• Hokusai: Beyond the Great Wave – The Great Master of Japan

    Under the wave off Kanagawa (The Great Wave) from Thirty-six views of Mt Fuji. Colour woodblock, 1831. Acquired with the assistance of the Art Fund. On display British Museum 25 May – 13 August 2017
    The British Museum has announced a new Summer exhibition showcasing the work of Katsushika Hokusai (1760 – 1849), one of the Great Masters of Japanese art. Hokusai was a prolific artist, and the exhibition will include prints, paintings and illustrated books displaying his work.
    The iconi
  • Medici Concerts: International Piano Series – Anniversary 25

    Ann Thompson OAM founder and producer of Medici Concerts, a series of concerts held annually featuring some of the world’s greatest pianists, will in 2017 celebrate 25 years of entertaining and enriching the lives of the piano music lovers of Brisbane.
    Established in 1993, this is a series named for the dynasty whose unique achievement was for a period of sixty years , they preserved the republic at a time when other Italian states were subjected to tyranny.
    Liberty’s most important
  • Bouchardon: Royal Artist of the Enlightenment – Getty Center

    Detail: Cupid Cutting His Bow from the Club of Hercules by Edmé Bouchardon, courtesy Musée du Louvre, Paris
    Sculpture is art at the pinnacle of what is possible. Throughout history sculptors have inspired wonder, by combining creativity, beauty and mystery to create a unique and almost timeless atmosphere with their wonderful works, none more so than French sculptor and draftsman Edmé Bouchardon (1698-1762), whose name deserves to be among the greats.
    One of the talented cra
  • A Cabinet of Rarities: Property of The Genius You Won’t Know

    Bronze statue of Sir Thomas Browne by Henry Pregram, 1905, courtesy Royal College Physicians
    “With what strife and pains we come into the world we know not, but ’tis commonly no easy matter to get out of it” is a seventeenth century quote by the remarkable and elusive ‘…very distinguished man, Sir Thomas Browne, Knight, Doctor of Medicine, aged 77 years, who died on the anniversary of his birth, 19th of October in the year of our Lord 1682’.
    The quote is to b
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  • Sherlock, Series 4: Episodes 1-3, Shadows Defining Every Day

    The ghosts we make for ourselves are the shadows that define our every day, and they are growing larger with the game afoot once again in the 21st century, with our favourite high functioning sociopath detective Sherlock played by the incomparable Benedict Cumberbatch 
    Together with Dr Watson, played movingly by Martin Freeman as his sidekick, Sherlock (available on STAN) burst back onto our screens in 2010 with the truly masterful Study in Pink, cleverly brought back into existence by cre
  • Vale James Fairfax – Unassuming Art of Giving Beyond Self

    There are not many people around today who would remember how fierce passionate amateurs in both the world of sport and music were for giving of their services to the greater good. Chariots of Fire (1981) was a movie that presented that premise well, its stirring music firing up the populace with the knowledge that giving back to society is just like commercialism, integral to its health and well being at large.
    One man who understood not only this concept of giving but also acted upon it was ph
  • The Young Pope: A State of Grace is Fleeting, to Sin Divine!

    Religion can when we take into account the many travesties committed in its name down through the centuries since the ‘Christ event’, indeed seem to be a horror story conducted on the ‘dark side’ of humanity where human sacrifice, bestiality, bullying, blasphemy, religious extremism and torture may seem the norm. But is that the future?
    An Italian English-language drama television series created and directed by Paolo Sorrentino for Sky Atlantic, HBO, a
  • Jackie – Natalie Portman, a Portrait of a Woman of Influence

    Natalie Portman, outstanding in the movie Jackie
    Playing one of the most famous women of influence in modern times, American First Lady Jacqueline Kennedy (1929 – 1994), acclaimed actor Natalie Portman reveals that as an actress, she is fearless.
    What an outstanding singular performance she gives in the movie Jackie, directed by Pablo Larraí and written by Noah Oppenheim. This is an intensely affecting film, providing an intimate portrait of this extraordinary woman of influence des
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  • Treasures from Versailles – An Encounter of the Richest Kind

    Visiting Canberra to view the Treasures from Versailles at the National Gallery of Australia on my way to Sydney for Xmas 2016, proved an encounter of the very richest kind. They are worth a road trip to see.
    My favourite work by an unknown artist, was a relief of the head of the God Apollo, framed by a ‘corona of sunbeams’.  Made of lead 1660 – 1680 during the reign of the so-called ‘Sun King’ Louis XIV, it was originally gilded. While that element has now all
  • Royal Botanic Gardens Melbourne – Taking Stress From My Day

    Feeling endlessly blessed, this morning I enjoyed my first walk of the new year through the Royal Botanic Gardens, one of the great traditional landmarks here in Melbourne, taking stress from my day.
    A great diversity of plant life grows on the low undulating hills alongside the Yarra River, and around its Ornamental Lakes and delightful Nymphaea Lake, home to wonderful water lilies from the Botanical family Nymphaeaceae, where you can also enjoy a ride in a gondola. Covering 38 hectares, the ga
  • Australian Brandenburg at Werribee, Baroque Music & High Tea

    If you fancy a fabulous weekend away, or a fine daylight saving extended Sunday, you can enjoy a superb Australian Brandenburg (ABO) treat of music and high tea surrounded by the delights of rural Victoria.
    ABO musicians Ben Dollman and Stephanie Eldridge on Baroque Violin, Laura Vaughan on the Lirone/Viola da Gamba and Sam Cohen on Theorbo, will offer an afternoon event of timeless music from the Baroque era at 3:00 pm for 3:30 – 5:30 pm in an architectural setting whose forms and decorat
  • President Barack Obama – Farewell Address to Citizens of USA

    Democracy is not about uniformity, it’s about debate, compromise and a basic sense of solidarity; we are all in this together said American President Barack Obama as he delivered his farewell address, a legacy speech to the citizens of the U.S.A, which  captivated his Chicago audience on Wednesday January 11, 2017, who responded with acclamation.
    In a progressive country, change is constant and the now grey haired Obama reminded his supporters about what they had achieved in his eight
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  • Paterson: A Poetic Bus Driver Living Life in Love with Laura

    Director Jim Jarmusch poses for photographers during a photo call for the film Paterson at the 69th international film festival, Cannes, southern France, Monday, May 16, 2016. (AP Photo/Thibault Camus)
    Creating a deeply philosophical work celebrating the art of love and life in imagery, director Jim Marmusch gives us a great gift, acclaimed American actor Adam Driver starring as an unpublished poetry loving bus driver named Paterson, whom he never patronises.
    Adam Driver as bus driver Paterson o
  • Lion – Dev Patel, Taking a Voyage of the Heart to Find Home

    Crowd-pleasing movies tug at the heartstrings, although perhaps not as strongly compelling for quite a while as the Australian produced film LION, which completely took me apart.
    LION tells an amazing tale about a lost young child in India, who as an adult takes a voyage of the heart to find his way back home.
    Actor Dev Patel, who plays Saroo Brierley in LION
    A deeply affecting true story vast in scope and intimate in delivery, the brilliant adaption for screen by Luke Davies is from the bo
  • Golden Globes – 74th Annual Awards Surprises and Certainties

    The 74th annual Golden Globe awards for both movie and television were held in Hollywood with popular host Jimmy Fallon as the presenter on Sunday 8th January, 2017. As always there was both surprises and certainties.
    As always, the Red Carpet parade of celebrities at the Golden Globes drew gasps from the crowd, who gather to see what the fashion world has presented as the latest styles.
    Felicity Jones and Riz Ahmed from Star Wars: Rogue One, both looked like the stars they are, superbly attired
  • United Kingdom – Love Story of a King and Woman of his Heart

    “My grandfather was a King – I am his heir. I have a responsibility to return home to my people, but I will never achieve anything worthwhile if I leave my heart here” says Seretse Khama (David Oyelowo) of Bechuanaland (modern day Botswana) when speaking about his British wife Ruth Williams (Rosamund Pike) the London office worker he married in 1948.
    These were two people who would have to triumph over many obstacles put in their way in order to transform their nation and insp
  • New Year: Traditions, Customs, Celebrations – Auld Lang Syne

    On behalf of us all at The Culture Concept Circle, we send our best wishes to you and yours for a Happy New Year.2017 is upon us.
    Bidding farewell to the old year at the stroke of midnight is celebrated in song around the world; Auld Lang Syne is a Scottish poem written by their most revered and favourite poet Robert Burns in 1788, which was set to music – a traditional folk song and is sung at all the farewells we have to make.
    It means something like ‘long long ago’… o
  • Carrie Fisher & Debbie Reynolds – Vale Women of Influence

    Hollywood Actor Carrie Fisher (1956-2016), more affectionately known to millions of people around the world as the opinionated, impatient and self-assured Princess Leia, departed this life two days after Xmas 2016.
    She captured all our hearts when she rocketed to fame alongside actors Mark Hamill as Luke Skywalker and Harrison Ford as Han Solo in George Lucas’s extraordinary Star Wars trilogy of films, Star Wars: A New Hope, 1977, Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back, 1980 and Star Wars: Re
  • Give the Gift of Good Cheer, Sweet Words & Love at Christmas

    Celebrate the festive season by giving the gift of good cheer, sweet words and love. Be thankful to your host and resolve to both praise and enjoy life.We send all best wishes to friends, fans and followers. The message of Christmas is all about,  caring, courage, compassion and loveThe Culture Concept Circle has many FREE posts for you to choose from in many different categories of interest in both the visual and performance arts as we trace the evolution of our society and its cultural de
  • La La Land, City of Stars, Where all My Dreams Can Come True

    La La Land was a term well known to my generation, having emerged out of Los Angeles, the city of stars in the period between the two world wars of the twentieth century. It was all about embracing the glamour that was Hollywood during the hey-day of musicals on screen.
    My four sisters used the phrase often both before and again after the war. They had all been born post WWII and often in La La Land, as they sang and tap-danced on the linoleum floor of the Federation Flat where our family l
  • Rogue One: A Star Wars Story – Rebellions are Built on Hope

    Rogue One Team L-R, Baze Malbus (Wen Jiang), Cassian Andor (Diego Luna) with behind them K-2SO, Jyn Erso (Felicity Jones), Chirrut Imwe (Donnie Yen) and Bodhi Rook (Riz Ahmed), courtesy TM & © Lucasfilm Ltd.
    Rogue One Director Gareth Edwards has creatively crafted an adult Star Wars story, for all those who remain young at heart and loyal to the original George Lucas creation. On their behalf, he has taken the entertainment culture they all know and love so well, and re-gifted it to the
  • Who’s Afraid of Colour? NGV Showcasing Indigenous Creativity

    Miriam Charlie Garrwa/Yanyuwa born 1965 My Country No Home: Nancy Kidd, Garrwa One Camp 2015 c-type print 60.0 x 100.0 cm © Miriam Charlie
    Who’s Afraid of Colour?
    Australia’s Indigenous women artists certainly have no fear when it comes to representing all the colours of nature and our wide brown land in their artworks, and those more readily today because of modern technology.Kuruwarriyingathi Bijarrb Paula Paul Kaiadilt born 1937 My country 2009 synthetic polymer paint on canv
  • The Crown, 1: 8 – 10 – Margaret’s Sad Matters Come to a Head

    Netflix The Crown Series 1 in Episodes 8 – 10 we are still dealing with the difficulties surrounding the love that Princess Margaret and the divorced Group Captain Peter Townsend share.
    They are sad matters, for at this time the Archbishop was intractable on the matter of anyone divorced being married in the church, let alone a member of royalty. It would set far too dangerous a precedent.
    Winston is being informed not to allow Elizabeth go on a tour to by pass Gibraltar. She has an upcomi
  • The Crown, 1: 6 & 7 – Monarchy & Margaret’s Sad Matters

    Netflix The Crown Series 1 Episodes 6, 7 & 8 is dealing with Margaret’s sad matters, which come to the fore when reporters observe her picking fluff of Peter Townsend’s jacket. Reporters are onto them both… it is an intimate gesture… one that will have repercussions.
    As a child I remember the distress and dismay that surrounded the House of Windsor as the monarchy struggled to deal with the decisions surrounding Princess Margaret and her love life. It often seemed t
  • The Crown, 1:5 – The Coronation, Anointed, not Appointed

    Netlix: The Crown, Series 1 Episode 5 starts in 1937 when Princess Elizabeth is a little girl and her father is practicing for his coronation.
    He asks her to read the Archbishop’s role as he’s practicing for the big day tomorrow…he wants to respond and explain to her what giving a ‘sacred promise’ means. It’s a promise you can never break.
    Ampula and the Anointing Spoon used in the Coronation of a British monarch
    You have to anoint me, he tells her, otherwise
  • The House of Dior: Seventy Years of Haute Couture at NGV

    Christian Dior models in the salon of House of Dior’s headquarters, 30 Avenue Montaigne, Paris 1957. Photograph by Loomis Dean, featured in LIFE Magazine, 1957 © Loomis Dean/The LIFE Picture Collection/Licensed by Getty ImagesGlamour, elegance, style and French chic are reflected in the fashion of the House of Dior in Paris, which will be marking seventy years of haute couture in 2017 with a considerable celebration of style.
    Educating both our eye for beauty and our palate, the Natio
  • NOËL! NOËL! – Australian Brandenburg, Beauty Abounds at Xmas

    The Brandenburg Ensemble and Brandenburg Choir led by Paul Dyer AO, on stage in the Elisabeth Murdoch Recital Hall, Melbourne Recital Centre, Saturday 10th December, photo by Steven Godbee
    2016 has been a strange and disconcerting year in the global scheme of things and I for one have been feeling slightly discombobulated, wondering when I was going to start feeling as I love to do, filled with the spirit and blessings of Christmas.
    It finally happened at the Melbourne Recital Centre on Saturday
  • Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, 225 Years Top of the Pops, Alleluia

    The legacy of musical works by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (1756-1791) straddled both worlds when, in Europe, composers were able to convert drama and religion into sounds of unparalleled intensity. It is wide ranging, as are his influences.
    He’s also still top of the pops as well; a new box set dedicated to his works has recently become the biggest CD release of the year 2016.
    Mozart 225: The New Complete Edition sold 1.25 million CDs globally in the first five weeks since it was re
  • Treasures from Versailles – Dazzling Display, NGA Canberra

    The exhibition Treasures from The Palace of Versailles will be at The National Gallery of Australia (NGA) in Canberra, Australia’s national capital from December 9, 2016.
    Exclusive to the NGA the dazzling display will be showcasing masterworks of art and design created prior to the Revolution in France, many for the chateau at Versailles, which gained for France supremacy in the arts throughout the eighteenth century.
    It’s a once in a lifetime experience.
    Pierre Mignard,
  • The Founder: McDonald’s – Art of Realising an American Dream

    Michael Keaton as Ray Kroc in The Founder, courtesy Weinstein Company
    American businessman and philanthropist Ray Kroc (1902-1984) was a smooth fast talking operator in the days when salesmen had it tough on the road during the late 40’s, 50’s and 60’s going door to door and store to store, endeavouring to sell their wares.
    They wanted to make a lot more than just a buck or two, although to achieve their aims they would need more than just a little luck.
    Ray’s life is mun
  • Arrival – Accepting an Alien Gift, Learning from Experience

    Linguist Louise Banks (Amy Adams) in the film Arrival asks the question that appeared first in the award winning novel,  Story of Your Life by Ted Chiang (1998), which has been adapted for the silver screen by Eric Heisserer.
    “If you could see your whole life laid out in front of you, would you change things?” Would your answer be, as  it always should be, No?
    Humanity can, with the hindsight of history, often seem as if it is balancing on a precipice at the edge of darkne
  • The Crown, 1:4 – An Act of God, Wearing the Mantle of Change

    In the acclaimed television series Netflix The Crown as the story of a young Queen Elizabeth II (Claire Foy) (b.1926-) and her consort Phillip, Duke of Edinburgh (Matt Smith) evolves, many of the initial difficult decisions are now behind them.
    Phillip converted from Greek Orthodox to the Anglican religion, renouncing his allegiance to the Greek Crown to marry the woman who had stolen his heart. Prince Charles and Princess Anne have been born while they lived at Clarence House.
    Where they will l
  • Xmas Gift Giving – ABO & Pentatonix CD’s, Nourish the Spirit

    That great festival of love Christmas is nearly upon us once more when giving gifts that nourish the spirit is high on my list. It is that time of year when we ask ourselves has the meaning of Christmas truly become lost, buried under a mountain of tinsel and toys?
    I like to think not, and for me there isn’t a gift quite like that of marvellous music.Making music magic can take many forms and my two albums of choice to take with me to Sydney for this year’s family Christmas celebrati
  • Xmas Gift Giving – ABO & Pentatonix, Nourishing the Spirit

    That great festival of love Christmas is nearly upon us once more when giving gifts that nourish the spirit is high on my list. It is that time of year when we ask ourselves has the meaning of Christmas truly become lost, buried under a mountain of tinsel and toys?
    I like to think not, and for me there isn’t a gift quite like that of marvellous music.Making music magic can take many forms and my two albums of choice to take to Sydney for this year’s family Christmas celebration are e
  • Children’s Picture Books for Christmas – Published in 2016

    Christmas is a time for sharing and creating new memories. Discovering new books and fostering a love of reading is motivation for giving the gift of books at Christmas.
    This year’s selection has evolved from picture books published in 2016.
    However there are a vast array of titles and browsing in your local bookshop will lead to further finds and much enjoyment.
    Pig the Winner by best-selling creator of Pig the Pug and Pig the Fibber, Aaron Blabey will be a children’s favourite.
  • Cirque du Soleil: Kooza – A Premiere Experience at Brisbane

    Kooza: Charivari: photo by OSA images, costume by Marie-Chantale Vaillancourt©2007, courtesy Cirque du Soleil
    This was my first Cirque du Soleil experience. Reading reviews, along with friends and family’s praise from previous experiences, I had high expectations of something great!
    Brisbane’s Lisa Skinner, world class gymnast and Olympian featuring in Kooza by Cirque du Soleil, Opening Night Brisbane November 24, 2016, courtesy Cirque du Soleil
    It was opening night here in Bris
  • The Shadow Box – Resolute Theatre, Dramatic and Courageous

    Anthony Gooley and Jeanette Cronin in Shadow Box at the Old Fitz Theatre, Sydney
    What an amazing decision by producer, director, dramaturg Dino Dimitriadis, in association with Red Line Productions to include The Shadow Box by Michael Cristofer in the 2016 season at the Old Fitz Theatre Sydney.
    Dino Dimitriadis explained the choice “it’s a beautiful piece and I instantly knew that it needed to be produced. It is an elemental story that charts the triumph of the spirit as the body det
  • Allied: Uniting for a Common Purpose in Wartime and in Life

    Brad Pitt plays Max Vatan and Marion Cotillard plays Marianne Beausejour in Allied from Paramount Pictures
    A handsome intelligence officer and vivaciously lovely but deadly female, what is there not to like about the two main characters brought together for Allied, a beautifully costumed and crafted film.
    Wing Commander Max Vatan (Brad Pitt) and Marianne Beauséjour (Marion Cottillard) are both caught up in the maelstrom of the defining events taking place in their generation.
    Working toge
  • The Crown, 1:2 & 3 – Different Times and Difficult Decisions

    Claire Foy as Queen Elizabeth II and Matt Smith as Duke of Edinburgh in Netflix The Crown
    Each time there is massive generational changed, the British monarchy, an ever ageing institution needs to remain vital, alive and in touch with the people, while showing a lead in matters of morality and integrity,
    It falls to someone to bring it into a new age of modernity and in The Netflix TV Series The Crown, we learn how well that has been achieved by Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, the longest reigni
  • Masterworks: Unpacking Fashion – The Met Fifth Avenue, NY

    Viktor&Rolf, Cutting Edge Couture, Spring–Summer Collection 2010, courtesy The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New YorkMasterworks: Unpacking Fashion an exhibition on show now in The Costume Institute at The Met Fifth Avenue, New York until February 5, 2017, features acquisitions of costume to their historic collections, many made over the past decade, purchased from designers who have advanced fashion as an art form. Before that time the focus of the collection was mainly Eurocentric. The
  • NOËL! NOËL! – Australian Brandenburg Orchestra, Irresistible

    There is nothing quite like the annual Xmas celebration NOËL NOËL given by the Australian Brandenburg Orchestra for its friends, fans and followers each year. It is all about ‘beauty, fun and glorious music’, which is completely irresistible.
    Paul Dyer is a skilled and masterful programmer and his choices drive the success of any concert the ABO perform whether it is in a local village hall or a grand opera house, it is all about how the music touches the heart and minds of
  • Anne Schofield Antiques – Give Love Jewellery for Xmas, 2016

    Anne Schofield in her antique jewellery boutique on Queen Street, Woollahra in Sydney
    Aphrodite or Venus as the Romans knew her, has been an inspiration for many images on love jewellery for centuries. Where her feet touched the ground, beauty abounded and her divine duty was to make love and inspire others to do so.
    Evidence that love and jewellery were associated in the ancient world, abounds. And, if love is said to exist at all, and in all circumstances, then we could rationalize so do objec
  • The Crown, 1:1 – Bringing Monarchy into an Age of Modernity

    Coronation portrait of HM Queen Elizabeth II, 1953, Cecil Beaton (C) Victoria and Albert Museum, London
    Netflix TV Series The Crown, the defining story of the early life of Elizabeth Regina and her husband the Duke of Edinburgh, members of her family and the House of Windsor, revolves around the wearing of a Crown, the best possible piece of headgear to wear imaginable. Especially when it has been made for her father King George VI (1895-1952) from golden cardboard trimmed with rosettes of crepe
  • Mudgee: Rural Bliss as Rose Chills with Art, Beauty and Wine

    It’s just a three and a half hour drive from Sydney to Mudgee and its wealth of attractions. The Mudgee region is part of Wiradjuri country and includes the eclectic towns of historic Gulgong, artistic Kandos, foodies delight Rylstone and many other rural villages.
    When you drive into town you may be confused in thinking you have just arrived in Whyhope, the fictional town for Channel 9’s great current hit TV Series Doctor Doctor featuring actor Rodger Codrser (Underbelly, Rush, Pube
  • City of Stonnington, Melbourne – Threads of History Captured

    Threads of History exhibition, Pop Up Gallery, Northbrook, photo: Carolyn McDowall
    The enthusiasm curator Ellen Porter and co-curators Janet Buick and Simone Sharpe have for the beautifully realized intimate exhibition ‘Threads of HIstory – Dressing Stonnington Through Time‘ that they have mounted from infancy to old age is infectious. On display in the Pop Gallery of Northbrook, one of the heritage mansions in the City of Stonnington in Melbourne, it is apparent from the momen
  • Valuing Arts and Creativity in Australia – Challenging Times

    The value of the arts and creativity in Australian life is all about inspiring and challenging audiences, stakeholders and supporters to foster relationships and innovate collaborations that lead to academic and economic benefit.
    A creative education helps to drive industries, commerce and the economy bringing about a culture of giving, partnership and investment, mentorship and entrepreneurship, which should be supported by all levels of government.
    There is no doubt we are living in challengi
  • Poldark Season 2: 9 & 10 – Conflict, A Feud, Passion & Drama

    The age of romantics and revolutionaries, the era in which the BBC One TV series Poldark from the books by Winston Graham written and created for television by Debbie Horsfield is set, is a period in history full of conflict, a feud, passion and drama. The late eighteenth century early nineteenth century was a time for great characters; of reform, revolution, scientific discovery, dazzling artistry, literary excellence, military milestones and both political and social scandal.
    The wild, powerfu
  • A Life In The Theatre – Plenty to Laugh About, Rose’s Review

    A Life In The Theatre a play by David Mamet, first opened at the Goodman Theatre in Chicago in February 1977. Then a slightly adapted version debuted in New York in October of the same year. Edith Oliver expressed a very optimistic and pragmatic opinion about this version in the New Yorker.
    “Mr Mamet has written – in gentle ridicule; in jokes, broad and tiny; and in comedy, high and low – a love letter to the theatre. It is quite a feat, and he has pulled it off.”
  • David Hockney: Current – NGV Show, a Language in Images

    England’s living national treasure artist David Hockney at the National Gallery of Victoria, November 10, 2016, photo by Belinda McDowall
    Contemporary art, painter, draughtsman, printmaker, stage designer and photographer David Hockney (b.1937 -) is heralded as England’s most famous living artist. Growing up in Bradford Yorkshire, his first one-man show was when he was 26 years of age in 1963. Now in 2916 he has a major solo exhibition of his work over the past decade on display at t
  • [Untitled] Stonnington Literary Festival – Think, Talk, Read

    [Untitled] – Stonnington Literary Festival 2016,  Melbourne, November 16 – 23, 2016 is all about expanding people’s experiences of literacy through a myriad of inventive ways and is held annually in the City of Stonnington, which incorporates the cities of Malvern and Prahran within greater Melbourne.
    It covers part of the indigenous Boonwurrung language area associated with the Yalukit-willam clan and comprises the inner south-eastern suburbs of Melbourne, located some 3

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