• Most Deadly & Dangerous Places To Swim Around The World

    It's all fun and water games until you're dragged out by a riptide, bitten by a shark, or contaminated by radioactive waste.The world's oceans, seas, rivers, and lakes are begging to be explored, but some of the most spectacular are also the most deadly. Don't be fooled by pretty scenery or intriguing wildlife – even the most inviting hot spring or serene mountain lake could be hiding a hazardous secret.Below you'll find 8 of the most dangerous places to swim around the world. A dip in...
  • Shut Up & Take My Money – Issue #108

    It's almost Christmas and that means you can either rob a bank and give the gift of marked bills or buy your loved ones these awesome objects of affection. We know which we'll choose (just for the convenience of not being incarcerated).Vanguard Roadster MotorcycleThe motorcycle which exudes industrial cool with a touch of Mad Max is still in its prototype stages but it is due for launch in 2018. If this is what the world is in store for then be prepared to witness the future of neo-cafe race...
  • AirDates Is The New App That’s Tinder For The Skies

    Mile High Swipe ClubBrace yourselves frisky globetrotters, a new dating app made for in-flight flirting is on its way.AirDates is a dating app that has been earmarked as the Tinder for air travel. It works by having users post their travel itinerary before they board a plane, hence allowing passengers to hook up with others on the same trip - whether that be in the airport pre-flight or during mid-air fl...
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  • How To Work And Make Money While Travelling The World

    You could get used to working in this officeLet's talk about “The Dream.” We may have different ideas about what it is, but we have one thing in common: we want to be living it.For a growing number of people, living the dream means travelling the world while supporting themselves with temporary or location-independent work. You can picture the lifestyle now: no 9-5 schedule, no cubicle, no commute, no co-worke...
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  • 5 Signs Your Workouts Are Actually Working

    It's about more than how sore you are the next dayEvery committed exerciser faces a conundrum. Beginners know they worked hard because they feel it in their aching muscles, but the fitter you get, the harder it is to tell what's hard. Your muscles adapt, and the soreness you used to feel just isn't the same anymore.It's a good thing overall, but it can also be disheartening. If you're not in pain post-gym, did you...
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  • Soak In The World’s Scariest Infinity Pool (If You Dare)

    Forget about the room with a view. At Hotel Huburtus, it's all about the view from the swimming pool. Architecture firm noa* recently unveiled a daring new addition to the Italian wellness retreat: a 25-metre-long glass-bottomed sky pool suspended 12 metres above the ground.This swim is not for the faint of heart. The infinity pool juts out at a dizzying height from the side of the Hotel Huburtus. Its invisible boundaries disappear into the landscape, offering a panoramic view of the surroun...
  • 25 Awesome Christmas Gifts Men Will Actually Want

    Brace yourselves. It's that time of year again where Christmas cheer runs amuck and crappy festive tunes blare from every single speaker you cross paths with.There's only so much George Michael your bleeding ears can take but alas, you can escape the relentless retail wave no more. Well we say if you can't beat them, buy the man the best damn present he'll ever get so that he'll never hassle you again.From style to grooming to tech, this is the D'Marge Christmas gift guide of 2016
  • Pointless & Awesome Things Men Need To Know Today [05.12.16]

    Forget the Monday blues and trade them in for some good old fashioned procrastination of the highest order. In this week's pointless and awesome facts we're asking all the hard questions. Why do men wake up with erections? How do you open a wine bottle without a corkscrew and the world's freakiest museums. Thinking caps off.Why Men Wake Up With ErectionsIt's not a secret anymore. We know it. You know it. Your partner likely knows it. Why the hell does Woody always invite himself to your...
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  • Loaf About In These Epic Man-Loafing Loafers

    If there's one shoe you should be investing in this season, it's the loafer. A high and low roller, the loafer sits pretty between dress shoe and leather low-cut sneaker, making its formal-cum-casual versatility hard to beat.Yet, not all loafers are created equal. There's the classic penny, the chic tassel and the casual driver -- meaning there's a loafer for every man's taste; peacock or the more practical.RELATED: How To Wear LoafersHigh-end loafers are being crafted in various lea...
  • Step Inside The World’s First All-Season Ice Hotel

    Forget about that hotel booking overlooking the Santorini sunset.For an experience that's truly out of this world, drop into the world's first ever permanent ice hotel in Sweden aptly named, Icehotel 365. The cool hotel affords its all-year-round presence due to its proximity to the North Pole, approximately 200km of the Arctic Circle in a town called Jukkasjärvi.The hotel is not new in any way, having first being erected in 1989 and now coming into its 27th anniversary. Still, it
  • Simple Ways To Get Ripped This Silly Season

    Jordan Ponder is the founder of Transform Health in Sydney, AustraliaWe’re all starting to feel it and even the fat man in red is starting to worry.Our multi-coloured schedules start to blur as five meetings a day blend into after-hours festive drinks before a weekend full of events roll in to destroy your ability to think clearly. And now repeat that process for the next five weeks.Silly Season AnticsEasy there, chim...
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  • Get A Load Of The Explosive New Trailer For ‘Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2’

    Our first peek at Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 came out in October, with a slow-mo tease of Star-Lord and the rest of the motley space-saving crew. Now we're getting a better look at what the sequel has in store with a longer trailer starring Baby Groot and his itchy trigger finger.Set to the backdrop of Awesome Mixtape #2, Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 continues the team's adventures as they unravel the mystery of Peter Quill's true parentage. We don't get much in the way of plot hints i...
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  • Cheap Places To Travel In 2017 If Your Resolutions Include Spending Less

    You've heard all the tricks. Wednesday is the best day to fly. Tuesday is the best day to book. January is the cheapest month to travel. Travel hacking is the most effective way to see the world on a budget.Some tips work better than others, but if an affordable holiday is what you're after, one thing is guaranteed to work every time: traveling to a dirt-cheap destination. Experts predict that airfares will fall in 2017, so now is the perfect time to plan an economical escape.Forbes rece...
  • Best & Worst #Mensfashion Instagrams Of The Week [04.12.16]

    Forget about the weekly style report from those in the know. Get your inspiration and deterrents of men's fashion from the real people who are rocking their threads their own way.There's not much in the way of bad style this time around so it shows that men are on the right track when it comes to testing new waters and getting it right. Almost. Easy on the flares and sailor uniforms.This is the best and worst of men's fashion Instagrams.
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  • Instagram Reveals The 10 Most Followed Models Of 2016

    In the digital age, it's not your ability to strut down a catwalk or strike a pose that matters as a model. Designers are hungry for likes, comments, follows, and shares. The social media game reigns supreme, and Instagram wears the crown.The photo sharing site is increasingly (and controversially) essential to a model's career. The most popular stars of runway and print have amassed seriously impressive followings – so impressive that Instagram has compiled a list of the most followed mod
  • Natural History Museum Showcases Its Best Wildlife Photography

    This story was originally published on GizmodoThe Natural History Museum in the UK has shortlisted its nominees for the 2016 People's Choice Award for wildlife photography. From playful polar cubs to the horrified last gaze of a wildebeest calf, these images are guaranteed to astound.Gizmodo explores the smart design, breakthrough science and awe-inspiring tech shaping your future.Follow Gizmodo on Facebook and Twitter.By George Dvorsky – Gizmodo
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  • How to break up with your hairdresser

    YOU’VE got two options: be upfront or avoid them. We asked a hairdresser, a personal stylist and an eyebrow artist about what you should do.
  • Kendall ‘wanted nothing to do with anyone’

    MODEL Kendall Jenner wasn’t taking any chances at the Victoria’s Secret show in Paris after her sister Kim Kardashian’s harrowing hold-up there in October.
  • Grand finds mummified body of grandson at home

    A GRANDMOTHER has found the mummified body of her grandson in her house, two years after the man was reported missing.
  • Here’s how you can break up with your hairdresser

    YOU’VE got two options: be upfront or avoid them. We asked a hairdresser, a personal stylist and an eyebrow artist about what you should do.
  • Netflix Drops Trailer For ‘MythBusters’ Successor ‘White Rabbit Project’

    Missing MythBusters? The beloved show isn't getting a reboot, but Netflix is soon launching a spiritual successor called White Rabbit Project starring the original Build Team of Kari Byron, Tory Belleci, and Grant Imahara.The new series follows the fearless trio down the rabbit hole as they investigate history's coolest tech, weirdest weapons, and craziest escapes. “In each episode,” says the show's official description, “the hosts immerse themselves in experiments, builds and
  • Heavenly idea honours 2016’s dead celebs

    A WOMAN distraught by the number of celebrity deaths in 2016 has turned the late stars into angels on her Christmas tree.
  • ‘Dress makes your thighs look smaller’

    YOU know those compliments that are really insults? Well these are some the worst and they cut to the bone.
  • Take your nanna on a joy ride

    THE Scandinavians have given us Abba, Ikea and Volvos, now they want Australians to embrace an idea that’s rocking the world of Danish grannies.
  • Royal parties that put us to shame

    PRINCESS Beatrice she knows how to party. But she’s not the only one. From nude billiards tothreesomes, these royals put us to shame.
  • MDMA’s unlikely side effect for veterans

    IT’S A controversial drug associated with ravers and high-profile deaths, but researchers are pushing to legalise it for war veterans.
  • ‘Spiritual healer’ tricked woman into sex

    A SPIRITUAL healer tricked a woman into having sex with him to solve her marriage problems — and then made her pay $7500.
  • Hottest Sneaker Releases Of The Week [02.12.16]

    It's time to kick back to this week's selection of the world's hottest kicks.Weekends are made for walking in leisure and style and who better to help out than the usual suspects - Nike, Adidas, Asics and New Balance.Leading the sneaker onslaught is Adidas with five fresh entries this week in the form of UltraBoost variations, NMDs and Tubulars. Nike lobs in with just one worthy release this time but it's no doubt one of the attractive ones in the Air Berwuda Premium set in gold.Fil...
  • 25 million girls who don’t exist

    THEY are China’s missing generation. Twenty-five million girls who technically don’t exist all because of their gender.
  • Evolution Of The Small Apartment By Escapefromsofa

    There's now proof that small packages do pack bigger punches. Testament to this is the latest rooftop apartment located in Istanbul's bustling Cihangir neighbourhood - all 41 square metres of it.You read right. There's no floor-to-ceiling windows, theatre rooms, fancy fireplaces or infinity pools here. It's just plain and simple clever interior design which efficiently utilises every corner down to a tee, creating an abode worthy of any man.The apartment was completed by Escapefro
  • Step Inside Pagani’s Shiny New Supercar Factory

    The Pagani name has been around for more than two decades now but with the completion of the Italian marque's dedicated new facility, the badge appears to have finally joined the supercar fraternity.Pagani's existing San Cesario sul Panaro facility will continue to stand with the new factory set to eclipse it from just a stone's throw away. Given that the new factory will handle an output of 300 cars per year (with an initial cap of 45 cars/year), it was only fitting that a time lapse
  • Best Dressed Men Of the Week Feat. James Marsden, Tom Hardy & Bruno Mars

    The suit game is strong in this week's edition of the best dressed men from around the world.A lot of this is due in part to the end of year festivities which are now kicking off before the entertainment business shuts down for another year.The smooth operators this week? Bruno Mars hitting up the Victoria's Secret crew in  a slick tux and fur coat for his latest grand performance, Tom Hardy rocking out in a double breasted power suit for the red carpet, comedian and actor Keegan-Micha
  • 11 Sharp Suits You Can Rock Casually Too

    Suits and casual events are close fashion friends nowadays. Why, men can don a two-piece suit on the weekend -- and still feel comfortable and cool -- much like the Italians have been privy to since always.RELATED: How To Dress Like An ItalianIt's linked to luxury menswear's blurring of casual and formal attire: blazers are being made loose but still louche, and trousers are now commonly cropped and more relaxed in the leg, making the suit perfect for play clothes -- once the office home...
  • Minimalist Christmas Trees For The Modern Man

    Christmas is steeped in tradition. From stockings by the fire to cookies left out for Saint Nick, the holiday season is filled with enduring rituals.Top of that list is the tree: lit with string lights, hung with ornaments and tinsel, topped with a star or an angel. It's a magical sight for many, but if you're not the traditional type, the classical ornate tree can be too much. If you wanted to live in the North Pole, you'd be a mall Santa.Try something different this year. The internet...
  • These Are The World’s Highest Paid Musicians In 2016

    After topping Forbes’ lists of highest paid women in music and highest earning celebrities under 30, this country-gone-pop singer has officially been crowned the highest paid musician of 2016.Highlights of her year include smashing the Rolling Stones' North American touring record and big-time endorsement deals with the likes of Keds, Diet Coke, and Apple. Her ear for hooks and keen business sense earned her a whopping US$170 million this year – a number that makes her not just the h
  • These Are Melbourne’s Coolest Coworking Spaces

    When you're running your own race and building an empire in this big bad world there's never really time for rest.That's why every man taking on a startup needs a place of inspiration, motivation and solace in order to get the proverbial shit done. The answer? A new wave of working domain for the country's most innovative minds to thrive.We've hit up Sydney already and this week we're taking a look at the best coworking spaces in Melbourne.Spaces Works[caption id="attachment_15949
  • Here’s The Victoria’s Secret 2016 Gallery You’ve Been Waiting For

    Gigi Hadid, Kendall Jenner, Taylor Hill. Apparently the world should know these household names but for many the Victoria's Secret show is just another reason to throw an extravagant lingerie party with some of the world's hottest women with an Instagram following to boot.Did we mention extravagant? Indeed. It's not a Victoria's Secret show without an ostentatious statement piece and this year it was a $3 million bra dubbed 'Fantasy Bra' worn by Jasmine Tookes. The meticulously crafted unde
  • Here’s The Truth About Raising Capital For Your Business Idea

    It's not as glossy as you may thinkIt seems like everyone wants to be an entrepreneur these days. In the generation of "The Social Network" we've all become obsessed with startup culture and the lure of making millions.When your side hustle becomes your full-time hustle and you want to boost things up a level, the next natural step is often getting external funding to grow your business.There are several sourc...
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  • 12 Shredded Celebrity Men To Follow For Instagram Fitspo

    Nothing makes you want to drop the burger and beer faster than seeing a celebrity's perfectly toned physique on Instagram. It may seem like their A-list lives are easy, but behind the scenes, they put in serious effort to get – and stay – so shredded.While you're watching the latest action flick, chowing down on popcorn and surreptitiously wiping the grease on your jeans, the star is already prepping for his next film. He's going hard with a trainer to get his abs chiseled, his calve
  • Netflix Finally Launches Downloads For Offline Viewing

    Taking these folks home for the holidays just got easierHoliday travel is about to get way more bearable, thanks to a long-anticipated update from Netflix. Members of the streaming service can now download their favourite shows for viewing on-the-go."While many members enjoy watching Netflix at home, we've often heard they also want to continue their Stranger Things binge while on airplanes and other places where...
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  • Husband dies giving wife CPR

    A MAN, who was married to his wife for 31 years,has died of a heart attack while trying to revive his wife.
  • This could ruin our Christmas

    OUR Aussie Christmas could be about to change as we know it. We might not get to eat one of our favourite foods this year.
  • Lapo Elkann Arrested For Faking His Own Kidnapping

    From high-flyer to jail birdLapo Elkann, the grandson of Italy's powerful Agnelli family and industrial empire worth US$3.1 billion has been arrested in New York for staging his own kidnapping in a botched ransom ploy.The 39-year-old who co-founded luxury design house Italia Independent was charged with filing a false report after he called his family to inform them that he was being held against his will by ki...
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  • Incredible Places You Can Only Reach By Boat

    As the world becomes increasingly connected, it can feel like our planet is shrinking. Fewer and fewer places are safe from tourists wielding selfie sticks and digital nomads seeking their next remote offices.But there are still some destinations off the beaten path (or just barely on it) that entice visitors simply because they're so difficult to reach. These far-flung havens boast abundant natural beauty and the bare minimum in fellow humanity. To get there, you'll need a steady set of sea...
  • Australia’s huge tattoo fizzle

    A Global Tattoo Trend Index has inked Australia as a fairly ordinary player in the game.
  • Symbol changing online dating

    JUST four key strokes long, the Aussie-invented symbol [+u] is cropping up on dating apps and it’s changing the scene.
  • More trouble for Schoolies at Bali nightclub

    MORE trouble for a schoolie in Bali at the same club where Australian teenager Jamie Murphy found himself in trouble with the law.
  • Big change coming to two-minute noodles

    THEY’VE always been loved by poor and hungover university students. Now Maggi has made some important changes to its two-minute noodles.
  • The beautiful Swedish pilot taking the internet by storm

    MEET the Swedish pilot who splits her time between flying round the world and practising her bendy yoga moves.
  • ‘Totally unfair’ reaction to First Contact

    WHEN Jenna Martin sat down to watch First Contact, she’d heard enough behind-the-scenes tales from her dad to know what was coming. She didn’t expect this.

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