• The 2017 Oscar Nominations Are Here & They’re Setting Records

    Emma & The Gos both walked away with best actor nomsHollywood's brightest stars were up at the crack of dawn today – not to workout with their trainers or get a head start on their juice cleanses or sneak into the surgeon's office before the paparazzi are up – but because this was the biggest morning of the year in Los Angeles.The nominations for the 89th Academy Awards were announced in the early AM by th...
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  • How To Get Out Of The Friend Zone (And Never Go Back)

    If McLovin can do it, you can do itIt started well. You met an attractive woman. You exchanged contact info. You hung out a few times. The signs were there.She's beautiful, intelligent, confident, and fun. She shares your tastes in music, movies, and food. She enjoys your company and laughs at your jokes. She doesn't think you're weird for liking that obscure Japanese anime thing.At last, you thought you'd fo...
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  • Australian Banks Should Stop Being Little B****es With Apple Pay

    Pretty much everyone who owns a smartphone (looking at you Windows Phone users), has had some kind of experience with paying for stuff with their phone by now. If you’re anything like me, you may have gotten access to Android Pay on your phone, only to take it off once you realise that it forces you to put a PIN number on your phone. This is 2017, Google. Ain’t nobody got time for that.If you’re more inclined towards the iPhone, you may have heard about the ongoing battle betwe
  • 30 Men’s Designer Fashion Brands You Should Own

    Not all brands are created equal. As with cars, watches and fancy homes, the word ‘designer’ is often misused in clothing. Nowadays, designer fashion represents clever craftsmanship, quality fabrics and of course, a blood-rushing aesthetic that makes you have to have that thing, even if it takes your entire paycheck.Which is why we’ve taken the shoddy away from the sleek, to give you a definitive guide to men’s designer fashion brands this season. Buy one or two, or buy t
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  • Airbnb Names The 17 Hottest Neighbourhoods To Visit In 2017

    Food markets, street art, vintage shopping, funky cafes, waterfront views, rich history, flourishing cultural scenes – the coolest neighbourhoods to visit in 2017 are an eclectic mix of up-and-coming hotspots.Each year, Airbnb releases the top trending neighbourhoods to watch for in cities around the world. This year's data was culled from 14 million guests staying at three million homes. At the top of the list is Milneburg in New Orleans, a cosy and quiet respite from the action of the Fr
  • Final ‘Logan’ Trailer Promises To Smash Superhero Stereotypes

    In the first Logan trailer, we saw a new side of Wolverine: older, weaker, grimmer, nearly defeated. Now we've arrived at the final trailer, and our last look at Logan before it hits cinemas promises a flick that will defy the tired conventions of the superhero genre.It opens with Dafne Keen in action as Laura Kinney, a mysterious young girl with powers eerily reminiscent of Wolverine – who may or may not be a clone of the man himself. The badass little lady proves she'll go to any lengths
  • Brisbane Date Bars Guaranteed To Score You A Home Run

    Face it guys. If you want a girlfriend (or boyfriend) the chances are you’re going to need to put on some pants and go on a date.Historically, there’s no better way to achieve this than by going to a mutually agreed bar, sitting awkwardly opposite each other and exchanging banalities which in theory should get you lucky.
    It’s a cluster-royale of pitfalls. So, do at least give yourself a fighting chance by taking note of the best Brisbane date bars to sample.MakerWhat’s st
  • 10 Stylish Polo Shirts That Are Lad Proof

    Getting dressed is hard work (sometimes). Like me, you’ve probably had a day where a t-shirt isn’t on the money. A button-up, on the other hand, is sometimes too much work on your fingers – especially after five days in a row at the office. Who needs arthritis in their 20s or 30s? You need your hands in good shape for holding beers and high-fiving your mates.Enter the highly-underrated, often-scorned, polo shirt. Polo shirts were originally conceived as active-wear for tennis p
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  • What You Need To Know Before Buying Property In Australia

    Resident money expert Luke Laretive recently sat down with property specialist Julian Muldoon of Property Way to discuss everything a man needs to know about buying property in Sydney, Melbourne and major Australian capital cities without going broke.Here's the crucial advice you need before dropping large on a deposit that could make or break your future.Luke Laretive: Is it a good time to buy now?Julian Muldoon: A better question is, is it a good time for you to buy? It’s al...
  • The Coolest Hotels In Miami

    Known for their iconic designs and elaborate parties, the cool Miami hotels offer visitors an experience like no other. By packing up the flip flops and heading to your pool, listen to hottest DJ’s in town spin while you lounge and drink. Hit the endless strip of clubs for all night parties, only to find your favorite celebrity in VIP next you. When you’re finished, brunch at one of the hundreds of high end restaurants throughout the city. Need some quiet time? Head to Mid-Beach to a
  • Best & Worst #Mensfashion Instagrams Of The Week [22.01.16]

    Your weekend is about to get a whole lot more inspirational with a little help from the best (and worst) dressed men of Instagram.In this game of style we let you guys do the dictating when it comes to fashion and most of the time there are real winners. For those who don't make the cut, you simply need to think of fashion as a concept which involves clothes.From suits to streetwear to smart casual and everything in between, we hope you guys enjoy the best and worst of men's Instagram fa...
  • Fitness Fads You Should Definitely Avoid This Year

    This story was originally published on GizmodoI know that you want to get healthy this year, because it's the most popular New Year's resolution.Plenty of people want to help you, too, with everything from diet tips to exercise suggestions. They will tell you to make some lifestyle changes, to download a new app or even to buy a wearable fitness tracker (those probably don't work, by the way).But with lots of advice floating around, there are bound to be bad suggestions — those...
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  • Hottest Sneaker Releases Of The Week [20.01.16]

    It's sneaker time weekend warriors.On the hit list this week is a decent mix of ridiculously clean silhouettes featuring unique designs in very wearable hues. Taking out the top spot is Adidas' EQT Support Ultra PK in white which provides a very cool alternative to the usual NMD and Ultraboost models.Not to be left out of the game is Nike who are doing bold things with the re-interpretation of two of their most popular sneaker designs - the Sock Dart and Air Force 1.Filling out the...
  • Louis Vuitton Channels Luxe Streetwear With Supreme Collaboration

    High fashion times are definitely changing with Louis Vuitton showing off their latest 2017 fall/winter collection as a bold collaboration between luxe streetwear label Supreme.The partnership marks the coming of two powerhouse names in their respective fields but put more simply by LV's men's artistic director Kim Jones, “It’s uptown and downtown. Artists and musicians, friends and heroes.”As such, the 2017 collection mirrors a diverse array of styles which originate
  • Best Dressed Men Of The Week Feat. Tom Ford, Jeremy Piven & Elijah Wood

    Gear up for another episode of this week's most stylish male specimens.It's a distinguished line up today with Tom Ford, Jeremy Piven, Ben Affleck and Tyler Perry all rocking their finest sartorial get up for awards shows like the People's Choice Awards and other red carpet events.Hobbit guy and perennially teenage looking Elijah Wood also chimes in with a cool airport outfit worthy of stealing.Click through the gallery to see what's trending in celebrity land.
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  • Cool Hotels That Can Only Be Found In Paris

    Say Bonjour to Paris, the global hub for haute couture and classical architecture as we know it. Inspiring designers since the 1500’s, it’s no surprise that we’ve come to showcase the cool Paris hotels.Unlike other areas of the world, these boutique hotels in the City of Lights have a sense of chic style that only Parisians can bring together. Each tells a story that transcends time. Beginning streetside at the neoclassical structures of these elegant townhomes, and ending at t
  • James Bond’s ‘Skyfall’ Yacht Can Now Be Yours For A Bargain

    Money is no object in James Bond's world. Living proof of that is the grand sailing yacht featured in the 2012 film Skyfall which just went on the market for a cool US$9.3 million.That's a decent amount of coin for a 55 metre superyacht but bear in mind this is the boat in which Daniel Craig and Bond girl Bérénice Marlohe shared a scene with (right before they killed her - oops spoiler).The stunning craft features teak decks which extend from the tip of the
  • What You Need To Know Before Buying A Suit Online

    Every man will need a suit at least once in his life. Whether that be for work, a wedding, a divorce or a court appearance (you naughty boy, you), a hero garment is absolutely necessary in your wardrobe.With fast fashion making its presence known in the past decade, it's no surprise that men's suiting has also made its way onto the digital market with online tailoring services popping up all over the place, asking no more than your measurements to complete a suit in a matter of four we
  • A Guide To The Coolest Art Galleries In Melbourne

    Welcome to Melbourne, the reigning cultural capital of Australia. When it comes to some of the coolest art this country has to offer there's no denying that Melbourne has the edge.Most of this can be credited to the surging creative scene that continues to evolve and amaze anyone who dares cross paths with it. But enough of the empty threats.This is a city where an arts degree can get you a job so if you're heading to one of the world's most liveable cities then check out the
  • Ulysse Nardin Reveals The Country Set To Drive The Future Of Watchmaking

    Ulysse Nardin has weathered some of the biggest storms at sea in its illustrious 170 year history of timekeeping.Beyond the sails as a luxury watchmaker, Ulysse Nardin's CEO Patrik Hoffmann says that they will be looking to weather a different kind of storm in the form of a rapidly evolving watch industry today."The goal was to pack a timepiece with as many complications as you could. Whether this was a benefit to the end consumer or not, I think this is over.""I think t
  • Swiss Watch Brand CEO Reveals The Country Set To Drive The Future Of Watchmaking

    Ulysse Nardin has weathered some of the biggest storms at sea in its illustrious 170 year history of timekeeping.Beyond the sails as a luxury watchmaker, Ulysse Nardin's CEO Patrik Hoffmann says that they will be looking to weather a different kind of storm in the form of a rapidly evolving watch industry today."The goal was to pack a timepiece with as many complications as you could. Whether this was a benefit to the end consumer or not, I think this is over.""I think t
  • Alfa Romeo Portsea Polo Celebrates A Day Of Style & Italian Excellence

    The weekend may be over but the Alfa Romeo Portsea Polo 2017 will certainly be a day to remember with the sun beaming across one of the year's hottest parties.The event marked the fitting arrival of the hotly anticipated Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifoglio to our local shores and brought with it some of the country's finest celebrities and influencers.Kicking off with a warm up party the night before at the Mornington Peninsula's Polperro Winery, guests were treated to all things Itali
  • Keep Your Suit In Good Nick With One Of These Garment Bags

    No-one ever died from being too organised. In fact, when an item has its place, a home, its own space, the longevity of its life is extended. And this is particularly important when it comes to big-ticket items, or items we use most days, like work suits.Which is why we're raising the issue of garment bags. The streamline, zip-py suit pocket might have a place hanging from your closet rail, but what about when you hit the road? It's time to invest in one that protects your super wool 100, an...
  • Cool Athletic Wear To Set You Apart From The Gym Crowd

    Face it. Every man and his dog is hitting the gym these days and it's hard not to spot the cookie cutter threads doing the activewear rounds. Dude with Red Bull singlet. Dude with BodyBuilding.com singlet. Dude with Golds Gym singlet. You get the drift.Athletic sportswear should be functional first but that doesn't mean they need to drop their aesthetic credibility.These are the coolest athletic brands for men guaranteed to set you apart at the gym and the great outdoors.Aether Appar..
  • Step Inside Belgium’s Finest Bachelor Pad For The Classic Car Lover

    Belgium gave the world fine chocolate and Jean Claude Van Damme. Today you can add another one to the list in the form of the world's ultimate bachelor pad.Govaert & Vanhoutte Architects designed this minimalist house in Ghent which comes complete with built-in cigar cabinets, a car elevator for your prized collection, a rooftop jacuzzi and wait for it, a private club in the basement which is also joined with a subterranean view of the pool out back.The attention to detail on this r...
  • Shut Up & Take My Money – Issue #113

    If one of your new year's resolutions was to save the hard earned cash then you're screwed. Shut Up & Take My Money has arrived for another week to showcase the coolest objects of affection from around the world. We take your money.Christini II-Track Snow Utility BikeDon't be fooled by this hybrid looking snowmobile ATV. The Christini II-Track Snow Utility Bike is a proper dirtbike for the snow which utilises a unique AWD system to drive both the front and rear tracks. The Mad
  • Surry Hills Date Spots Guaranteed To Score You A Home Run

    There you are standing at the doorway dressed to impress. Perfectly coiffed hair - check. Cologne - check. Fresh underwear - check and check. And then it dawns on you as your date opens the front door...you have no idea where you're taking them because you have the multitasking ability of a tumble weed.Sexy times over? Not quite. Just as we explored the best places in Bondi to take a date, today we're hitting up the trendy parts of town guaranteed to impress.Welcome to the be
  • Pointless & Awesome Things Men Need To Know Today [16.01.17]

    The wave of workplace dreariness is likely clawing away at your sanity right now. Worry not men, we've got you like Jack had Rose. Only we won't pike out and prematurely die from a bit of frostbite (because we're website). Here are this week's five most interesting facts for men.Celebrities Who Rejected Famous RolesYou've heard of the stories of poor celebrities before they were famous but how about those who were given the chance to break into Hollywood...and then rejected i
  • SIHH 2017: Watch & Jewellery Show Live From Geneva

    Follow D'Marge the next few days as we showcase the world's finest watches in 2017It's that time again where we trek across the globe to Geneva to bring you the latest from the world's most prestigious and loved luxury brands.Cartier, IWC, Audmars Piguet, Panerai, Baume & Mercier, Richard Mille, Piaget and Vacheron Constantin are just some of the names you'll find in this year's live stream.In addition to t...
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  • Portsea Polo Kicks Off A New Year In Style

    The suits and summer threads were out in force over the weekend with the Alfa Romeo Portsea Polo ringing in the new year with style - and the occasional polo game.Guests and famous local faces kicked back to Peroni amongst a sea of colour, sun and Alfa Romeos at the resort town of Portsea. Those in attendance included ex-Bachelor Tim Robards, actress Phoebe Tonkin, comedian Andy Lee and models Zac and Jordan Stenmark.The crowds were also mixed with a handful of influencers who did their...
  • TAG Heuer Revamps The Carrera Calibre 16 In Black Titanium

    One of TAG Heuer's most popular timepieces of their modern portfolio will be receiving a lightweight makeover for 2017.In celebration of the 10th anniversary of the Chronograph Carrera Calibre 16, the latest revised model will see the watch re-cased in sleek matte black titanium case.The new model is a definite nod to the modern man with a sportier edge heralded in with its striking choice of materials - a 43mm Grade 2 micro-blasted black PVD titanium case framed with a black ceramic b
  • These Cool Dubai Hotels Will Change Your Perception Of Luxury

    Welcome to Dubai, an epicenter for a lifestyle of luxury. From the world’s first 7 star hotel to the tallest mega skyscraper, this city has become a playground for the affluent and those with elaborate tastes. Each of these cool hotels in Dubai has something different to offer their guests.Spend your days strolling through lavish gardens, admiring historical architecture. Or take the adventurous route by jumping out of an airplane and renting water jetpacks.Experience cuisines from Mic...
  • Best & Worst #Mensfashion Instagrams Of The Week [15.01.17]

    It's time to rework your wardrobe with a bit of help from this week's best dressed men of Instagram.If you're a fan of lighter coloured suits and layering then this week's guys have the goods for you. Think zany prints, clashing textures and bold overcoats perfect for winter definition.Besides that there's even an important lesson in free-balling and why no man should ever do it.We hope you guys enjoy this week's style intervention.
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  • This Quiz Tells You How Many Damns You Give

    This story was originally published on GizmodoAre you jaded? Filled with ennui? A so-called millennial who keeps being told to stop asking for handouts? Then oh boy, do I have a fun game for you — let's figure out what kind of apathy you have.While scientists observe apathy or a "reduction in motivation" as a symptom of some brain disorders, they don't have a metric for measuring it in healthy people. A team of scientists from the University College London and the University of Oxf...
  • Hottest Sneaker Releases Of The Week [13.01.17]

    It's a huge sneaker drop this week with Nike absolutely dominating the releases alongside Asics and a notable absence from Adidas.First up is a brand new colourway for Nike's elusive Flyknit Racer which will soon be dropping in a wolf grey and red combo. Joining that will be the Air Zoom Pegasus ’92 and rugged SFB Leather NSW "Oatmeal & Linen".Joining the Nike mix is also a new Air Max Zero colourway along with the low utility version of the Presto ensuring it can be worn all
  • Lexus Unveil Their First Ever Luxury Sport Yacht

    Let's face it. You can't impress a date by taking them out to sea on a dilapidated dinghy. That's why Japanese car maker Lexus have decided to create one of the most luxurious sports yachts to help solve all of your most riveting dating woes.Announced today from Miami, the Lexus Sport Yacht concept does come with some bad news. Firstly you can't buy one since there's only one example in the form of a bespoke one-off creation.Powering the beautiful water beast are twin 5.0-litre V8s tak
  • Europe’s First Underwater Museum Is Eerily Intriguing

    Terra firma museums are so 2016. In Europe patrons can now find the freshly opened Museo Atlántico, an underwater museum in the Spanish Canary Islands off the coast of Lanzarote.Created by British environmental sculptor Jason deCaires Taylor, the exhibition features life-sized sculptures carved from pH-neutral materials which can exist in unison with the existing marine life (besides looking cool).What's even better is that the sculptures also double as large scale artificial reefs....
  • Best Dressed Men Of The Week Feat. Justin Timberlake, Donald Glover & Tom Hardy

    The Golden Globes have wrapped for another year and with that comes some of this week's best dressed men in the game.Hollywood turned up the heat with tuxedo season but we didn't want to make today's edition entirely dedicated to that. Post show events and people flying out also meant that real fashion was captured with men like Ryan Gosling, Andrew Garfield, Tom Hardy and singer SOHN all making their way to other engagements that didn't involve any awards.Back on the Golden Globe circu...
  • Swim Shorts To Help You Rule The Beach This Summer

    "What gives? It's the middle of summer..." we hear our collective northern friends cry. For those lucky enough to be living it up in the southern parts of the world at the moment, the sun is shining just right.This leads us onto today's buyer's guide for swim shorts. These aren't your average boardies though. Men's swim shorts are today elevated to levels that walk the fine line between fashion and functionality at sea.The better ones bear designer hallmarks with striking colours, patter...
  • Famous Race Tracks You Can Drive Your Own Car On

    Face it old man. It's too late for you to become a professional race driver now. For starters, you probably have the reflexes of a sloth on Xanax. And your steering ability? Likely on par with a shopping trolley that even the creek rejected. We feel your pain.Pain doesn't need to mean no fun though. In a world where race tracks blend seamlessly with civilian roads and vice versa, revheads are given the rare chance to experience the roads that racing legends have carved their name out of....
  • OMEGA Unveils The #SpeedyTuesday Anniversary Speedmaster

    In what could well be a sign of classic watches moving into the digital medium, OMEGA have released a special edition Speedmaster timepiece to celebrate a hashtag handle.This is not just any hashtag handle though. Robert-Jan Broer came up with the #SpeedyTuesday handle back in 2012 as a means of getting watch aficionados to post up their Speemaster Chronograph watches on platforms such as Instagram.Since then it's been a mainstay for both OMEGA and fans of its Speedmaster model which was...
  • Hilarious Channel 7 gaffe goes viral

    MELBOURNE jogger Erica O’Donnell has gone viral after delivering the ultimate gaffe during a vox pop interview with Channel Seven.
  • Dave Hughes takes on Sam Kekovich

    HE’S been the King of the Australia Day lamb ads for years, but has Dave “Hughesy” Hughes finally dethroned Lambassador Sam Kekovich?
  • Witness The Way Of Designer Minimalism In China

    Look beyond the smog and crowds and you'll find a hidden gem in Purified Residence, a stunning private villa located in Nanjing, China.Striking visual design flows through the entirety of this home with a minimalist edge headed by the team at Wei Yi International Design Associates. Some might deem it sterile but the lashings of white space offset by black accents is accentuated with designer flair which can be found in the form of cool lighting, artwork, wall inscriptions and an i
  • ‘Hang on, aren’t we all boat people?’

    THE annual Australia Day lamb ad has become an Aussie tradition. But the latest one has been dubbed the most political one to date.
  • Questionable Bedroom Habits You Need To Stop Immediately

    Cease and desistWe'd like to believe we were stallions in the sack from day one, but the truth of the matter is that none of us shed virginity without mistakes and embarrassing moments.The bright side to those mishaps is that they're learning experiences for future lovemaking excellence, and they make great stories on Reddit. The road to sexual mastery is paved with tales that would make Casanova cringe.As for...
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  • Sunscreen leaves kids ‘screaming in pain’

    SUNCARE favourite Banana Boat has been slammed by beachgoers after they were left with horrific sunburn. The manufacturer says the product is fine.
  • ALDI’s tough stance on alcohol

    HE picked up a bottle of alcohol to stop it falling over on the checkout. The cashier told his mum she couldn’t sell it to her now because he’d touched it.
  • Cool Sydney Spas That Won’t Scare Men Away

    We hear the stigma all the time. Spas and their associated treatments are simply not for men.Big fat bollocks. The misconception comes from the fact that spa treatments just haven't been catered to men in the past. Alas, times have changed and Sydney now boasts a number of dedicated male and unisex grooming spaces to help rejuvenate the tired and tested bodies of the masculine persuasion.Whether it's skin treatment, a massage, a facial or a much needed soak in the whirlpool, these are t...
  • Strippers ‘drugged, assaulted and raped’

    AN EXOTIC dancer claims she was abused and “drugged into near unconsciousness” for not going along with a club’s scheme. WARNING: Graphic.

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