• This Norwegian Cruise Ship Comes With Comes With A Ferrari Go-Kart Track

    One hasn't experienced excess until they can say that they've raced Ferrari go-karts atop of the world's latest luxury cruise ship.And would you look at that, just on cue the Norwegians have unveiled their latest behemoth in luxury cruising named, wait for it...Norwegian Joy. Disregard the fact that it sounds like a European brothel and you're left with a 3,850 passenger cruise ship which is 3.6 times heavier than the Titanic. For the thinkers out there that's 168,800 tonnes of floating stee...
  • What You’ll Need To Create A Cool Home Wine Cellar

    Conventional wine cellars conjure images of dank underground dugouts. But in 2017, dusty and stale cellars are long gone.Once a feature of the uber-wealthy and their ostentatious mansions, cellars are popping up everywhere. No longer relegated to the basement, they’re finding their way above ground in prolific numbers. Why? Because we’re a bunch of winos and domestic collections are popping up in homes on almost every street in the country.When your collection has outgrown boring win
  • How To Rock Flannel Without Looking Like A Dodgy Uncle

    At the back of every man's wardrobe sits a flannel shirt, in all its musty, moth-holed glory. It’s been worn to concerts, band rehearsals, and enough pub crawls that you begin to think it’ll outlive your grandchildren. If you haven’t owned one, most of your mates have (and probably wonder what you wore as a teenager). Whether you found it on a rack at Vinnies or a glossy department store, the flannel shirt seems universal at a time where fashion is determined on a weekly basis.
  • Cool Minimalist Watches That Prove Less Is More

    Sometimes, you need to get rid of complications in your life and bring it back to the bare essentials. This goes for your watch too. Simplifying your watch gives it a clean aesthetic, making the watch suitable for smart-casual or formal occasions.The watches we're showing here today are the purest expressions of a timepiece: hours and minutes, possibly a seconds hand, and nothing else - as purity of design is key for these watches.NOMOS Glashutte Tangente 38One of the four original mod...
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  • ‘Kingsman: The Golden Circle’ Adds A Stellar Cast To A Western Sequel

    Forget about MI6 and all the polished Bond nonsense that gets recycled every five years. The Kingsman is today's quintessential spy movie made for the comic book generation and its latest trailer for the sequel is looking wilder than ever.After receiving rave reviews in the the original 2014 film, Taron Egerton returns as the charismatic Eggsy alongside a stellar cast which includes Colin Firth, a villainous Julianne Moore, Halle Berry, Channing Tatum, and wait for it, Sir Elton John i
  • 10 Dapper Fashionistos To Follow On Instagram

    We no longer need stylists, runways, and glossy magazine editorials to find fashion inspiration. All the wardrobe inspo we could ever need is available at our fingertips 24/7, thanks to the burgeoning blogosphere and social media networks like Instagram.Competition is fierce to be crowned an Insta-famous style guy. Celebrities and models have a natural leg up, as do popular brands and anyone associated with a fashion publication. You're probably already following Nick Wooster, Tommy Ton, Sco...
  • Designer Brisbane Hotels That Ooze Cool

    Brisbane has become the fastest growing city in Australia with sunshine that never says die and an ever-evolving urban scene which leaves out the deconstructed cold drip coffee of its snobier cousins.
    From compelling art galleries to smart cocktail bars and trendy hotels, it’s no surprise the area continues to drive Queensland's profile up the ranks of liveability. Whether you’re looking for a luxurious getaway in Cabarita Beach or a fashionable suburban oasis, here are the ten
  • Australia’s Most Badass Pub Crawl Requires A Helicopter

    Fly high and drink upAustralia: a vast and sun-scorched nation that's nearly impossible to fully explore by land, and almost certainly impossible to explore without proper refreshment. Fortunately, the fine folks of Pterodactyl Helicopters are here to solve both problems simultaneously – with a helicopter pub crawl.Take in those words one more time. Helicopter. Pub. Crawl.This decadent stroke of Aussie geniu...
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  • This Submersible Drone Is What Bond Villain Dreams Are Made Of

    An average villain has a submarine or a drone or a sailboat. But get your hands on a Submaran S10, and you'll get all three in one – an ideal combo to carry out your nefarious plans for world domination.The submersible drone is the work of Ocean Aero, a marine tech company that specialises in innovations designed to accelerate ocean discovery.“The Submaran represents a new class of autonomous, self-powered vessel design with both surface and subsurface versatility,” says the co
  • These Men’s Hairstyles Were The Coolest In April 2017

    Your unwanted hair might be an issue elsewhere on your body but when it comes to wearing your follicles with pride on your head, there's only one place to get your inspiration from.These are the men of stature who own this month's best men's hairstyles. From the curls to the fade to the slicked back option, there should be a style for any man out there looking to change up look. Yes, even you, thinning hair guy.Calvin Harris joins the party this month alongside Michael B. Jordan, Zachary...
  • Work-Approved Gilet Vests Made For Braving The Cold

    With the seasonal chill fast approaching, it’s likely that most guys are desperately rummaging through the back of their wardrobe in the hope that their winter kit hasn’t been devoured by moths or accidentally dumped in a charity bin.If the worst has happened, then it might be time to hit the shops. Puffer vests sit in the middle territory between autumn and winter, where it’s not cold enough to re-introduce your sentimental anorak, but a lightweight cardi just doesn’t br
  • These Are The Top Cities Millennials Want To Live In Right Now

    The Millennial generation is something of an enigma. Critics say they're lazy, self-absorbed, and entitled; supporters praise their skilled use of technology, entrepreneurial mindset, and revitalising effects on cities.Regardless of where you fall on the issue, one thing is clear: what Millennials do matters. Nestpick, a website that connects renters and landlords around the world, analysed the living preferences of this oft-discussed generation to find the top cities Millennials are flockin...
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  • Athletic Denim Just Got Real With Nike’s Latest Patent

    Hitting the gym in your favourite denim might not be such a ridiculous idea in the future if Nike have their way.Over the weekend the American label filed a patent for 'ath-denim', an abbreviation of athletic denim which pundits are expecting to be the next wave of innovation in sporting apparel. The patent which also covers the term "artificially reinforced denim" refers to a hybrid jeans-jogging pant which will head Nike CEO Mark Parker's agenda for pushing advanc
  • Pointless & Awesome Things Men Need To Know This Week [24.04.17]

    Forget what you know about the world thanks to pops. Pointless & awesome is your weekly series of the weird and wonderful that will often serve a man zero purpose but hours of procrastination, i.e. fun. Ever wondered why you can eat spinach but not grass? Listen up, you pondering gent.Successful People Who Were Once FiredNot all great human beings were created special. In fact a lot of them were quite normal and even subjected to the usual bout of rejection that mere mortals face. But..
  • Most Effective Ways For Men To Remove Body Hair

    Gone are the days when only women, pretty boys and athletes did away with unwanted fuzz. Now, hair removal for men is a booming business - back, chest, shoulders, even feet (Frodo-alert), all the while fighting to keep as much hair as we can up top.RELATED: Best Hairstyles For Men With Thin HairAnd, cause not every system of hair removal for men is the 'one', making sense of the hairiness can be too much for some. From permanent to temporary, expensive to pretty cheap, here's how to navi...
  • New Details About Star Wars Land Have Emerged & Minds Will Be Blown

    Get to work on those cosplay costumes, fanboys. A newly-released video, blog, and concept art are revealing new details about Disney's upcoming galactic attraction, Star Wars Land. From the looks of it, fans are in for a more epic experience than they ever could have imagined.The creative team behind the project promise an adventure so authentic that visitors are totally immersed in the world of Star Wars. The 14-acre attractions, set to open at Disneyland in California and Walt Disney World...
  • Tom Dixon Unveils A One-Of-A-Kind Moto Guzzi Motorcycle

    We've already gone public with our love for Tom Dixon's homewares and shoe collabs. The British designer is now winning over our speed-seeking side with Tomoto, a custom Moto Guzzi bike that debuted at Design Week in Milan.Dixon has been a proud Moto Guzzi owner for 27 years. In fact, he credits his designing career to a passion for fixing motorcycles. To honour the debt he owes the brand, as well as the 50th anniversary of the V7, Dixon created this exclusive model."The love of motorcyc...
  • 7 Must-Watch Movie Trailers Of The Week [22.04.17]

    It was a quiet week for the world of film, but we still managed to scrounge up a few promising movie trailers for your weekend.The Beguiled and The Mummy are back with second looks at their star-studded casts. We also got the sneakiest of sneak peeks at Kingsman: The Golden Circle. Who knew 16 seconds of quickly flashing scenes could be so intriguing?This week's round-up also features Monty Python-wannabe The Little Hours and Woody Harrelson's groundbreaking project Lost In London, a fil...
  • Google Earth’s Stunning Update Is The Digital Answer To Your Wanderlust

    Armchair travellers, rejoice. Google Earth has just released a major update that makes it easier than ever to waste time on the internet while satisfying your wanderlust.After two years of R&D, Google Earth's fancy new features are here. The one that has everyone talking is the 3D map view, which lets you get up close and personal (and three-dimensional) with the world's most famous landmarks. You can marvel at the height of Tokyo Tower or the depth of the Grand Canyon in greater detail...
  • Why High Fat, High Carb Diets Are Really Bad For You

    This story was originally published on GizmodoSaturated fat is a prime suspect in the onset of osteoarthritis after Australian scientists found it actually changed the composition of cartilage, particularly in the weight-bearing joints of the hip and knee.The research is possibly the first study to investigate the association between osteoarthritis and common dietary fatty acids.It was conducted by Professor Yin Xiao from QUT's Institute of Health and Biomedical Innovation and hi...
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  • This Daring Domicile Transforms An Old Silo Into A Stylish Modern Home

    It sounds like the plot of a dystopian novel: humanity, crushed by the weight of overpopulation or fleeing the fallout of a nuclear disaster, is forced to take up residence in unexpected places like subway tunnels and silos.Except there's nothing dystopian about this stylish silo home, the work of architect Christoph Kaiser.Located in Phoenix, Arizona, the round residence is a converted corrugated steel-wall grain silo from 1955. Kaiser spotted the silo online, purchased it, disassembled...
  • Best Dressed Men Of The Week Feat. Ludacris, Mark Ruffalo & Joe Jonas

    If non-compliant wardrobes have been the bane of your existence then it's time to step it up with the best dressed men of the week.Joining the contingency of fashion-forward movers this edition includes some old names, action stars, super heroes, rappers and modern pop sensations. Quite a mouthful? We know. The threads however make a statement of their own.Leading the pack is Entourage star Jeremy Piven who was looking more like a rugged Tom Ford with some serious layering credentials.
  • Best Dressed Men Of The Week Feat. Ludacris, A-Rod & Joe Jonas

    If non-compliant wardrobes have been the bane of your existence then it's time to step it up with the best dressed men of the week.Joining the contingency of fashion-forward movers this edition includes some old names, action stars, super heroes, rappers and modern pop sensations. Quite a mouthful? We know. The threads however make a statement of their own.Leading the pack is Entourage star Jeremy Piven who was looking more like a rugged Tom Ford with some serious layering credentials.
  • This Is What Happens When You Let Dolce & Gabbana In The Kitchen

    What happens when fashion meets food? For the second year in a row, Dolce & Gabbana have teamed up with Smeg to answer the question. Their new line of kitchen appliances, named “Sicily Is My Love”, is a vibrant explosion of colour and imagery suited only to cooks with a taste for the dramatic.The capsule collection of kitchenwares is an homage to Southern Italy, which both Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana call home. The playful designs are a nod to Sicilian culture – thin
  • Meet Brook Power, The 2017 Playboy Playmate Of The Year

    She's a model, surfer, artist, horseback rider, and Hawaii native. Now Brook Power can add “2017 Playboy Playmate Of The Year” to her resume.The free-spirited brunette beauty made her Playboy debut in the magazine's May 2016 issue. Ddespite now having posed twice, and earning this year's coveted Playmate Of The Year title, Power never saw Playboy as part of her path.“Honestly, I never thought I’d end up in Playboy,” she told the magazine. “I thought it was so
  • London’s Newest Hotel Looks More Like A Private Men’s Club

    Welcome to The Ned. Not the "Howdily Doodily" Ned of the yellow persuasion, but rather the latest addition to London's mega hotel scene.Set to be open in May, The Ned is set inside the former iconic headquarters of Midland Bank, a firm which has happily vacated the premises whilst leaving the original Victorian architecture intact.The stunning project is a collaboration between Soho House and Sydell Group who have spent no less than £200 million to renovate the expansive space&nb
  • Step Inside The Wild 2018 BMW M4 CS

    BMW's relentless raiding of the M parts bin has finally paid off with another Bavarian beast.Unveiled at the Shanghai Auto Show this week, the latest 2018 M4 CS slots nicely in between the 'standard' M4 and the Nurburgring conquering M4 GTS. Why BMW decided to build another M4 variant is still unknown but honestly, who's complaining?The M4 CS specs reveal an increase in performance across the board to make it an even more focused driver's car without diminishing daily drivability. In t
  • Coolest Designer Dog Beds For Man’s Best Friend

    Man’s best friend may be the dog, but you don’t always want to share a bed or your couch with your slobbering pooch.RELATED: Your Dog Remembers All Those Awful Things You've Done To ItFrom donuts, nests and orthopaedic beds to heated and raised varieties, there are almost as many types of beds as there are breeds of dog. Get Wolfie his own bed and keep your sheets slobber free with our list of designer dog beds which won't look out of place in any man cave.Letto Dog BedWhen
  • Diet And Exercise May Only Be Two Of Three Essential Pillars Of Health

    What doesn't kill you makes you healthierFor all the workout fads, trendy diets, and quick-fix supplement promises we're inundated with, deep down, we know that optimal health is as simple as eating well and exercising regularly. Or is it?According to a theory investigated by journalist and anthropologist Scott Carney in his book What Doesn't Kill Us: How Freezing Water, Extreme Altitude, and Environmental Conditi...
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  • Gold Watches Made For The Modern Gentleman

    Gold has always been seen as a symbol of distinction, with flashes of its bright tones making any timepiece all the more recognisable.The versatility of gold lends itself to classical, conservative pieces, which respect the traditions and codes of watchmaking, to statement pieces, which utilise the colour of gold to draw all eyes to its desirable lustre.RELATED: Vintage Watches You Should Start Collecting NowWatchmakers often choose gold to house their mechanical creations that they deem w...
  • Shut Up & Take My Money – Issue #125

    Face it men. Money can't be taken with you to the grave and you certainly don't want to be using it to prop up your kids in the fear that they may one day turn out like the Trump offspring. Your next best option? Inanimate objects of affection that will make your life a happier journey. We're talking cool gadgets and even cooler gear that defines the modern man and this is your bible to getting there.Lazareth Wazuma V8FCafe racers, superbikes, quad bikes...forget about them for a moment and
  • Sports Jackets That Will Take You From The Boardroom To The Bar

    Every man has a moment in his life that calls for a sports jacket. Whether you’re meeting the potential in-laws for the first (and hopefully not last) time, or just hitting the tiles with the boys, it’s likely you’ve given some thought to investing in something a shade or ten snazzier than your favourite high-school varsity jacket.Sports jackets allegedly originated as proto-activewear in the British Isles, because aristocratic gents took looking debonair very seriously –
  • Google’s New Image Search Wants To Be Your Personal Stylist

    Will those new sneakers fit your wardrobe? Which jeans are best for your body type? What workout brands are dominating the athleisure trend? Google's new image search has the answers.The search engine's new tool, called “Style Ideas”, is designed to help shoppers see how potential purchases look in real-world situations. Think of it as a kind of virtual way to try before you buy.When a user searches an item – a Zara jacket, let's say – Google returns images of people spor
  • The Best Drinking Games If You Play To Win And Win To Drink

    Rugby, football, hockey, cricket – some games are best left to the pros.But others? Those games are best played by amateurs – ideally ones with a thirst for winning and an equal thirst for alcohol. If getting intoxicated was a sport, these dedicated hobbyists would have endorsement deals and million-dollar contracts.Whether you're dreaming of going pro, or simply want to relive your university days, these are the best drinking games of all time.If You Like The Classics: Fli
  • Pointless & Awesome Things Men Need To Know This Week [18.04.17]

    Stop perusing that Britannica bible from 1995 and get with our weekly wrap of everything the modern man needs to know about his world today. It may save your life, it may save a baby seal, or it may do absolutely nothing as it lingers the depths of your cerebral wavelengths only to be regurgitated during whisky banter. Pointless and awesome facts - the way man intended.Public Sex Spots RankedYour long weekend escapades may have faired up pretty well with a cruisey BBQ followed by a stin...
  • Robots Will Produce Your Made-To-Measure Suits In The Future

    Picture this rip-off of a classic scene.'Sarah Connor?''...Yes?''Thanks for shopping with us. Here's your made-to-measure suit. Please visit your robotic tailor again soon.'And that's how the future of men's suiting could manifest itself in a not-too-distant future. Whilst some argue that technology should never impede on an age-old tradition, there are pockets of people who tend to throw caution at the wind in pursuit of innovation and efficiency. Welcome to the Hugo Boss Technical...
  • Men’s Toiletry Bags To Elevate Your Grooming Arsenal

    Good style starts at home. That’s why having a central location for your grooming essentials should be a top priority - right after replacing your year-old toothbrush and not getting your mum to choose your shampoo anymore.Men's toiletry bags – also known as dopp kits or wash bags – act as a one-stop-shop for your skin and hair care products. They’re lean, durable, and compact. Men's toiletry bags can stay and travel as you need - you can keep them on the top shelf in the
  • How To Look Fresh-Faced After A Long-Haul Flight

    Drink. Sleep. Breathe.Some dreams are blatantly unachievable. You will never get a six-pack on an ice cream diet or earn a PhD in quantum physics without cracking a book.You fantasise about stepping off a plane looking as handsome as you did getting onto it, yet time and time again, you arrive at baggage claim feeling like the monster from a Stephen King movie.The good news? It doesn't have to be that way. Thi...
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  • The Best New Books Of 2017 (So Far)

    2017 has been a wild ride, and in times so unpredictable, we turn to art for entertainment, escape, and illumination.Fortunately, the year has also provided plenty of artistic achievements, whether in the form of a fully-functioning Banksy hotel, an underwater museum, or new literary works that capture the imaginations of bookworms around the world.Your bookshelf is due for an update, so here are the best books of 2017 (so far).Exit WestIn a country teetering on the brink of civil war,...
  • Step Inside These Spectacular Waterfront Homes Of The Bahamas

    In a time before gratuitous yacht parties hosted by Pitbull and Cancun Spring break takeovers, there was The Bahamas.Spanning across 700 islands that make up America's tropical playground, The Bahamas has long held the reputation of the place to be for those wanting to escape the banalities of the daily grind for a stint of off-duty 007.RELATED: 8 Of The World's Best Secluded BeachesWith average temperatures usually hovering around the mid-to-high twenties whilst the sun hangs around...
  • Brave The Cold In Style With These Winter Jackets

    There should always be some space in your wardrobe for a solid winter coat. Whether you dread the icy mornings and shortened afternoons or not, every guy needs the right insulation to see the cold months through to their bitter end.Provided you treat it with a bit of love and care, a winter jacket can serve as an investment piece that should help you through several hard winters without complaint.Winter jackets come in different cuts and shapes, and incorporate historical and geographic...
  • 10 Must-Watch Movie Trailers Of The Week [15.04.17]

    Can you feel it? A disturbance in the Force? That's right – Rey and the gang are back. Our uber-hyped first peek at Star Wars: The Last Jedi is easily the most anticipated clip of the week, but we have nine more must-see movie trailers where that came from.Two other sequels are setting the internet a-buzz. Thor: Ragnarok made its trailer debut (check out the short hair on Hemsworth). We also got another look at what's in store for Transformers: The Last Knight.In non-sequel news, we ha...
  • Is Clear Coffee The Next Big Trend In Breakfast Beverages?

    Not long ago, we were introduced to Black Insomnia, the world's strongest coffee. Before that, we met one of the world's most colourfully named coffees. Now we're meeting something even more unusual: the world's first clear coffee.CLR CFF packs all the qualities you love in your ultra-dark roast, minus any of the teeth-staining trouble. Though it looks like water, the taste is strong – reportedly like a 'potent cold brew' – and a single bottle should last all day. It can be sipped on
  • Rookie Cooking Mistakes That Are Killing Your Kitchen Game

    If we've learned nothing else from Salt Bae, we've learned this: the whole world loves a man who can cook.You don't need his meme-worthy seasoning skills to win hearts and tempt tastebuds, but every guy should have a basic understanding of how to manoeuver in a kitchen without embarrassing himself.Take the first steps towards chef status (and maybe internet stardom, too) by learning the rookie cooking mistakes it's time to stop making.Not Reading The Full RecipeEnthusiasm is great in...
  • The One Thing You Have To Do On Your Tahiti Holiday

    Imagine an island paradise and you picture Tahiti.The largest of French Polynesia's 118 islands and atolls, Tahiti is the stuff of guidebook dreams: lush jungles, sparkling lagoons, jagged volcanic peaks, powder-soft sand, technicolor reefs, 5-star resorts, laid-back locals, world-class surfing, and all the rejuvenating ocean breeze your harried soul can handle.Yet despite its considerable charms, travellers often pass over the island in favour of its flashier neighbour, Bora Bora, a fav...
  • Step Inside Porsche Design’s $840M Luxury Apartment Tower

    Porsche Design know a thing or two about penning cool lifestyle products like watches, travel cases and sneakers. What they've yet to grace with their signature German design is the world of luxury housing - until now.The Porsche Design Tower is a brand new US$840 million luxury residential project situated on the iconic sands of Miami Beach. Given its idyllic location, the 56 storey skyscraper wasn't exactly a bargain to construct but it can now consider itself an architectural m
  • Kimi Raikkonen Cracks A Smile Piloting Ferrari’s GTC4Lusso T

    Kimi Raikkonen is a simple man. He drives fast. He likes Magnum ice cream. He does not believe in the fundamentals of human interaction nor light banter. He's the epitome of a cold racing machine who lets his track performance do the talking and then goes home to watch some ice hockey. And that's why people love him and call him the 'Iceman'.The only thing that could melt this steely Fin it seems is a stint behind the wheel of Ferrari's latest GTC4Lusso T, the prancing horse's most practical...
  • How To Splurge Strategically And Stretch Your Dollars

    Benjamin is always good helpWe appreciate an extravagant purchase as much as the next guy, but even we can admit when superfluous spending goes too far.Something about the word “splurge” sounds inherently decadent and unbridled. Hear it and you immediately get visions of gold supercars and coats made of unicorn fur dancing through your head.But a splurge doesn't have to be reckless. A money-minded man can l...
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