederation on July 1, 1867. And, while that day has always been a major time for Canuck pride, who would turn down an extra reason to celebrate?
    So, if this year's sesquicentennial anniversary has you in a patriotic mood, turn that energy into momentum and get out to celebrate our gr
  • Secret Spain: 7 Passionate Destinations Off The Beaten Track

    For centuries, travellers have been drawn to Spain for its breathtaking landscapes, spellbinding architecture, rich history and vibrant culture.No matter where you find yourself in Spain, every corner shimmers and pulsates with inspiration. It's a place where you can define your own passion and live out an experience you've always been compelled to live.What part of the country do you want to indulge yourself in? Barcelona? Madrid? Well, what about digging a little deeper into Spanish cities tha
  • Everything You Need To Know About A Trip To See The Polar Bears In Churchill, Man.

    It's no secret to Canadians that our country is home to one of the world's best places to view polar bears in their natural habitat — and getting there is pretty easy.
    Churchill, Man. is just a short flight from Winnipeg and, depending on when you visit, there's a good chance you'll see plenty of these majestic mammals frolicking on the shores of Hudson Bay.
    However, there are some things to consider before setting out on a polar bear expedition. We've compiled a list of things you need to
  • 17 Affordable Last-Minute St. Patrick's Day Getaways for Canadians

    You don't need the luck of the Irish to find affordable last-minute flights for St. Paddy's weekend. March 17 falls on a Friday (a March Break Friday for many), making this an ideal year for a long weekend celebration. And it's not too late to get in on the fun. Cheapflights.ca looked at the average round-trip prices travellers are finding for flights departing for a long weekend (between Wednesday, March 15, and Friday, March 17) and rounded up 17 destinations where the celebrations are epic bu
  • 7 Fun Family Ski Spots For March Break 2017

    No one could have predicted even two years ago that my family would spend nearly every weekend of our (crazy) Canadian winters on the slopes.
    But we do.
    Because there's hardly a better way for us to spend time together -- being active and continuing to learn new skills and apply them each time we snap our boots back into their bindings.
    It's our way of embracing whatever Mother Nature throws at us from December through April. (And throw, she does. We've skied through blazing -32C windchills at T
  • 5 Boutique Hotels Every Traveller Should Visit In This Lifetime

    Photo credit: Wicker Paradise
    Six charming bungalows on a deserted Barbuda beach, villas perched upon the narrowest stretch of Santorini, and a beautified farmhouse nestled among the vineyards of wine country. These are just a few of the boutique hotels awaiting travellers willing to venture off the beaten path.These five boutique-style establishments, from California's Sonoma Wine Country to Beijing, China, and Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, offer personalized services, authentic cultural experiences
  • What's New In San Francisco For 2017

    I love travelling to new places. They can be around the corner or across the globe.Recently, I was lucky enough to explore San Francisco and found it to be an amazing place to visit with plenty of things to see and do (read: shopping) and innovation!Sacha (author) exploring San Francisco!
    There are a lot of special things about this city and I came across a few new things that will be happening in 2017:
    50th Anniversary of the Summer of Love in 2017
    For visitors to San Francisco in 2017, the 50t
  • 5 Getaways To Spice Up Your Relationship

    With the highly-anticipated, blockbuster hit 50 Shades Darker finally out in theatres, there is no better time to reignite the flame with your bae. We have created this hot list of getaways to revamp your love life to a level spicier than a cinnamon heart. So, swap the flowers and chocolates and check into one of these love nests for an experience you and your main squeeze won't forget!The Drake Hotel, TorontoPack your weekender and head to the Drake Hotel in the trendy Queen West neighbourhood
  • Alternative Ski Resorts Across North America

    There are plenty of amazing places to ski and snowboard in North America, but some are much more popular than others, not necessarily because they're better, but because they are better known. If you're looking for smaller crowds and shorter lift lines on your next ski trip, Cheapflights.ca is here to help (we've got a complete guide for how to fly with skis and snowboards, too). We've rounded up our picks for top alternative ski resorts in North America, where the cost and the crowds are in che
  • Forget The Franchise: Touring Toronto In Boutique Style

    Every time I pass an empty Toronto storefront, I'm filled with excitement. I wonder what local entrepreneur will transform the space into a neighbourhood hotspot with unique and undiscovered foods, glamorous pampering or original clothing. That is until a Disposable Fashion Emporium or The Recently Defrosted Bar and Grill, crushes my dream with its unremarkable grand opening and entirely forgettable service. Travellers, locals, friends! It's time to free yourselves from franchise fatigue. It's t
  • First Nation In B.C. Revives Tree-Cutting Ceremony

    James August spent one hour on a momentous Sunday morning alone with a tree. He stood in the January cold touching the bark of the 120-foot cottonwood that had spent all of its years on the property of the Little Shuswap Lake Indian Band.New video & article on Vacay.ca about the once-in-a-generation tree-cutting ceremony by the Little #Shuswap Lake Indian Band. Fascinating experience to witness. @quaaoutlodge #ExploreBC #AboriginalBC A post shared by AdrianBrijbassi (@adrianbrijbassi) on Jan
  • 48 Hours In Siem Reap, Cambodia

    Siem Reap was once a home base for exploration of the Angkor Archaeological Park. But in recent years, it has become so much more than that. While exploration of the more than 400-square-kilometre park, which includes the remains of the ancient Khmer Empire, is undeniably a must-see for a portion of your 48 hours in the city, it's not all you should do. Siem Reap has blossomed into so much more than the "Gateway to Angkor Wat," and this is how you can fill 48 hours with adventure, delicious eats
  • The Trappers Festival Made Me Feel Closer To My Canadian Identity

    It's that time of year when thousands of Canadians are getting away to a warmer climate for their reading weeks and spring breaks. But instead of the beaches and palm trees I went a different route, I went to the 70th annual Northern Manitoba Trappers' Festival in The Pas, Manitoba.
    The Trappers Festival is a unique experience that reminded me of when my parents used to take me to the Renaissance Fairs. The Festival provides a unique atmosphere in which anyone can experience a part of Canada's h
  • Baja, Mexico Is The Ultimate Road Trip

    Prickly cacti, intermittent cell phone signals, and one-horse towns may not sound like the makings of an unforgettable road trip, but they are. Nearly every dusty dirt road along Mexico's Baja California peninsula leads to a deserted beach, historic town, or out-of-this-world fish taco stand, and they're all waiting to be explored. Baja is one of the most underrated road trip destinations in North America, and these are five reasons why.Deserted Beaches Still Exist
    Photo credit: Fulvio Spada
  • Yukon Hair-Freezing Contestants Have Some Stiff Competition

    A Whitehorse, Yukon, hot spring is hosting a competition to find out who has the coolest hair — literally.
    Visitors to the Takhini Hot Pools are invited to submit photos of their frozen hair in the hopes of winning $750. Stay frosty ❄ ! #experience #level99 #hotspring #takhinihotsprings #whitehorse #Yukon A post shared by Travel | Adventure | Roadtrips (@vancouver_a_deux) on Dec 14, 2016 at 9:01am PST
    The hot springs have some tips for entering the contest, which takes place every w
  • Skating Through A Winter Wonderland At Arrowhead Provincial Park

    There are few things more Canadian than ice-skating through a forest in February. This past weekend, my friends and I spent a whimsical weekend in the woods at Arrowhead Provincial Park and experienced what has been dubbed as "Muskoka's fairy tale skate."
    Living in Toronto, I am always on the hunt for weekend escapes from the city, especially to places where I can bask in the beauty of the outdoors. This winter, I was initially interested in checking out the newly opened Woodland skating trail i
  • 5 Reasons You Shouldn't Wait To Visit Cuba

    As the number American-based airlines traveling to Cuba increase, the rumors circulate even faster. Stories of hoards of American tourists flocking to otherwise tranquil beaches and lavish resorts are butting bed and breakfasts out of the way and cruise ships are flocking there in droves from Miami. While most of the stories you hear are probably just tall tales, the following are five reasons why you shouldn't put off your bucket-list trip to Cuba.You Can Get There Before the RestPhoto credit:
  • WestJet Pilot Treats Stranded Air Canada Flight To Pizza

    A WestJet pilot made some hungry Air Canada passengers very happy last week after they were stranded in New Brunswick.On Jan. 8, an Air Canada flight from Toronto to St. John's was forced to land in Fredericton thanks to the weather.Passenger John Samms wrote on Facebook that an Air Canada employee told passengers no restaurants were open to deliver food at midnight — leaving vending machines as the only option for the hungry crowd."Suddenly, a pilot emerges and says, 'Hey guys, I'm from W
  • Top 5 LGBTQ-Friendly Romantic Vacation Spots

    The abundance of roses, candy hearts and Hershey kisses can only mean one thing, the day of love is almost here. And while we all know February 14th is a Hallmark-invented holiday, it's a great time to celebrate all type of love, because #LoveIsLove. Of course, your darling will want to be whisked away and showered with romance. Sure, roses are lovely, but why not use the upcoming "holiday" as an excuse for a romantic getaway.Booking.com, the world leader in connecting travellers with the widest
  • Quito, Ecuador: South America's Not-So-Hidden Gem

    I knew very little about Quito, Ecuador and had rarely seen it appear in Canadian vacation websites, but a short visit made me realize it's a not-so-hidden gem. South America's smallest capital packs a lot of adventure within its modest borders. From architectural wonders and world-class art galleries to charming backstreets and picturesque hiking trails; from scientific marvels to religious sanctuaries, Quito has something for all types of travellers.For the Cultural ExplorerQuito's Central Squ
  • 10 Tips For Women Travelling Solo

    That's me in Jaipur, Rajasthan, India (2016)
    Women travel for a variety of reasons, from recreation to business to study. For any woman travelling solo, personal safety must be paramount -- regardless of the purpose. Whether you are travelling to a major city on business, taking the road less travelled, or doing the all-inclusive resort get-away, the same principle applies: put your safety first.
    Here are 10 tips to help you enjoy your trip and stay safe:1. Attitude Check: Do not be afraid to tr
  • Do Not Disturb: Sexy Hotel Amenity Kits

    With plush bedding, velvety bathrobes and bathtubs for two, hotels provide the perfect excuse for a steamy weekend away. And, with thenext installment of "Fifty Shades of Grey" hitting the screens, some couples will be jonesing for a naughty night on the town. To cater to those adventurous souls who want to take it a step further, some hotels now offer intimacy kits, quite often right in the minibar, that will put some added spice into a stay.What is an intimacy kit, you ask? Think anything desi
  • 7 Ways My Family Is Kind To The Environment While Travelling

    Travelling is often about self indulgence. We want to eat exotic foods, watch photo-worthy sunsets and lounge by the pool without worrying about deadlines or cooking dinner. But over years of taking family vacations to destinations as near as Banff National Park and as far as Cambodia, I've come to realize that my family's travels aren't all about us.
    Every vacation we take has a drastic impact on the people and places we visit, and it's not always easy to combine the experiences we want to have