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    The quest for the historical apostles, exporing Noah's flood, and rediscovering the gospel at the Lord's table.
    Remembrance, Communion, and Hope: Rediscovering the Gospel at the Lord’s Table
    J. Todd Billings (Eerdmans)
    Celebrating the Lord’s Supper is a familiar feature of most Protestant worship services. But its very familiarity can seduce us into approaching it casually and neglecting its transformative power. In Remembrance, Communion, and Hope, theologian J. Todd Billings shows
  • Martha, You Don’t Have to Be Mary

    In Luke’s famous sister rivalry, Jesus isn’t warning against busyness.
    Earlier this year a paperwhite flower perched on my windowsill began to bloom. Small and green, it forced its way out into the sunlight. I had been busy planning a May wedding, and this flower embodied the promise of winter turning into spring—a gift freely offered to all of us completely apart from our own efforts.
    In the slow moments between checklists and caterers and chair rentals, I have often pondered
  • 20 Attorneys General Sign Brief Supporting Planned Parenthood’s Lawsuit Against HHS Over New Funding Criteria

    Photo Credit: Charlotte Cooper 20 attorneys general have signed an amicus brief supporting Planned Parenthood’s lawsuit against the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) for altering its Title X funding criteria to prefer groups that promote abstinence and work with faith-based entities. They claim that the new standards will negatively affect the ability of women to contribute to the economy due to pregnancy, and assert that contraceptives conversely benefit “women
  • Kansas Governor Signs Bill Protecting Religious Convictions of Foster, Adoption Agencies

    TOPEKA, Kan. — The Republican governor of Kansas has signed a bill into law that protects the convictions of religious foster care and adoption agencies, in that the government is prohibited from punishing such organizations for declining to place children in certain households when doing so would violate the tenants of their faith. “The actions taken in this bill will prevent discrimination against faith-based agencies of any faith, of any creed, of any religion,” sa
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  • Why Are So Many People Moving Out Of California?

    Facebook Twitter Reddit Email In recent years, the number of people moving away from the state of California has greatly outnumbered the number of people moving into the state.  Reasons for the mass exodus include rising crime, the worst traffic in the western world, a growing homelessness epidemic, wildfires, earthquakes and crazy politicians that do some of the stupidest things imaginable.  But for most families, the decision to leave California comes down to one basic factor…
  • Trump’s Plan to Defund Planned Parenthood Cheers Pro-Life Advocates

    Administration prepares to propose Title X funding cuts for abortion providers.
    Pro-life evangelicals are celebrating another move by the Trump administration to cut federal funding for abortion.
    According to reports, the White House is expected to announce new regulations prohibiting Planned Parenthood and other entities that make abortion referrals from receiving grant money through Title X, the government’s quarter-billion-dollar family planning program.
    Already, Title X funds cannot be
  • Miracle Girl Thought to Be 99.8 Percent Brain Dead After Car Accident Takes First Steps Unassisted

    GOLD COAST — An Australian”miracle girl” who was stated to be 99.8 percent brain dead recently defied the odds and happily took her first steps without assistance. Mackinlee Anderson, 6, had been involved in a multiple vehicle accident in New South Wales last September, which took the life of her grandmother and injured her mother and brother. Anderson… The remainder of this article is available in its entirety at Christian News
  • 9 Killed in Texas High School Shooting; Explosive Devices Found

    SANTA FE, Texas (Click 2 Houston) — Nine people were killed Friday in a shooting at Santa Fe High School, according to NBC News, and police are investigating explosive devices found at the scene and nearby. Harris County Sheriff Ed Gonzalez said a majority of those that were killed in the shooting were students. He said that the two people who were taken into… The remainder of this article is available in its entirety at Christian News
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  • Dorothy Sayers Did Not Want to Be a Prophet

    Nevertheless, the saucy British writer made the pious vociferously angry.
    Between 1941 and 1944, C. S. Lewis gave a series of BBC radio talks, eventually published as Mere Christianity, that are the stuff of legend. Less well known today is a series of BBC broadcasts during the same era written by Dorothy L. Sayers: a retelling of the gospel message that Lewis himself valued highly.
    Ironically, numerous evangelicals who relished Lewis’s BBC work as well-seasoned intellectual food wanted to
  • Re-thinking My Savior Complex

    My hardest lesson as a social worker? God wants me to be close to the brokenhearted as much as he wants me to save them.
    Twenty-four years old, conscious of my lack of preparedness and certain I would choke on my words, I stood on a dusty country road with a heroin addict whom I had come to know and root for. I was advising him to surrender his parental rights before I asked the judge to terminate them.
    Caseworker jargon tumbled nervously out of my mouth, but my stilted words did not matter&mdas
  • Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs Is Not a Ministry Guide

    The infamous pyramid was never an accurate description of how people act, let alone a guide to discipleship.You may have been told once or twice: “People can’t hear the gospel if they’re hungry.” I’ve read it dozens of times in statements from pastors in the United States. But where, exactly, does the idea come from?
    Many pastors depend on Maslow’s hierarchy of needs to decide how churches should minister—even though it’s been debunked.
    The hierarc
  • Jimmy Carter at Liberty Is 2018’s Most Surprising Yet Hopeful Commencement Speaker

    How the president on the other side of the Moral Majority ended up invited to its unofficial headquarters.Former President Jimmy Carter has accepted an invitation to deliver the commencement address at Liberty University on Saturday. Many will view this announcement as surprising, some even as disappointing for one reason or another. I view it as hopeful.
    Carter is a progressive evangelical; the Falwell family and Liberty University identify with fundamentalist evangelicalism. Politically, Carte
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  • Interview: Will the ‘First Testament’ Grab Your Attention?

    Scholar John Goldingay wants readers to rediscover the original feel of the Old Testament in his new translation.
    Many people struggle with Bible reading and engagement in general, but this is particularly true with the first part of the Bible. We know that those who do read tend to spend more time in the New Testament. But there is no good way to understand Jesus without understanding what came before him—the stories, songs, and promises that shaped everything he said and did. Old Testame
  • Compelled to Share: Do You Have a Urgency to See Others Know the Love of Jesus?

    I couldn’t not share of this great love I had just encountered because I couldn’t bear the thought of anyone else feeling like I had.“That’s why Scripture exclaims, ‘A sight to take your breath away! Grand processions of people telling all the good things of God!’ But not everybody is ready for this, ready to see and hear and act. Isaiah asked what we all ask at one time or another: “Does anyone care, God? Is anyone listening and believing a word of it?&
  • How Southern Baptist Leaders Aided My Escape from Abuse

    Christian men helped me end a violent marriage. Their voices matter now more than ever.
    A few weeks ago, Paige Patterson’s comments on domestic violence went public, setting off a Twitterstorm of condemnation and support. Thousands of Southern Baptist Convention (SBC) women have since called for his resignation. For the many women who were willing to sign their names to the statement, there are dozens of others suffering in silence who will never come forward.
    I know, because I was one of
  • How the Spirit Sets Us Up for Holiness

    The same Spirit that descended on the disciples at Pentecost empowers our devotion to God.
    My grandmother was part of a Holiness Pentecostal church. That meant—among many wonderful things—that they believed in entire sanctification. It was thought that in this life Christians could reach a level of personal holiness in which they could stop sinning.
    My grandma made the claim that she was entirely sanctified and no longer sinned. My family was Baptist, and we would have none of this.
  • Spanning the Great Schism Between Evangelical and Orthodox Christians

    Efforts to unite Christianity’s branches bear fruit.
    Four years ago in Istanbul, a humble Turkish book partially reversed the 11th century’s Great Schism. Catholics joined Eastern and Oriental Orthodox—alongside Protestants—to publish a slim, 12-chapter treatise on their common theological beliefs.
    “You can’t find a page like this in all of church history,” said Sahak Mashalian, an Armenian Orthodox bishop and the principal scribe of Christianity: Basic
  • Nearly 51 Million Households In The United States ‘Can’t Afford Basics Like Rent And Food’

    Facebook Twitter Reddit Email If the U.S. economy is performing well, then why can’t 51 million households in the United States “afford basics like rent and food”.  A stunning new report that was just put out by the United Way ALICE Project shows that the gap between the wealthy and the poor in this country is perhaps the biggest that it has been in any of our lifetimes.  In some of the wealthiest areas of the nation, homes are now selling for up to 100 million dollar
  • Cross Removed From Michigan Hillside Following Complaint

    JACKSON, Mich. — A cross that has stood on a Michigan hillside since 1950 has been removed following a complaint from a local resident who asserted that crosses shouldn’t be displayed on state property. While the cross is displayed atop Sackrider Hill in the Waterloo Recreation Area, it belongs to the Grass Lake Ministerial Association, which holds a permit to erect the display on state property. Residents who hike up the hill will find it at the top overlooking I-94. Accor
  • The Family Feud that Changed the Shape of Christian Higher Education

    What makes a college “evangelical” or “fundamentalist?” The dividing lines weren’t always so clear.
    Let’s say you attended Wheaton College, Gordon College, or Biola University. Or perhaps you’re an outsider who just thinks highly of those schools. If so, you might be turned off by a book that groups them together under the label “Fundamentalist U.” Don’t be.
    Adam Laats, professor of education and history at Binghamton University and aut
  • Thank You

    Facebook Twitter Pinterest Reddit Email As this campaign ends, one of the saddest things for me is saying goodbye to the best team of volunteers in the entire state of Idaho. I cannot possibly thank all of you enough for all that you have done, and I wish that I could have produced a better result for you. Over the past year I have made so many new friends that I know that I will have for the rest of my life, and I cannot even begin to describe how much of a blessing that you have been to Merand
  • Roman Catholic St. Ambrose University Opens Prayer Space for Muslim Students

    Photo Credit: Farragutful/Wikipedia DAVENPORT, Iowa — A private Catholic university in Iowa has opened a prayer room for Muslim students and those of other faiths, stated to be complete with sinks for ritual foot-washing and separate spaces for men and women. “On Tuesday, May 8, St. Ambrose University dedicated a room that will be available for daily prayer to students of the Islamic faith, as well as students of other religions who prefer to pray somewhere other than Christ the King
  • Wisconsin Man Accused of Sexual Abuse, Aborting Baby of Impregnated Middle Schooler Sentenced to 60 Years in Prison

    CRANDON, Wisc. — A Wisconsin man who was accused of sexually abusing several young girls over a period of six years and performing an abortion on one of them after impregnating her has been sentenced to 60 years behind bars. According to reports, Matthew Christenson, 34, had been charged with 14 felonies that included sexual assault and child abuse, but he was convicted of just four due to a plea deal. He pleaded guilty to three counts of second-degree sexual assault of
  • Southern Christianity Is Bigger Than the Bible Belt

    A scholar’s journey through the region reveals much more than Baptists and church barbecues.
    In the spring of 2008, my wife and I loaded up a truck and moved to Tennessee, where I’d taken a job as the religion writer at a newspaper in Nashville. I’ve spent the decade since then covering religion in the South, first at the paper and later as a magazine writer and freelancer.
    I thought I understood how things work here. But I was mistaken. A new book from Vanderbilt Divinity Scho
  • Judge Strikes Down California’s Physician-Assisted Suicide Law on a Technicality

    Photo Credit: Alex Borland NAPA, Calif. — A county judge in California has struck down the state’s physician-assisted suicide law, ruling that lawmakers wrongfully glided the bill through during a special legislative session that was to have focused on Medicaid funding, services for the disabled and in-home healthcare services. While he did not base his decision on the merits of the law, Judge Daniel Ottolia of the Riverside County Superior Court agreed with the plaintiffs, repr
  • God’s Peace Is Not Always God’s

    How to know when our feelings are truly from the Spirit.
    Our deeply reported March cover story examined multiple perspectives on the role of evangelicals in America’s growing commercial surrogacy industry. One supporter of the practice was quoted as saying, “God called me to seek out what seemed like unconventional ways to serve others.” Another said, “I’m so glad I have a peace about this being God’s plan” (emphasis added).
    Pulling these quotes is not a
  • Rwanda Is 95 Percent Christian. So Why Is It Shutting Down Thousands of Churches?

    The state of faith in the East African country nearly 25 years after its brutal genocide.
    Over the past two months, authorities have closed more than 7,000 churches across Rwanda for failing to comply with health, safety, and noise regulations. As CT has previously reported: President Paul Kagame welcomed the shutdowns but was stunned at the scale: “700 churches in Kigali?” he said during a government dialogue in March. “Are these boreholes that give people water? I don’t
  • Your Best Years Are Not Behind You

    God needs willing workers, not necessarily young ones.
    I am not 25 anymore, or 45, or even 65. But God doesn’t care. It’s Monday and my phone is ringing. My email inbox is full. My workload is steady. The harvest is ripe, as the Good Book says, and God has work for me to do. That’s the biggest surprise to me about getting older: God doesn’t worry about age. He needs willing workers. My biggest life questions aren’t about whether I will dye my hair, buff my thighs, o
  • Why Is Our Church Stagnating, and What Do We Do?

    Making sure your church is a loving, welcoming environment that genuinely seeks to share the gospel is a great way to address stagnation and to actively pursue growth.
    When we hear the term “stagnating,” it likely elicits a response from us of something unhealthy and functioning poorly. Although it is sometimes the case that something stagnates for bad reasons, it is also true that stagnation is not necessarily a bad thing, depending on what we are talking about. When it comes to chu
  • ‘I Kissed a Girl’ Katy Perry Speaks About Transcendental Meditation at Vatican Conference

    Pop singer Katheryn Hudson, who goes by the stage name Katy Perry and is known for her lesbian experimentation song “I Kissed a Girl,” recently spoke on transcendental meditation alongside her mentor at the Vatican’s “Unite to Cure” conference. Her appearance, along with others, such as Deepak Chopra and Dr. Mehmet Oz, have raised concern about ongoing ecumenism at the Vatican in joining together all kinds of beliefs and practices under one banner. “Bobby
  • New York AG Who Sued Pro-Life Christians for ‘Harassing’ Abortive Mothers Resigns Over Alleged Violence Against Women

    Public domain ALBANY, N.Y. — The New York attorney general who aggressively sued 14 pro-lifers last June in claiming that they “harass” abortion-minded mothers outside of an abortion facility in Jamaica has resigned amidst allegations that he physically abused four women with whom he had sexual relationships. Eric Schneiderman, 63 and an outspoken #Metoo supporter, denied the charges and asserted that while he had sexual relations with the women, he never hurt them. &ldquo
  • New York AG Who Sued Pro-Lifers for ‘Harassing’ Abortive Mothers Resigns Over Alleged Violence Against Women

    Public domain ALBANY, N.Y. — The New York attorney general who sued 12 pro-lifers last June in claiming that they “harass” abortion-minded mothers outside of an abortion facility in Jamaica has resigned amidst allegations that he physically abused four women with whom he had sexual relationships. Eric Schneiderman, 63, an outspoken #Metoo supporter, denied the charges and asserted that while he had sexual relations with the women, he never hurt them. “In the privacy
  • U.S. Dept. of Justice Alters Obama-Era Policy Allowing Inmate Placement by Gender Identity

    WASHINGTON — The U.S. Department of Justice has altered a policy under the Obama administration that allowed inmates sentenced to federal prison to be incarcerated in accordance with their gender identity, to now direct officials to “use biological sex as the initial determination for designation” and to permit placement by gender identity “only in rare cases.” A new Transgender Offender Manual issued on Friday by the Department places emphasis on maintaining safety
  • One-On-One with Matt Mikalatos on Good News for a Change

    If gospel really means “good news,” we shouldn’t be surprised that most people will be delighted to talk about it.
    One-On-One with Matt Mikalatos on Good News for a Change
    Ed: You start your new evangelism book, Good News for a Change, by suggesting we’ve forgotten that gospel means “good news.” Why is that?Matt: Once when I was in college, a complete stranger knocked on my dorm room door. As he stood in the hallway, his first words were, “You need to st
  • Vote Pro-Trump On May 15th – Election Day Is Tuesday, And President Trump Needs Everyone To Go Vote For Michael Snyder For Congress

    Facebook Twitter Pinterest Reddit Email If you live in Idaho’s first congressional district, President Trump desperately needs your support.  Tuesday is voting day, and it is being projected that only about 20 percent of all registered voters will actually go out and vote.  So that means if Trump voters turn out in very large numbers they can decide who will win this election.  If you do not know where your voting location is yet, you can find out right here.  And pleas
  • YouTube Bans Pro-Life Channel, Labels It ‘Harmful’ And ‘Dangerous’

    A pro-life organization says YouTube suspended one of its channels for being “harmful or dangerous” because its videos told women how to reverse their medical abortions. The group, Heartbeat International, says YouTube suspended its Abortion Pill Reversal account, which included a video describing the reversal procedure and three others of women who had successfully undergone it. “It’s hard to understand why YouTube would treat the rescuing of babies from an abortion pill
  • Christian Rocker Risks Life in Undercover Mission to Rescue Victims in Sex Trade

    Christian rock frontman David Zach of the band Remedy Drive recounts some of the chilling experiences he’s had while undercover as a covert operative to help rescue teenage girls trapped in sex trafficking rings in Asia and Latin America. For the past four years, Zach has spent most of his time undercover in brothels and red light districts searching for evidence of sex trafficking. Zach teamed up with Matt Parker, founder of the anti-human trafficking organization The Exodus Road, and tog
  • John Perkins On The Day He Finally Understood The Bible

    How a textual discovery led to a life-long call to vindicate the poor, his community, and his own family name.
    When asked to describe his calling, Civil Rights leader John Perkins launches instead into a detailed explanation of his long and morphing relationship with the Bible. Perkins’ story moves from confusion to clarity, and ultimately ends in resolve and redemption. Having grown up in poverty, Perkins found hope in the promises of God, and he took them to heart.
    But he didn’t ju
  • Alberta Family Services Reverses Rejection of Adoption Application Over Couple’s Beliefs About Sexuality

    ALBERTA, Canada — Alberta Child and Family Services has reversed its original rejection of a couple’s adoption application due to their biblical beliefs about sexuality. According to reports, the couple, which has only been identified as C.D. and N.D., filed the application in October 2016. The case was assigned to Catholic Social Services, which conducted interviews and compiled a home study. The couple had desired to adopt an older child that needed a forever family. Duri
  • Church Succession: How to Lead Our Churches into a Healthy Future

    As pastors age, they can prepare so that the transition of leadership in their churches passes smoothly and their churches are set to stay on a healthy trajectory.
    Church succession can be a sticky subject and sometimes involves a lot of awkward conversations. But it doesn’t have to. As pastors age, they can prepare so that the transition of leadership in their churches passes smoothly and their churches are set to stay on a healthy trajectory.
    A variety of reasons for change
    A number of t
  • Man Shouting ‘Allahu Akbar’ Kills One, Wounds Four in Knife Attack in Paris

    Photo Credit: BBC/Screenshot PARIS — A knife-wielding man shouting “Allahu Akbar” killed one person and injured four others on Saturday in a popular tour district in Paris. He was killed by police minutes later. “France has once again paid in blood, but will not give an inch to the enemies of freedom,” French President Emmanuel Macron tweeted. According to reports, Khamzat Azimov, a 20-year-old French resident who was born in Chechnya, began randomly attacking
  • The 70th Anniversary of Israel: 'If You Will it, it is No Dream'

    On May 14, 1948, David Ben-Gurion gathered with 250 guests in the Tel Aviv Museum (known today as Independence Hall). Ben-Gurion was head of the World Zionist Organization, a movement dedicated to creating a homeland for the Jewish people in their historic Promised Land. Behind him hung a portrait of Theodor Herzl, the founder of modern Zionism. At 4:00 p.m., Ben-Gurion banged his gavel. He then read a proclamation declaring the existence of the modern State of Israel. I have
  • ‘What President Trump Really Needs Is Michael Snyder In Congress’

    Facebook Twitter Pinterest Reddit Email Do you want to elect someone that is going to go to Congress and support President Trump, or do you want someone that has a completely different agenda?  Pro-Trump conservatives all over Idaho’s first congressional district have recognized that I am the only true pro-Trump candidate running for Congress, and that is why so many Idahoans that worked to elect President Trump are now working to elect me.  And on Sunday we were officially endor
  • Indonesian Churches Blasted by Family of Suicide Bombers

    Christians outraged at “heinous and gory” terrorist attacks that killed and injured dozens of worshipers Sunday morning.Suicide bombers launched coordinated attacks on three Indonesian churches during worship services this morning, leaving more than a dozen people dead and at least 40 more injured in a series of bloody blasts that horrified the country’s Christian minority and Muslim majority alike.
    Diponegoro Indonesian Christian Church (GKI), Surabaya Center Pentecostal Churc
  • 30 Really Great Reasons To Vote For Michael Snyder For Congress

    Facebook Twitter Pinterest Reddit Email People want to feel really good about voting for someone when they go to the polls on election day, and that is why so many true conservatives are rallying around our campaign for Congress.  Our campaign represents a positive conservative vision for the future of America, and that is why we have recently been officially endorsed by U.S. Senator Rand Paul and Mike Adams the Health Ranger.  Voting day is on May 15th, and right now we have more mome
  • When My Son Was Arrested for Murder

    Finding faith under unthinkable circumstances.
    The phone rang in the middle of the night. I squinted in the direction of the alarm clock as Gene reached for the receiver. It was 12:35 a.m. Who would be calling at this hour? Listening to my husband, I instantly knew he was receiving dreadful news.
    Gene pulled the receiver back and haltingly choked out the words. "J.P. has been arrested."
    I was dumbfounded. What illegal act could my son possibly have done that would have resulted in an arrest? My
  • Stop Apologizing for Apologetics

    But it might be time for it to grow up.
    In an episode of the second season of the Netflix series Stranger Things, the four junior-high heroes of the hit series dress up as characters from Ghostbusters for Halloween. In their ghost-fighting jumpsuits with blasting packs on their back, they quickly realize they have, quite embarrassingly, failed to pick up on the unwritten rules of the middle school coming-of-age process. No one wears costumes to school anymore!
    As the four friends become aware of
  • Definitely Keep Insulting Your Kids With Sarcasm. Great Idea.

    A godly tongue speaks humor that heals, not hurts.I grew up in a very funny family—not the kind of funny that sends you to therapy, but the kind that is its own form of therapy. My Irish relatives knew how to lighten even the hardest days with well-timed ironic humor. Some of my funniest memories are at family funerals.
    Though I love making people laugh, I’ve had to learn that certain ironic humor doesn’t belong on the lips of the Christ-follower, especially the Christian paren
  • New York Woman Accused of Attempting to Place Newborn Son in Trash

    Photo Credit: Newsday/Screenshot CORAM, N.Y. — A New York woman is accused of attempting to place her newborn son in the trash. The baby is now in foster care as two unidentified residents at the woman’s home heard the baby crying inside of the plastic bag she was carrying and stopped her from doing harm to the child. According to reports, Felicia Squillace, 26, gave birth at her home in Coram on April 27. She then placed her son in a plastic bag and walked toward the garbage ca

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