• Tuesday Tune-Up #352

    Insta-upgrade your life with Instagram’s new standalone shopping appRejoice! You’ll soon be able to buy waist trainers, teeth whitening kits and *some* things you actually need, as Instagram makes a major play for the e-commerce market. The platform is reportedly developing a new standalone app dedicated to shopping where users will be able to browse collections and purchase goods. Following Burberry’s announcement that Ricardo Tisci’s first collection for the l
  • Tuesday Tune-Up #351

    Instagram makes security and verification updatesJust because you post a lot of sick #YOLO-worthy #wanderlust pics on Instagram doesn’t make you an influencer. Or maybe, it does now? As of this week, anyone – even your nan – can ask for an official seal (or tick) to validate their Insta influence.
    While I have a better chance of getting into Hogwarts, I’m going to give it a shot.Instagram’s other less headline-worthy updates are focused primarily on securi
  • Social Media Statistics Australia – August 2018

    Readers please note: On the 1st of every month we post a new social media report, the below report is not our latest figures. Please see here the most up to date report. Social Media users...

    If one thing is predictable about We Are Social, it’s that we love social media. We love how quickly it changes, how creative it allows us to be and how many voices get a chance to be heard because of social channels. What we don’t love is when those voices turn nasty.
    Hate on social media is a growing problem, and one that’s being largely ignored by the industry. Even brands that claim to support diversity are alarmingly quiet on the issue of online hate. We think it’s t
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  • Yass Australia! A Netflix Queer Eye makeover

    Reboots are killing it right now. Dynasty, Will and Grace, Charmed, Roswell… there’s no end to the list of shows making it back to our screens. But, Queer Eye is the undisputed Qween of this renaissance. The rebranded makeover show has power-stomped its way to success here in Australia since it re-launched in February this year.
    If anything epitomises the hype, it’s grooming expert JVN’s catchphrase ‘YAAASSSSSSS!!!.’ So, after a second season was confirmed al
  • Wednesday Wrap-Up #350

    BuzzFeed Premieres Netflix Series and launches Twitter-based TV review showLate last week, Netflix premiered ‘Follow This,’ a 20-part documentary series that delves into how BuzzFeed report the news. “We’re thrilled that Netflix saw the drama in the work of our journalism and the stories we tell,” said BuzzFeed News’ Editor-in-Chief, Ben Smith. On the same day, BuzzFeed also announced a Twitter-based TV review show, ‘#What2Watch.’ The weekly 4
  • Samsung x Vivid: Sydney in a New Light

    As a principal partner of the Sydney Opera House, Samsung capitalised on the iconic Australian landmark during its peak season – Vivid Light, Music & Ideas Festival – by becoming a festival sponsor in 2018. For the ninth year in a row, Vivid had Sydney alight with installations and projections, and the brand saw it as a perfect opportunity to showcase their new Samsung Galaxy S9’s epic low-light photography capability.
    Who better to show off the photography features than ph

    Collaborate on holiday plans with Airbnb’s new featuresNow everyone can pull their weight when it comes to planning a group getaway, as Airbnb announces a feature that will allow users to send Group Travel invites to people who are joining the trip. Attendees will then be able to save ideas to the master list, including homes, food and drink, sightseeing and experiences, and more. Now your friends will have no excuses for ignoring your extensive recommendations of international bean-to-bar
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  • ‘The Crown’ gets Australia watching Netflix with their Nans

    Whatever their political stance of the British monarchy, Australia has an affectionate view of the English matriarch – they even celebrate her birthday on three different dates nationwide. ‘Our mate Lizzy’ has become a beloved figurehead Aussie audiences have adopted as their own in recent decades. 
    While youth have grown to love her, the Queen is most fondly remembered by a generation of elders who grew up watching her coronation on the telly and crowded the streets to se
  • Tuesday Tuneup – #348

    3 million people leave Snapchat following redesignMore bad news for Snapchat. New figures have been released revealing that daily active users have fallen by 3 million in the second quarter. So, did Kylie Jenner kill Snapchat? Or is the app’s recent redesign to blame? In a move about as controversial as Brexit, pissed off users expressed their pissed offness all over other social channels, pointing fingers at Spiegel and his UX squad for causing them to flee the ephemeral platform. Wh
  • Most Influential Moments in Social

    2018 marks 10 years since We Are Social broke onto the social scene. What started as a two-man team and a dream, quickly evolved into a specialist business with offices on every continent. This year, each of the 11 offices around the globe helped celebrate We Are Social’s 10th anniversary by nominating moments where social media influenced culture. We had a nostalgic look back at the history of our industry and how it’s shaped society and behaviour, influenced movements and forever c
  • Tuesday Tune-Up #347

    Facebook and Instagram launch tools to fight social media addictionWake up, check social media. Shower, check social media. Go to work, check social media (and not just because it’s my job…). Sound familiar? It’s become so habitual to be constantly scrolling through our apps, it’s easy to lose track of just how much of the day we’re spending on them. That’s why Facebook and Instagram have launched a set of tools to help us manage how much time we’r
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  • Netflix Crashes one of Australia’s first LGBT Weddings

    With the momentous passing of the same-sex marriage bill only a few months prior, Sydney’s annual Mardi Gras festival had extra significance in 2018. So what better way to show Netflix’s support than to publicise one of the country’s first-ever LGBT weddings – by crashing it?
    And who better to lead the stunt than Netflix’s LGBT talent themselves? The streaming service has broken ground in the entertainment industry by casting lead LGBT characters in some of their mo
  • Internet growth accelerates, but Facebook ad engagement tumbles

    This is a special report from We Are Social’s Global Consultant, Simon Kemp. Reach him on Twitter @eskimon. 
    The new 2018 Q3 Global Digital Statshot report from Hootsuite and We Are Social shows that there was plenty of change in the world of digital, social, and mobile over the past three months.There are many encouraging trends within this new data, but there are also some more worrying findings that marketers will need to monitor closely over the coming months.
    In particular,
  • Social Media Statistics Australia – July 2018

    Readers please note: On the 1st of every month we post a new social media report, the below report is not our latest figures. Please see here the most up to date report. Social Media users...
  • Tuesday Tune-Up #346

    Facebook’s oversharing has caused a drop in sharesFacebook’s privacy scandal has really left a mark on the company as shares dropped by 24%, driving its market value down by $151 billion at one point. CFO David Wehner also commented that he expects that revenue growth rates will continue to decline in the third and fourth quarters of this year. Mark Zuckerberg has attributed part of the fall in European growth to the loss of over 1 million European users since the General Data Protec
  • SOCIAL IN 2028

    Since starting We Are Social a decade ago, we’ve seen changes occur faster and faster with each passing year; as new technologies, innovative platforms and cultural trends have helped evolve social media to what it is today. While we celebrate how we’ve developed and grown over the last 10 years, we’ve also looked ahead to what the next 10 years will mean for the agency, our clients, and the marketing industry.
    Our leadership team from across our global offices have shared thei
  • Tuesday Tune-Up #345

    Facebook adds AR fashion ads to try before you buy.Anyone else remember Cher’s way-before-its-time closet in Clueless?Well, if you also frothed over the forward-thinking fashionista, let your 90s envy subside with this new “try before you buy” feature from Facebook. The social network is rolling out an ad format that will utilise augmented reality (AR) to encourage users to “try it on” directly from the ad. The new ads will appear similar to other formats
  • Tuesday Tune-Up #344

    Facebook looks to expand its sports content with new dealsFacebook has won a £200 million bid to broadcast the Premier League (as of the 2019-2020 season) to audiences in Cambodia, Vietnam, Thailand and Laos – all countries with a huge British football following. The platform is also in discussions with Cristiano Ronaldo about creating a docu-series for Facebook Watch. It’s unsurprising that Facebook is keen to create more sports content, as sports-related programming
  • #BETTERSTATEDEBATE: NRL bolsters Origin with Influencers

    According to research from the National Rugby League, their notable Holden State of Origin series – the biggest rivalry in Australian sport – has seen a dip in popularity in recent years. Coming into the 2018 series, Queensland had won an impressive 11 of the last 12 series, and interest from the general public suffered. Additionally, new streaming rights and digital platforms have also seen the import of popular overseas leagues including the NBA, EPL, and NFL, which have fragmented
  • Tuesday Tune-Up #343

    Sorry, you’re not famous enough
    A mural in Los Angeles made social headlines last week for being exclusive to “influencers.” As the story went, only people with 20K+ Insta followers or a verified account could access the mural. Photos circulated of a security guard guarding the entry, ready to knock us non-influential folk back. The mural depicted a pair of wings for people to pose in front of (then naturally, share on Insta) and was located in LA’s Sunset Strip
  • Community Management, Explained

    Remember this?If you work in digital marketing, your answer is a resounding “yes.” While that unforgettably edible moment in internet history still highlights the power of reactive community management, it’s time for an updated viewpoint on community management’s power and potential to bring brands closer to consumers. As such, we’ve identified its four key functions that transcend fleeting trends and apply to clients of any size and scope – engaging
  • Social Media Statistics Australia – June 2018

    Readers please note: On the 1st of every month we post a new social media report, the below report is not our latest figures. Please see here the most up to date report. Social Media users...
  • Tuesday Tune-Up #342

    Unilever takes a stand against influencers buying followersUnilever is cracking down on influencer fraud by calling out people who buy ‘bots’ and fake followers. Their CMO has stated that they will stop working with influencers who buy followers, as they feel that it constitutes a ‘dark’ side of marketing practices and misleads the consumer. Yay to corporate transparency!
    ‘Gram cracks BillInstagram has revealed that they now have over one billion mon
  • Tuesday Tune-Up #341

    Research shows fewer people are using Facebook to discover and discuss newsMessaging apps such as WhatsApp have overtaken Facebook as the platform of choice to discover and discuss news with friends, the seventh annual Digital News Report has found. The new report suggests that younger users in particular are more likely to turn to WhatsApp, Instagram and Snapchat for news – especially in countries such as Malaysia and Turkey, where it can be dangerous to express views in more open network

    The fast-growing Middle East and North Africa market is characterised by a population that is the youngest and most digitally connected in the world. In the Middle East and Africa, annual digital spend is predicted to rise by 73% between 2017 – 2020 ($2.20bn – $3.81bn). This is why we are thrilled to now be partnering with Socialize – the Middle East’s largest social media agency, and now We Are Social’s first acquisition.
    Ever since Nathan and I founded We Are Soci
  • Tuesday Tune-Up #340

    Look out Snapchat, Instagram is coming for your ‘Discover’ audienceAny older siblings out there? Remember when your kid sister/brother used to steal all your clothes, mimic what you’d say, and use “but Timmy got to do it!” as a justifiable argument when asking for something they were way to young to be doing at their age? Well, we now know how Snapchat feels. After ripping off their Stories feature last year, Instagram is now out for Discover. They’ve recently
  • Tuesday Tune-Up #339

    Facebook falls from top three as teens leaveAccording to a recent study by Pew Research Centre, Facebook has dropped out of the top three social networks for teens in the US, as “only 51% of teenagers ages 13-17 in the US still use the social platform,” plummeting from 71% three years ago. YouTube, Instagram and Snapchat now rank in the coveted top three places, as a “whopping 85% of teenagers report using YouTube.” However, the survey did not take into account other apps
  • Social Media Statistics Australia – May 2018

    Readers please note: On the 1st of every month we post a new social media report, the below report is not our latest figures. Please see here the most up to date report. Social Media users...
  • Wednesday Wrap-Up #338

    Facebook Marketplace expands into home services Last week, the social network made its first move into the home services market by launching a new feature to enable users in the US to browse Facebook Marketplace for thousands of home service professionals. The new feature will allow users to see professionals’ ratings, reviews, credentials and location, plus they’ll have the ability to request quotes directly through the app. Suppliers will be listed in a new Marketplace S
  • Tuesday Tune-Up #337

    Snapchat updates its design (again) and adds new video adsAs part of efforts to win back users it alienated with its recent redesign, Snapchat has unveiled yet another design update to help address some of the issues. The update includes bringing friends’ video stories back alongside the media and celebrities in the Discover section, as well as showing personal messages in reverse chronological order again. However, despite being intended to address user concerns, the new update seems
  • Tuesday Tune-Up #336

    Facebook banks on blockchain
    Last week, Facebook reorganised its entire leadership team in a move that led to the creation of a new department dedicated to tackling blockchain technology. The new team is headed up by David Marcus, who was former president of PayPal before moving to Facebook working on the dedicated Messenger app. The move has led to speculation that the social network might launch its own cryptocurrency, corroborated by testing of a direct payments feature that was quietly
  • Wednesday Wrap-Up #335

    Facebook puts privacy at the heart of its 2018 F8 ConferenceAt Facebook’s annual F8 developer conference last week, CEO Mark Zuckerberg kicked off the two-day session by addressing the data privacy elephant in the room – dishing out a series of apologies and detailing initiatives and product adjustments to help the platform better protect user data. Zuckerberg also acknowledged that he believes it will take around three years to get the social network on the right track. Am

     You can now download your history on InstagramEver wished you could unsend a DM? Probably yes. Ever wished it could be accessed forever from some dark unforgiving corner of the internet? Definitely not. Well now, thanks to Facebook’s recent data privacy scandal, it’s now easier for any of us to store, track, and restore our data. In this case, Instagram has now given us access to all of the photos we’ve ever posted (even deleted photos), stories, likes, searches, DMs, ou
  • Social Media Statistics Australia – April 2018

      Readers please note: On the 1st of every month we post a new social media report, the below report is not our latest figures. Please see here the most up to date report. Social Media...
  • ‘There are plenty of Bill Cosbys in the Australian media’: Tracey Spicer

    Veteran journalist turned social activist Tracey Spicer has claimed “there are plenty of Bill Cosbys in the Australian media and entertainment industry”.
    Spicer has also used her column in News Corp’s The Sunday Telegraph to allude to an “Australian media icon” who allegedly drug-raped his niece.
    Spicer: Our defamation laws protect the rich and powerfulThe #metoo movement, Spicer said, has reached an historic landmark, with actor and comedian Bill Cosby being convic
  • Ten struggles on Friday night as news and lifestyle programs dominate

    Ten came fourth in the ratings race last night after securing a 9.8% audience share, well behind that of rivals Seven (22.5%) and Nine (17.4%), and also tailing national broadcaster ABC (13.3%).
    In the ratings week to date, Ten is trailing Seven, Nine and ABC
    For the ratings week so far Ten’s progressive share is 10.2%, after grabbing 11.2% on Sunday, 12.6% on Monday, 9.2% on Tuesday, 7.9% on Wednesday and 10.2% on Thursday. The progressive share places it fourth for the week with Seven le
  • Australian Gas wants consumers to rethink their favourite season

    Australian Gas Networks is encouraging consumers to ‘love winter’ and relax in front of a gas-heated fire.
    The three television campaigns ‘Cooking with Gas’, ‘Nup’ and ‘House’, which have been created by CHE Proximity, aim to bring authentic and relatable winter scenarios to life.
    The ‘Nup’ 30-second ad features a woman during the season of ‘nup’ as she stays at home in front of her gas fire with a glass of wine in her track
  • Children front ‘Jeans for Genes’ campaign asking Aussies to fight for them

    Young children with various genetic diseases have fronted the Children’s Medical Research Institute’s (CMRI) ‘Jeans for Genes’ campaign, urging Australians to fight for them.
    Created by March One, the television commercial features young kids explaining how their diseases impact them, and how it steals their “energy”, “voice” and “life”.
    The tagline used at the conclusion of the campaign is “fight with me, fight for me”
  • Angela Bishop and Denise Scott to join Studio 10 as panellists

    Entertainment reporting veteran Angela Bishop and comedian Denise Scott have been revealed as the replacements for Studio 10’s former hosts Jessica Rowe and Ita Buttrose.
    Network Ten announced this morning Scott and Bishop would join Studio 10 as regular co-hosts from April 30..@channelten is pleased to announce that TEN’s respected entertainment reporter Angela Bishop @AngelaBishop and renowned Australian comedian and actress Denise Scott @_denisescott will join @Studio10au as regul
  • News, current affairs and MKR help Seven to a Thursday night win

    News and current affairs coupled with another strong performance from My Kitchen Rules helped Seven to a 23.1% win on Thursday night.
    Although it wasn’t far ahead of Nine’s 20.2%, the channel had the most-watched news bulletin and television show, with 984,000 metro viewers tuning in to the 6pm bulletin and 1.070m watching MKR.
    The second half hour of Seven News – which in some cities airs as Today Tonight – had 971,000 metro viewers.
    MKR also dominated all three key adve
  • Citi encourages Australians to take holidays made for them

    Citi has launched a product-focused campaign promoting its ‘Personal Loan Plus’ offering.
    Created by Archibald/Williams, the 45-second television campaign features a couple as they travel to different locations on a holiday made just for them.
    The campaign is an extension of the brand’s ‘Bring on the Brand New World’ platform that aims to encourage Australians to experience the world in their own way.
    Belinda Craig, head of brand, sponsorships and insights at Citi A
  • Meltwater acquires social analytics company, Sysomos

    Media monitoring and intelligence company, Meltwater, has acquired social analytics firm, Sysomos.
    The acquisition will allow Meltwater’s clients to analyse social media, news and “other human-generated content” on one platform.
    For PR and communications professionals dealing with influencers, Meltwater will now be able offer news monitoring and social engagement tools to deliver relevant insights to brands and marketers, the company said.
    Jorn Lyseggen, CEO and founder of Melt
  • News Corp open discussions with potential buyers for regional and local mastheads

    News Corp is opening its regional and local newspaper books for discussions with potential buyers.
    According to a piece published in the News Corp-owned masthead The Australian yesterday, the company has hired investment bank Citi as an advisor. The story also suggests potential suitors are already circulating, including equity firms Anchorage Capital and Apollo.
    News Corp bought the regional titles in 2016“We have begun exploratory conversations in response to renewed interest in elements
19 Sep 2018
11 Sep 2018

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