• The next asbestos? What you need to know about silica

    Silicosis, caused by dust particles from making stone benchtops, can kill. What’s being done?TV programs and tightening credit are prompting more Australians to renovate their homes while evidence mounts that kitchen upgrades can have deadly consequences for tradesmen.Silica from stone benchtops is responsible for serious and sometimes fatal health problems for the workers who cut and install these products. Related: 'I feel robbed': stonemasons launch class action over silica dust exposur
  • 'I thought the staff were trying to kill me': the illness that can haunt new mothers

    Experts are divided over what causes postpartum psychosis, which can leave mothers of newborns detached from realityWhen Sarah Hayes’ son Alex was born 24 years ago, she wasn’t just happy – she was euphoric.“I couldn’t believe Alex was mine. Even after 30 hours of labour, I was full of energy,” she says. “I was so elated, I couldn’t switch off and sleep.”We need to start asking how the mum is doing. Not just the child Continue reading...

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