• Builders now have a new tool to add to their kit

    Consumers Federation of AustraliaVictorians planning to build or renovate a home now have a handy addition to their tool kits.
    The Victorian Government has launched a new online domestic building tool, which streamlines access to building and renovating information to help people make informed decisions, understand their legal rights and obligations, and resolve issues such as defects or delays.
    Users will answer questions about their building needs, which the tool will use
  • You Can Finally Use Portrait Mode On Your iPhone 7 Plus

    With today’s release of Apple’s iOS 10.1 software update for the iPhone, a standout feature that the company demonstrated at its September announcement but that didn’t make it into the initial release of iOS 10 is here. If you invested in an iPhone 7 Plus, then you can now use its dual camera to capture portrait photos with smoothly blurred out-of-focus areas.More »
  • Lost Doctor Who Animation 'The Power Of The Daleks' Is Coming To Australian Cinemas

    The Power of the Daleks is one of the most celebrated Doctor Who adventures, and yet no complete film recordings are known to have survived. The master negatives were destroyed in an archive purge in 1974. This brand new animation, being released 50 years after its only UK broadcast, is based on the programme’s original audio recordings, surviving photographs, and film clips.And it’s coming to Australian cinemas — for a limited release. Here’s where you can catch it.
  • Sony Xperia XZ: Australian Review

    Sony actually has a top-end smartphone now. Learning from the stumbles of the rocky six month transition between the venerable Z Series phones and the Xperia X Performance, the new Xperia XZ brings back a little bit of finesse into Sony’s smartphone design.More »
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  • This Is How You Will Die

    How You Will Die: it’s a simulator.
    Plug in your race, age and sex. Then find out — according to the data — the statistical reasons for your potential death throughout your life.More »
  • Ask Gizmodo: What Camera Should I Buy My Son To Learn On?

    Hiya Gizmodo! My 15 year old son has really started getting into photography — it has quickly become one of his favourite subjects at school. I’d love to get him a decent camera (under $1000) that can grow with him and his skills, for a few years at least. What’s the best direction to go in? Cheers, MumMore »
  • Deals: Become A Master Of Big Data Analytics With This Training Course

    Data analytics is playing a crucial role in how modern businesses make decisions. If you want to become one of the high-value pros businesses need to crunch data, then the Big Data & Analytics Master Toolkit is for you. This 200 hour training will prepare you for success with instruction on the most popular analytics tools.More »
  • Australians Are Buying Tablets Again

    15.1 million Australians have now got access to a tablet device — almost two thirds of people across all age groups — and after dropping significantly, the tablet market has stabilised in Australia, recording modest growth for the first time since 2014.
    A new survey shows sales of tablet devices in grew 4 per cent year-on-year to 1.59 million units in the first half of 2016.More »
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  • How Repairable Is The Google Pixel XL?

    Few of us would dare to crack open electronic goods to see what’s inside in fear of never being able to put them back together again. Luckily, iFixit specialises in gadget teardowns and it busted open the Google Pixel XL to investigate the guts of the new smartphone in order to assess just how easily it would be to repairable it.
    More »
  • Big Muscles Make You Smarter

    This might finally be what motivates me to work out.
    New results from a recent trial led by the University of Sydney has revealed increased muscle strength leads to improved brain function.
    More »
  • Exactly How Much Better Are The PS4 Skyrim Graphics?

    Wondering if the special edition of The Elder Scrolls V is worth splashing your cash on? This video gives a nice side-by side comparison as to just how stunning Skyrim is, and exactly where the improvements have been made.(Spoilers: It’s the grass. The grass is beautiful).
    More »
  • Meet Alcatel's New $99 Boost DEX Smartphone

    Alcatel has launched it’s latest budget-friendly 4G smartphone, available exclusively through Boost mobile. With the music lover in mind, the DEX is preloaded with DJ software and high-quality audio, “premium” Alcatel headphones and built-in optimised Arkamys enhanced sound.More »
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  • Gizmodo's Static Podcast: What Would Be Your Dream Gadget?

    We rant about transitions in videogames, is it legal to hit your kids, the most surprising tech disappointments plus we answer your question: which life experience would you like enhanced by tech that doesn’t yet exist?
    Watch the expanded show in video or subscribe to the audio feed via iTunes and Pocket Casts.More »
  • Some iPhone 7 Models Are 8 Times Slower Than Others

    New test results show the 32GB iPhone 7 is a lot slower than the bigger, more expensive models — and some have dodgy 4G reception, too.
    More »
  • 10 Apps To Help You Learn A New Language

    Japanese, French, Afrikaans and Wiradjuri — here are ten of the best apps, games and courses for learning a language — and you can access them right on your phone or tablet.
    More »
  • Vangelis's New Album, Rosetta, Is Music For A Mission To Space

    Vangelis, the artistic mind behind the iconic Blade Runner soundtrack, has a new collection of music. To celebrate the success of the European Space Agency’s Rosetta mission, and to commemorate the probe’s final descent onto the surface of Comet 67P/Churyumov–Gerasimenko, the Greek electronic artist has a beautiful new studio album of music that will take you far away from the planetary boundaries of your daily commute.More »
  • Watch 'The Escape': The First BMW Film In 14 Years

    In 2001, BMW made eight short films to promote its performance cars. Now, there’s a new BMW film, and it’s called The Escape.More »
  • Deals: Get This Computer Science Bundle For 90% Off

    The tech industry is one of the fastest-growing industries out there, making many of us regret not taking a computer science class in uni. Fortunately, you can still get a quality tech education thanks to the Complete Computer Science Bundle, on sale for just $51.20 AUD [$39 USD]. This deal is ending soon, so grab it while you can.More »
  • Make Your Own 'Stranger Things' Wall For Halloween

    If you can think of a better idea than transforming your lounge room into a communication device for the upside-down then for Halloween, then, well…fine. But for the rest of us, this tutorial is brilliant, and temporary — so you won’t have to have an uncomfortable conversation with your landlord). Happy decorating!
    More »
  • $10,000 Is All It Costs To Bring Down The Internet

    For just US$7500, you can buy access to a botnet of shitty, compromised Internet of Things gadgets that can break the ‘net. You’ve got to know where to look, who to pay, and what digital target to aim at, but still. $10,000 is cheap.More »
  • This Robot Could Save Aussie Farmers $1.3 Billion A Year

    Agricultural robot Agbot II, designed and built by QUT with support from the Queensland Government, could save Australia’s farm sector $1.3 billion a year by reducing the costs of weeding crops by around 90 per cent.Farmers saw the robot in action at Bundaberg last week, when the fully-autonomous Agbot ll was demonstrated for the first time.More »
  • You Can Now Get Spotify On Your Samsung Smart TV

    If you’re rocking a 2015 or 2016 model Samsung Smart TV, you can now get the Spotify app. And that means you can now get your tunes directly through the what are probably the loudest, most powerful speakers in your house.More »
  • iFixit Cracks Open The Google Pixel XL, Gives Above Average Repair Score

    There’s nothing quite like a comprehensive teardown from the folks at iFixit and its latest piece on Google’s Pixel XL is as good as you’d expect. While the site found a lot to like about the gadget’s innards, such as the modular approach to its components, it had a lukewarm opinion regarding its ease of repair.
    More »
  • Poor Sales And Low Yields Of G5 Could See LG Dump Modular Smartphones

    You have to give LG credit for the G5. The smartphone, with its unique modular design, was an interesting attempt at differentiating LG in a saturated market. Unfortunately, rumours out of South Korea suggest the company, unsatisfied with the G5’s sales and its production complexity, will completely drop its modularisation initiative going forward.
    More »
  • Yahoo's NSFW Neural Network Makes The Creepiest Porn

    I’m not quite sure this is what Yahoo had in mind when it decided to release the source for its work on a neural network designed to filter NSFW images out of its search results. Machine learning enthusiast Gabriel Goh decided to flip the switch on the code from “input” to “output” and the results… well, it gets very not-safe-for-work here on in.
    More »
  • Porn Synthesised By Yahoo's NSFW Neural Network Is Lovecraftian Erotica

    I’m not quite sure this is what Yahoo had in mind when it decided to release the source for its work on a neural network designed to filter NSFW images out of its search results. Machine learning enthusiast Gabriel Goh decided to flip the switch on the code from “input” to “output” and the results… well, it gets very not-safe-for-work here on in.
    More »
  • Samsung's CFG70 Is A Curved, Quantum Dot-Powered 144Hz Gaming Monitor

    “Quantum Dot”. I know it sounds like a TV show where a guy jumps backwards through time, taking over the bodies of other people and helping them with the grammar and punctuation, but it’s a real technology. Honest. In fact, Samsung was one of the first off the mark to integrate quantum dots into its displays, which now includes computer monitors with the announcement of the curved, 24-inch CFG70.
    More »
  • At $20 Each, These Potato Chips Must Be Made Of Pure Ambrosia

    If you’re going to shell out $100 for potato chips, each crisp should be more filling than Elvish lembas bread, or pack so much flavour it’d put Willy Wonka’s entire catalogue to shame. I supposes the Swedish-based St Erik’s Brewery is aiming for the latter with this limited run, five-chip boxset.
    More »
  • Deals: Learn To Make Games Without Touching Any Code

    A career in game design is a lot closer than you think. The Intro to Unity 3D Game Development Bundle can show you how to build and market games using Unity 3D, one of the industry’s most popular game engines.More »
  • Is It Even Possible To Safely Use Your Phone When You Drive?

    Researchers at Queensland University of Technology say that using your phone while you drive isn’t a matter of if, but when — so the focus should be on how to do it safer. And they have some ideas.
    More »
  • BMW's New 5 Series Is The First Car With Wireless Apple CarPlay

    Early next year, BMW will release the seventh generation of its 5 Series sedan — and it’s packed with tech. As well as having the most advanced automated driving features of any BMW yet, the lowest drag coefficient in its class, and being 100kg lighter than its predecessor, the 5 Series has a world first; it’s the first car that will let you use Apple CarPlay completely wirelessly.More »
  • Watch Wonder Woman Become A UN Ambassador For Real

    Wonder Woman is 75, and in what is possibly the best birthday present ever, Diana Prince is being made an honourary ambassador for the United Nation’s Empowerment of Women and Girls campaign. Wonder Woman was a UN Ambassador in the comics, after all.
    Now not only can you watch it happen live, but there are online Q&A’s happening with Gal Gadot, Patty Jenkins and of course the one and only Lynda Carter. Here’s all the details.
    More »
  • Gizmodo's Static Podcast: Surprise! Your Tech Just Exploded

    We rant about transitions in videogames, is it legal to hit your kids, the most surprising tech disappointments plus we answer your question: which life experience would you like enhanced by tech that doesn’t yet exist?
    Watch the expanded show in video or subscribe to the audio feed via iTunes and Pocket Casts.More »
  • Deals: Pay What You Want To Become A Programmer

    You don’t have to go back to school just to pursue a new career. With the Pay What You Want: Learn to Code 2016 Bundle, you can learn today’s most popular programming tools on your own time. Simply pay what you want, and you can dive straight into nine top programming courses.More »
  • Arrival Looks So, So Good

    While everyone’s been loudly shouting about Logan or whatever superhero movie en route to our eyeballs, I’ve been quietly working myself into a sweaty stupor over Arrival. Because it looks so goddamn good.Arrival is one of those grounded sci-fi flicks — think Contact, think Close Encounters of the Third Kind. I cannot wait for this movie.More »
  • We Just Discovered A Massive New Australian Dinosaur

    A new large Australian sauropod — a large, long neck and tailed herbivorous dinosaur — has been identified along with the first fossilised dinosaur head bones ever found in Australia.
    The new dinosaur, found at the Winton Formation on Maiawali and Karuwali Country in central western Queensland is named Savannasaurus elliottorum after the Elliott family, who first found a dinosaur fossil in a pile of bones while out mustering sheep on their property.
    More »
  • UberEATS Is Delivering Free Smashed Avo Around Australia

    Millenials. Rejoice. You can eat your smashed avo on toast this weekend and save for a house. UberEATS is running a promo that’ll deliver you free smashed avocado directly to your face for zero dollars.More »
  • Everything You Need To Know About The Nintendo Switch

    Well it’s here, it’s been announced. It’s called the Nintendo Switch and it looks fantastic.Here’s everything we know so far and everything you need to know about Nintendo’s brand new console.More »
  • Here's Our First Good Look At The Nintendo Switch

    The Switch is a brand new console from Nintendo. You can play games on it on your TV, but you can also play games on it not on your TV. Yep, the Switch switches: taking the best parts of the Wii U and the PlayStation 4’s Remote Play, it’s a console that you can take with you and play wherever you are.More »
  • Watch The First Trailer For Red Dead Redemption 2

    Beautiful landscapes. Animals. Birds. Rivers. Campfires. Men with horses and canoes and trains and carriages and guns. This is Red Dead Redemption 2, and it’s out in a year from now.More »
  • Google Pixel: Australian Review

    Google built a phone. For real this time.More »
  • This Is Nintendo's Next Console: The Switch

    Nintendo’s successor to the Wii U has arrived, and it’s called the Switch. It’s portable, it’s cute and it’s weird as all get out. Watch the three-minute trailer right here.More »
  • Set Your Alarms: Nintendo Is Revealing The NX Tomorrow Morning

    Drumroll, please: at 1:00AM AEDT on 21 October Nintendo will be lifting the lid on its worst kept secret since bringing Donkey Kong back. That’s right, the NX console is getting a trailer.
    More »
  • Watch Ken Block Smoke Up A Bunch Of Toyo's New Street-Legal Race Tyres

    Toyo has a new evolution of its highly-regarded Proxes R888 track tyre. Called the Proxes R888R, it’s a road legal racking semi-slick with even more grip and better performance over multiple heat cycles. None of that matters, though, when Ken Block puts a set on his 1400-horsepowerHoonigan RTR V2 and attacks the Pikes Peak hillclimb.More »
  • Fitmodo: How The Placebo Effect Works

    Welcome to Fitmodo, your regular weekly round up of the news you need to know to keep your earthly form in top shape — from fitness advice to breakthroughs in medical research.
    This week:More »
  • Deals: Massive eBay Vouchers, Sony Xperia With Noise Cancelling Headphones $279

    Every Thursday we team up OzBargain power poster tightarse to run through some of the best deals that have caught his attention. This week: Sony Xperia With Noise Cancelling Headphones for $279, free Playstation VR games, earn massive eBay vouchers through Click & Collect — and more!More »
  • Netflix Has More Customers Than Ever In Australia

    Talk of a customer revolt has fizzled as Netflix’s growing stable of original content continues to win over new subscribers at home and abroad. It’s only 18 months since Netflix officially opened its doors in Australia but it’s already seen the demise of one local competitor in Presto, plus the foreign raider has forced Australia’s volatile Freeview consortium to finally build its long-promised cross-network streaming service which is set to launch in November.More &
  • You Can Re-Watch The Third Presidential Debate Right Here

    People like to talk and argue about politics from time to time, even on here on Gizmodo. So to give everyone one neat place to do that, here’s where you can watch the third and final presidential debate of 2016.More »
  • All Tesla Cars, Including Model 3, Now Have Full Self-Driving Hardware

    Tesla just dropped more info on its upcoming Model 3 electric car — y’know, the one we can all afford. It, along with Tesla’s current cars, are now being built with the hardware to make full self-driving autonomy possible.More »
  • #CensusFail Could Cost Australians $30 Million

    At a Senate estimates hearing last night, the Australian Bureau of Statistics confirmed the anticipated savings of moving this year’s census online was slashed by the now-infamous website outage — by up to $30 million.
    More »

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