• Stefanie McClelland, Former Customs Agent, Sentenced For Letting 182 Kilos Of Cocaine Into Canada

    SAINT-JEAN-SUR-RICHELIEU, Que. — A former customs agent has been given an 11-year prison term for turning a blind eye to the importation of 182 kilograms of cocaine into Canada.A Quebec judge sentenced Stefanie McClelland in Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu on Tuesday after a jury convicted the mother of four last month.The Crown was seeking a 15-year prison term, while the defence suggested five years.In December 2014, McClelland allowed a vehicle carrying unconcealed bags of cocaine to enter Can
  • Canadian Tire Money Gets A Patriotic Redesign For Canada 150

    Your dad is going to love this!In honour of Canada's 150th birthday, Canadian Tire is releasing a limited-edition, oh-so-patriotic version of its iconic 10-cent bill.The bills boast some of the same security features as real money, as well as gold foil and a watermark."Canadian Tire 'Money' is such an iconic part of Canadian culture that it's considered Canada's second currency," the company said in a press release. "The currency is so deeply rooted in Canadian heritage that Canadian Tire 'Money
  • A Focus On Mental Health Could Help End Canada's Fentanyl Crisis

    We are in the midst of an unprecedented health crisis, with fentanyl-related overdoses causing the death of thousands of Canadians. I believe this crisis is due, to a great extent, to the willful blindness of all levels of government to the inadequate resourcing of mental health care.Whether due to stigma, poor insight, hopelessness or lack of access to care, many people who are mentally ill suffer in silence, sometimes for years. For some, this leads to a reliance on "self-medication" to cope w
  • Jagmeet Singh, NDP Leadership Candidate, Marks Multiculturalism Day With Personal Story

    NDP leadership candidate Jagmeet Singh took to Twitter Tuesday to share a personal story that he hopes will help young people struggling with self-worth.In a series of tweets to mark Multiculturalism Day, the Ontario MPP wrote about how he felt out of place while growing up, how there was "something wrong with me for just being me."Singh, who could become the first Sikh to lead a federal party in Canada's history, said that although he found confidence as he grew older, he soon encountered "new
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  • Madonna's Childhood Home In Rochester Hills, Mich. Is For Sale

    The original Material Girl's old house is up for grabs. Madonna's childhood home in Rochester Hills, Mich. was listed by RE/MAX last week for US$479,000.The superstar's family moved out of the property in 2001, according to USA Today. It was bought by someone off eBay, who then sold it to someone else who lived there until 2008, The Detroit News reported. The house was heavily damaged in a suspected arson that year, and remained empty until 2012 when it was purchased by the current owner for US$
  • Ontario Food Banks Have Changed, But The Need For Them Hasn't

    At the beginning of June, the Ontario Association of Food Banks network came together in Toronto for both our annual conference, and to mark our organization's 25th anniversary.An occasion like this one is bittersweet.On one hand, it is an opportunity to recognize the countless lives that have been changed through the work of food banks, and the hard work and great strides of staff, volunteers and donors across the province.On the other, it means that hunger is still a pervasive issue in Ontario
  • Jennifer MacIntyre Named Canada's Next Climate Change Ambassador

    OTTAWA — Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has tapped a long-time Canadian diplomat to step into a revamped role of Canada's ambassador for climate change.Canada hasn't had such an ambassador since January 2015.Jennifer MacIntyre fills the role as of Tuesday, with a mandate to push Canada's international relationships on the climate change file, including promoting Canadian clean technology businesses abroad.She won't be at G20 next weekShe is the fifth person to hold the title of ambassador f
  • Salmonella Outbreak In 4 Provinces Comes From Frozen Breaded Chicken

    OTTAWA — The Public Health Agency of Canada says a salmonella outbreak in four provinces has left seven people ill.It says the salmonella infections have been linked to frozen raw breaded chicken products and it is investigating along with provincial public health officials, the Canadian Food Inspection Agency, and Health Canada.There have been four people reported ill in Alberta and one each in British Columbia, Ontario and New Brunswick.The agency says two people have been hospitalized,
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  • Chiropractor Shows Parents How To Properly Carry A Baby Car Seat

    It's the kind of thing that they should teach in parenting classes, but they just don't.When your baby is young, their car seat (also known as a baby bucket) is portable, which makes it so easy to take them from the car into the house.But it's also massive.Seriously, they can easily weigh 10 pounds on their own, before you even put a baby inside.And as part of the parental orientation, everyone tries to figure out the best way to shlep that thing without ruining their backs and necks and elbows
  • Reporter Challenges Sarah Huckabee Sanders After She Rants About 'Constant Barrage Of Fake News'

    WASHINGTON ― During Tuesday’s White House press briefing, a reporter challenged deputy White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders for “inflaming” journalists, after she launched into a tirade against “the constant barrage of fake news” against President Donald Trump.In the White House’s first public, on-camera press briefing in a week, Sanders took her first question from a reporter from Trump-friendly Breitbart News who asked her to comment on t
  • How To Survive At Work

    I've watched the TLC program I Survived in the past. Amazing stories of survival, amazing people in life-threatening situations.People can survive the most amazing things. As I watch the show, I am amazed at people's will to survive, their will to overcome, their determination to not let their attacker (whether that be another person, an animal or nature) take them down.At the end of the show, they always explain how they survived. Sometimes it is their faith, sometimes it is their children and
  • Pavla Janeckova Charged For Threatening To Kill Christy Clark

    VICTORIA — British Columbia's Prosecution Service says a woman has been charged with uttering death threats aimed at Premier Christy Clark and Speaker Steve Thomson.The service says a special prosecutor approved charges of uttering threats to cause death or bodily harm against Pavla Janeckova of Kelowna, B.C.The threats are alleged to have occurred around April 30 this year in Kelowna.Special prosecutor appointedKris Pechet was appointed May 3 as the special prosecutor in the case because
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  • Patriotic Pieces to Wear On Canada’s 150th Birthday

    If you're in the market for a new word to add to your vocabulary, "Sesquicentennial" might come in handy right about now, as Canada Day approaches.Canada is turning 150 years young on July 1st — a spring chicken compared to the world's oldest country, San Marino. Still, despite our country's relative youth, it's a milestone birthday. Naturally, this calls for an epic nationwide party.In honour of the occasion, some of Canada's most beloved homegrown brands and retailers have teamed up to b
  • Justin Trudeau: Conservatives Partly To Blame For Higher-Than-Expected Deficits

    OTTAWA — Prime Minister Justin Trudeau argued Tuesday that his Liberal government has been keeping its promise to be fiscally responsible and pointed to the previous Conservative administration as at least partly to blame for higher-than-expected deficits.Trudeau maintained the Liberals were consistent with their 2015 election commitment to add about $10 billion in new spending for 2016-17, their first full year in office.But he insisted the Liberals had to deal with a baseline deficit of
  • Summer Camp Shopping For Kids On A Budget

    School is almost out and by now your kids' have been enrolled in their summer camp of choice. Soon you'll be sending them off for a few weeks of summer fun, learning and friendships – while hopefully enjoying a little R&R time for yourself. But as any parent knows, before you can put up your feet and crack open the wine there's plenty of planning, shopping and packing to do to ensure your kids' camp adventure goes of without a hitch.While camps offer a great number of benefits and oppo
  • Trudeau Blames Opposition For Not Reading His Mind On Electoral Reform

    Prime Minister Justin Trudeau looked reporters in the eyes Tuesday morning and told them he had "no path" to keep his campaign promise on electoral reform because none of the other parties wanted his preferred option: a ranked ballot.Trudeau, however, never campaigned on bringing in a ranked ballot. (That's a system also known as a preferential ballot or an alternative vote, in which voters rank their first, second and third choices, and votes from the last-place candidate get redistributed unti
  • Will Canada's Underfunded Small Charities Survive?

    Last month I spoke at Israel's national nonprofit conference to over 300, mostly small, charities. In talking to them and learning about the charitable sector in Israel, I was struck by familiar feelings of awe at what charities are accomplishing and the passion and dedication of their staff, contrasted with worry over the lack of any serious capacity to scale their results because of inadequate funding. I often feel this way when I talk to smaller charities in Canada -- let's define them as tho
  • Exercising Together: The Benefits Of Group Physiotherapy

    Written by Natalie Chung-Sayers, Sunnybrook's Communications Advisor for the Holland Musculoskeletal Program and the St. John's Rehab Program.Weighing the pros and cons of group physiotherapy vs. one-on-one physiotherapy, after knee replacement surgery? Read on. When Linda Veres, Ross Winter and Robert Morassutti happened to sign up for the same physiotherapy class, little did they know the difference group therapy would make.In fact, studies show that patients who participate in group-based phy
  • Canada Sticking To Its Guns In Softwood Dispute With U.S.: Trudeau

    OTTAWA — Prime Minister Justin Trudeau says Canada will persist with its efforts to negotiate a new softwood lumber deal with the United States despite a second round of import tariffs slapped on Canadian wood by the United States this week.Late Monday, the U.S. Department of Commerce ruled Canadian softwood producers were dumping lumber into the United States at prices lower than market value in Canada and added another 6.87 per cent in import duties to most Canadian softwood.The decision
  • Just How Qualified Is That Sex Therapist You're Seeing?

    Something felt "off" to Carrie when she left her new therapist's office. She had arrived feeling excited but confused about a recent sexual experience. Her new lover had slapped her buttocks in the heat of the moment, and while she found it extremely arousing, the strike was forceful, which left her with some questions. No one had ever spanked her like that before and she didn't understand why she found this so exciting. And because she had some abuse in her past, she worried what this excitemen
  • Trudeau Pose For Delta Air Lines' Magazine Sends Twitter Into Overdrive

    It's that time of the month (or week?) again where Prime Minister Justin Trudeau sets the Internet on fire by doing something fairly mundane for regular human beings but slightly unusual for political leaders.Fresh off his appearance at Toronto's Pride parade — where he sported colourful socks imprinted with the Muslim greeting "Eid Mubarak" — Trudeau has once again kicked Twitter into overdrive with this cover for the July issue of Delta Air Lines' magazine, Sky:.@Delta celebrates C
  • Is It Time To Cap Credit Card Fees?

    There is a $5 billion issue that has been simmering for years right under Canadians' noses, and it seems the federal government may finally be ready to do something about it. The issue is the sky-high fees that banks and credit card companies charge businesses every single time you pay for something with a credit card – hitting small businesses the hardest.Federal Finance Minister Bill Morneau is in the middle of a comprehensive review of credit card fees, the effect they have on business,
  • Nuclear Waste Bunker Proposal Near Lake Huron Moves One Step Ahead

    TORONTO — A proposal to bury tonnes of radioactive waste in a bunker near Lake Huron has moved a step toward a decision on whether the multibillion-dollar project can proceed.Federal authorities say they are satisfied Ontario Power Generation has provided additional information they had asked for about the project.In a notice to interested parties this week, the Canadian Environmental Assessment Agency said it would now begin drafting a report to Environment Minister Catherine McKenna, who
  • Surrendering To My Lack Of Power Over Another's Addiction

    I read somewhere that you meet people for a reason: you need them to change your life or you will change theirs.But it is arrogance that has us believe we wield any such power over anyone's life.Because no one can ever really change anyone. And as flattering as it is to be called an angel, it is often the other way around. We are not the angels, they are – our angels of death, put in our lives to kill us and through that death set us free.***It was a bottle of champagne, a gift from well-m
  • Kittens Stuffed In Plastic Bag After Ontario Pet Shop Break-In

    BARRIE, Ont. — Police say they've recovered a puppy stolen from a central Ontario pet shop, but are still looking for four kittens taken during the same break-in.They say video surveillance caught a suspect forcing his way into the Barrie, Ont., shop early Sunday morning.Investigators say a puppy and four kittens were taken from their cages and carried out of the pet shop in a plastic bag.They say the puppy, a nine-week-old cockapoo, was recovered on Monday night in nearby Innisfil, Ont.Po
  • Lawrence Cannon Stepping Down As Canada's Ambassador To France In September

    OTTAWA — Canada's ambassador to France will be stepping down at the end of September.Lawrence Cannon is thanking former prime minister Stephen Harper for appointing him in May 2012 and Prime Minister Justin Trudeau for asking him to stay on a bit longer.His mandate was to have expired last May but was discreetly renewed last week by the Privy Council on the recommendation of Foreign Affairs Minister Chrystia Freeland.Cannon announced his new departure date on his Twitter account today.Cann
  • Europe's Single Market May Welcome Canada With Open Arms

    Time to celebrate 150 years of Canada. This country has indeed come a long way. But we're at a crossroads now, facing several problems that we need to solve in order to safeguard the future of the world's second largest country.Obviously, the biggest challenge Canada has to address is our neighbour to the south. With Donald Trump, our American friends have elected an unpredictable president, and one of his prime targets is the North-American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA), and thus Canada.At the s
  • Transgender Rights Bill Is A Point Of Pride For Canada

    As Pride events continue across Canada this summer and fall, the passage of Bill C-16, extending long overdue protections to transgender Canadians, gives us much to celebrate. This bill, having now received Royal Assent, enshrines transgender rights, specifically gender identity and gender expression, in the Canadian Human Rights Act alongside other rights such as those based on sex, race, marital status, age, disability, or religious belief. Its passagecomes after months of delay in the Senate.
  • Canadian Scientists Want Your Help With 'World's Largest Sleep Study'

    TORONTO — Brain scientists at a Canadian university are aiming to get a better handle on how sleep affects memory, problem solving, and other cognitive functions in what they are billing as the largest such study ever to be done.The researchers at Western University, based in London, Ont., are hoping to recruit upwards of 100,000 participants from around the world for the online study."There's a lot about sleep and sleep deprivation and its effects on the brain that we just don't know," Bo
  • What Sustainability? Over-Consumption By Design

    Our shiny, metallic-blue front load washer developed a leak. It's shiny mate, the hi-tech dryer decided it wouldn't fire up. Push the buttons, nadda. So after ripping the units apart with the help of Google and YouTube, we called in the repair guy. The rubber seal on the washer was the culprit, a broken drive belt on the dryer explained the other. His advice? Buy a new set; this set is past its 'best before' date.He had other advice, too. He recommended going with a cheap set of top loaders with
  • Your Teen's 1st Job Teaches More Than Just The Value Of A Dollar

    There are just some things you can learn from your first job that you wouldn't get from home or school. Why a part-time job is worth more than minimum wage when it comes to your teen's personal growth:Hierarchy At home your teen has the luxury of having a say in family decisions, but at work he will have to do what he is told without debate. Learning how to accept direction from superiors and follow rules and procedures is important to future professional success and appropriate office behaviour
  • Toronto Comes In Third In The World's Most LGBT-Friendly Cities' Ranking

    As Pride Month winds to a close in Canada for June, the celebrations are bound to continue — because it turns out that this country has some of the most LGBT-friendly destinations around.In a survey conducted by Nestpick (a company that provides furnished apartments around the world), thousands of people were asked how friendly their city was to the LGBT community, and three Canadian cities landed in the top 20.Three Canadian cities were in the top 20 of the most LGBT-friendly destinations
  • Dealing With A Bully? Here Are Strategies To Stand Up

    While you might think that bullying happens most often in childhood, unfortunately for many, it continues into adulthood.According to the European Journal of Work and Organizational Psychology, 40 per cent of Canadian workers experience bullying on a weekly basis.It's not just work. Bullying can happen anywhere. Within families and personal relationships, people are bullied. And sadly, cyberbullying has become an epidemic, particularly among teens.While psychologists can debate a bully's real mo
  • Canadian Debt Crisis Risk Eases, But Still Among World’s Worst

    Bank of Canada governor Stephen Poloz says ultra-low interest rates have "done their work" and he's signalling that rate hikes could be on their way sooner than expected.But a new report from the world's top central bank watchdog should give Poloz pause. Canada's economy is one of the most at risk of a debt-fueled financial crisis if interest rates were to rise, according to data from the Bank for International Settlements (BIS).The BIS, a Swiss-based "central bank of central banks," found that
  • Taraji P. Henson Debuts Shorter, Curly Hair For The Best Reason

    Taraji P. Henson proves she's all about that #blackgirlmagic.Over the weekend, the Golden Globe-winning actress debuted her natural curls with an ultra short style.Tym WallaceIt's been a minute. She's been busy AF!!! 👀💇🏾💋💋💋A post shared by taraji p henson (@tarajiphenson) on Jun 22, 2017 at 1:36pm PDTShaved close at the sides, Henson's curls flourish at the top. But her stylist says that's not the finished looked.In an interview with Refinery 29, h
  • Thank You, Canada, For Being A Place The Jewish Community Can Call Home

    As we approach the 150th anniversary of Confederation, Jewish Canadians are both thankful and vigilant.We are proud of our democracy. Canadian Jews enjoy a high degree of integration, success and safety. Few Jewish communities around the world enjoy such a strong sense of confidence in both law enforcement and the courts.But history teaches us that pride and gratitude must be balanced by vigilance, both for our own safety and for the well-being of Canadian society as a whole.Recently, disturbing
  • Shonda Rhimes Says People Only Saw Her As ‘Valuable’ After She Lost Weight

    Shonda Rhimes is not OK with people treating her differently just because she lost weight.The TV queen, who has blessed us with shows like "Grey's Anatomy" and "Scandal," recently opened up about her weight loss of "close to 150 lbs" in her new Shondaland newsletter. In her note, the 47-year-old revealed that both men and women started to treat her as a more valuable person only after she shed some pounds."Women I barely knew gushed. And I mean GUSHED. Like I was holding-a-new-baby-gushed," Rhim
  • Sears Canada Laid-Off Employees Won't Receive Severance Packages

    Sears Canada's move to file for creditor protection means that 2,900 employees will not be receiving severance. Creditor protection blocks the fledgling retailer from potential legal action as it works on reversing its rapidly declining fortunes.Part of the company's court-supervised restructuring involves letting go of 17 per cent of its staff, or 2,900 employees, and closing 59 stores.In addition to no severance for laid-off workers, retirees may be cut off from medical, dental and life-insura
  • Travel Blogger Surprises Immigrant Father With Vacation Of His Dreams

    We all know our parents sacrificed a lot to help us get to where we are today, but that's especially true for the children of immigrants.And because of this, we know we should be thanking (and helping out) our parents as much as we can, to show our appreciation for their many sacrifices and hard work.One travel writer recently took that to heart when she gave her father the vacation of his dreams.Christina Guan, a second-generation Canadian, recently posted about the incredible Father's Day gift
  • Queen Elizabeth Gets Major Pay Increase And The Public Is Pissed

    At 91 years old, the Queen is well past the age of retirement, but that hasn't stopped her from working, or from getting paid.According to the BBC, Her Majesty is set to receive an 8 per cent pay increase from public funds after the Crown Estate's profits increased by £24 million ($40.4 million).Once added to her existing income, the Queen will bring in more than £82 million ($138 million) by the end of 2017.Sir Alan Reid, keeper of Her Majesty's private income, believes the money is
  • Canadian Sniper's Record Kill In Iraq 'Entirely Consistent' With Non-Combat Mission: Trudeau

    A Canadian sniper's record-breaking kill of an Islamic State militant is entirely in keeping with this country's "advise and assist mission" in Iraq and something worth lauding, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau says.At a press conference in Ottawa Tuesday, Trudeau was asked to explain how Canada's mission in Iraq can still be considered non-combat when a member of the special forces reportedly killed someone from more than 3,500 metres away."Our special forces are there, they're killing Islamic mil
  • 9 Possible Explanations for the B.C. Liberals Colossal Policy Flip Flop

    Last Thursday, B.C. was witness to one of the biggest flip flops in our political history with the B.C. Liberals giving a throne speech that for the most part was a copy of the NDP platform -- a platform that the Liberals heavily criticized during the election not even two months ago.Take for example the B.C. NDP pledge to remove tolls on the Port Mann and Golden Ears bridges, a move the Liberals called reckless and short sighted a few months ago but is now included in their throne speech as a c
  • Canada's Health Agencies Seem To Think Pot's Riskier Than Booze

    Canada's health and addiction organizations have released new guidelines for cannabis users. Unfortunately their advice is biased against cannabis, and will promote heavier use of the more dangerous drug: alcohol.Canada's Centre for Addiction and Mental Health recently joined the Centre on Substance Abuse and Addiction to release new "Lower-Risk Cannabis Use Guidelines," which claim to teach people how to use cannabis safely and responsibly. A few years back, they put out similar guidelines for
  • I Feel More Torontonian Than I Do Canadian

    It'll likely come as no surprise to Canadians that Torontonians often feel like they live in their own country altogether.I know I do.I also know this isn't original. It's probably the case for every city dweller who looks at aspects of their country they don't identify with and thinks, 'That's not where I live.'In a country with only a few major cities, however, it feels even more important to distinguish the urban life I know so well from the stereotypical view of what it means to be Canadian.
  • Ryan Reynolds Is A Real-Life Superhero, Thanks To CPR

    Ryan Reynolds was a superhero long before he played one on-screen. On Monday, the Vancouver-born star revealed that he once saved his nephew's life by using CPR."Years ago, I took a CPR course thru the Red Cross. And holy shit, I ended up saving my nephew's life because I knew what to do! True story!" he wrote on Instagram.Years ago, I took a CPR course thru the Red Cross. And holy shit, I ended up saving my nephew's life because I knew what to do! True story! Yesterday I took a refresher course
  • Canadian English Accent Not As Different Across The Country As You Think: Language Experts

    VANCOUVER — Celebrations across Canada this weekend may look different from one community to the next, but for most of the country it will all sound the same.Derek Denis, a post-doctoral researcher of linguistics at the University of Victoria, said more than just the stereotypical "eh?" unites Canadians.His research comparing the recorded oral histories from 50 years ago and interviews from more recent times found that from the Ontario-Quebec border to Vancouver Island, English-speaking Ca
  • Justin Trudeau: Review Of Norsat Takeover Found No National Security Risks

    OTTAWA — Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is making his strongest defence yet of his government's decision to allow a Chinese telecom giant to take over a Canadian satellite technology company.Trudeau says an initial government review of the takeover, required under federal law, unearthed no significant national security risk and didn't require any further reviews, allowing the deal to be allowed to proceed.He insists his government would never approve any foreign takeover if there is even a
  • How To Combat Everyday Discrimination In The Workplace

    Co-workers make jokes about the smell of your "ethnic" food. Clients look at you and ask you where you are from, and will not take Toronto or Canada as a final answer. All your male colleagues keep excluding you from after-work socials, assuming that you need to go home and take care of your young child. Somehow, all of your non-racialized colleagues have been promoted, yet you are still in the same position three years later.Diversity is one of our biggest strengths as a nation; however, that d
  • Toronto Trump Tower To Be Renamed Under New Deal

    TORONTO — The new owners of the Trump International Hotel and Tower Toronto have reached a deal that will see the Trump name removed from the property.JCF Capital says it has reached an agreement with Trump Hotels to buy out the management contracts for the property for an undisclosed amount.The joint venture between Juniper Capital Partners and Cowie Capital Partners was the successful bidder for the property's 211 hotel units, 74 residential units and most of its commercial, retail and a
  • Canadian Actors Reveal The Drama Of Losing Canuck Accents

    TORONTO — When Howie Mandel played a Boston doctor on the 1980s medical drama "St. Elsewhere" it wasn't the medical jargon he struggled with — it was his Canadian accent."I can't tell you how many times they stopped filming on 'St. Elsewhere' because I said 'intes-tyne' instead of 'intest-tin,' or I said 'dra-ma' instead of 'draw-ma,'" says the Toronto-born "America's Got Talent" judge."They just kicked the Canada out of me."Over Canada's 150-year history, the Canuck English accent h