• Nova Scotia Makes Abortion Pill Free

    HALIFAX — Nova Scotia is overhauling its abortion policies, making the abortion pill available at no cost and removing the requirement for a physician's referral to obtain a surgical abortion.The province has been criticized as having some of Canada's biggest abortion-access barriers, and Premier Stephen McNeil said Friday the changes are about providing women with the health care options they deserve.McNeil, who is Roman Catholic, said he is comfortable with the decisions as a parent of a
  • The U.S. President Should Not Be A Businessperson

    For over 200 years, Americans had the good sense to elect non-businesspeople to the presidency. Typically, U.S. presidents have been chosen from among the ranks of lawyers, generals and career politicians.There's a reason why that was a good idea: such folks had the experience and expertise to govern. Businesspeople, on the other hand, did not, and that, I submit, is the primary reason that the country has been in rough shape for much of this new century.The new millennium started out with the c
  • Provincial Leaders Challenge Trudeau Government On Controversial Tax Proposals

    OTTAWA — Provincial pressure is intensifying against the Trudeau government's controversial tax-reform proposals, which have angered business owners, doctors and farmers across Canada.On Friday, provincial leaders representing different political stripes — Liberals, New Democrats and Conservatives — spoke out about tax reforms recommended by Ottawa's Liberal government.Manitoba Premier Brian Pallister scheduled an afternoon event in Winnipeg, where he planned to publicly air hi
  • To The Americans Doubting Universal Health Care: It Saved My Life

    For the past number of years, right-wing Americans have continually criticized the Canadian universal health-care system. Sometimes, they joined by Canadians of similar political leanings who want to see privatization. A couple of years ago, Dr. Danielle Martin, a physician at Women's College Hospital in Toronto, made a big splash when she appeared before a Congressional committee defending us and, in the process, poking holes in the States' lack of universality and emphasis on profits. That vid
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  • 8-Year-Old Ontario Girl Bullied For Loving Bugs Gets Name In Science Journal

    Sophia Spencer hated it when classmates taunted her for her love of insects, but seeing them kill her pet grasshoppers for fun was even worse.Her first-grade peers couldn't understand what she found so fascinating about bugs of all sorts or why she'd devote spare time to catching them, reading about them, and generally carrying on like a budding entomologist.As Sophia listened to schoolyard jeers that called her weird, or was forced to watch as her much-loved bugs were taken from her hands and s
  • Exercise And Sleep Can Turn The Page On Student Pressure

    A fifth of Canada's post-secondary students are anxious or depressed. One in five. Alarmingly, according to a 2016 report, 13 per cent of students said they had seriously considered suicide in the past year, up from 3.5 per cent in 2013.Too little exercise and not enough sleep are making the problem worse. In the same report, just 22 per cent of students said they hit the gym for at least 20 minutes three times a week, and 28.4 per cent reported having difficulty sleeping.Under intense pressure
  • This Is The One Time When Parents Should Mind Their Own Business

    Imagine your child comes up to you bawling, "Mommy! Daddy yelled at me and told me he was going to sell my bike because I left it on the driveway!"You comfort them, get them to tell you what happened, and inevitably get angry with your significant other for how they chose to deal with your child.Previously on HuffPost:"Let me talk with your father," you might say. "Believe me, he will not sell your bike, and he should never have raised his voice at you."Doesn't that sound like the appropriate re
  • NAFTA Negotiations: Chrystia Freeland Praises Feds' 'Made-In-Canada' Approach To Talks

    TORONTO — Foreign Affairs Minister Chrystia Freeland touted Ottawa's made-in-Canada approach to NAFTA renegotiations Friday as she met with an array of advisers — from former politicians to labour representatives — ahead of the third round of talks in Ottawa this weekend."It has been, I think, noticed by Canadians, a source of strength to our negotiators, and noticed by our partners, the extent to which we have a real made-in-Canada approach to these negotiations," Freeland sai
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  • Ikea Couch Hack Will Take Your Love Of Millennial Pink To New Heights

    Millennial pink is very in, which is why the trendy colour in fashion has quickly taken over the food industry and now home décor. But while finding the perfect millennial pink couch for your home can be difficult (and expensive), one woman has come up with the perfect Ikea hack to transform a simple white sofa on the cheap.Krys Melo, who runs the blog Melodrama, revealed on her site in 2016 that she bought an Ikea Karlstad sofa on clearance for US$250, compared to its original cost of US
  • Tax Reform Moving Forward Would Be A Big Step Back For Canada

    The Liberal government claims to be dedicated to improving the quality of life for all Canadians — but their latest proposal to reform tax laws are unlikely to do so.
    Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has been touting his new tax reform plans as of late. He was recently in British Columbia, attempting to curry favour amongst his constituents and discussing how proposed changes to the small business tax regime will benefit all citizens. He wants to change the law to curtail what he calls "incom
  • Driver In B.C. Nets $700 In Fines And 8 Demerit Points In 8 Minutes

    VANCOUVER — A driver in Vancouver needed just eight minutes to rack up more than $700 in fines and eight demerit points, all because of a reluctance to put down the phone.Vancouver Police posted a photo of the two tickets on social media, showing that within a space of barely six blocks along one of the city's most congested streets, the driver of the rented Hyundai Accent was stopped twice for using an electronic device.Each infraction carries a fine of $368 and four driver demerit points
  • Men Should Also Be Leaders In The Fight For Gender Equality

    If someone offered you 50 cents or a dollar, which would you choose? On an exam, which mark would you prefer — 50 per cent or something closer to 100? The answers seem pretty obvious.Yet there seems to be a nascent movement to exclude 50 per cent of the population — namely, males — from leadership positions at organizations advocating gender equality.This implies that gender equality is solely a woman's issue and that only women can lead the fight. This approach is unnecessaril
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  • Here's What Canadian Kids Are Really Eating For Lunch

    We've all seen stories about what school lunches look like around the world, which is why we started wondering: what do kids' lunches look like in Canada, specifically?With six provinces banning junk food in schools in light of the childhood obesity problem, and incidents of food shaming cropping up in other areas of the country, parents are certainly feeling the pressure to make sure their kids eat healthy food.But as one mom and dietician, Abby Langer, wrote in a blog for HuffPost Canada, "Who
  • There's A Reason Why Touching Your Belly Button Makes You Feel Like You Have To Pee

    We all do weird things to our bodies when we're alone: pick our blackheads, clean out our ears for wax, stare at our pores, pick lint out of our belly buttons. And we all notice that when we touch our belly buttons, we get a strange sensation, like we have to go pee.Yeah, there's a reason for that.Dr. Christopher Hollingsworth of NYC Surgical Associates explained to Lad Bible why touching that area makes you feel a bit strange.According to Hollingsworth, touching the belly button stimulates the
  • As Justin Trudeau Ushers In Invictus Games, Veterans Wait On His Pension Promise

    OTTAWA — Prime Minister Justin Trudeau will join hundreds of disabled veterans from across Canada and more than a dozen other countries in Toronto on Saturday to help kick off this year's edition of the Invictus Games.Yet even as those veterans prepare for a week of intense athletic competition, many others are anxiously waiting for Trudeau to make good on a major promise to them: reinstating lifelong disability pensions.The Invictus Games were started by Prince Harry in 2014 and involve w
  • Doctors Can't Keep Relying On Outdated Tools Like Fax Machines

    Canada's physicians, nurses and pharmacists are among the best in the world, but poor communication tools are hampering their ability to work together.A recent survey of 150 Canadian physicians conducted by TELUS Health revealed that phone (85 per cent) and fax (65 per cent) are the top two means physicians use to share patient information and critical medical data with other healthcare professionals.Healthcare providers need strong foundations and comprehensive tools to achieve a higher standar
  • Your Fitness Transformation Will Take Time. And Why Shouldn't It?

    What I see as the never-ending problem with society is what many see as one of its biggest strengths: the desire to want things here and now. It's pushed as ambition, having drive and being motivated. But it's also a corrupting trait that can make one's mind more vulnerable to flimsy schemes that promise exactly that. It encourages logic to be thrown out the window in favour of the façade of temporary happiness that inevitably won't last.Infomercial training systems and trending fitness f
  • Bride Exiles Breastfeeding Mamas To Bathroom To Feed Their Children

    We can all agree that when a bride asks you to do something on her wedding day, you do it (that is unless it's super unreasonable or makes you uncomfortable). But when one newlywed sent a note to her guests requesting that breastfeeding mamas nurse only in the bathroom, people were appalled.An anonymous mom shared the bride's note on Breastfeeding Mama Talk's Facebook page earlier this week."To all our mommies who are breastfeeding," the invite read. "We are sensitive to the fact that you may ha
  • There Is No One Universal Sex Move That Works For All Women

    It should be basic knowledge, but if you're trying to satisfy a woman in bed, you better have more than one move to get her to climax.New research confirms what all women know: when it comes to sex, every woman is different and has their own individual preferences.A recent study, published in the Journal of Sex & Marital Therapy, found that as a group, women like a range of different stimulations, but as individuals, they have specific needs, proving there's no single way to please a woman.R
  • Rihanna Reveals Fenty Beauty's Holiday Collection, And It's Very ~Shimmery~

    While beauty fans are still queueing to get their hands on Rihanna's debut Fenty Beauty line, which launched earlier this month, the star herself is one step ahead.The singer and makeup entrepreneur has taken to Instagram to tease her brand's upcoming Holiday 2017 collection, along with the news that it will launch on Oct, 13. While Rihanna's post tagged Sephora, the Fenty Beauty post tagged Sephora France, so expect further details to come regarding the launch.Holiday #GALAXY collection. You re
  • White Students Need Teachers Of Colour As Role Models

    The day after the 2008 presidential election, Clarence Pitterson stood in front of his students at Father Henry Carr in Toronto's west end, overcome with excitement as he talked about America's first black president.One of the few black teachers at the school, Pitterson's social studies class often started with conversations about racially charged issues in the news, from police shootings to protests against discrimination.Those discussions brought the experiences of students of colour into the
  • Liberals' Definition Of Middle Class Canadians 'Not Useful,' Says Economist

    OTTAWA — The Liberals speak constantly of strengthening the Canadian middle class, but any precise definition of that amorphous category of people getting all the attention has always been ambiguous at best.Until now — depending on how one defines the word "precision."Earlier this week, Transport Minister Marc Garneau rose in the House of Commons to reveal the Liberal government's criteria for the middle-class club."The government of Canada defines the middle class using a broad set
  • Why Canada's Retailers Fear NAFTA Talks

    TORONTO — A Canadian looking for a high-end men's shoe from can buy it from a major online retailer in the U.S. or get it for 25 per cent less at the bustling Eaton Centre mall in downtown Toronto.But that price advantage could end, potentially devastating Canadian retailers, if the U.S. gets one of the major changes it seeks while it renegotiates the North American Free Trade Agreement with its two neighbours.To protect its domestic companies, Canada currently imposes duties on any goods
  • How This Farm Is Making The Idea Of Green Eggs Possible

    In 2015, Glen Jennings and his son Blake installed three turbines on their property and become the first wind-powered egg farm in Nova Scotia. This shift at Bayview Poultry Farms wasn't all about economics. It was sparked by a desire to do the right thing for the environment.As a fourth generation producer, being an egg farmers is part of Glen's DNA. His great grandfather started producing eggs in the 1940s with Glen stepping in to run the 140-acre farm in 1989.Egg production evolving in new way
  • 4-Year-Old Boy Dies After Being Left In Hot Car In Toronto

    Toronto police say a nanny has been charged in the death of a child found in a hot car Thursday afternoon in west-end Toronto.Police say the four-year-old boy was taken to hospital in critical condition and later died after being found in the vehicle outside an apartment building.The nanny is charged with criminal negligence causing death and police say she is scheduled to appear in court this morning.Police did not release the woman's name or age.The boy was discovered in the early afternoon wh
  • Alberta Man Lands $13K Fine For Killing Collared Grizzly Bear

    EDSON, Alta. — An Alberta man charged with killing a collared grizzly bear that was being tracked for research will pay nearly $13,000 in fines, but some say it doesn't go far enough to protect the threatened species.Ronald Raymond Motkoski pleaded guilty earlier this month in an Edson, Alta., courtroom to possession of wildlife and was fined $2,500. He's also required to pay $5,000 to Alberta's BearSmart program and $5,202.76 for the cost of the tracking collar.Neither he nor his lawyer c
  • Nicolas Boudreau, Quebec Teacher Guilty Of Child Porn Charges, Takes His Own Life In Court

    QUEBEC — The man who swallowed liquid in front of a judge who had just sentenced him to jail on child porn charges died in hospital, police confirmed Thursday.Former college chemistry teacher Nicolas Boudreau swallowed an unidentified liquid substance Wednesday morning right after Quebec Court judge Christian Boulet sentenced him to six months in jail.Courtroom constables tried to revive the man while they waited for an ambulance.Quebec City police said the 52-year-old died after he was tr
  • KJ Apa, Star Of 'Riverdale,' Crashes Car After Falling Asleep At The Wheel

    "Riverdale" star KJ Apa was reportedly involved in a car accident in Vancouver last week after driving home following a 16-hour work day, according to The Hollywood Reporter.The actor apparently fell asleep at the wheel after midnight during his 45-minute trip home before his vehicle struck a light pole. He was taken to the hospital, but luckily sustained no serious injuries and was later discharged. His car, however, was essentially destroyed and rendered unusable after the crash.Apa, who plays
  • Pretending Greenhouse Gases Are Good For The Planet Is Dangerous

    Bigger isn't always better. Too much of a good thing can be bad. Many anti-environmentalists throw these simple truths to the wind, along with caution.You can see it in the deceitful realm of climate change denial. It's difficult to keep up with the constantly shifting — and debunked — denier arguments, but one common thread promoted by the likes of the Heartland Institute in the U.S. and its Canadian affiliate, the misnamed International Climate Science Coalition, illustrates the po
  • Andrew Scheer Apologizes To Catherine McKenna For Tory MP's 'Climate Barbie' Remark

    OTTAWA — Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer has personally apologized to Environment Minister Catherine McKenna for a Tory MP's remark referring to her as "climate Barbie."Scheer called McKenna on Thursday to offer the apology two days after Saskatchewan MP Gerry Ritz posted the insult on Twitter.The tweet, condemned as sexist by politicians of all stripes, appeared inspired by the far-right website The Rebel, which used the "climate Barbie" term in dozens of stories since McKenna became en
  • 6 Ways To Make Life Easier During The 1st School Term

    At the start of the summer I wrote a post about ways in which you could ready your child for starting school. It's a big step! I found it a little bit heartbreaking, nerve-wracking, exciting, and everything else along the way, watching my firstborn start full-time school. There's no mistaking it for a major milestone.But once you've got over that initial first day pride and terror; after that, comes The First Term.<pause for terror to sink in>Look I'm sure it will go smoothly and happily f
  • Trudeau Touts Proposed Small Business Tax Reforms During Speech To United Nations

    Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's speech to the United Nations General Assembly Thursday included a plug for domestic tax proposals that are angering many small business owners in Canada.Trudeau's roughly 30-minute address mostly focused on issues in Canada, notably his government's reconciliation efforts with Indigenous peoples.While he called for global action on climate change, Trudeau made no mention of his government's promised UN peacekeeping mission. He steered clear of other international
  • M.T. Davidson Public School Is Working To Ban Cartwheels

    A northern Ontario school is proposing a ban on cartwheels to the dismay of many parents.M.T. Davidson Public School, in Callander — a town near North Bay, has released a draft of their new playground rules for this school year.Cartwheeling is on the list of banned activities. The school's principal, Todd Gribbon, told BayToday the proposed ban was to ensure student safety."We want to make the school as safe a place as possible. There's potential for a concussion, wrist or neck injuries wh
  • How To Help Your Baby Bounce Back From The Flu

    It's that time of year, when the temperature drops and seasonal viruses begin to enter our households. Steering clear of stomach viruses or the flu is tough — we can only protect our kids so much! However, there are a few strategies that can help your little ones feel more comfortable when they're sick, and stay as healthy, nourished and hydrated as possible.I have seen my share of viruses over the years and it can be really scary seeing your little one in such distress. My first experienc
  • As Cars Go Electric, Renewable Energy Has To Shift Into High Gear

    There has been a lot of excitement about the growing number of electric vehicles on the road. One need only look at the fanfare around the launch of Tesla's model 3 in June 2017 to get a sense of consumers' interest in this market. Other car manufacturers are jumping on the trend; only last week Honda announced announced it would launch two electric cars by 2018.While the number of electric cars in Canada is still relatively small, it is growing. In 2016, electric vehicles accounted for 11,000 s
  • Toddler Samia Ali Created Rihanna's Favourite Fenty Beauty Review

    Forget all the Fenty Beauty reviews you've watched, because this one blows them all away.Toddler Samia Ali tested out Rihanna's brand new makeup line on her YouTube channel in a hilarious and adorable video.She tried out all of the company's biggest hits, including the coveted Killawatt highlighter in "Trophy Wife" and one of the brand's incredible 40 foundation shades.Samia, the daughter of LaToya Forever, a YouTuber with 1.3 million subscribers herself, goes all out in the video with the produ
  • Epic Group Halloween Costumes Other Than ‘Game Of Thrones’

    "Game of Thrones" costumes have dominated the Halloween scene for the past few years. And with the show's final season airing next year, that trend will only continue to spike.While we admit the world of Westeros provides a fine offering of characters to make any group costume epic, there are still plenty of other ideas that can meet its match.So if you're so over the "Game of Thrones" get-ups we see each year, here are 20 other epic group Halloween costumes that will blow everyone's socks off.C
  • Big Money Leaving Canada Over Tax Changes, John Manley Says

    OTTAWA — A big Canadian player has quietly picked up his chips and is heading for the exit amid all the tumult over the Trudeau government's controversial tax proposals.A business owner has informed John Manley, the head of an organization representing Canada's largest corporations, that he's moved billions of dollars outside the country since the Liberals announced their tax changes in mid-July.The government's proposals to eliminate several tax incentives have awakened a large contingent
  • 4 Ways To Negotiate Your Prenup And Start Marriage On The Right Foot

    Falling in love is a tale as old as time and despite high divorce rates, people still can't help coupling up. And while love may not have changed, the circumstances of modern society have. Nowadays, people are marrying later or simply cohabitating — and are more likely to have assets of their own. Yet cohabitation agreements or marriage contracts are still sometimes viewed as the thorn in the otherwise rosy side of relationship bliss. In reality, these agreements (collectively called domes
  • Simplify Your Exercise Routine

    Simplifying your approach to maintaining a regular exercise routine and eating healthy can make a world of difference to maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Many people struggle with fitting exercise into their daily lives – they're too busy, too tired or they just don't know where to begin. The key is to keep it simple.Your overall routine should consist of 150 minutes or more of exercise each week. To reap the greatest benefits, shape a routine that includes a minimum of 30 minutes of daily
  • Money Management: 5 Ways To Help Kids Make Sense Of Their Cents

    It's difficult for children to understand why money can't just appear out of nowhere. As much as we may want it to, money doesn't grow on trees or magically spit out of an ATM machine. Children must be taught the value of money and how to effectively manage it. What you do now will help shape your children's financial literacy.There are simple ways to incorporate financial lessons into your child's daily life and they can be taught some of these concepts as early as age three. Here are a few to
  • I Thought I'd Hate Meditation — Until I Found My Fit

    Until recently I believed I was the type of person who would hate — and suck at — meditation. I was also stuck in my ways. I liked what I liked and avoided what I didn't.Then I decided to live by the rule "certainty is the opposite of growth" and to be a more curious and open Kathleen — the "New Kathleen." (You know the parable about the willow tree that bends versus the stable tree that cracks? My aim is to be the willow.)Sharon Salzberg, in her book Real Happiness, states, "I
  • Don’t Let NAFTA 2.0 Stand In The Way Of Pharmacare

    Canada is closer today than ever before to achieving a public prescription drug plan for everyone. Provinces, cities, labour unions, businesses, doctors, nurses, health-care workers, economists and patient groups have come together to form one of the broadest coalitions in Canadian history — one in favour of a national pharmacare program. Nevertheless, NAFTA poses an existential threat to the dream of establishing such a program. After two rounds of NAFTA 2.0 negotiations, the Canadian Fed
  • Toys 'R' Us Canada Plans Hiring Spree After Creditor Protection

    Toys "R" Us Canada may have followed its U.S. parent company into creditor protection this week, but the company is planning a hiring spree for the holiday shopping period all the same."We are preparing for the busy holiday season as planned, which includes hiring seasonal employees," said Clint Gaudry, vice-president of marketing and store planning for Toys "R" Us Canada."In fact, this year we are looking forward to our first National Hiring Day on Oct. 17 where we hope to meet many potential n
  • Acne Can Affect Your Mental Health, But There Is A Lot Of Help Out There

    I first met Kelly, a college student, at my clinic when she was at a breaking point in her physical and mental health. Only months earlier, she'd been a socialite, successful in school, and active in her community. Then, she developed a medical condition and withdrew completely — she quit her beloved soccer, her grades suffered, and she became combative with friends and her parents. Kelly's life had been turned upside down. You might be wondering what her diagnosis was, and it's probably n
  • This Infection Lives In Your Shower. A Different Bacterium Could Be The Cure

    There's nothing quite like a nice hot shower after a long day. The relaxing flow of the water can help to relax muscles, bring a sense of peace to the mind, and of course, help to clean off dirt, grime, and those smelly bacteria. Yet, even as you shed the bacterial load from your body, in some cases, you may be breathing in some potentially pathogenic species spraying from the shower head.Together, they are known as the Mycobacterium avium complex or MAC for short. As you may deduce, they are re
  • Talk To Your Kids About Nude Photos Or The Internet Will For You

    As a mother of women in their 20s, I'm witnessing a disturbing trend on the rise in the land of teenagers: "sending nudes." I've read countless articles written by young women who are inundated with photos of male genitalia while on dating apps and sites — as if this counts as courtship or a man putting his best foot forward. But what I'm also noticing is that it isn't only men of a certain age mixing nudity with technology, it is also girls, some as young as 13.Take that in... 13-year-old
  • 20 Couples Halloween Costumes That Will Make You Win All The Prizes

    Finding a Halloween costume for yourself can be tricky (no pun intended) — finding a couples Halloween costume however, can be anxiety-inducing.That's why we're here.If you're hitting up a Halloween party this year with your significant other, then you're gonna want a bangin' couples costume that will win all the prizes.So, we hit up Instagram for some #HalloweenInspo and picked out 20 couples Halloween costumes that will earn you and your SO best dressed of the night.Check 'em out below:W
  • Justin Trudeau's UN Speech Outlines Canada's 'Humiliation' Of Indigenous Peoples

    UNITED NATIONS, N.Y. — Prime Minister Justin Trudeau used a speech to the United Nations on Thursday to probe a source of national shame: the historic struggles of Canada's Indigenous peoples.He spoke of forced migration and forced family separation in residential schools, which he said left a devastating legacy on reserves to this day.He said Canada came to exist without the consent and participation of the Indigenous populations who had lived there for millenniums."The experience was mos
  • Fall Baby Names That Are As Majestic As The Season

    There's something so magical about when summer turns to fall. Not only does the air get crisper, but watching the world around us change into beautiful warm-toned colours is nothing short of enchanting. And to top it all off, fall signals family time as the weather cools and holidays, such as Thanksgiving, quickly approach.If you're expecting a baby around this time, you might want to consider naming your child after the awe-inspiring season. After all, there's no shortage of fall baby names (ah