• The City of Sydney has officially declared a climate emergency

    City of Sydney councillors have voted to declare that climate change should be treated as a national emergency.
  • When AI Becomes Your Boss, You Become The Robot

    AI sees humanity itself as a thing to be optimized, squeezing out all inefficiency. When unleashed as your boss, AI effectively turns you into a living robot to be controlled like a puppet on a string. Employees will never tolerate this indefinitely. ⁃ TN EditorCritics have accused companies of using algorithms for managerial tasks, saying that automated systems can dehumanize and unfairly punish employees.
    When Conor Sprouls, a customer service representative in the call center of in
  • Walmart Using AI-Powered Cameras In 1,000 Stores To Track Shoppers

    Walmart has hired a social engineering company, Everseen, to control and change behavior of its shoppers through the use of AI-based surveillance systems. By surveilling everyone, Walmart hopes to catch a few cheaters.
    According to Everseen’s website, “process mining” “amplifies awareness of scenes unfolding daily in retail, pinpointing the “moments that matter”, in order to nudge a behavior one seeks to change, and/or transform the underlying process.”
  • Massive Water Aquifers Discovered Under The Ocean

    There has never been a global shortage of water, but geologists have discovered virtually unlimited near-fresh aquifers underneath the oceans. One such structure off the East Coast contains more than 2.8 trillion tons of water.
    The United Nations states that “Water scarcity already affects every continent,” and of course, the shortage is blamed on global warming. Instead of creating artificial shortages, mankind should be thanking the earth for its abundance of resources. ⁃ TN
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  • Climate emergency declared by city of Sydney

    City of Sydney councillors have voted to declare that climate change should be treated as a national emergency.
  • Amazon Cloud Will Host DHS Biometric Data On Hundreds Of Millions Of People

    Home grown Surveillance State: “The department seeks a new platform to identify people using fingerprints, irises and faces, and eventually DNA, palm prints, scars and tattoos.” ⁃ TN EditorThe Homeland Security Department is looking to upgrade the software it uses to analyze biometric data on hundreds of millions of people around the globe, and it plans to store that information in Amazon’s cloud.
    The agency’s Office of Biometric Identification Management will repla
  • Totalitarianism In China: Technocracy or Communism?

    This is a thoughtful article, but it attributes China’s totalitarianism to Communism instead of Technocracy, which is a common misconception. China prizes Technocracy’s “science of social engineering” more than anything else and is creating a Scientific Dictatorship. ⁃ TN EditorThe 30th anniversary on June 4 of the Chinese regime’s 1989 massacre of pro-democracy protesters in Tiananmen Square served to highlight the extreme censorship in China under the l
  • Public v. Big Pharma: Trust In Vaccine Safety Is Eroding

    Blatant propaganda from vaccine manufacturers is wearing thin with the public, especially in more educated areas. In America, 28 percent now question safety and effectiveness of childhood vaccines. However, thanks to Big Pharma’s massive lobby influence in Washington, DC, vaccines are politically mandated whether you like them or not. ⁃ TN EditorTrust in vaccines – one of the world’s most effective and widely-used medical products – is highest in poorer countries bu
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  • The German Green Party Wants To Ban ALL Industrial Farming

    The European Green Party is growing alongside the populist movement, and is emerging as the dominant force in Germany. The insanity of banning all industrialized farming would cause massive starvation and even societal collapse. ⁃ TN EditorThe Green party in Germany has said it intends to ban industrial farming as part of a wide-ranging and costly package to combat climate change should they come to power.
    Katrin Goering-Eckardt, the party’s leader in the Germany parliament, said her
  • Anatomy Of A Failed Solar Power Project: A ‘Large Taxpayer-Funded Pile Of Scrap’

    The world will be littered with failed solar and wind projects like this one that are pointedly unable to ever deliver on their utopian promises. Meanwhile, taxpayers get hosed while fat-cat Technocrats get paid hefty salaries. ⁃ TN EditorIt was supposed to supply cheaper, greener energy to up to 5000 homes but after six years and tens of millions of dollars, a cutting-edge solar energy project has produced nothing other than a large taxpayer-funded pile of scrap.
    Three thousand solar pane
  • How To Create A Country With No Heart

    Take a lesson in the ultra-radical anti-human, green agenda: It is the identical story in every nation, as clearly seen in Australia. It is not Communism or Fascism, but rather Technocracy, the “science of social engineering.” ⁃ TN EditorAnti-development policies, land-use sterilisation, climate alarmism and green law-fare are destroying the future for our kids and grandkids. Current policies will stack-and-pack the coasts and major cities leaving a depopulated outback to uncon
  • Science advocate joins Board of the Diversity Council of Australia

    Science & Technology Australia extends congratulations to Tanya Ha, the co-chair of our Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Sub-committee, on her election to the Board of the Diversity Council of Australia. The sole member of the Board with a science background, STA was proud to support Tanya’s nomination. Tanya Ha is one of two directors elected, […]
    The post Science advocate joins Board of the Diversity Council of Australia appeared first on Science and Technology Australia.
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  • US EPA gives coal industry a reprieve

    The Trump administration has reversed an important Obama-era strategy to fight climate change with the EPA easing restrictions on coal-fired power plants
  • Libra: Facebook Partners With 27 Companies To Launch Global Cryptocurrency

    Facebook is making a massive power grab to dominate the global payments system and expects to have over 100 founding members in the consortium before Libra is launched in 2020. Members already include Visa, Mastercard, Stripe and Paypal. It will be hard for any regulatory body to override such powerful financial organization. ⁃ TN EditorFacebook is launching cryptocurrency next year that will allow people to move money from their smartphone into a digital “wallet”.
    The currency
  • New York State Lawmakers Set To Mandate Green Economy

    Political madness and rampant deception have suckered the entire state of New York into creating its own private version of the AOC’s Green New Deal. It will cost taxpayers trillions in capital costs and increased living expenses. ⁃ TN EditorGov. Andrew Cuomo (D) said yesterday he has reached an agreement with legislative leaders over a bill to slash New York’s greenhouse gas emissions, setting the stage for one of the most significant state climate victories since President Tr
  • Dishwashers: Robots Are Coming For Your Jobs

    At least 500,000 people are employed as dishwashers in America, providing the lowest income workforce a place to survive. The Technocrat mind has no concern for social or human impact of their inventions. ⁃ TN EditorMore than half a million people work as dishwashers in the United States today, according to the most recent data from the Department of Labor. But that’s not nearly enough hands to keep cookware clean in the 660,755 establishments counted by the 2018 NPD Group
  • Aust first peoples migration was planned

    The ancestors of Aboriginal people in Australia arrived in several large and deliberate migrations by island-hopping to reach West Papua, new research shows.
  • Florida First To Waive Driver Requirement For Self-Driving Autos

    The world will be watching carefully as driverless and autonomous vehicles flood Florida roads for the first time in an entire state. Other states are right behind Florida, including Arizona and California. ⁃ TN EditorFlorida will allow autonomous vehicles (AVs) to operate on public roads without a human driver starting next month, under a new law signed by Gov. Ron DeSantis, R.
    The bill, designed to facilitate more AV testing in the state, sets out a statutory framework for insu
  • Big Tech Asks For More Self-Regulation That Never Worked Anyway

    Big Tech created the unmanageable platforms that have created nationwide chaos, but now they want us to trust them yet again to fix the impossible. This won’t ever work. ⁃ TN EditorSocial media giants have responded to mounting pressure from politicians and activist groups. These social media firms are now refereeing content of the angry, polarizing and downright crazy public space those giants themselves created. These platforms are private entities, so they can officiate prett
  • Pope Appeals To Global Warming Deniers, Asks For Carbon Pricing

    Pope Francis is thoroughly deceived on the green agenda of Sustainable Development and global warming. He says “doomsday predictions can no longer be dismissed.” ⁃ TN EditorPope Francis said on Friday that carbon pricing is “essential” to stem global warming – his clearest statement yet in support of penalising polluters – and appealed to climate change deniers to listen to science.
    In an address to energy executives at the end of a two-day meeting, he a
  • Young Hong Kong Protestors Outwit The Surveillance State

    Necessity is the mother of invention as wary protestors dumped recognizable social media accounts for VPNs and end-to-end encrypted messaging apps. Basically, nobody trusts China anymore. ⁃ TN EditorThe moment the 25-year-old protester got home from demonstrations that turned violent – tear gas still stinging her eyes – she knew what she had to do: delete all of her Chinese phone apps.
    WeChat was gone. So was Alipay and the shopping app Taobao. She then installed a virtual
  • Unholy Alliance: When DNA Meets Facial Recognition

    Scientists believe that your DNA can be used to roughly predict what you look like in physical appearance, and vice versa and they are talking about using the technology in law enforcement to help solve crimes? ⁃ TN EditorTechnology that was once only seen in dystopian science fiction is rapidly infecting real life. Two means of collecting personal data – DNA databases and facial recognition software – are forming an unholy alliance, and the privacy implications could be d
  • Extensive Anthology That Refutes Man-Made Global Warming

    Here is an extensive collection of articles debunking global warming and man-made climate change, by experts and scientists around the world. This collection is worth saving for the next time you are challenged for facts and authoritative sources.  ⁃ TN EditorWhat I Learned about Climate Change: The Science is not Settled
    Countering The Fallacy Of Global Warming
    Fifty Years Of Failed Apocalyptic Forecasts
    The ever receding climate goalpost: IPCC and Al Gore “12 years to sav
  • Rockefeller Foundation: The Rise, Fall And Rebirth Of 100 Resilient Cities

    The UN’s term “Resilient” means anything you want: “improving mobility”, “breaking down structural racism”, “any social and infrastructural fault line”, “predictive analysis” and even weather forecasting. Thus, it is a catchall term for implementing the New Urban Agenda and the 2030 Agenda, aka Technocracy. ⁃ TN EditorIn late April, at a town-hall meeting in New York City, Raj Shah, the president of the Rockefeller Foun
  • Leaked: How Facebook Determines ‘Hate Agent’ Status

    The reason that Big Tech censorship seems so disjointed is because it is. Facebook gathers data about you from online and offline sources, determines all your associations, what posts you share, who you interview, who you ‘Like’ and then slaps you with a hate score. Once tagged as a ‘Hate Agent’, the designation will blacklist you for years to come. Once shared with other Big Tech companies, your blacklisting will become universal. ⁃ TN EditorFacebook monitors
  • Geoengineering Could Start WWIII As Nations React

    Weaponizing weather has been a military goal since WWI, but as global warming hysteria proceeded, it was used to ‘cool’ the earth. However, weather does not respect national borders and what one country does can radically affect the weather in its neighbors. ⁃ TN EditorClimate change may end up causing World War 3 if individual countries start to try and save themselves by hacking the weather with a process called geoengineering.
    Many experts are in favour of geoengineering, wh
  • Bills To Require Breathalyzers In Cars, Mandatory Mental Health Assessments

    Progressive liberal Democrat Rep. Kathleen Rice (D-NY) introduced two bills that have serious Constitutional implications. Her bills will encourage law enforcement into a police-state mentality that will be impossible to undo. ⁃ TN EditorIf you thought the TAPS Act was bad, wait until you read this.
    Our politicians are hard at work introducing bills that promise to turn America into a mirror image of China.
    Rep. Kathleen Rice’s H.R. 3374 bill, otherwise known as the End Drunk Driving
  • Self-Driving Cars Could Disrupt The Airline Industry

    Technocrats who promised that their self-driving cars would solve major urban transportation problems never though the overall consequences of their actions. Airlines may be disrupted and studies have already shown that unban congestion is increasing, not decreasing. ⁃ TN EditorAs driverless cars become more capable and more common, they will change people’s travel habits not only around their own communities but across much larger distances. Our research has revealed just how m
  • Psychology Today: Sex Robots And The End Of Civilization

    With demographics already tanking in all Western nations, adding sex robots into the mix virtually guarantees to accelerate the trend and cause relationship dysfunction across the board. ⁃ TN EditorImagine this: A totally realistic robot of your own design that is capable of fully carrying out any sex act that you can dream up. It looks, smells, and sounds incredibly realistic. And your state-sponsored insurance paid for her in full. In effect, she was free—prescribed by yo
  • Human Rights Lawyer: Facial Recognition Is Arsenic In The Water Of Democracy

    One critic of Social Engineering and Digital Slavery, aka Technocracy, suggests that “Mass surveillance has a chilling effect that distorts public behaviour.” Indeed, the world has little time left to reverse the trend. ⁃ TN EditorAutomated facial recognition poses one of the greatest threats to individual freedom and should be banned from use in public spaces, according to the director of the campaign group Liberty.
    Martha Spurrier, a human rights lawyer, said the technology h
  • In China’s Smart Cities, Everyone Is Being Watched

    There is no escape from digital slavery: China now reveals that “most citizens are required to download apps on their phones that let the authorities monitor what they look at and track their movements.” ⁃ TN EditorEarlier this year, a U.S. congressional committee commissioned a report on China’s development of “smart cities,” with a particular focus on whether they were smarter than their American counterparts.
    The U.S.-China Economic and Security Review Comm
  • 6G Will Combine AI With Real-Time Speeds Of 1 Terabyte/Sec.

    If 5G is just a stepping stone to 6G, then hold on to your seat. AI plus instantaneous connections will enable ad-hoc networks of things and people to achieve unheard-of outcomes. ⁃ TN EditorMobile-phone technology has changed the way humans understand and interact with the world and with each other. It’s hard to think of a technology that has more strongly shaped 21st-century living.
    The latest technology—the fifth generation of mobile standards, or 5G—is currently being
  • Merkel Admits: German Multiculturalism Has ‘Utterly Failed’

    The late Peter Sutherland, a member of the Trilateral Commission, originally pushed multiculturalism throughout Europe as an absolute necessary to achieve Sustainable Development. Needless to say, he lied. ⁃ TN EditorThe German chancellor, Angela Merkel, has courted growing anti-immigrant opinion in Germany by claiming the country’s attempts to create a multicultural society have “utterly failed”.
    Speaking to a meeting of young members of her Christian Democratic Uni
  • Study: Solar And Wind Generation Makes Electricity More Expensive

    The renewable industry will howl and whine about this authoritative study from the University of Chicago, but the facts are in: Renewables drive energy costs UP, not down as claimed.  ⁃ TN EditorSolar panels and wind turbines are making electricity significantly more expensive, a major new study by a team of economists from the University of Chicago finds.
    Renewable Portfolio Standards (RPS) “significantly increase average retail electricity prices, with prices increasing b
  • Study: Ride Sharing Services Actually Increase Traffic Congestion

    Ride sharing in Smart Cities is supposed to get people out of their cars to decrease congestion and pollution. Guess what? The exact opposite is happening: more pollution and more congestion. ⁃ TN EditorRide-share companies like Uber and Lyft promised they would supplement public transit and help ease traffic congestion.
    But data collected by the city and now made public shows almost half of Chicago’s millions of monthly ride-share trips are taking place in just a
  • Annual survey of scientists and technologists now open

    Each year STA and Professionals Australia seek responses from scientists, technologists, engineers, and mathematicians to gauge the health of the science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) sector, from the perspective of those who work in it. With the launch of this year’s annual employment survey, we are looking to collect important information on the conditions, fairness, equity and […]
    The post Annual survey of scientists and technologists now open app
  • Hundreds of plant types are extinct-study

    Scientists have made the shocking discovery that hundreds of plant species have become extinct over the past two and a half centuries.
  • Interest In Orwell’s Classic ‘1984’ Still Endures After 70 Years

    Words and phrases from Orwell’s 1984 abound in American culture. Although many are worried after having read the prophetic dystopian novel, few are alarmed enough to do anything to stop it in modern society. ⁃ TN EditorSeventy years after its publication, George Orwell’s classic dystopian novel “1984” continues to fascinate readers, in particular youngsters growing up in a social media-dominated age of increasing angst.
    “Some students are very shocked by it, a
  • What’s Hidden In Your New ‘Smart City’ Street Lights?

    The vast majority of Americans have no idea of Big Tech’s massive drive to make digital slaves out of every urban dweller. Smart street lights will often be at the heart of data collection and coordination. ⁃ TN EditorSuch a benign and banal part of the urban landscape that city-dwellers may not even notice them, street lights are useful for brightening up a road and not much else – or so you might think. People these days are used to the idea of CCTV cameras, even hidden ones,
  • Dump It: Toronto’s Smart City Project Is ‘Surveillance Capitalism’

    Google tricked Toronto into creating the model smart city, Quayside. Venture capitalist Roger McNamee states: “It is a dystopian vision that has no place in a democratic society.” And yet, Smart City tech is a tsunami to the U.S. ⁃ TN EditorA “smart city” project in Canada has hit yet another snag, as mounting delays and privacy concerns threaten the controversial development along the Toronto’s eastern waterfront.
    The 12-acre Quayside project, a partner
  • UN-Habitat Chief Praises China For Its Urban Innovation

    As a maturing Technocracy, China is praised and held up as a model for its innovation in urban innovation and development. Conveniently overlooked is ubiquitous surveillance, citizen oppression and religious persecution. ⁃ TN EditorThe executive director of the UN-Habitat Maimunah Mohd Sharif on Friday lauded China for using innovation to transform its cities and making them more habitable and friendly to citizens.
    Sharif, who was speaking in Nairobi ahead of the first UN Habitat Assembly
  • Amazon’s Bezos: Space Exploration Is Necessary To ‘Save The Earth’

    Apparently, AOC’s Green New Deal isn’t enough to save the earth; Jeff Bezos now says we must also send humanity into space. The logical end of Technocracy, which is based on Scientism, is always lunacy.  ⁃ TN EditorBezos said, “Predictions on a ten year-time frame are hard to make and often wrong. The only good thing is nobody goes and checks.” But then he offered a few broad predictions anyway.
    He said he believes robots will soon be able to grasp objects
  • Police: Give Up Your Phone Password Or Go To Jail

    If you are ever stopped and demanded to turn over your phone’s password, do not comply. Tell the officer that he must get a legitimate court-issued warrant, and then you will comply. Always be polite, but firm. but be ready to pay the price of non-compliance.
    Fourth Amendment: “The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no Warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supp
  • Technocracy At Work: UN-Habitat’s Strategic Urban Plan for 2020-2025

    The United Nations met in Nairobi to give teeth to the New Urban Agenda adopted in December 2016. The new strategy lends full ideological support to the global Green New Deal movement. Every city on the planet will be inundated with the new propaganda. ⁃ TN EditorSustainable urbanization is central to the realization of the global development goals as set out in the suite of global agreements signed in 2015-16, including, most importantly, the Sustainable Development Goals and the Age
  • Technocracy Operates Outside Of Left Or Right

    Technocracy cannot be rejected until it is recognized for what it is, and that is a problem. Right-wing republicans and Green New Deal leftists are all “useful idiots” of Technocrats, and have no clue they are being manipulated. ⁃ TN EditorIn 1969, when Theodore Roszak wrote The Making of a Counter Culture, it was at least as difficult to be an optimist as it is half a century later. The United States had spent most of the Sixties locked in a bloody, pointless war. At home
  • The Atlantic: The Green New Deal Has Already Won

    The Green New Deal propaganda bomb has significantly moved the entire Democrat field to the far left, and forcing many Republicans into a compromise position to adopt elements of it. The Ocasio-Cortez and the Justice Democrats have achieved more than they could have  hoped for. ⁃ TN EditorIt’s remarkable: A number of polls suggest that Democratic voters now consider climate change to be a top-tier issue, as important as health care. Perhaps even more remarkab
  • Air pollution kills 100,000 Indian kids every year, study finds

    A report has found air pollution is responsible for 12.5 per cent of all deaths in India, including more than 100,000 children under five every year.
  • House Oversight Committee: Facial Recognition ‘Not Ready For Primetime’

    Technocrats in law enforcement obscure the scope of their unconstitutional and possibly illegal activities. An epic battle line is forming between Congress and surveillance hawks. ⁃ TN EditorThe FBI and Transportation Security Administration (TSA) defended their use of controversial facial recognition technology in a hearing before the House Oversight Committee on Tuesday.
    Meanwhile, some elected leaders blasted it as “not ready for primetime,” calling for everything from
  • Update: Robots Will Take Millions Of Logistics Jobs

    Logistics is the heartbeat of globalization’s supply chain, and Technocrats are determined to squeeze out every ounce of inefficiency in order to maximize profit. Humans viewed as comparable resources will lose every time. ⁃ TN EditorThe automation wave is expected to dramatically reshape the US economy in the 2020s. This disruption will impact the labor force and cause tremendous job losses. By 2030, automation could eliminate 20% to 25% of current jobs — equivalent
  • GAO: FBI Has Access To 640 Million Photographs

    Technocrats are addicted to data and currently there are almost no regulations preventing law enforcement from using police-state tools. Where is Congress in all this? Apparently, sound asleep. ⁃ TN EditorA government watchdog says the FBI has access to about 640 million photographs — including from driver’s licenses, passports and mugshots — that can be searched using facial recognition technology.
    The figure reflects how the technology is becoming an increasingly powerf

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