• Haunted Canadian Destinations For A Halloween Escape

    Halloween isn't a holiday that inspires many to travel. It falls after the busy summer travel season and before the expenses of the holidays. But Canadians don't have to pull out their passports or buy expensive flights to take a spooky Halloween escape. Canada is loaded with haunted houses and creepy places, and these four are well worthy of a trip this time of year.
    Fairmont Empress Hotel -- Victoria, British ColumbiaPhoto credit: artonthefly
    Downtown Victoria's Fairmont Empress Hotel has been
  • Haunted Edmonton: 9 Spooky Places That Will Scare Your Socks Off

    When we started to dig into some of Edmonton's spookiest places, we didn't expect to uncover much. Edmonton is a relatively young city in a young province.But we were wrong. Dead wrong. There has been no shortage of ghastly ghosts, strange sightings and mysterious happenings in Alberta's capital city — much of it occurring within the walls of some of the city's oldest buildings.From jilted ghost brides to materializing ventriloquist dolls, Edmonton has it all.We've gathered some of the cre
  • Tech-Savvy Ways Business Travellers Can Stay Safe In Emergencies

    Global business travel has grown dramatically at the same time technology has advanced in the last decade.
    The Global Business Travel Association (GBTA) predicts U.S. business travel will rise in 2016 by 2.1 percent to 508.6 million trips along with spending increasing1.9 percent toto $295.7 billion.Corporate security and travel professionals are expected to continuously learn, adapt to new technologies and find best practices that safeguard the security and privacy of employee travellers.The fo
  • Canadians Aren't Taking Enough Vacation Time

    How was your summer? Did you get away at all? Do you feel rested and rejuvenated? If you're like most Canadians, your answer is probably a resounding NO!
    That's the finding of Expedia.ca's latest annual "Vacation Deprivation" survey, our annual pulse-check on whether Canadians are feeling overworked or blissfully rested. We define "Vacation Deprivation" as feeling like you either haven't had enough vacation time, or haven't been able to fully utilize the days off you have earned.
    This year's res
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  • Canada Had More Overseas Visitors This Summer Than Any On Record

    Canada had a record number of international visitors this summer.But it could still be doing better in terms of the overall tourism picture.
    July and August were the strongest and second strongest months for overseas visits from countries other than the United States since Statistics Canada started keeping records in 1972, said a Wednesday data release.
    Seasonally-adjusted data shows that Canada had just over 539,000 overseas visitors in July, and just under 537,000 in August.
    Those numbers repr
  • 5 Canadian Ski Resorts That Were Made For Families

    It may seem like summer just ended, but now is the time to plan your family's winter getaway. Fortunately, Canadians don't even have to locate their passports to experience some of the best skiing and snowboarding conditions in the world.These five Canadian ski resorts combine terrain for all levels of winter athletes with off-mountain attractions, kids' clubs, and more to create a family-friendly atmosphere that will draw you back year after year.
    Whistler Blackcomb, British Columbia
    Ski Magazi
  • The World's Top Places For Outdoor Exercise

    Tired of looking at the same gym walls while sculpting your killer abs? What about running mile after mile on a treadmill facing a group of sweaty powerlifters? Switch up your workout routine and stare upon a breathtaking mountain vista or run across a beautiful white sand beach in some of the world's best outdoor locales.Using our Passion Search tool, we found the top ten places around the world to get fit in the most exciting way. We know how hard it can be stay motivated to work out -- but wi
  • Canadian Ski Resorts Worthy Of A Winter 2016 Season Pass

    To some, the first snowfall of the season is a solemn reminder there are a lot of months until spring. That's not the case for skiers and snowboarders. In many parts of Canada, the ski season extends from late-November to mid-May, and those first chairlift rides and powder runs are rapidly approaching.From Whistler, British Columbia, to Mont-Sainte-Anne Quebec, Canada is loaded with world-class ski resorts hoping to lure avid skiers and riders to their slopes this season. These four Canadian ski
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  • 5 Canadian Towns That Are Real-Life Winter Wonderlands

    As stores trade beach displays for winter ones and Starbucks starts to smell more like cinnamon, Canadians notice the first hints of holiday cheer. It's no secret that Canada becomes a lot more magical during the holiday season, with guaranteed snow in many areas and fun holiday activities like sleigh rides and dog sledding always on schedule. However, these five Canadian towns and cities go above and beyond to turn their downtown streets into real-life winter wonderlands.
    St. John's, Newfoundla
  • Exploring The Hidden Gems Of The Fraser Valley

    I love exploring new places. Harrison Mills and Harrison Hot Springs were wonderful new places I recently explored.
    Harrison Mills is home to British Columbia's Heritage Kilby Museum and Campground. Beautiful rural scenery, with an amazing farm to table food scene and warm and welcoming locals.
    Harrison Hot Springs is known for their world famous hot springs and picturesque views of Harrison Lake. Nestled in among southwestern British Columbia's mountains. This is the place to visit if you are l
  • 10 Towns That Capture The Spirit Of Canada

    It's a great big, crazy world out there, and sometimes it feels like it would be easier to set your phone on airplane mode, pour yourself some wine and hide in bed under the covers for a few decades until stuff gets sorted out.
    But that's not the Canadian way. We're universally recognized as some of the friendliest, happiest and generally awesome people out there - and we have the town names to prove it.
    Love, Happyland, Happy Adventure....yep, they're all real life places right here in Canada.
  • Grapevine, Texas: Yes, The Lone Star State Has A Wine Scene

    I had no idea Texas had a wine scene, let alone one as vibrant and interesting as what I discovered inGrapevine, a town of 49,000 that swells annually to about 300,000 when it hosts the largest wine festival in the southwest United States.
    Stuart Bourne, on the other hand, has been aware of Texans' wine production skills for a long time. A winemaker from Australia's Barossa Valley, Bourne attended the 30th annual GrapeFest earlier this month, representing his nation with a selection of varietals
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  • 15 Reasons To Go On A Yoga Retreat

    According to the wellness tourism market report, wellness holidays are on its way to grow around 10% in the next four years. Recently, I went on a yoga retreat and it was easy to see why. Did you know that according to a survey by BookYogaRetreats.com, 88% of the people who have done yoga think their happiness level increased at least a little bit? I agree; after trying this experience I felt really good, that's why I want to share these 15 reasons for more people to do so:1. Improve Your Yoga
  • White Truffles: Give Italy's 'Diamonds On The Table' A Taste

    Arguably this is the best time of year to visit Italy for days are hot like summer but nights are cold, and in the mountains of the Apennines there is a refreshing breeze even in the heat of the sun.
    Italy is perhaps the country most famous for food, and if you like harvest festivals it is a paradise in autumn.
    The most important festivals for Italians are generally the truffle festivals. The season kicks off with the white truffle (Tuber magnatum Pico) festivals in October and November.The whi
  • Ontario's Best Small Towns To Visit This Fall

    Ontario, Canada, is one of the best places in the world to watch the green maple, oak and birch leaves of summer turn orange, crimson, and gold before falling in time for winter. And nothing makes an Ontario leaf peeping trip more complete than using one of the province's quaintest small towns as your home-base.Submerge yourself in the beauty of fall and the charm of Ontario at one of these four must-visit small towns filled with cozy accommodations, delightful eateries, unique shops, and plenty
  • Why Vancouver's Chinatown Is One Of The Best In The World

    Searching for one of the best places in Vancouver to take in the city's history and culture? Head to Chinatown. Vancouver is home to the largest Chinatown in Canada and the third-largest in North America, following New York and San Francisco. Amazingly, Vancouver's Chinatown dates back to the 1800s, and it's a place that every visitor should see. The following are just a few of the many reasons why Vancouver's Chinatown district is one of the best in the world.You Can Stock Up on Affordable Souv
  • How To Travel With Your Friends (And Still Stay Friends)

    Enticed by great deals, the lure of adventure or the love of sport, Canadians will take more than 8.2 million trips abroad this year. From the EU to South America, more of us are choosing to spend our precious days off exploring a new country and getting lost in new cultures.
    Embracing our internal wanderlust is great. But, it is even better when we do it with friends. Traveling with a group lets you share the adventure, provides more safety and ensures you have a photographer to capture those m
  • The Best Deals On 2016/2017 Ski Passes In Canada

    Preparing for another ski and snowboard season in Canada is supposed to be exciting. But shopping for an affordable season pass to one of Canada's top resorts can quickly take away the thrill. It seems that lift ticket prices are always on the rise, and finding a deal becomes more difficult every season. These season pass deals, provided by industry insiders, will ease the pain of purchasing your pass, so you can get stoked about another season of powder days, bowls, and steeps.
    The Mountain Col
  • Catch Up In Style Over Afternoon Tea

    Co-Authored with Elena Murzello, Author of The Love List
    There is something to be said about having some good old girl talk about matters of the heart. This can be done in a variety of settings: spas for manicure/pedicures, a shopping spree at a local boutique, egg benny's at brunch, at home with some ice cream watching Netflix or done over cocktails at a local watering hole.
    Minus the hangover in the morning, obscene money dropped and some obscure snap chat video(s) that you may want to eventua
  • How To Spend 24 Hours In Madrid

    While Madrid is a city in which you could easily spend a year and not see, do or eat everything, it's also an easily accessible stopover if you're just passing through.
    En route to Ibiza last month, I managed to sneak in about 24 hours in Spain's capital city. And it's amazing how much one can accomplish in such a short time with an itinerary. Unless you're the aimless wandering type, a plan is key.Getting to and from the airport
    There are two easy ways to get yourself from Adolfo Suárez
  • How To Volunteer On Your Next Trip

    Travelling provides us nourishment to feed the mind, body and soul. For the soul specifically, voluntourism allows travellers to experience the world and make a difference at the same time. From helping children in South Africa, to rebuilding Fiji communities brick by brick, or even helping sea turtles thrive in Costa Rica, volunteering abroad promises to be an experience you'll never forget.
    Focusing on our passion for travelling and giving back, we're partnering with WaterAid Canada, an intern
  • Travel Essentials You Need For Your Next Trip

    Travel can be exhilarating but steep culture shock awaits you if you're unprepared for a foreign country's culture, customs, and day-to-day lifestyle. This is not only in reference to external factors, internal ones matter are equally pertinent; in fact, a lack of mental and physical preparedness can hinder your enjoyment of new vistas.Having recently returned from a trip to Vietnam, Cambodia, and Thailand, I underwent numerous bouts of trial and error and discovered the following to be some of
  • Visit The World's Most Walkable Cities

    If you've seen Planes, Trains and Automobiles, a classic comedy movie from the '80s starring Steve Martin, you'll know that our beloved modes of transportation are not always reliable while travelling (Sorry for the spoiler alert). Add a foreign city to the mix and you may run into a problem or two. In other words, there's nothing like exploring a city by foot for getting a real feel of the place. Apart from the health and environment benefits, walking is by far the best way to discover hidden g
  • There's Something For Everyone In Vegas

    Did you know, 1.8 million Canadians visit Las Vegas every year? According to the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority (LVCVA), Canada is the #1 international market for Vegas, representing 30 per cent of Las Vegas international travellers.Canadians love Las Vegas because it's a unique destination where there is truly something for everyone. It's filled with excess, extravagance, energy and world-class entertainment. And with more than 150,000 hotel rooms to choose from at a variety of dif
  • 6 Reasons Travel Is Good For Your Family

    Your world travels don't have to end when you have kids. The phrases, "Go while you're young," "Travel before you settle down," and "You'll get away when you're retired," are thrown around all too often, and not enough people are packing their bags (all five of them) and taking to the roads, skies, and seas with their families.A number of studies have proven that travel, whether near or far, is beneficial to travelers of all ages. These seven reasons why travel is good for your family will get y
  • The 5 Best Toronto Spots To Haunt This Halloween

    Leaves are falling, pumpkins are donning doorsteps, and costumes are starting to take the place of beach gear in stores. Halloween is just around the corner, and Toronto is one of the best places in the country to celebrate the spooky holiday. Consider one (or more) of these five must-visit Halloween festivities to get spooked and embrace fall this October.Screemers Scream Park
    Bring your favorite family members and friends, because you'll be holding them tight when wandering through the seven h
  • The Best Kid-Friendly Attractions In Vancouver

    Vancouver is far more than a metropolis; it's a playground for kids and adults alike. The city's waterways, green spaces, massive urban parks, nearby mountains, and long list of must-visit attractions make it an ideal vacation destination for families with kids of all ages. These four kid-friendly attractions are ones you don't want to skip on your next visit to Vancouver.1. The Vancouver Aquarium
    A visit to the Vancouver Aquarium isn't one of the cheapest things you can do in the city, but it's
  • WestJet Cancels 2 London Flights In 1 Weekend, Stranding Over 200 People

    Last Thursday, WestJet CEO Gregg Saretsky hailed his company's London flights as a success.
    The next day, a flight from Toronto to London's Gatwick airport was cancelled.WestJet CEO Gregg Saretsky. (Photo: Mark Blinch/Reuters)
    WestJet rescheduled the flight for Saturday, but that too was cancelled, CBC News reported. The airline cited maintenance issues. As many as 260 people were left stranded.The airline faced a deluge of complaints throughout the weekend:Queue at service desk to get booked on
  • What To Do, See And Eat In Vancouver During Your Next Stay

    Vancouver's a city that needs no introduction.If you have friends who've visited, you've probably seen their picture-perfect photos of beaches, mountain vistas and ridiculously mild winters.That, or listened to their stories about it raining every other day.
    But you've also probably heard about how they want to go back or wished how they could have stayed a bit longer. That's definitely the story for "Like A Tourist" host Dan Rodo.
    “Vancouver’s a special place. Every time I come here
  • Soaking Up The Flavours Of The French Riviera

    Rosa Jackson leads me through the streets of her adopted home and notes the similarities to Vancouver. "People come here because of the climate and the beauty," she says. "They stay because it's a better way of life."
    A Canadian expat, Jackson arrived in Paris from Alberta in 1995 and established herself as a culinary expert. A food writer and cookbook author, Jackson launched a tour of the Parisian markets before relocating to the French Riviera, where she could afford to provide cooking classe
  • Fall Is The Best Time To Visit Victoria!

    I love exploring new places and sometimes the best spots are close to home.
    Recently, I was visiting Victoria, BC and came across ten fun things to do, places to stay and spectacular views of the province's capital.
    CafesRuth and Dean café is a favourite spot for the locals to grab a cup of coffee and relax. They are famous for their cakes, so be sure to arrive with plenty of appetite!Nourish Kitchen & Café uses natural ingredients to showcase their love of wholesome culinary t
  • Jamie's Whaling Station Boat Partially Sinks Near Tofino, B.C.

    TOFINO, B.C. - Another boat owned by a whale-watching company in Tofino, B.C., has run into trouble off the coast of Vancouver Island.
    The Canadian Coast Guard has issued a statement saying the Stellar Sea hit the bottom and partially sank near Warn Bay, east of Tofino, late Saturday evening.The Stellar Sea is owned by Jamie's Whaling Station.
    The vessel is owned by Jamie's Whaling Station, which also owned the Leviathan II, a boat that flipped over last October, killing six people.
    The company
  • Eating And Drinking Your Way Through Foodie Brussels

    BRUSSELS, Belgium. Brussels and beer will always be associated. Case in point: these wonderful Coors Light ads featuring Jean-Claude Van Damme, aka the Muscles from Brussels. In the Belgian capital, high and low, value and overpriced, famously traditional and cheap knockoff, can be found in the same street.Brussels can be a wonderful foodie centre. You just have to venture a little bit further than just the old town.
    With that in mind, here's a quick guide to eating and drinking your way through
  • How To Travel Like A Royal

    In case you hadn't heard, this week Canada is playing host to the youngest brood of British royals, The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and their children, 3-year-old Prince George and 16-month-old Princess Charlotte.
    For Will and Kate's second royal tour in Canada, which began on Sept. 24 and will run through Oct. 1, the focus of their itinerary will be on the western half of the country. For their last visit in the summer of 2011 -- a more romantic Canadian trip for the newlywed couple, long bef
  • You Should Totally Go To Ibiza (In Your 40s)

    I was a club kid of the late-'90s in London, when house music had merged into the mainstream and was no longer solely entertaining audiences of the "underground" variety.Back then, I never made it to the music Mecca that is Ibiza. And I've always regretted it.Twenty years later, to prove that a 40-something could still work the local scene, I hightailed it to what may very well be considered the clubbing capital of the world.Turns out, there's a helluva lot more to this Balearic Island in Spain
  • Flying A Plane Can Be Scary. Here's What Pilots Always Keep In Mind

    Travelling sometimes calls for climbing aboard a plane, which can be a problem if you're afraid of flying.
    But sometimes conquering your fears means jumping right into the front seat. No, we're not talking about flying first class (but the extra leg room doesn't hurt). We're talking about fastening your seatbelt and hopping into the cockpit.
    Neuroscientists and psychologists agree: one way to conquer your fears is to repeatedly force yourself to face them. The repeated exposure lowers your menta
  • Skunk Saved From Coke Can Prison Thanks To Kind Ontario Man

    Hear ye, hear ye, skunks of the world. A hero walks among you.
    On Monday, Mike MacMillan was driving from his home in Uptergrove, Ont. to meet the mayor of Barrie, Ont.
    But that wouldn't be the only big meeting of his day.Mike MacMillan saved this skunk from its Coke can hell. (Photo: Jukin/AOL)
    MacMillan would end up doing what described as "the bravest thing in my life."
    He would liberate a skunk from a Coke can — and film himself doing it. (Watch the rescue.)
    The poor animal had gotten
  • Winnipeg's Bridge Drive-In Proves It's Not A Real Sundae Unless Your Bowl Is A Pineapple

    Summer may be over but so long as the warm weather's still here, you have an excuse to eat ice cream.And if you're craving soft serve, "Like A Tourist" host Dan Rodo knows where to find the good stuff.
    Enter the Bridge Drive-In in Winnipeg. Located near the city's Elm Park Bridge across the Red River, the Drive-In (or BDI, as the locals call it) has been slinging soft serve for nearly 60 years, making it something of an institution in the city.
    More than five decades has given the joint time to
  • Top 10 Airport Outdoor Spaces

    One thing you don't often get to do when you're spending time in an airport: get some fresh air. We're accustomed to having the option to shop, eat and drink, or wander aimlessly while awaiting a flight, but having the chance to spend some time outside isn't usually on the list of things to do at the airport.However, that isn't always the case. More and more airports around the world are offering travellers the chance to soak up some sunshine before a flight. If that sounds like something that w
  • Will And Kate Will Discover Aboriginal B.C.'s Many Experiences

    The Balance Rock, a rock that was left balancing after the last glacial retreat, stands on the island of Haida Gwaii, British Columbia. (Photo: Ben Nelms/Bloomberg via Getty Images)
    As Will and Kate journey through western Canada this week, they will spend plenty of time within aboriginal communities that are increasingly attractive as tourist draws. The ability British Columbia's First Nations have shown in growing a range of diverse tourism products is extraordinary. Aboriginal tourism brings
  • Your Kids Need A Fall Getaway (And You Do Too)

    Photo credit: Roderick Eime
    Travel isn't just for retirees and 20-year-old backpackers. Seeing new places and experiencing new cultures is beneficial for people of all ages, including your little ones. While traveling with kids may seem overwhelming at first, the benefits far outweigh the added luggage and frequent bathroom breaks. These four reasons to travel with your kids this fall will inspire you to choose a destination, pack your bags, and forget about the stresses of work and school for a
  • You're Missing Out If You've Never Been To Tadoussac

    Photo credit: Thomas sauzedde
    Tadoussac isn't one of the most popular tourist destinations in Canada, but it's one of the coolest. This tiny village on the St. Lawrence River, known primarily for its whale watching, has far more to offer than its abundance of gigantic sea creatures. The town's funky yet historic atmosphere is just one of these five reasons why you're missing out if you've never been.You Can Walk Just About Everywhere
    Nothing quite kicks you into relaxation mode like parking your
  • Ethical Environmental Tourism Is The Future

    As a kid growing up in South Africa a trip into the wilderness was life-changing. Family vacations were spent on Safari and seeing animals in their natural environments touch my heart and soul deeply. From an early age I understood the importance of nature and conservation.
    Nothing beats seeing an animal in the wild. Experiencing the beauty and majesty of wildlife firsthand makes your heart skip a beat.Humans are naturally drawn to watching animals, it's one of the reasons why we have zoos, aqua
  • The Coolest Things You Can Do In Niagara Falls

    It's difficult to peel your eyes away from the beauty of Niagara Falls, but the world-renowned attraction has become far more than a natural wonder. Niagara Falls, the Canadian city, is home to everything from action packed tours to year-round water parks, renowned eateries and out-of-this-world casinos.A trip to the falls is more than visiting the incomparable natural wonder, it's about experiencing the nonstop action that happens around the legendary attraction. These five awesome things to do
  • What To Do, See And Eat In Winnipeg During Your Next Visit

    Winnipeg — or "Winterpeg," as it's lovingly known during half of the year — sometimes gets a bad rap once the temperatures are below freezing. But when the city isn't contending with bone-chilling cold fronts and brutal snowfall, it's a playground ripe with nature and wildlife waiting to be explored.And that's where "Like A Tourist" host Dan Rodo comes into play. He's teamed up with local Winnipegger Grant Calder with the goal of uncovering the city's unique hidden gems that'll make
  • Top 10 Destinations For Your First Solo Trip

    Whether you're joining an organized trip or setting out with nothing but a backpack and a guidebook, your first solo trip can be daunting. Yet, you'll soon find it's one of the most rewarding ways to travel. If you're teetering on the edge of going solo, or already planning where to visit, we have ten suggestions to kick-start your wanderlust. If you want even more ideas, make sure to check out our upcoming film fest on October 6th where you can meet travellers that have taken the plunge and exp
  • 5 Tips For Powering Down And Sleeping Better

    As a busy entrepreneur growing two businesses, I travel for work on a weekly basis. After hours on planes, speaking on stage, or doing media interviews, it's tough for me to wind down at the end of the day. However, I know how important it is that I get enough sleep when I'm staying in a hotel far away from home.According to a new study by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), more than a third of adults don't get enough sleep (at least seven hours each night), and this is linked
  • Inside The Diefenbunker, Canada's Cold War Museum

    Take cover in style - well, 1960's Cold-War style.The Diefenbunker, nicknamed after Prime Minister John Diefenbaker, was the secret hideaway built during the Cold War.
    The war never came but the fear of nuclear bombs landing on Canadian soil was very real. So Diefenbaker had the shelter builtduring the late '50s to house key politicians and military officials as a precaution.The bunker was also part of Canadian Forces Station Carp before it became decommissioned, housing as many as 150 personal
  • Changes To Canadian Passport Rules May Inconvenience Dual Citizens

    As of November 10, 2016, dual citizens who hold Canadian citizenship, as well as some other foreign citizenship, will need to present their Canadian Passport at the time of entry into Canada, if they are travelling by air. However, this change was not well publicized and many dual citizens are now scrambling to obtain Canadian Passports before the deadline.
    This new Canadian passport requirement arises from the Electronic Travel Authorization ("eTA") program, which was established in 2015. Altho
  • Scarborough Bluffs: Where To Find A Mind-Blowing View Of Toronto Unlike Any Other

    If you're looking for that next amazing panoramic photo to post on Instagram, look no further.
    Toronto’s Scarborough Bluffs has a killer view of the skyline from a vantage point unlike any other in the city.
    In this feature from “Like a Tourist,” host Dan Rodeo helps local Torontonian, Amanda Edwards, face her fear of heights and the payoff is breathtaking.
    “It was scary as hell, but now I can say I did it,” says Edwards.Find More Of Canada's Hidden Gems With "Like