• Entries open: 2017 NGV Architecture Commission competition

    Registrations for the 2017 NGV Architecture Commission Design Competition will open 25 January 2017.
  • Todd Bracher and Caesarstone team-up for Das Haus, Imm Cologne 2017

    This year, Bracher uses Das Haus as an experiment for better living. He creates an alternative vision where physical space is combined with emotional and psychological space- a home where body and mind intertwine, and Caesarstone’s kitchen is a central element in the connection of the physical and emotional. Bracher reimagines the traditional home by breaking down layout boundaries and creating three different, overlapping zones, reflective of the daily functions- one for hygiene, one for
  • Australia's next tallest towers

    The proposed Orion towers on the Gold Coast designed by Woods Bagot are set to be the next tallest buildings in Australia, if constructed.
  • Concerns raised over two Darling Harbour development proposals

    Concept proposals for two Darling Harbour developments – one for Cockle Bay Wharf and another for Harbourside Shopping Centre – have raised concerns from the City of Sydney’s senior planners.
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  • It’s Finally Here! The First Dolce & Gabbana x Smeg Fridge Hits Oz

    It’s polarising… AND I AM COMPLETELY OBBSESSED WITH IT.In an innovative collaboration between the revered Italian fashion designers and the country’s leading kitchen appliance supplier, a strictly limited edition of 100 retro design FAB28 refrigerators will be hand-painted by a group of Sicilian artists, with each unique design reflecting the sizzling colour and Sicilian folklore that D&G is so famous for.Each refrigerator takes many, many hours to complete so the producti
  • Manufacturing: A Local Secret

    How did we get here?It’s a different world out there – and I think it has something to do with capital-B Big Industry. You see, in our current economic climate of dwindling margins, the shorting of the housing market, the sometimes all-too-swift dissemination of global brands – and the equally swift dissemination of economic competition – we’re experiencing, today, a culture of fear, circuitous monetary flows and vacillating levels of (consumer-)confidence
  • Morphosis, Teeple Architects Among Firms to Lead OCAD University's Expansion in Toronto

    OCAD U's Sharp Centre for Design, designed by Will Alsop. Image via Wikimedia Commons user Taxiarchos228. Licensed under CC-BY-3.0.
    The Ontario College of Art and Design University (OCAD U) has selected firms Morphosis Architects, Teeple Architects, and Two Row Architect to manage the design and execution of the university’s new Creative City Campus (CCC) expansion project.The project aims to extend and reinvigorate the campus core along McCaul Street in downtown Toronto and will
  • Belsize Architects Creates Pavilion Residences for Oxford University Students

    Courtesy of Belsize Architects
    Belsize Architects has released the plans for 6 Pavilions, a new student accommodation project that will form a part of the University College’s larger masterplan in north Oxford.  To be built on the site of a Victorian residential home, the project will feature 30 units arranged within six pavilions around a central courtyard. Communal areas of the pavilions will be connected at the ground level.Courtesy of Belsize Architects
    Each pavilion will contain
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  • Boarding School in Nimes / MDR Architectes

    © Mathieu DucrosArchitects: MDR ArchitectesLocation: Nimes, FranceArchitect In Charge: Thomas GRENIERProyect Team: Sancie MATTE, Frédéric DEVAUX, Arnaud ROUSSEAU.Engineering: P3G, Ingecor, Rouch, Gaxieu, ING MéditerranéeArea: 0.0 m2Project Year: 2016Photographs: Mathieu Ducros© Mathieu Ducros
    From the architect. The boarding house project is a continuation of Philippe Lamour high school: then its design takes into account the logical organization of the
  • Ateliers 2/3/4/ Unveils Paris Garden Tower

    Courtesy of Ateliers 2/3/4/
    Ateliers 2/3/4/ has unveiled its design for Jardins de l’Arche Tower, a 200-meter-tall building in Nanterre La défense, Paris.An effort to “extend the great historical axis of Paris,” the 65,000-square-meter tower will feature a series of hanging gardens around superimposed volumes.Courtesy of Ateliers 2/3/4/At each interface a double height, extended by a garden terrace overlooking the city, accommodates the hotel lobbies. A double lift circu
  • The Noble Simplicity of Peter Zumthor's Allmannajuvet Zinc Mine Museum

    © Aldo Amoretti
    After previously documenting the Bruder Klaus Field Chapel, photographer Aldo Amoretti once again captures the grounded simplicity of Peter Zumthor, this time with images of his Allmannajuvet Zinc Mine Museum in Sauda, Norway. The three-building campus calls upon the aesthetics of the country's abandoned zinc mines from the 1800s, evoking the toilsome labor of the workers in its rough stone and exposed joint work. The museum is situated on one of Norway's National Tourist Ro
  • Essay 4 Spatial Prosthesis / MANADA Architectural Boundaries

    © Jaime NavarroArchitects: MANADA Architectural BoundariesLocation: La Condesa, Mexico City, CDMX, Mexico Author Architects: Katerina Alatzia, Alejandro Tapia Area: 450.0 m2Project Year: 2016Photographs: Jaime Navarro© Jaime Navarro
    From the architect. Prostheses were developed by human beings with two purposes: first, to correct a damaged organ’s function; second, to extend an organ’s inherent capability. For the sake of exemplifying, the glasses that an optometrist produc
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  • 10 Project Details That Show How to Make Stunning Storage Spaces

    One of the hallmarks of architectural sensibility is a clean, clutter-free space – "a place for everything and everything in its place." Every project requires some element where things can be neatly stored away, whether it be books, kitchen appliances, or entire furniture pieces. Solutions for these storage needs can range from invisible and out of the way, to stunning, textural centerpieces – either way adding necessary functionality to our most-used spaces.Check ou
  • House in Valldoreix / 05AM Arquitectura

    © Adrià Goula Architects: 05AM ArquitecturaLocation: 08197 Valldoreix, Barcelona, SpainArchitect In Charge: 05AM Arquitectura Area: 457.0 m2Project Year: 2015Photographs: Adrià GoulaStructure: CODI Estudi Technic Architect: Sergi Masagué Installations: SJ12 Enginyers – Albert Colomer Collaborator Architects: Joan Arnau Farràs y Carme Muñoz Ramírez Constructor: Tania Agut Quijano; Grupo 2, S.A. © Adrià GoulaFrom the architect. This
  • Anticlimax: A Report on The Metabolist Dream. Nakagin Capsule Tower, Tokyo 1972-2013 / Fala Atelier

    © Fernando Guerra | FG+SGArchitect: Fala AtelierLocalization: Campo de Santa Clara 142, Lisboa, PortugalArea: 48.0 m2Year Project: 2013Photography : Fernando Guerra | FG+SG, Cortesia de Fala Atelier Curators: Filipe Magalhães + Ana Luisa SoaresExhibitions Contents: Filipe Magalhães + Ana Luisa SoaresGraphic Design: Sandra Shizuka + Pedro GonçalvesSponsors : Medidata, For your home, Catari© Fernando Guerra | FG+SG Section
    Finding a place to live in Tokyo isn't easy.
  • Organic Workspaces: The Future of the Workspace

    The very idea of a flexible real estate strategy is something that seems counter to traditional systems and logic about commercial floor space, or any property for that matter. But in the unpredictable economic environment we are now experiencing, and with business disruptors constantly emerging, it is critical for workplaces to be able to adapt quickly and efficiently to external and internal changes – often far in advance of the expiry of a lease.Haworth refers to workspaces with this fl
  • Evening Radisnce / LCGA Design

    © Hey! Cheese Architects: LCGA DesignLocation: Taipei, Taiwan Architect In Charge:Gina Chiu & Circle HuangArea: 136.0 m2Photographs: Hey! Cheese © Hey! CheeseFrom the architect. A design project aside the riverside of the Tamsui River makes the river scene available to the viewers in the living room, the dining room and the master bedroom. To keep the interior room wide and open, the spatial see-through exceptionally highlights the riverside scenery and advantageous lighting. To in
  • CAAT Studio Transforms Bridge into Museum in Iran

    Courtesy of CAAT STUDIO
    CAAT STUDIO has unveiled Organizing the Forgotten Urban Spaces, a design that revitalizes the Mirdamad Bridge in Tehran, Iran through the creation of an open anthropology museum.Developed by studying the existing 7-meter-high and 14.1-meter-wide bridge, the design focuses on improving the pedestrian nature of the space. For example, in order to address issues of noise under the bridge, the project utilizes an arch- and dome-like geometry to create “an acoustic mode
  • Rafael Viñoly Adds to Miami's Luxury Residential Boom with New Tower Design

    Side View. Image Courtesy of KAR Properties
    Designed by Rafael Viñoly Architects, 'One River Point' is set to be the latest addition to Miami’s ever-growing luxury real estate market. Comprised of two 65-story-tall towers, the project is a mixed-use residential development situated along the Miami River, in the city’s downtown core. View from Waterfront. Image Courtesy of KAR Properties
    The complex accommodates resident facilities, commercial offices and retail spaces, a
  • Navid Pharmacy / Led Architects

    Courtesy ofLed ArchitectsArchitects: Led ArchitectsLocation: Tehran, Tehran Province, IranArchitect In Charge: Led ArchitectsArea: 240.0 m2Project Year: 2016Photographs: Courtesy ofLed Architects Team:Shahab Mirzaean ,Amir Mastoori, Elham MastooriCourtesy ofLed Architects
    The client is an old pharmacists who live in pirouzi district one of low-level one in Tehran .the old pharmacy has established in the year 1332 (63 years ago – 1953). Due to the placement of pharmacies in the municipality
  • Vincent Callebaut Architectures' Plans for Eco-Neighbourhood in Brussels

    Courtesy of Vincent Callebaut ArchitecturesVincent Callebaut Architectures has released plans for the development of a radical eco-neighborhood at Tour & Taxis, Brussels, Belgium. Covering an area of 135,000 square meters, the proposal will see the redevelopment of the early twentieth-century Gare Maritime, and the construction of three residential “vertical forests” reaching 100 meters in height. The architect’s ultimate vision is a neighborhood which embraces technol
  • Harvard Announces Free Online Architecture Course

    The Trays at Harvard GSD. Image © Kris Snibbe/Harvard University News Office
    The Harvard Graduate School of Design has announced a new, free online course entitled "The Architectural Imagination." Taught by the school's Eliot Noyes Professor of Architectural Theory K. Michael Hays alongside Professor of Architectural History Erika Naginski and G. Ware Travelstead Professor of the History of Architecture and Technology Antoine Picon, the course is advertised as "intr
  • 5 Architects Who Turned to Selling Products, Not Architecture

    This article was originally published by Archipreneur as "Turning Ideas into Products: 5 Architects who Successfully Sell their Designs."The emergence of interconnectivity, smart and sensor-driven designs, home automation, clean energy, shared knowledge, and efficient software have created numerous opportunities for those looking to build their businesses around products. This includes architects who, by design, have a large skill set that allows them to engage with a wide variety of busin
  • House in Pasárgada / MASV - Amália Vieira Arquitetura

    © Daniel MansurArchitect: Maria Amália Santos VieiraLocation: Condomínio Pasárgada, Nova Lima, Minas Gerais, BrasilTeam: Nara Cunha -Design de Interiores Structure: Ferreira Jr. EngenhariaArea: 560.0 m2Project Year: 2016Photography: Daniel Mansur© Daniel Mansur
    From the architect. The site is located in a condominium of Nova Lima, on the outskirts of Belo Horizonte, surrounded by privileged natural resources such as a vast tropical Savanna eco region of Brazil and
  • 7 Things I Learned While Getting My Master's in Architecture

    © Image © Alex Watkins, via Flickr. License CC BY 2.0
    Graduation often leaves a void in a new architect’s life. After five years or more (lets face it, usually more) of being with the same friends, colleagues and teachers, it’s only natural that the transition from academic to professional life is accompanied by a feeling of nostalgia for long discussions in college corridors, late nights designing together, parties, and, above all, a student routine.The most common route a
  • San Martino / Govaert & Vanhoutte Architects

    © Martine NeirynckArchitects: Govaert & Vanhoutte ArchitectsLocation: Nevele, BelgiumArchitect In Charge: Benny Govaert, Damiaan VanhoutteProject Year: 2011Photographs: Martine Neirynck© Martine Neirynck
    From the architect. Somewhere in between the misty meadows of Nevele, on the corner of a newly developed business compound, lies the company of San Martino in the form of a long concrete volume. © Martine Neirynck
    San Martino is a fashion house that styles several clothin
  • Noto-Lucchesi Stadium / Studio NAOM

    Courtesy of Atelier NAOMArchitects: Studio NAOMLocation: Marseille, FranceArchitect In Charge: Atelier NAOMArea: 500.0 m2Project Year: 2016Photographs: Courtesy of Atelier NAOM Architect: J. CogneEconomist: Artec 64Structure Studies: LangloisFluids Studies: PLBCourtesy of Atelier NAOM Section
    Architectural IntentionThe current site was abandoned and was the scene of burned  cars and all kind of smugglings. The importance of architectural design seemed so essential and,  to « 
  • Woods Bagot releases designs for two new skyscrapers

    Woods Bagot's Global Development Officer Mark Mitcheson-Low and Orion Towers Director Mark Damant talk to ADR about the practice's two upcoming projects – the World Trade Centre towers in Perth and Orion Towers on the Gold Coast.
    The post Woods Bagot releases designs for two new skyscrapers appeared first on Australian Design Review.
  • Snarkitecture have done Another Killer Popup…and Surprise-Surprise, It’s White.

    Yep, quirky New-Yorkers Snarkitecture have created yet another designer spectacle, this time for Milanese fashion house Valextra, and surprise-surprise, it’s white.Not unlike avoiding the whole ‘repeat outfit’ thing, its common practice for most designers to avoid repeating styles and aesthetics. But I guess Snarkitecture have never really been ones for tradition, have they?In celebration of Valextra’s 80th anniversary, Snarkitecture have sculpted a new pop-up projec
  • John Wardle Architects, NADAAA-designed Tanderrum Bridge opens

    A new footbridge designed by John Wardle Architects and NADAAA not only links two public spaces but also joins together to significant places of democracy and egalitarianism.
  • Architects fight youth homelessness with the Cubby House Challenge

    Five innovative designs have been shortlisted, each of which is now under construction and will be ‘open for inspection’ and auctioned off in March.
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  • Designing Police Stations can Actually be Cool

    The architectural presence of the police – namely, the police station – often receives little attention despite being ubiquitous in communities across Australia. In recent years’ police stations are being redeveloped, refurbished and built new, in order to adapt them to contemporary models of policing and to assert and foster a fresh perception of the police force in the community.In South Australia, Greenway Architects has worked with South Australia Police (SAPOL) to replace
  • Q&ADR: Nic Granleese and Ben Morgan of BowerBird.io

    Every week, in our Q&ADR column, ADR will interview an architect, designer, object maker or industry person about who they are beyond the work – their life, inspiration, challenges and aspirations. This week we catch up with two guys who have ventured into the world of start-ups to make it easier for designers and architects to get […]
    The post Q&ADR: Nic Granleese and Ben Morgan of BowerBird.io appeared first on Australian Design Review.
  • AR148 – Charles Wright on running CWA

    With Charles Wright of CWA on the cover, this issue looks at the ethics of unpaid overtime, how to successfully expand a practice, fee proposals and much more.
    The post AR148 – Charles Wright on running CWA appeared first on Australian Design Review.
  • Daishan Kindergarten / Atelier Zhouling

    Exterior view of East SideArchitects: Atelier ZhoulingLocation: Nanjing, Jiangsu, China,Design Studio: School of Architecture And Urban Planning, Nanjing University /Atelier Zhouling, Nanjing Changjiang Metropolitan Design CO. LtdPrincipal Architect: ZHOU LingDesign Team: WU Shijia, YANG Hai, Wang Sujing,ZOU Feng, ZHANG Ru,Li Hongrui, Chen TingtingArea: 4279.6 m2Project Year: 2015Photographs: HOU BowenExterior view of East Side Site Plan
    This is a kindergarten located on a slope, f
  • Diller Scofidio and Renfro’s Exit opens in Sydney

    An immersive installation designed by Diller Scofidio and Renfro visualizes how contemporary political, economic and environmental factors have had an unprecedented impact on human migration.
  • The APEX House / Design Buro Architects

    © Aman SonelArchitects: Design Buro ArchitectsLocation: Ratlam, Madhya Pradesh 457001, IndiaArchitect In Charge: Navendu ShrivastavaArea: 746.0 m2Project Year: 2014Photographs: Aman Sonel Structural Consultants: Design Buro Architects© Aman Sonel
    From the architect. From making huts of two fold paper in childhood to buildings in the public realm, architecture has been always been all around us in one form or another. The Apex is an approach to residential architecture from basics to th
  • Chooji Restaurant / Admun studio

    © Parham Taghioff Architects: Admun studioLocation: Tehran, Tehran Province, IranArchitect In Charge: Shobeir Mousavi , Amirreza Fazel , Mehdi KolahiArea: 200.0 m2Project Year: 2016Photographs: Parham Taghioff , Mehdi KolahiDesign Team : Masoud Almasi _ Zohreh Baghejari _ Niusha Ghasem _ Ramtin Haghnazar _Marjan Rafighi _ Bita Latifi _ Roshanak Fathi Client : esmaeel heidari© Mehdi KolahiDiagram
    From the architect. Due to the increase in capital in Tehran (the capital of Iran), most in
  • The Globe Hotel / M3 Architecture

    © Christopher Frederick JonesArchitects: M3 ArchitectureLocation: Barcaldine QLD 4725, AustraliaArchitect In Charge: M3 Architecture Area: 465.0 m2Project Year: 2016Photographs: Christopher Frederick Jones© Christopher Frederick Jones Elevation East
    From the architect. This project transforms an iconic outback Queensland pub into stage 1 of a cultural and tourism hub. The building contains an information centre, history room, a commercial tenancy, and sets out the shell for an art gall
  • This Interactive Map Shows the World's Recent Migration Patterns

    In our global society, the movement of humans from one country to another has had extraordinary impact, changing our perceptions through the the exchange of ideas and introduction of new cultures. This can be seen in the adoption of traditional architectural techniques in contemporary architecture, as well as in the dissemination of contrasting architectural philosophies such as the International Style and Critical Regionalism.Now, in this new interactive map produced by Max Galka of Metroc
  • Healdsburg I / Feldman Architecture

    © Joe Fletcher Architects: Feldman ArchitectureLocation: Healdsburg, CA 95448, United StatesArchitect In Charge: Jonathan Feldman, Bridgett Shank, Kevin BardenArea: 2890.0 ft2Project Year: 2015Photographs: Joe FletcherContractor: Jungsten ConstructionLandscape Architect:Arterra Landscape ArchitectsStructural Engineer:Strandberg Engineering© Joe FletcherComprised of perpendicular bars atop a hill overlooking the village of Healdsburg, this home offers both ample social space ideal for e
  • MIT Researchers Develop 3D Graphene Structure 10 Times Stronger Than Steel

    Known for its light weight and high strength properties, graphene has been promised to us as the material of the future for quite some time now. But difficulties in translating its 2D strength into 3-dimensional applications have so far held it back from common use. Now, thanks to new research by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), that future may now be closer than ever before. In the school’s latest experiment, researchers have discovered how the material could be shaped in
  • Sawhorse House / Alejandro Soffia

    © Juan Durán Sierralta Architects: Alejandro SoffiaLocation: La Reina, Santiago Metropolitan Region, ChileArea: 127.0 m2Project Year: 2015Photographs: Juan Durán Sierralta , Courtesy of Alejandro SoffiaConstructors: Alejandro Soffia Vial, Daniel Soffia Vega© Juan Durán SierraltaFrom the architect. To structure the volume of the second floor it was considered the same strategy of the preexisting housing, supporting the roof by horizontal pieces that were supported i
  • Pompidou Centre to Receive $110 Million Facelift for its 40th Anniversary

    © Pixabay user 139904. Licensed under CC0 Public Domain
    Reviled by Parisians for its shocking inside-out appearance when it first opened in 1977, the Centre Pompidou has reached its 40th birthday, and as a gift, is set to receive to 2-year, $110 million renovation that will preserve the unique structure for years to come.Designed by the then-unknown duo of Renzo Piano & Richard Rogers, the building was the surprise winner of a competition for a new museum and cultural center in Paris&rs
  • Place des Gens de Mer / Bourgeois Lechasseur Architects

    © Adrien Williams Architects: Bourgeois Lechasseur ArchitectsLocation: Cap-aux-Meules, QC, CanadaArchitect In Charge: Bourgeois Lechasseur ArchitectsContractor: Constructions des ÎlesArea: 3300.0 m2Project Year: 2014Photographs: Adrien Williams Floor Plan © Adrien WilliamsFrom the architect. This public place is located at the heart of Cap-aux-Meules, a village in the Magdalen Islands, on the ruins of a fish processing plant that was destroyed in a fire. The purpose of this proje
  • 10 Apps That Can Help You Be More Productive and Make Better Architecture

    This article was originally published by Archipreneur as "Top 10 Apps to Help You Achieve Your Goals and Build New Habits."With the daily distractions of Facebook, emails and calls, it can become difficult to keep your eye on the ball. This is why having an app that tracks habits and helps you stay organized can make a huge impact on your professional and personal success.There are numerous digital tools dedicated to optimizing workflow, communication and time management, helping business owner
  • Pecase Creek Villas / John Friedman Alice Kimm Architects

    © Su ChenArchitects: John Friedman Alice Kimm ArchitectsLocation: Chengdu, Sichuan, ChinaArea: 14000.0 m2Project Year: 2015Photographs: Su Chen© Su Chen Site Plan
    In a country known for massive housing blocks and residential environments that, as in many other cultures, rely on traditional architectural styles to attract the newly prosperous, John Friedman Alice Kimm Architects (JFAK) has created something unique: a peaceful, human-scaled neighborhood of single family detached houses t
  • Bjarke Ingels to Feature in New Netflix Series on Design and Architecture

    On February 10 2017, Netflix will launch a new documentary series—Abstract: The Art of Design—which will present "the most creative designers" from various fields in the design word, with the aim of demonstrating how design influences all aspects of our lives. One of the eight protagonists in the spotlight will be Danish architect Bjarke Ingels, of BIG, who will present his vision of architecture alongside professionals in interior design, graphic design, automotive design, ill
  • ‘Transformational architecture’: Clemenger BBDO Melbourne

    Finding inspiration from constraint, Powell and Glenn has taken a modest budget and turned the Melbourne offices of creative agency Clemenger BBDO into a perfect integration of stillness and energy.
  • 2017 Dulux Colour Awards: Entries open

    Entries for the 2017 Dulux Colour Awards are now open, marking the 31st year of the program.

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