• These Rick And Morty Autotunes Will Tide You Over Until The Next Episode

    It's Saturday. Which isn't Rick And Morty day, and that's sad -- but here are five autotune tracks from your favourite dark comedy mirror of Back To The Future to make you happy. More »
  • Holden's 'Maven' Is Car-Sharing For Ride-Sharing Drivers

    Holden's muscling in on the increasing popularity of ride-sharing and gig economy opportunities like Uber and UberEats by going straight to the source -- the drivers themselves. It's set up an all-inclusive rental for its brand new cars for gig economy drivers, with flat rates starting at a couple of hundred bucks a week. More »
  • Microsoft's Mixer Game-Streaming Service Comes to iOS/Android

    After acquiring the "Beam" streaming service a year ago, Microsoft rebranded it as "Mixer", and has now brought it to iOS and Android. The streaming tech already features in Windows 10 and Xbox One, but now you can download an app and send your handheld gaming moments out to the world. More »
  • Logitech's Latest Mechanical Gaming Keyboard Is... Wireless?

    Mechanical gaming keyboards are a special breed. Mechanical gaming keyboards that are wireless are even more special. More »
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  • B&O's BeoVision Eclipse Might Be The Best OLED TV Yet

    Big-screen OLED TVs are all the buzz right now, with technology pioneer licencing its panels first to Sony, Panasonic and now Bang & Olufsen. But B&O's new BeoVision Eclipse, with its support for the company's super-high-end audio components, might just prove to be the best OLED TV built up until now. More »
  • B&O Play's E8 Wireless Earbuds Are Pint-Sized In-Ear Fashion

    I've lusted after the perfect pair of properly wireless in-ear headphones for a long time now. The Jabra Elite Sport are my current favourites, but they might soon be dethroned. B&O Play has a new set of wireless 'buds that promise the best sound in their class while also lookin' pretty darn swish at the same time. More »
  • Deals: 80% Off A Device Charging Stand

    Many of us use our smartphones and tablets to stream videos and movies, but not before we plug them in to make sure there's enough battery life to last the viewing session. But cradling your device for hours at a time can get uncomfortable, especially when you've got a charging cable poking out of it. That's where this Podium-Style Charging Stand comes in handy, and it's on sale for nearly 80 percent off. More »
  • TCL C2 4K Android TV: Australian Review

    TCL's latest mid-range C2 LED television gives you just about everything you could want from a TV at a surprisingly reasonable price, in five different screen sizes. You get Android TV, with built-in Netflix and Stan apps and Chromecast, HDR video support and an integrated soundbar. So why wouldn't you buy it? More »
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  • LG's New V30 Looks Like One Hell Of A Phone

    Hot on the heels of the Galaxy Note8, LG's own new V30 looks to be the strongest competition that Samsung has ever had. A massive 6-inch display, dual rear cameras -- including the brightest camera ever on a phone -- and some serious hi-res audio chops should make for one hell of a high-end Android phone. More »
  • Good News! Scientists Worked Out These Bacteria Are Really, Really Good At Eating Greenhouse Gases

    An international research team (co-led by a Monash biologist) has shown that methane-oxidising bacteria – key organisms responsible for reducing greenhouse gases – consume hydrogen gas to get stronger.
    This is super cool. More »
  • Need An IRL Mini-Map? You Could Be At Risk Of Alzheimer's

    Struggling with navigation can be a warning sign for early diagnoses of Alzheimer's disease, new research says - and an over-reliance on GPS technology isn't helping.
    What can help, though? Virtual reality. More »
  • Samsung MS750 Sound+ Soundbar: Australian Review

    Hot on the heels of the MS650, Samsung has an even more powerful all-in-one soundbar that promises to do away with bulky extra speakers or a standalone subwoofer -- unless you want to add them on, of course. Thing is, you don't really have to. More »
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  • Dendy And Foxtel Are Launching Movies 'On Demand' One Week After The Cinema Release

    Rather than competing, Dendy and Foxtel have teamed up - and they have a plan they say will create "a more sustainable distribution strategy" for niche feature and documentary films."Selected films" will get a theatrical season at Dendy Cinemas (and partnering exhibitors) - than a week later they will launch a premium on demand season on Dendy Direct and Foxtel Store. More »
  • 'Excessive' Charges For Payment By Card Are Banned From Tomorrow

    Sick of getting slugged with huge surcharges for paying with card? Well, from tomorrow all businesses in Australia are officially banned from charging customers too much for EFTPOS, Mastercard, Visa and American Express payments. More »
  • When Will You Really Get NBN? (The 'Less Confusing' Update Is Here)

    When you head to the NBN's "check your address" search function to find out when your area can get on board the almost-modern-times train, it turns out that "ready for service" doesn't actually mean you can connect yet.
    NBN has realised this might be a little confusing for us (you reckon?) so there's a clarification being made to the site - yet another acronym - RTC, or "ready to connect". More »
  • The New, Smaller Samsung Frame TV Is The One That I Want

    Samsung's The Frame is a TV that's just as much a piece of art as it is a television. Switch it on and it's a 4K Ultra HD; switch it off and it'll display any of hundreds of pieces of art. And Samsung's just announced a smaller 43-inch version, that interests me a lot more than the existing 55-inch and 65-inch versions. More »
  • Samsung's PowerStick Pro Wants To Take On Dyson At Its Own Game

    Stick vacuums are huge in Australia. And Dyson rules the roost, with its V6 and V8 handheld battery-powered vacuums far and away the most popular sales. But Samsung wants a piece of that action, and it now has the world's most powerful handstick in the POWERStick PRO -- Samsung's emphasis, not mine -- to do it with. More »
  • Samsung's New Gear Sport And Gear Fit2 Pro: Fitness Trackers Now Made For Swimmers, Too

    If you're an all-round fitness fan, your workout routine might just include swimming. And that means your fitness tracker or smartwatch until now probably hasn't been tracking your laps and strokes -- unless it's the excellent Apple Watch Series 2. Samsung has two new fitness trackers, though, that'll go stroke for stroke, and a Speedo-developed training app to collate it all and push you further. More »
  • Deals: The Beginner's Guide To Cryptocurrency Investing

    For the uninitiated, cryptocurrencies are digital types of currency that utilize encryption techniques to regulate the generation of units and verify the transfer of funds. Essentially, they're online forms of cash — and you can make a killing off investing in it if you know what you're doing. That's where the Beginner's Guide to Cryptocurrency Investing comes in handy. More »
  • Audio-Technica ATH-DSR7BT Bluetooth Headphones: Australian Review

    Wireless headphones normally mean you're compromising on sound quality versus wired headphones. Normally. Audio-Technica's new ATH-DSR7BT are so committed to the highest possible Bluetooth sound quality, though, that they don't even have a 3.5mm wired headphone cable, nor anywhere to plug one in. These Hi-Res Audio over-the-ear cans are all about hi-fi wireless, with a unique speaker driver and amplifier setup that promises the best. Can they deliver? More »
  • 10 Ways To Enjoy Board Game Night On Your Big Screen TV

    I've always been a massive board game fan. I even have an entire book shelf dedicated to them in my house.But recently my board game nights have been gravitating more towards TV-based party games. They're usually well priced, great quality and don't involve a myriad of tiny pieces to keep track of. If you're looking for some casual games to fire up next time you have mates over, here are some of the best. More »
  • High Carb Or High Fat? Experts Weigh In On The Diet Debate

    People with high carb diets are more likely to have poor health than people with high fat diets, according to an international study of over 135,000 people from 18 countries.
    The researchers say that diet advice to reduce fat is based on evidence from North America and Europe that may not apply to other countries. They found that on average, global diets consisted of over 60 per cent energy from carbs and 24 per cent from fats, but the best diets should have 50-55 per cent carbs and around 35 pe
  • The Links Between Academics And Commercial Interests Lobbying To Change Australia's Copyright Laws

    The search for academic truth appears to run in only one direction in the current debate over whether to change Australia’s copyright laws. More »
  • The Internet Reacts To The Game Of Thrones Season 7 Finale

    Well that's it folks. the season finale has been and gone, the endgame is all set up and we're settling in to wait for a long, long time for the conclusion to this epic. To distract you from the horrifying wait ahead, come in and check out the best reactions, memes and commentary from the season finale. The Dragon And The Wolf. More »
  • Australian Scientists Made Crystals That Can Be Tied In A Knot

    "Bendy" isn't the first thing that comes to mind when you think of crystals. Brittle and inelastic, more like it.
    But Queensland researchers have created single crystals flexible enough to be bent - repeatedly - and even tied in a knot. More »
  • Battlegrounds Now Has The Second All-Time Highest Concurrent Player Count On Steam

    Image credit. Play BattlegroundsLast year around this time no one would have understood what you were talking about if you muttered the word PUBG. This weekend it was the most played game on Steam. More »
  • The Best Prepaid Phone Plans

    If you’re a phone lover, you may think prepaid is a dirty word; a term to describe the lowest rung of the phone-plan food chain. But this really isn’t the case anymore. We take a look at the best options for data, unlimited call and long expiry dates. More »
  • The Sea Shepherd Won't Be Fighting Japan's Whalers This Year

    The Sea Shepherd has spent the last 12 years fighting off Japanese whaling vessels in the Southern Ocean, saving thousands of whales in the process.
    This year, however, the ship will not be making an appearance. Captain Paul Watson says Japan's military-grade technology and new anti-terrorism laws specifically designed to condemn Sea Shepherd tactics is something the activists cannot compete with, and a new plan will need to be formulated. More »
  • North Korea Fired A Ballistic Missile Over Japan

    A missile launched from near the North Korean capital of Pyongyang landed in the sea 1,180 km off the northern Japanese island of Hokkaido this morning.Japan's Prime Minister Shinzo Abe has confirmed there was no attempt made to shoot the missile down, and Japanese Chief Cabinet Secretary Yoshihide Suga is calling the event an "unprecedented threat", pointing out the obvious violation of United Nations resolutions. More »
  • Game Of Thrones Season 7 Finale Recap: The Dragon And The Wolf

    With such a subtle episode title, I wonder what's going to happen!? Also, everyone gathers in King's Landing to talk business. Because last time Cersei got a bunch of important people together in a season finale it worked out super well for them. More »
  • This Week In Games: Life Is Strange When Mario Meets X-COM

    In what will probably be the first and last time I'm excited for anything involving Rabbids, the biggest release this week is comfortably the unusual cross-over between Mario and Ubisoft.
    But the list of big hitters doesn't stop there. the first episode of Life is Strange. Before the Storm drops this week, ARK. Survival Evolved comes out of Early Access, and RedOut gets a well-deserved console release. It's a big week in games, people. More »
  • 10 Comics Everybody Should Read

    Comic books can seem intimidating. If you go into a comic book store, you’re confronted with walls and walls of paper and no road map that tells you where to start. If you’ve never read a comic before and want to dip your toe in the ink-filled waters, here’s a few recommendations that blend excellent storytelling and incredible illustration. More »
  • Snowy Hydro 2.0 Gets An $8 Million Funding Boost

    The $2 billion expansion of the Snowy Mountains hydro scheme, dubbed "Snowy Hyrdo 2.0", is set to be fast-tracked - with Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull announcing today $8 million in funding towards a $29 million feasibility study on the project.The upgrade aims to increase the 4,000 megawatt output by 50 per cent - a plan that will power up to 500,000 homes, and create 5,000 new jobs. More »
  • Why You Should Be Careful Swimming With Contact Lenses In

    Uh, this is horrifying.Microscopic water-dwelling critters called amoebae are creeping into human eyeballs - with the potential to cause permanent blindness.
    Acanthamoeba keratitis is a rare disease, but has been documented worldwide - and is typically associated with contact lens use and contaminated swimming pools. More »
  • Deals: Get 60% Off This VPN

    The United States Congress recently voted to repeal a set of regulations preventing Internet Service Providers (ISP) from selling your browsing info to third parties without your permission, setting an ominous tone for the future of net neutrality worldwide. That's why VPNs have surged in popularity as one of the last lines of defense for private browsing. While there are plenty of providers to choose from, few can match what Private Internet Access brings to the table. More »
  • Test Your Game Of Thrones Knowledge In This Rapid Fire Quiz

    We already tested our knowledge of Star Wars and come up lacking, so this time we turned our gaze onto some tricky Game Of Thrones trivia questions. It turns out remembering answers is hard when half the characters are old white guys with beards. Looks like we know even less than Jon Snow. (No spoilers for Season 7!) More »
  • Telcos To Act On NBN Nightmare Migrations

    With the nationwide rollout half over, NBN and its cohorts finally concede they need to do more to help Australians trapped in broadband hell. More »
  • This Month In Dashcams: Ideally, We Drive On The Road

    Video. Put them in charge of a couple of tons of metal, plastic and petrol, and people do some stupid things. Dash Cam Owners Australia has put together another compilation of Australians being morons on our roads -- and this month, bear witness to some very poorly driven vehicles on footpaths and the wrong side of roads. More »
  • Solar Energy's Impact Is Being Underestimated

    US researchers say The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change has underestimated the importance of photovoltaic solar energy, claiming the technology could provide up to 50 per cent of the world's electricity needs by 2050. More »
23 Sep 2018

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