• Ikea Breastfeeding Incident Never Happened, Company Says

    Ikea claims that an alleged incident in which an employee called a mother's breastfeeding "disgusting" never actually happened.Last week, Brea Rehder of Kemptville, Ont. alleged that she was nursing her daughter in line at an Ikea in Ottawa when she needed help with a pricing issue. She said that a manager then came over and told her that she was "being disgusting" and should take her child into the bathroom because she was "holding up the line."Rehder complained about the incident on the compan
  • New Year Inspiration: Fort McMurray Philanthropist Is 11-Years-Old

    The end of an old year and the beginning of a new one is often a time for reflection. We pause and think about people and events that have affected us over the past twelve months, and we consider what the New Year may hold. We wonder what lies ahead, and we pin our hopes on that New Year, thinking it will perhaps bring us our hopes and dreams. But if course the year isn't what brings those to us - it is people who bring hopes and dreams into our lives. For me 2012 was a very special year, and 20
  • The Only New Year's Resolution I'll Make

    For the past week or so I've been hearing about how all of my friends and family and acquaintances plan to improve their lives over the next year. There are health-related resolutions, career goals, and ideas for improving relationships. Maybe this will be the year they finally lose those last stubborn pounds. Maybe they'll finish that home renovation, or get their financial house in order. Maybe they'll get to the gym more than once every six months.This time of year is also filled with self-re
  • Top 10 Worst Christmas Songs Ever

    'Tis the season...to hear endless loops of holiday music and feel tempted to strangle someone with red and green garland.While some Christmas carols might actually bring joy to the world, there are a lot of songs that we want to throw out with the decaying holly and the ivy.Without further ado, here are the Top 10 Worst Christmas Songs:10. The Twelve Days of Christmas: Let's face it. Unless Bob and Doug McKenzie or the Muppets are singing this version, forgo it at all costs. Or, if you can't con
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  • Calgary Cuddle Party: Celebrate The End Of The World By Touching A Stranger

    Going to a party in your pajamas sounds awesome. Going to a party in your pajamas to be hugged and spooned and massaged by strangers...well, let's just say that it might not be for everyone.According to the website cuddleparty.com, Calgary is now the country's cuddliest city, hosting more cuddle parties for grown-ups than any place in Canada.What is a cuddle party, you ask? According to cuddleparty.com, a cuddle party is a group of adults (most of them strangers) who gather in a private home and
  • Father Matthew Hysell, Canada's First Deaf Priest

    Catholics coming to seek forgiveness in Matthew Hysell's parish will have to forgo the confessional and meet face-to-face with their priest.Over the weekend, Hysell became the first deaf Catholic priest to be ordained in Canada - meaning from now on there will be new challenges and strategies in place to communicate with his parishioners.
    The Edmonton pastor, however, does not see this achievement as a milestone for himself, but rather a sign of progress for the church."It is with some trepidati
  • XL Foods Beef Recall: USDA Relisted Beef Plant, U.S. Shipments Can Resume Says Canadian Food Inspection Agency

    OTTAWA - An Alberta meat plant involved in a massive recall of tainted beef over E. Coli concerns is once again being allowed to ship products to the United States.The XL Foods plant in Brooks, Alta., can immediately resume exporting after the U.S Department of Agriculture relisted the plant Friday."It's tremendous news for the company," said Cameron Bruett, a spokesman for JBS, the Brazil-based meatpacking giant that is now operating the XL plant under an agreement with its owners.Bruett said t
  • Hanna Bullying Bylaw: Bullies Face Fines, Jail Time In Small Alberta Town

    If you want to call someone a mean name in Hanna, Alberta, you had better be prepared to pay a steep fine -- or maybe even a bit of time in the slammer.According to Metro Calgary, Hanna town council approved a new bylaw last month that will allow RCMP to hand out initial fines of $250 to name-slinging bullies and further fines of $1,000 for repeat offences. If the tormenting gets really out of control, the bully could find himself in jail for up to six months or doing community service hours."Th
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  • Bryan Adams 'Exposed' Chosen As Part Of Oprah's Book Finder List

    With his music career still chugging along and his photography career continuing to blossom, rocker Bryan Adams can now add another feather in his cap thanks to Oprah after his book Exposed was chosen as part of the talk show host's Book Finder's list this week."My book 'Exposed' chosen by Adam Glassman @Oprah," Adams tweeted on Tuesday regarding the news with a link to the list.Glassman's list of "8 New Coffee Table Books For Everyone On Your List" described Adams' 304-page book as follows: "Wh
  • Alberta Health Queue Jumping Inquiry: Doctor Tells How ER Staff Ordered To Treat 'VIPs' Faster

    EDMONTON - An Alberta emergency room doctor says medical staff in a busy ER were once pressured to provide care for a "VIP" ahead of a waiting room full of very sick people.Dr. Paul Parks told a public inquiry Wednesday that the order came from an executive at the University of Alberta hospital in Edmonton in the fall of 2007."The executive on call called down to the triage nurse and essentially indicated that there was a VIP in the waiting room and that VIP should be moved into an emergency bed
  • Edmonton Sexual Assault Awareness Campaign: 'Don't Be That Guy' So Effective City Relaunches With New Posters (PHOTOS)

    It was a campaign so effective at getting the word out to potential offenders of sexual assault, the Edmonton police are bringing it back.According to the Edmonton Journal, the Edmonton Police Services and a local coalition, Sexual Assault Voices of Edmonton (SAVE), are relaunching a provocative and bold campaign that goes after those who commit sexual assault, rather than the victim.The "Don't Be That Guy" campaign was first unveiled in 2010 and targeted alcohol-related assaults. The campaign h
  • Why Y? A Generation Comes Of Age

    Years ago, Gen Xers watched with interest as Baby Boomers struggled with the rise of technology while the popular culture morphed, languages changed, sensibilities shifted. Some Boomers scrambled to figure out Internet browsers, decipher acronyms and emoticons while others were just trying to answer the oft-repeated question: "What's with kids these days?"That same question, "what's with kids?" can be repeated as Boomers head toward retirement and Gen Xers entrench, firmly rooted in careers, fam
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  • Paula Findlay Alberta Triathlete: Father's Cancer Fight Put Year In Perspective

    From a chronic injury, to a heartbreaking last-place performance at the London Olympics, to a diagnosis of anemia that knocked her out of the world championships, Paula Findlay has had one rough year.Then last week, the 23-year-old triathlete from Edmonton revealed on her blog that her dad Max is battling cancer.But rather than look at it as more horrible news in a what-else-can-go-wrong kind of season, Findlay said her dad's illness has helped her put everything in perspective."As hard as I've
  • Most Beautiful Places: Top 10 Destinations Where the Scenery Is Breathtaking

    The beautiful fall foliage is down, and it feels like all there is left of the season's splendour is thousands of leaves to pick up. It's dark in the morning, there's little sunlight after work and just as you finish eating the last of the Halloween candy, holiday commercials boom from the TV.It's no surprise we're all seeking a bit of beauty in these grey days, so we say, take a journey on your computer screen. HuffPost Canada Travel has put together just the thing to brighten your spirits. Esc
  • Top 13 Horror Movies for Parents

    Halloween might kick off the season of scary movies, but if you have young children, October 31st is a horror show of its own.
    For most people, raising children is the scariest thing they do, so here are thirteen horror movies for parents.Text of slideshow continues below... 1. Nightmare on Sesame Street 2. Alfred Hitchcock's "The Angry Birds" 3. Children of the Corn Flakes 4. Halloween: The Stomach Ache 5. Rosemary's Baby's Diaper 6. The Shiner 7. Night of the Leaving Dad 8. The Sick Sense 9. T
26 May 2017