• Spiced red lentils with egg

    ImageBy Desiree NielsenAbstract These fragrant lentils topped with a creamy poached egg are the perfect vegetarian comfort food. 
  • Mushroom bisque

    ImageBy Desiree NielsenAbstract This vegetarian-friendly riff on a classic bisque (usually made with lobster) is so rich and umami thanks to the abundance of mushrooms, you won’t even miss the crustaceans. 
  • Veggie soba noodles with peanut dressing

    ImageBy Desiree NielsenAbstract Midweek meal dreams are made of veggie soba noodles with peanut dressing. 
  • Bloomed wild rice salad

    ImageBy Desiree NielsenAbstract Blooming (or "sprouting") grains is believed to bolster their nutritional profile, as well as be easier to digest. It means planning ahead a little, but once your grains have bloomed, they’re ready to be used in a whole bunch of ways. 
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  • Pear and ginger juice

    ImageBy Desiree NielsenAbstract Pear brings a sweet and buttery quality to this vibrant fruit and vegetable juice. 
  • St Honoré cake (gâteau St Honoré)

    VideoSt Honore cake ImageBy Gabriel GatéPierrick BoyerAbstract Making this cake requires skill and a love of choux and caramel.
  • Quick tabbouleh

    ImageBy Desiree NielsenAbstract Make an extra-big batch of this Middle Eastern salad if you have the time, as it’s perfect for packed lunches. Eat it as-is, or in sandwiches and wraps, and a drizzle of natural yoghurt with tabbouleh will never go astray.
  • Paris brest cupcakes

    ImageBy Nick MakridesAbstract I am ob-SESSED with French pastries. In fact, I made the decision to become a pastry chef after a two-week trip to Paris where I fell in love with all the amazing food. This French pastry filled with crème pâtissière is traditionally about the size of a dinner plate, but here it is in cupcake form! For all you purists out there, I know traditional crème pâtissière doesn’t include gelatin, but this recipe uses it to help
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  • Neapolitan cupcakes

    ImageBy Nick MakridesAbstract Which Neapolitan ice-cream flavour were you?  My first memories of Neapolitan ice cream are from visiting my grandma’s house. She’d always have it in the freezer for us. Most people went for the chocolate ice cream, but you can have chocolate any day. Personally, I went for the strawberry ice cream. I’d put a little chocolate and vanilla in there too, then I’d sit at the table next to my brother and we’d mix it all together until i
  • Tiramisu cupcakes

    ImageBy Nick MakridesAbstract The combination of vanilla cake, strong coffee and rich mascarpone cream-cheese frosting with a hint of chocolate will give you some serious food-coma vibes.  The first time I had tiramisu (that wasn’t my mum’s) was in Italy. If you ever go to Italy (shout-out to my Italian followers), there are several things you should eat while you are there: pizza, pasta and tiramisu. The first time I ever went to Italy I was about 12 and my mum’s dream wa
  • Dushpera

    ImageBy Marta PinhasovAbstract This Central Asian version of tortellini or keplach is called dushpera. They're small dumplings served in chicken stock with lemon, lots of fresh herbs, chickpeas and dried sour cherries – wonderful!  Marta Pinhasov often serves it with a tomato sauce, a delicious ‘quickie’ solution if you don't have time to make stock. Marta does every step by hand, using a rolling pin and – more unusually – a curtain rod to roll out the dough. S
  • Day + Night cake

    ImageBy Marysia SeganAbstract A confection of eggs, nuts, chocolate and sugar – it’s simple, delicious and quite spectacular. The ‘day' half (egg whites and almonds) and the ‘night' half (egg yolks, chocolate and hazelnuts) are baked together, then covered with a chocolate ganache.  The cake is gluten-free and dairy-free, but the ganache has butter in it. Just in case you need it, there's also a recipe for a dairy-free ganache.
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  • Baba's challah

    ImageBy Baba SchwartzAbstract Challah is plaited Jewish Sabbath bread, and this is Baba Schwartz’s fail-safe recipe. A formidable baker, Baba has baked challah and a Sabbath yeast cake every Friday, wherever's she lived – Hungary, Israel or Australia.  Yeast frightens many people, since it’s a living thing and can be unpredictable. But Baba has it under control. “In Hungary baking wasn’t a big deal. Nobody was a hero if she could bake,” she says. Having w
  • Gremsjelies (Dutch fruit donuts)

    ImageBy Renee GompesAbstract Doughnuts? Beignets? Pancakes? These are like a Dutch combination of all three, where matzo, spices and dried fruit create a unique Passover dish. 
  • Spaghetti squash with kale ragout

    ImageBy Desiree NielsenAbstract The novelty of spaghetti squash will never get old. Neither will this simple and comforting use for it. 
  • Chickpea-battered chicken with tzatziki

    ImageBy Justine SchofieldAbstract Chickpea flour has a lovely nutty flavour and makes for super-crunchy fried chicken – and it’s gluten-free, too.
  • Bush kangaroo stew

    ImageBy Justine SchofieldAbstract “I had a wonderful visit to the Falzon family’s Earth Sanctuary at Alice Springs, where Joey Falzon cooked this kangaroo stew.  It’s got lots of lovely sauce – perfect for mopping up with bread or damper.” – Justine Schofield, Outback Gourmet.
  • Steak with pepperberry, honey and soy

    ImageBy Justine SchofieldAbstract This puts a twist on the classic pepper sauce, using native pepperberry, and pairs the steak with smoky onion.
  • Simple Sicilian spaghetti

    ImageBy Justine SchofieldAbstract This is a fast pasta – by the time the spaghetti is cooked, the sauce is too.
  • Pesach 2019: The Ultimate Recipe Guide

    MONDAY MORNING COOKING CLUB’S ANNUAL PASSOVER ROUNDUP[See image gallery at mondaymorningcookingclub.com.au] It’s Pesach time again and we all love a bit of menu guidance…so here it is.
    Our three books are absolutely and positively jam-packed with the most delicious, interesting and altogether useful recipes for Pesach (Passover). We have created our ‘top 10’ savoury and sweet recipes from our books to help make your menu planning a breeze.
  • Scotch eggs with mango chutney

    ImageBy Justine SchofieldAbstract Golden, super crunchy crumbed eggs are perfect when the centre is still a little soft. This is the ultimate picnic dish and it always tastes better with a little chutney on the side so you can dip it in. I was inspired to make these after tasting a fantastic mango chutney at the Crazy Acres Mango Farm at Berry Springs, south of Darwin, during my travels for Outback Gourmet. 
  • Pawpaw chilli salad

    ImageBy Justine SchofieldAbstract Green pawpaw has the lovely perfume of the ripe fruit, but with a texture that’s perfect for a salad.
  • Vietnamese barramundi salad

    ImageBy Justine SchofieldAbstract Cutting the fish into cubes means crunch on all sides, for a salad packed with texture and flavour.
  • Pugliese torn pasta soup (ù tridd)

    ImageBy Vincenza JonesMelissa LeongAbstract Ù tridd is the name of the pasta made by tearing sheets of parsley-inlaid pasta into small pieces, but also lends itself to the name of this entire dish, made by stewing secondary cuts for hours in sugo until tender, then serving the tender, silk pasta in the strained broth with a little of the meat."Like all good family recipes, each is unique in its own way of doing things. This is a recipe handed down by my mother-in-law Vincenza Jones (nee T
  • Gem scones

    ImageBy Geoff MarkAbstract These light and fluffy scones were traditionally cooked in cast-iron trays – you might spot them in antique stores – but a mini muffin tray will also work.
  • Cheesy bean and cornbread pie

    ImageBy Justine SchofieldAbstract This is a little like a shepherd’s pie, but instead of mashed potato, it has cornbread on top and it's absolutely delicious. It's great for camping or at home. 
  • Asian barbecued snapper

    ImageBy Justine SchofieldAbstract This is a great way to make the most of the excellent seafood we have in Australia. The aromatic coconut sauce compliments the fish so well and gives it a real South East Asian twist. If you didn’t want to use a whole fish, you could use fillets, or serve the sauce and salad with barbecued Aussie prawns.
  • Sweet and sour mud crab

    ImageBy Rachael CiesiolkaAbstract “Rachael Ciesiolka is known around town as the Queen of Mud Crab. Locals know Rachael's Seafood Shack at the Darwin fish markets is where to head to get the best seafood, cooked by the master.” – Justine Schofield, Outback Gourmet
  • Pork chops with smoked labneh and pickled beetroot

    ImageBy Justine SchofieldAbstract Smoking labneh imparts an great earthy flavour but if you don’t have a smoker this dish is still absolutely delicious served with unsmoked labneh. 
  • Leftover chicken and soba noodle salad

    ImageBy Justine SchofieldAbstract Roast chook never goes to waste in my house as there are countless ways to produce new dishes from leftovers, like this yummy salad with soba noodles and a fragrant ginger dressing. I use snow peas and spring onions in my recipe but change it up depending on what you love and have on hand.
  • Split pea and cauliflower curry

    ImageBy Justine SchofieldAbstract Essentially this is a dhal, but I’ve put my own stamp on it by bulking it out with cauliflower. You can use this as a base for other vegetables, too. I love to add leafy greens, such as kale and spinach, or zucchini and broccoli. Make it your own and take the opportunity to use up any veggies in the crisper so they don’t go to waste. There are hundreds of different regional variations of dhal. I use coconut milk in mine, so it’s similar to a Sr
  • Simple shortcrust pastry

    ImageBy Justine SchofieldAbstract This simple shortcrust pastry can be made with a food processor or by hand. Use this to make Justine Schofield's broccoli, pea and cheddar tart. 
  • Broccoli, pea and cheddar tart

    ImageBy Justine SchofieldAbstract If you don't have broccoli in your fridge to make this tart, don't worry. Use frozen spinach or more peas.  
  • Penne with zucchini crema

    ImageBy Justine SchofieldAbstract This is a much-loved pasta dish in my repertoire. The zucchini are cooked until very soft and creamy, making this super light yet very moreish.  It’s easy to whip for a weeknight dinner, particularly if you’re looking for a champion vegetarian meal that everyone will love.
  • Spinach gnudi

    ImageBy Justine SchofieldAbstract Incredibly light and fluffy, these gnudi are like little bundles of cloud. The trick is not to use too much flour, but rather create a translucent casing by rolling the spinach and ricotta mixture in it.  To ensure they don’t break up, it’s really important to let the gnudi chill before cooking.
  • Spinach and cheese gratin

    ImageBy Justine SchofieldAbstract This is my take on the old-fashioned creamed spinach. I love turning it into a decadent gratin that is made even more delicious with the addition of béchamel. It’s the perfect side to roast chicken or fish.
  • Wattleseed and quandong puddings with white chocolate

    ImageBy Bob TaylorAbstract Ground wattleseed gives these a lovely nutty flavour.
  • Fried haloumi with sticky fruit and nuts

    ImageBy Justine SchofieldAbstract This is a great combination of salty-sweet flavours, from the golden fried haloumi to sweet ripe pawpaw and the pops of flavor from the finger lime.
  • Quick salmon blinis

    ImageBy Justine SchofieldAbstract Traditional salmon rillette uses butter or olive oil, but I’m using avocado to bring everything together in this super-easy canape.
  • Pineapple and coconut trifles

    ImageBy Justine SchofieldAbstract Start your day with this tropical twist on a classic dessert.
  • Pasta and tuna picnic salad

    ImageBy Justine SchofieldAbstract This recipe was inspired by a visit to the pristine waterfalls and plunge pools of Maguk, in Kakadu – the perfect spot for a picnic with this easy one-bowl salad.  
  • Kangaroo with red wine sauce and wild rosella

    ImageBy Justine SchofieldAbstract Kangaroo is a great alternative to beef, and here I'm scattering it with rosella as my final touch. Rosellas have great flavour – and go so well with the kangaroo. 
  • Cheese-topped wattleseed damper

    ImageBy Geoff MarkAbstract The roast wattleseed gives the bread a slight hazelnut flavour. We use a lot of native herbs and spices for the food we serve at our campfire dinners, including this damper.
  • Lemon myrtle Dutch baby

    ImageBy Justine SchofieldAbstract This is like a giant pancake and makes a great dessert, breakfast or brunch. I cooked this in Outback Gourmet, when I joined a camp oven dinner at Earth Sanctuary, an award winning centre for astronomy and eco tours in central Australia, but it's also easy to make in your oven at home. A Dutch baby is like a cross between a pancake, a Yorkshire pudding and a popover, and it's said that the name originated at a cafe in America in the early 1900s.&n
  • Get to know black mustard seed with fragrant Kashmiri-style fish kebabs

    ImageBy Sarina KaminiAbstract Black mustard seed is my stovetop gateway to ‘more’. Explore its astringent qualities with these machli kebabs. A strong, masculine spice, I slot black mustard seed into the category of astringent aromatics.
    Astringent aromatics can be intimidating to use straight off the mark. What do I mean by astringent? Think onion, mustard oil, raw garlic; flavours that strip the nasal passages on scent or on consumption.
    And yet the use of astringent spice can chan
  • Tahini and rose halva cookies

    ImageBy Jody VassalloAbstract These chewy halva-like cookies are truly the business. A taste of these will transport you to Turkey or Morocco or somewhere in the incredible Middle East. Make a double batch. You’ll thank me.
  • Vegan choc peanut butter cake

    ImageBy Jody VassalloAbstract This cake is very moist and the icing is bloody delicious. So yes, it's good. It's really, really good.
  • Black sesame porridge

    ImageBy Jody VassalloAbstract A comforting hug in a bowl, this breakfast routine will become an easy favourite as long as you've soaked those oats overnight.
  • Marinated chicken with coconut lime dressing

    ImageBy Jody VassalloAbstract These lovely legs are great eaten straight out of the oven from the tray - dressing mandatory, plates optional.
  • There may be wedding bells in Taylor Swift and Joe Alwyn's future (via @ELLEMagazine) https://t.co/Lmmh32q945

    There may be wedding bells in Taylor Swift and Joe Alwyn's future (via @ELLEMagazine) https://t.co/Lmmh32q945
23 May 2019

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