• Science stories have the right elements

    Superstars trashing hotel rooms are not confined to modern rock bands – scientists have been there and done that. Davy and Faraday set up a lab in their Parisian hotel room and proceeded to conduct experiments, several resulting in explosions and clouds of noxious gases. 2019 is the International Year of the Periodic Table and […]
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  • Smart Cities Going Green Because… It Costs Less?

    Technocrats building Smart Cities are using the same corrupted logic as global warming zealots, that their inventions are cheaper than any other solutions. In fact, Sustainable Development drives up costs in every category of urban living. ⁃ TN EditorOur cities are getting smarter. Look around any modern metropolis, and you’ll see hundreds of Smart devices. Devices that provide better convenience, increase our safety, enable connectivity anywhere, reduce our traffic jams, improv
  • Greenpeace Co-Founder: Global Warming ‘Is A Complete Hoax And Scam’

    Members of the original green movement know that it was hijacked by charlatans who had another agenda than truly helping the environment: Technocracy dominated by the global elite. ⁃ TN EditorGreenpeace co-founder and former president of Greenpeace Canada Patrick Moore described the cynical and corrupt machinations fueling the narrative of anthropocentric global warming and “climate change” in a Wednesday interview on SiriusXM’s Breitbart News Tonight with hosts
  • Killer Robots: Russia Races To Build ‘Ground Force’ Of Self-Driving Tanks And ‘Drone Swarms’

    Talk of a ban on autonomous killer robots is useless chatter as the arms race between superpowers progresses. AI and networking are enabling fearsome weapons systems that can kill without human intervention. ⁃ TN EditorA terrifying new video showcases some of Russia’s latest killer robot technology.
    AI-controlled mini-tanks and swarms of autonomous cat-sized drones obliterate targets in the propaganda clip released by the Kremlin.
    The robots are designed to assist Russian infantry, a
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  • Psychopaths Have Much To Teach Us About AI

    AI is often programmed to learn how manipulate our emotions, and to measure success when we conform. This psychopathic trait  is the pinnacle of social engineering and humans have very little awareness that it even happens. ⁃ TN EditorWhat happens when machines learn to manipulate us by faking our emotions? Judging by the rate at which researchers are developing human-like AI agents, we’re about to find out.
    Researchers around the world are trying to create more human-like AI. B
  • Will Artificial Intelligence End Up Being Really Stupid?

    The pro-AI hype surrounding it offers human-level intelligence, but the reality may be far less. AI may find narrow areas of application, but no amount of knowledge can lead to wisdom. ⁃ TN EditorIt’s hard to go anywhere these days without coming across some mention of artificial intelligence (AI). You hear about it, you read about it and it’s hard to find a presentation deck (on any subject) that doesn’t mention it. There is no doubt there is a lot of hype around the sub
  • Technocratic Governance Seen As Ruling In China And Asia

    Asia is morphing into Technocracy, with China leading the way. Communism and Socialism are fading away, even as the trappings remain. Facing a potential enemy demands that we know who he is and what he believes. ⁃ TN EditorAmong the unending flood of global news in recent weeks, there was one item that received almost no media comment but which could in the longer run be the most significant of all.
    This was the reported remark by U.S. President Donald Trump, while in Hanoi, that if Kim Jo
  • Tim Ball: Technocrats On The World Stage With Your Money

    Foreign aid has always been questionable, but with the advance of technology, Technocrats are manipulating the system for their own ends of scientific social engineering.There is a debate about who said foreign aid is when you take money from the poor people of the rich country and give it to the rich people of the poor country.  Regardless, it is an astute and accurate observation. However, let’s take it one step further and examine what is actually happening. In fact, it is technocr
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  • Dystopia: Your Facial Record Follows You Everywhere

    This is dystopia on steroids as cloud-based facial recognition builds databases of “offenders” and then shares it with other stores. If you get busted in one place, you might be denied to ever shop again. ⁃ TN EditorAt my bodega down the block, photos of shoplifters sometimes litter the windows, a warning to would-be thieves that they’re being watched.
    Those unofficial wanted posters come and go, as incidents fade from the owner’s memory.
    But with facial recogn
  • Rwanda First To Create Nationwide DNA Database

    Rwanda has a grotesque history of multiple genocides. Allowing it to collect DNA on every citizen should be flatly denied by the world community. However, Technocrats will sell technology to anyone without any moral or ethical consideration. ⁃ TN EditorRwanda has proposed the world’s first country-wide DNA database, a project that will involve collecting samples from all of the country’s 12 million citizens in an effort to crack down on crime.
    The scheme has prompted concerns f
  • Deeper Discovery Into Origins Of The Green New Deal

    Internationally, the Green New Deal first appeared in England in 2008 with a 44-page report by the Green New Deal Group, simply called A Green New Deal. An excerpt appears below, concluding with a download button and a supporting video produced by a sister organization called the New Economics Foundation. 
    The board of the Green New Deal Group is stacked with radical members of the green movement, including Greenpeace and Friends of the Earth:Larry Elliott, Economics Editor of the Guardian
  • Non-Parking Driverless Cars Will Clog City Streets

    Autonomous vehicles will turn city streets into slow moving parking lots. Passengers are dropped off and the car simply drives around until it is needed again. Don’t bother a Technocrat with pesky details. ⁃ TN EditorIt’s a nightmarish vision of San Francisco’s future, like something out of science fiction: streets full of driverless cars, crawling along implacably but at a snail’s pace, snarling traffic and bringing the city to a standstill from the iconic Ferry Bu
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  • Clean, Cheap, Abundant Fusion Energy Would Wreck Globalization

    Economies are enabled by the energy required to produce activity, and the crucible of globalization seeks to create an artificial shortage of energy in order to control all economic activity.  Fusion reactors would provide cheap and clean energy to the world, effectively trashing globalization. ⁃ TN EditorThe bootstrapped LPP Fusion dense plasma focus nuclear fusion project will be starting a potentially big year of testing. They are completing work on their beryllium electrode.
    If ev
  • BirthStrikers: Women Fear Climate Change, Refuse To Have Children

    The procreation of the human race is faltering. Climate paranoia is crushing the dreams of young women who are either afraid to bring children into the world or believe it is immoral to do so. ⁃ TN EditorAs soon as Blythe Pepino got together with her partner Joshua two years ago, she felt “this overwhelming urge to create a family with him”, she says. “I think it was the fifth day after having met him, I said: ‘I’ve got to meet your parents.’ He was like
  • Supercomputer Breakthrough: Quintillion Calculations Per Second

    Computer development is expected by Intel, but technocrats within the Department of Energy have stretched their mission statement to include computer development in a public-private partnership arrangement. ⁃ TN EditorIntel and the US Department of Energy announced Monday that they would build Aurora, described as the US’s first exascale supercomputer.
    An exascale supercomputer, capable of processing 1 quintillion (1,000,000,000,000,000,000) calculations per second, could be used for
  • Big Tech’s Censorship Continues To Squeeze Free Speech

    Technocrats in Big Tech companies march to their own drumbeat of Technocracy, driving for a fully-engineered society controlled by them. Their self-view as masters of the universe will eventually be rejected . ⁃ TN EditorAs Big Tech’s censorship of conservatives becomes ever more flagrant and overt, the old arguments about protecting the sanctity of the modern public square are now invalid. Our right to freely engage in public discourse through speech is under sustained attack, neces
  • Fraud: Green New Deal Plagiarized From 2009 UN Environment Programme Report

    In a stunning revelation from a 2009 UN document titled “Rethinking the Economic Recovery: A Global Green New Deal“, it is discovered that Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’ (AOC) Green New Deal is not a new movement of the people, but rather a crafty creation of a small group of global elite working through the United Nations.
    This 144-page report was headed by Edward B. Barbier, a professor of Economics and Finance at the University of Wyoming at the time, but specifically prepared fo
  • Robocall Debt Collectors Are Already Demonizing Debtors

    During the next wave of loan defaults, debtors will be in for a rude surprise: endless, harassing robot phone calls demanding payment or else! Look for a mass rejection of companies who implement this kind of technology. ⁃ TN EditorIn the car where Paula Hanson lives, often parked outside a local sheriff’s station in Lancaster, California, her phone wouldn’t stop ringing.
    Hanson tried to explain to the employees at Discover Bank all that had happened to her. First, she had
  • Over-Achieving Robots Demoralize Human Workers

    Technocrats invent and build because they can, not because there is any defined need to do so. As real humans are displaced, angst will grow against robots and AI, and the Technocrats who shoved it down their throat. ⁃ TN EditorRobots are jerks.
    That’s according to the demoralized humans who played against the machines for money in a recent Cornell University-led experiment shedding light on what can happen to worker’s drive in an increasingly automated workplace.
    When humans u
  • Have you accessed STA member benefits yet?

    As a member or staff of one Science & Technology Australia’s member organisations, did you know you can access a range of discounts and offers, such as: COMMUNICATIONS SUPPORT  Through partners like communications firm Scientell and animation studio Redboat, STA offers discounted support for reaching wider audiences. Scientell help with content creation, media liaison, communications […]
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  • Busted: Club Of Rome Reveals Gushing Support For Green New Deal

    The venerable global elite group, The Club of Rome, has tipped its hand by gushing over the Sunrise Movement and the Green New Deal.
    Founded in 1968, the Club of Rome was the original elite group who created crisis-mode global cooling and then global warming. They produced the infamous treatise called “The Limits to Growth” that was positioned as “A Report for The Club of Rome’s Project on the Predicament of Mankind.” Limits to Growth proposed a resource-based econo
  • 5 Reasons Universal Basic Income Will Never Work

    Universal Basic Income (UBI) is an economic impossibility being sold to ignorant masses as snake oil designed to pacify resistance against the onslaught of automation displacing workers. The sooner people see through this, the better.  ⁃ TN EditorTech entrepreneur Andrew Yang is a dark horse contender for the Democratic nomination in 2020 and one of his proposals is getting a lot of attention. His idea is to pay everyone in the United States $1000 per month. It sounds great, right? I
  • GMO Cooking Oil Quietly Arrives In Restaurants

    Flipping logic upside-down, the Technocrats at Calyxt state: “At Calyxt, we believe it is unethical NOT to use our technologies to address these issues head-on.” In reality, GMO is not equivalent to traditional plant husbandry. ⁃ TN EditorSomewhere in the Midwest, a restaurant is frying foods with oil made from gene-edited soybeans. That’s according to the company making the oil, which says it’s the first commercial use of a gene-edited food in the U.S.
  • CRISPR Scientists Call For Global Moratorium On Heritable Gene Editing

    There are non-Technocrats who see that science must be used responsibly., but once Pandora’s Box has been opened, it is impossible to shut. Rogue scientists will continue to ignore the warnings. ⁃ TN EditorSome of the biggest names in gene editing want to stop anyone from playing around with cells that pass on changes to the next generation.
    After the first International Summit on Human Gene Editing in December 2015, a statement was released. The organizers were unanimous in agr
  • The Real Drivers Behind Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s Green New Deal

    As responsible research digs into the people and organizations behind AOC and the Green New Deal, it is important to understand that there is nothing new under the sun. GND is radical and impossible, but it can be used to shred what remains of the Republic. ⁃ TN EditorMeet Saikat Chakrabarti, the Rasputin of the 14th Congressional District and arguably the real brains behind the bright new shiny Democrat bauble of Congress now famously branded by the media as AOC, joining the exclusive clu
  • STEM Ambassador inspiring Parliament to look to the sky

    In his quest for knowledge, Dr Simon Mutch is trying to find out how the universe’s first galaxies formed and how they evolve over time. “We all want to understand how we came to be here,” Dr Mutch said “The first galaxies are the ancestors of all the galaxies we see in the universe, and […]
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  • Nationwide Climate Change School Walkouts Led By Rep. Ilhan Omar’s Daughter

    The Green New Deal is being vigorously supported and promoted by high-visibility Muslims in America, such as Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN) and Nasim Thompson, Executive Director of Justice Democrats. TN has long pointed out the attraction of Sustainable Development to the global Islamic community. ⁃ TN EditorRep. Ilhan Omar’s (D-MN) daughter is leading a national movement of students seeking to ditch class on Friday to participate in a worldwide climate change protest.
    Omar’s daughter
  • Homeland Security To Scan Your Face At 20 Top Airports

    TN has stated for years that intel agencies have gone rogue when forcing surveillance outside of legislative control or even advice and consent. They are building a comprehensive national biometric database of all citizens. ⁃ TN EditorIn March 2017, President Trump issued an executive order expediting the deployment of biometric verification of the identities of all travelers crossing US borders. That mandate stipulates facial recognition identification for “100 percen
  • Parents Battle School’s Cell Tower After 4th Student Cancer Diagnosis

    Because the cell carrier pays the school district $2,000 per month for site rental, the district will not budge on parents’ complaints that radiation is causing cancer at an alarming rate. One cancer specialist said that the type of cancer is caused strictly by environmental factors. ⁃ TN EditorA fourth child has been diagnosed with cancer at a San Joaquin County elementary school, and parents believe it’s because of radiation caused by a cell phone tower.
    The towers are spread
  • Sanctuary No More: Surveillance Tech Is Invading Your Car

    Millimeter-wave radar can ‘see’ things inside you car that a camera cannot detect, tracking even more of your driving habits and things like your respiration and heart rate. When cars communicate to other cars, how will this data be protected? ⁃ TN EditorYour car has long been a sanctuary on wheels but that won’t be true for much longer. Car manufacturers will soon be adding radar and lasers inside the cabin to monitor who you are and what you do, and that will mean even
  • 250 Scientists Sign Petition Against Danger Of Cancer From Bluetooth Radiation

    Cell phones, 5G and Wifi are already known to be cancer risks, but now low-power bluetooth devices, like AirPods and earbuds, may also be dangerous. Most of these devices are not regulated but are regularly worn by tens of millions of users. ⁃ TN EditorApple’s popular wireless AirPods headphones may pose cancer risks to wearers, according to a United Nations and World Health Organization petition.
    Some 250 have signed the petition, which warns against numerous devices that
  • Dear John Nolte: Ocasio-Cortez’s ‘Techno-Futurism’ Is Technocracy, NOT Fascism

    A recent article on Breitbart by Editor-at-large John Nolte concluded that  Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’ (D-NY) Green New Deal is Fascism:In order to grab more and more control over our lives, she’s selling a lie about being able to organize and control human nature through altruistic automation and altruistic taxes and an altruistic government that knows what’s best for you. There is another name for this…
    Fascism.Thank you, John, for not calling it Communis
  • Zuckerberg: Facebook Wants To Build A Mind-Reading Machine

    Just wait until police get ahold of this technology and require you to ‘don the helmet’ during routine traffic stops. Oh wait, this is only Facebook, not the government. ⁃ TN EditorFor those of us who worry that Facebook may have serious boundary issues when it comes to the personal information of its users, Mark Zuckerberg’s recent comments at Harvard should get the heart racing.
    Zuckerberg dropped by the university last month ostensibly as part of a year of convers
  • Dirty water biggest risk to reef recovery

    Improving local water quality may help the Great Barrier Reef better withstand the bleaching impact of climate change, a Marine Science Institute study says.
  • Tim Ball: Technocracy Is A Data-Fed Frankenstein Monster

    At its root, Technocracy is based on Scientism and Logical Posivitism that invalidates all knowledge except scientific knowledge. See Technocracy Rising: The Trojan Horse of Global Transformation for a detailed examination of these errors. ⁃ TN EditorThe rise of technocracy is intertwined with data and data collection. These activities are the very heartbeat of our technocratic society. We are now members or rather slaves of the technocrat’s dream, a number. Everything and every
  • Green New Deal Draft Text Proposed For 116th Congress

    Radical Green New Deal supporters have wasted no time in their attempt to take over the legislative agenda in the House of Representatives. It is radicalized Sustainable Development and more extreme than anything seen in Congress before. ⁃ TN EditorDRAFT TEXT FOR PROPOSED ADDENDUM TO HOUSE RULES FOR 116TH CONGRESS OF THE UNITED STATES
    (a) Establishment of the Select Committee For A Green New Deal.—
  • Pope Francis Unites All Religions Over Sustainable Development

    Pope Francis promotes “the sacredness of our earth” to woo other religions into uniting with the Catholic church in order to fulfill his dream of a united global religion. ⁃ TN EditorIn 2015 Pope Francis addressed the UN General Assembly in New York shortly before member states unanimously adopted Agenda 2030 and the Sustainable Development Goals.
    Fast forward to 2019 and the Pope was in the Vatican on Friday where he greeted participants taking part in a two day internati
  • Blind Leading Blind: ‘US Youth Climate Strike’ Promotes Green New Deal

    The current generation of youth are completely brainwashed to believe in corrupted science that they have no ability, experience or education to understand; the Green New Deal is attempting to build a tsunami that will sweep the world, not just the U.S. ⁃ TN Editor
    “Adults won’t take climate change seriously. So we, the youth, are forced to strike.”We, the youth of America, are fed up with decades of inaction on climate change. On Friday, March 15, young people like us ac
  • Weathercasters Now Promote ‘Climate Change’ To Viewers

    Technocrat propaganda has trickled down to the local TV broadcast level where weather reporters are now promoting global warming myths as facts to unsuspecting viewers. The only solution ever offered is Sustainable Development, aka Technocracy. ⁃ TN EditorWhen most people tune in to their local TV news station, they’re used to learning whether it’s going to rain tomorrow from the trusted, familiar voice of their favorite TV meteorologist or weathercaster.
    Increasingly, those vi
  • Next On Your Plate: Genetically Modified Salmon

    The FDA is embattled in lawsuits to stop GMO salmon, but it has already been approved for human consumption. All GMO food is pushed as being equivalent to natural food, but no one will know the impact on humans until it’s too late. ⁃ TN EditorU.S. regulators on Friday gave the green light to salmon genetically modified to grow about twice as fast as normal, but the company behind it may face legal challenges before the fish can be sold domestically.
    The Food and Drug Administration s
  • Privacy Breach: Say ‘No’ To Digital Driver’s Licenses

    You are normally obligated to show your driver’s license upon request by police. However, if your license is digital on your smart phone, your entire phone may be searched without a warrant, breaching your 4th Amendment protections. ⁃ TN EditorFor years the push to replace physical drivers licenses with digital drivers licenses has relied one one thing; privacy.
    But all of the “fake news” the public has been fed about their privacy is about to come “crashing”
  • CPAC: Google Mulls ‘Steering’ The Conservative Movement

    At Google, technocrat skills of social engineering are focused on nudging the conservative movement to be more accepting and positive toward its policies. In this case, CPAC is a logical place to start. ⁃ TN EditorGoogle’s senior director of U.S. public policy, Adam Kovacevich appeared to describe the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) as a “sideshow Circus,” in a leaked audio recording in which he also argued that Google should remain a sponsor of the confe
  • Cattle And Sheep Now Herded By ‘Barking’ Drones

    The idea of automated agriculture is gaining ground with various types of drone devices. The only element left to replace is the actual farmer/rancher, but that day drawing closer. ⁃ TN EditorRobots aren’t just stealing human jobs, they’re after man’s best friend too – now there’s a drone that can bark like a sheep dog.
    The latest drone developments come as more farmers have started using the technology for work on the farm in recent years.
    Drone speciali
  • Google announces Superstars of STEM partnership

    Google has strengthened its support for women in science, technology, engineering and mathematics, becoming Technology Partner for the acclaimed Superstars of STEM program. The program, run by Science & Technology Australia (STA), aims to smash gender assumptions and empower leading female scientists, technologists, researchers and educators to become well-known public role models. CEO of STA, […]
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  • International Womens Day: It’s time to #NominateHer

    This International Womens Day (8 March), Science & Technology Australia is calling on every Australian to #NominateHer to celebrate inspiring, capable women across the country. A recent study published in Nature looked at the recipients of awards in biomedicine in the USA, and it found a stark gap in gender representation.  President of Science & Technology Australia, […]
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  • Why The U.S. Is Terrified That Huawei Controls The World’s 5G Network

    With 29 billion connected devices by 2022, one security expert claims, “Whoever gets to dominate 5G infrastructure will become the owner of the next generation of the world’s telecoms infrastructure.” That company is Huawei. ⁃ TN EditorUS lobbying against Chinese firm Huawei, one of the biggest phone makers and telecommunications kit providers in the world, hit a new level this week during the phone industry’s big annual conference.
    Around 100,000 technology vendors
  • Analysis: The Benefits Of Technocracy In China

    This is an excellent and scholarly article on Technocracy in China. Note that it was Zbigniew Brzezinski, co-founder of the Trilateral Commission, who brought China and its premier, Deng Xiaoping, out of its dark ages in 1978. This is where China’s Technocracy sprung forth. ⁃ TN EditorSince the Reform and Opening initiated by Deng Xiaoping in 1978, any casual observer of China’s leaders might note how many of them were educated as engineers. Indeed, at the highest level, former
  • Why You Should Be Worried About Machines Reading Your Emotions

    Reading emotions is akin to phrenology, or reading the bumps on your head to predict mental traits. Both are based on simplistic and faulty assumptions which could falsely scar an individual for life. ⁃ TN EditorCould a program detect potential terrorists by reading their facial expressions and behavior? This was the hypothesis put to the test by the US Transportation Security Administration (TSA) in 2003, as it began testing a new surveillance program called the Screening of Passengers by
  • Defense Experts: China Poses ‘Existential Threat’ To U.S.

    Technocracy in China is a greater threat to the world than military domination, although the two could go hand-in-hand. Technocracy means total Scientific Dictatorship and China is racing to complete its global net. ⁃ TN EditorChina’s growing power throughout the world presents an existential threat to Americans’ future that they are not prepared for, experts warned Thursday during a panel discussion at the 2019 Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC).
    “This is an
  • ‘Google Inside Your Head’: Brain Implants To Revolutionize AI For Humans

    Part of the Transhuman dream is to achieve God-like omniscience, which is the goal with brain implants. Who would control the knowledge available to you? Google. Proceed at your own risk. ⁃ TN EditorGOOGLE will be inside our heads as brain implants are developed to revolutionize AI for humans, according to an artificial intelligence expert.
    Top AI expert Nikolas Kairinos believes within 20 years, implants put into human’s heads will allow us to not have to memorise a thing.
    The CEO a

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