• Did Elon Musk just call me a killer?

    Tesla chief Elon Musk is often referred to, somewhat romantically and surely a little tongue-in-cheek, as the real world’s Tony Stark – better known as the Marvel Comics superhero, Iron Man.
    Musk may not fly around in a repulsor-packed power suit, but he does make his millions and his name on blue-sky thinking. He does push himself and his people to explore and exploit new ideas.
    And, just like Stark, he isn’t known for his tact.
    Disclosure: I’m a fan. Of Iron Man, sure,
  • Counterfeit Alloy Wheels Fail In Local FCAI Tests

    unknown quality standards were one of the key objections raised by the local automotive industry to the federal government’s now-dead plan to allow more parallel imports of second-hand vehicles to australia.proof has now arrived in the form of counterfeit alloy wheels which have failed even some elementary tests conducted by the federal chamber of automotive industries’ (fcai) ‘genuine is best’ campaign.using the comprehensive test roads at holden’s proving...
  • 2017 BMW 5 Series G30:: Australian first-look walkaround

    Last week, the wraps officially came off the all-new 2017 ‘G30’ 5 Series. Right after, BMW Australia took the extra step of flying two pre-production cars in for an early preview.
    CarAdvice went in for an exclusive first look, and you can catch our walkaround video above.
    Measuring 37mm longer, 8mm wider and 15mm taller, the new BMW 5 Series offers more rear leg and headroom than before, along with an extra 10 litres of cargo capacity, bringing the total to 530 litres.The
  • CarAdvice News Desk:: the weekly wrap for October 21, 2016

    Welcome to the CarAdvice.com News Desk, a regular video wrap of the latest happenings in the automotive world and Australia’s new-car market.
    Keeping you in the loop, Tegan Lawson presents a weekly video from the CarAdvice Garage, with everything you need to know about the week in news and reviews.
    What happened in the week ending October 21, 2016? Catch our video above, and links to the full stories below.
    THE WEEK IN NEWS:Once remaining Dodge Journey stock are s
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  • Nissan Completes Acquisition Of 34% Stake In Mitsubishi Motors

    following an official announcement from nissan in may regarding an alliance between itself and mitsubishi motors, the newly combined japanese automakers have confirmed that nissan has taken over a 34 percent equity stake in mitsubishi.the move sees mitsubishi motors join the global alliance between nissan and renault, and with the addition of mitsubishi the alliance moves to one of the world’s top three automakers by volume.nissan and mitsubishi have previously worked together on c...
  • Dodge Journey In Runout - Will Not Be Replaced As Dodge Brand Shelved In Australia

    dodge’s one and only offering in australia, the journey suv, has entered a runout phase and the carmaker has confirmed it will not be replaced.therefore, once the last journey has found a home the dodge brand will effectively be shelved in australia, with no direct timeline or plan for a revival.dodge had previously signalled its intentions to seriously consider a local introduction for the fan-favourite challenger and charger models.logistics and business cases aside, the pair...
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  • SuperUtes:: Dual cab turbo-diesel utes to battle it out on Australia’s race tracks

    Not content with dominating Australia’s building and construction sites and new vehicle sales charts, the ever-popular turbo-diesel dual-cab ute is about to dominate our race tracks.
    Supercars today confirmed it will launch a new motorsport category for the dualies, SuperUtes. The category, which will be open to all manufacturers of turbo-diesel, dual cab utes, will replace the popular but ageing V8 Utes Series which has pitted Australia’s venerable workhorses – the Falco
  • Hyundai Elantra gets ARK street-racer treatment for SEMA

    Revealed ahead of SEMA 2016 in Las Vegas, the ARK Road Racer Elantra concept receives a number of mechanical and styling upgrades to give it that Fast and Furious look.
    Key modifications under the bonnet include a custom ARK turbo kit with an Xcargot XT26 turbocharger, ARK downpipe and GRiP exhaust system, a Turbosmart blow-off valve and wastegate.
    Despite the upgrades, the company doesn’t quote any power, torque, or performance figures, likely withholding those details until the big unve
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  • Mitsubishi Motors joins Renault Nissan Alliance:: Official

    Nissan has formally acquired a 34 per cent stake in Mitsubishi Motors, and taken effective control of the smaller, scandal-beset Japanese car maker.
    As part of Nissan’s acquisition of a controlling share in the tri-diamond brand, Mitsubishi will join the Renault–Nissan Alliance.
    According to Nissan, this will mean that the Alliance will have sales of around 10 million units and should be placed within the world’s top three automakers by volume. Currently these places are taken
  • 2017 BMW 1 Series & 2 Series First Drive REVIEW – More Power, More M Models…This Is Sounding Great

    any time bmw announces a new model range with more power and extra m performance models…well we’re off to a flying start. and this is precisely the story on the updated 1 series hatchback and 2 series coupe and convertible.the freshened bmw small cars arrive locally in the shadow of an international announcement of the all-new bmw 1 series sedan, which has some chance for australian sales.“the (1 series sedan) car has been announced for china but if that car came alo...
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  • Tesla Model S Now Available To Rent At Thrifty - But Only In Canberra…

    thrifty rental cars has added a tesla model s to its fleet at canberra airport, with the luxury electric vehicle now available to rent in australia through a mainstream rental firm for the first time.the rental company may have been expected to choose sydney or melbourne as its first destination for a rent-a-tesla, but parent company - the nrma - has good reason for siding with the nation’s capital. the australian capital territory government, now virtually assured of a fifth...
  • 2016 Aston Martin Rapide S REVIEW | Restrained Supercar Looks, 12 Cylinders And Seating For Four - A Win-Win

    it’s an each-way bet, the 2016 aston martin rapide s, in more ways than one.firstly, it’s got restrained supercar looks, a 12-cylinder engine, a five-door body and adequate seating and luggage space (just) for four adults; a win-win in plenty of respects.but secondly, its days on 'planet earth' may be numbered. there is a replacement in the wings, or so we believe, but will it be as gorgeous as this, and manage to hide so deftly the 'four-door'&n...
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  • NSW Police Adds Audi S7 Sportback To Community Engagement Fleet

    the fleet of desirable cars in australia featuring various police logos splashed across their paintwork has increased yet again, with the addition of a 2016 audi s7 sportback.new south wales police are the custodians in this instance, adding to the likes of the mclaren 650s, aston martin vanquish volante, porsche 911 carrera, ford mustang and others that the force has used since 2014.the sportback will spend the next 12 months on the beat around wollongong’s southern suburbs and at...
  • Worksite Heroes Set To Become SuperUtes As Part Of 2017 Supercars Race Program

    supercars australia has announced that it will add a new racing category to its schedule of events for the 2017 race series.called superutes, the new category will see diesel dual cab workhorses modified for track duty with control wheels, tyres and brakes. competition rules state that superutes must run their original turbodiesel engines, cannot weight under 1800kg, and must be rear wheel drive.the new racing class is set to take over from the existing v8 utes class, which ran holden co...
  • Lynk & Co Introduces Shareable, Connected, Hybrid SUV

    though it may sound like lynk & co has thrown every buzzword it can at its 01 suv, this new brand, a part of the chinese geely group which also owns volvo, aims to be a connected, shareable, and green.under the skin the lynk & co 01 will share its compact modular architecture underpinnings with an upcoming compact volvo suv, the xc40, which was previewed earlier this year by the volvo 40.1 concept.lynk & co isn’t just aiming for a chinese-market launch either,...
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  • Motorclassica - Tech-Overload BMW iVision On Show

    lots of great historic cars on display this weekend in melbourne at the motorclassica show, but visitors will get a glimpse of the future bmw-style with the ivision future interaction vehicle making its first visit to the southern hemisphere.based on the upcoming i8 roadster (but without doors), the ivision is a technical masterpiece which highlights future autonomous driving as bmw interprets it.a clever steering wheel folds inwards and is illuminated with blue lights when the car is in...
  • Honda Unveils 3D Printed Micro Car

    a ‘thought bubble’ for those of you spending today wrestling with recalcitrant ink cartridges for your printer – honda has unveiled a micro commuter vehicle created using 3d printing technology.based on honda’s mc-ß ultra-compact ev, the short-range delivery vehicle will be used by japanese confectionary maker toshimaya corp (famous for its ‘hato sable’ dove-shaped shortbread cookies we’re told).it sits on honda’s lightweight ‘p...
  • ANCAP 2015-16 Summary | 49 Ratings Cover 29 Percent Of The New Car Market

    despite the winding down of local manufacturing – which was the prime reason why it was created – the local version of international safety testing called ancap continues apace.ancap says it published 49 vehicle safety ratings in 2015-16, covering more than 250 variants and 29 per-cent of the new vehicles sold in australia.vehicle manufacturers contributed over one-fifth of the $12.1-million spent to produce those ratings. in fact, one ancap rating costs $336,100 on...
  • 2017 Abarth 124 Spider Review

    What happens when you give the foundations of a Japanese built, rear-wheel drive, lightweight and affordable sports car to a bunch of Italians? The new Abarth 124 Spider.
    To the untrained eye, the Abarth 124 Spider looks like a sports car that shares nothing with its donor car, the Mazda MX-5. Yet, in reality, the performance focused Fiat is built in Hiroshima by Mazda, so while we can quickly put aside the usual jokes that it will be the best built Fiat in history, it does have a great deal of
  • Scientists stumble across CO2 to ethanol process

    httpv://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t7EYQLOlwDMResearchers at the Oak Ridge National Laboratory in Tennessee, USA, have developed an electrochemical process that turns carbon dioxide (CO2) into ethanol.
    Adam Rondinone, lead author of the team’s study, said: “We discovered, somewhat by accident, that this material worked”.
    “We were trying to study the first step of a proposed reaction when we realised the catalyst was doing the entire reaction on its own.”
    Using tiny spi
  • 2017 BMW 2 Series Review:: M240i and 230i

    The mid-life updated BMW 2 Series range has arrived in Australia, headlined by the hotted-up M240i and a revised mid-range 230i, both of which we drove at this week’s launch.
    Pitched as a slightly softer alternative to the red-hot M2 track star, the M240i replaces the M235i, and sports a number of updates to make it more desirable.
    Headlining this is a reworked TwinPower single-turbo 3.0-litre six-cylinder (TwinPower denotes variable valve and camshaft controls, and high-precision in
  • 2017 BMW 1 Series Review:: M140i and 125i

    The updated BMW 1 Series range has launched in Australia, with the Bavarian company placing a typical emphasis on the performance end of the spectrum.
    Headlining the 2017 model update is the new M140i, an anachronistic rear-wheel drive, turbocharged six-cylinder hot hatch that can be had with a six-speed manual gearbox (in place of the eight-speed ZF automatic 90 per cent of buyers order).
    This replacement for the M135i gets a redesigned 3.0-litre TwinPower turbocharged straight-six — con
  • 2017 BMW 1 Series pricing and specs: M140i hot hatch headlines upgraded range

    The 2017 BMW 1 Series hatchback debuted this week with a fairly significant mid-life update to keep it sharp against the Audi A3 and Mercedes-Benz A-Class, and maintain sales momentum into the new year.
    The rejigged MY17 BMW 1 Series range (just-published review here) comprises five variants: the 118i and 120i petrol runabouts, the 118i diesel, and the 125i and new M140i hot hatches (the latter in place of the M135i).
    The entry-level 100kW/220Nm 118i
  • Maserati Alfieri on hold until 2020, next GranTurismo due in 2018 – report

    The hotly anticipated Maserati Alfieri sports car won’t appear until at least 2020, as the Italian performance marque shuffles its production schedule to fast-track the replacement for the ageing GranTurismo and GranCabrio before the end of the decade.
    According to a new report by the UK’s Autocar, Maserati has confirmed the launch of the successors to the GranTurismo and GranCabrio twins – likely to land around 2018 – before the Alfieri after a previous p
  • All new Tesla cars will make full self-driving leap in 2017, if regulations allow

    Tesla chief Elon Musk says that by the end of 2017, all new models will have the capability – if not the legal freedom – to travel the breadth of the continental United States without human input.
    Musk’s ambitious comments come as part of an announcement today that all Tesla vehicles now rolling out of the company’s factory in Fremont, California, are equipped with sensors and processing capabilities far superior to those feature in existing Teslas.
    In a nutshell, the up
  • BMW M4 DTM Champion Edition revealed, Australian arm in the hunt

    The hardcore BMW M4 DTM Champion Edition has been revealed, celebrating BMW Motorsport Works driver Marco Wittmann’s 2016 DTM driver’s title.
    While the Deutsche Tourenwagen Masters (German Touring Car Championship) series isn’t quite as well known here as some others, BMW Australia has nonetheless indicated its interest in an allocation of this special new M4.
    Limited to just 200 units globally, the M4 DTM Champion Edition features performance upgrades and aero enhan
  • Tesla Goes Fully Autonomous - All Models Now ‘Full Self-Driving’

    tesla has announced that every car it builds from now on will have the capacity to drive itself.the model s, model x and even the new model 3 will all be fully-autonomous. despite criticisms over its autopilot program, and calls from chinese and german authorities to remove ‘autopilot’ references from promotional material, tesla is ploughing ahead into the self-driven future.“we are excited to announce that, as of today, all tesla vehicles produced in ou...
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  • Audi Q7 And SQ7 Recalled For Rear Seat Remedy

    audi has recalled both of its larger suvs in australia this week, due to a potential problem with the third-row seat.in seven-seat models of the audi q7 and the audi sq7, a cross piece on the rear row of seating may not have been manufactured to specification.should this be the case, the rear seat may deform during a collision, increasing the risk of injury to passengers.affected models are from the 2016 and 2017 model-years, and a total of 3434 are on the recall list in australia.
  • Tesla standardises significantly more advanced ‘Level 5’ self-driving hardware

    All Tesla electric vehicles being produced from now will come with the company’s new-generation full self-driving hardware, dubbed simply “Hardware 2”, hastening the commercial rollout of autonomous cars. But, as we’ll reveal further down the story, there’s a small snag for prospective buyers to consider.
    Model S, Model X and (imminent) Model 3 vehicles now all get eight surround cameras offering 360-degree visibility at up to 250 meters of range. There are also tw
  • Mercedes-Benz Unimog Recalled For Potential Bracket Breakage

    mercedes-benz has issued its second recall for the week, this time targeting the industrial unimog.a weakness may exist with the seat mounting bracket, which may thinner than specification on certain examples.should this be the case, the bracket may fail and the integrated seat belt may not be able to function as intended. this could pose a risk to the vehicle’s occupants.between 10 and 20 unimogs are on the recall list in australia, and all are examples are from the 437 series...
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  • 2017 Renault Megane First Drive REVIEW | More Convincing And More Conventional Than Ever

    the 2017 renault megane has been a long time coming, but the new french hatch has finally arrived in australia.officially, it’s a ‘small’ car, which sees it play off against two sales juggernauts in the toyota corolla and the mazda3.but buyers are more likely to cross-shop the megane against the likes of peugeot’s 308, the bmw 1 series, audi’s a3 and the citroen c4.for this reason, renault has sought to positon the megane as a ‘near premium’...
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  • Lynk & Co 01 revealed:: New Chinese SUV “the most connected car to date”

    The Lynk & Co 01 has been revealed, making it the first model to be born from the Compact Modular Architecture (CMA) project that Chinese car maker Geely has developed with its Swedish subsidiary, Volvo.
    Officially launched in Berlin overnight, the 01 is pitched as a premium offering to “address the needs and preferences of the new global and connected generation”.
    The connected theme continues to the in-car functions, with the company saying the 01 will always be connected
  • 2017 Audi SQ5 to have ‘oversteer potential’ – report

    The next-generation performance-focused Audi SQ5 SUV is likely to debut sometime next year, and its engineering team is promising a livelier drive – according to a new report out of the UK.
    Speaking to Autocar, an unnamed senior engineer involved in the new SQ5’s development said the sporty SUV will be capable of oversteer.
    It’s believed prototype testing for the SQ5 is set to move to the icy tracks of Sweden in the coming weeks, which will allow engineers to get the
  • BMW i3 ‘Inspires’ Yema B11 For China - Is This The Worst Copy Yet?

    china’s rather loose copyright laws have given way to another new car which seeks to ‘pay tribute’ to an existing model from the western world - and it’s a clanger.tesla’s model s has become the youxia x, which was also inspired by kitt from tv’s knight rider, the porsche macan and the zotye t700 could be mistaken for sisters and the land wind x7 looks rather similar to the range rover evoque.but yema may have taken the prize, at least for 2016, with i...
  • Jeep Grand Wagoneer Leaked In New Teaser Images

    jeep’s new upper-large suv, the grand wagoneer, has been leaked in what looks to be a pair of teaser images.the images appeared on several us posts, including jalopnik, and show the outline of the new model’s front and rear styling.while it’s possible that the images actually preview the next grand cherokee, the model pictured appears to be wider and more upmarket than the current grand cherokee.it’s unclear when jeep was planning to release the images, but a...
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  • 2017 Ford Mustang facelift spied

    The facelifted Ford Mustang coupe and convertible have been spotted in and around the company’s headquarters just outside of Detroit, Michigan.
    Visually, this facelift is expected to be a rather light update to the sixth generation Mustang. Despite wearing camouflage all over the body, we can’t make out any major changes to the car’s sheetmetal.There are fabric patches over the prototypes’ headlights, grille, front fascia, and tail-lights. Expect detail changes to the gr
  • 2016 Lamborghini LP580-2 REVIEW - A Motoring Enthusiast's Dream | Killer Looks And A Herculean V10 Engine

    we just lived a motoring enthusiast’s dream – we brought a lamborghini huracan home, parked it in our garage and drove it for a few days. the kids screamed with delight, the neighbours came in for a look-see and every time the v10 engine erupted into life heads turned in our direction.“you must be the only bloke in australia who drives a lamborghini wearing a cronulla sharks hoodie and track pants from the surf shop,” a mate joked. possibly so, but lamborghini offered...
  • 2016 Citroen Grand C4 Picasso Review

    The Space Toaster.
    Not the title of a David Bowie album or a MacGuffin in the next Guardians of the Galaxy film, but our nickname for the 2016 Citroen Grand C4 Picasso.
    We’d argue that our name is less silly than the real one, and we’d also argue that this is one of the best cars, that no one is buying.
    Citroen has sold just 96 C4 Grands this year, down from 205 at the same time in 2015. For context, there have been more sales of Ssanyong Stavic this year and well… just
  • ANCAP highlights costs and accomplishments of 2015-2016 tests

    Just days after calling out the absence of safety ratings in a new Australian Competition and Consumer Commission review of the local new-car market, the Australasian New Car Assessment Program has handed down a report on its 2015-2016 achievements.
    During that period, 49 ANCAP safety ratings were published, covering over 250 variants.
    Of these 49 ratings, 42 achieved the full five-star rating (86 per cent), five managed four stars (10 per cent), while three- and two-star were awarded
  • 2017 Skoda Yeti pricing and specs: 110TSI 4×4 Outdoor from $32,990 in streamlined range

    The 2017 Skoda Yeti range has been announced, headlined by the addition of a new 110TSI 4×4 Outdoor model. Elsewhere in the line-up, the 92TSI and 103 TDI 4×4 Outdoor models have been dropped, consolidating the Yeti range to just two variants.
    Powered by the same 110kW/250Nm 1.4-litre turbo-petrol engine offered with the Octavia and other Volkswagen Group, the new Outdoor’s power is up 7kW on the model it replaces, although torque falls short by a
  • 2017 Lamborghini Huracan Superleggera spied with more vents

    The Lamborghini Huracan Superleggera has been spied again, but this time one of the prototypes has a few extra surprises in store.
    The prototype seen here hustling around the Nurburgring Nordschleife has a three of vents with a camouflaged grille: one above the front wheel arch, one on that wheel arch’s trailing edge, and another set just ahead of the rear wheel arch.We’re not quite sure whether these vents will make it into the production version of the Huracan Superleggera, or wha
  • 2017 Alpina B5 sedan spied at the Nurburgring

    An aggressive-looking 2017 BMW 5 Series sedan believed to be the new Alpina B5 has been spied during performance testing at the legendary Nurburgring in Germany.
    Like the sporty Alpina B5 wagon prototype spotted in August, this development vehicle has the same mismatched alloy wheels at the front and back, while the front and rear bumpers also sport a similar design.
    In typical Alpina fashion, visual upgrades will be relatively subtle, with a new front spoiler, rear bumper, larger alloy wheels
  • Keiichi Tsuchiya at WTAC 2016:: The story behind the ultimate Toyota 86 fairy tale

    At this year’s World Time Attack Challenge (WTAC) 2016 at Sydney Motorsport Park, an incredibly rare and special moment occurred when the man widely considered to be the father of modern drifting, Keiichi Tsuchiya, performed a drift demonstration in a meticulously rebuilt 1984 Toyota AE86 Corolla – a car synonymous with drifting culture the world over. But how did it all come together? And what made it so very special?
    This particular story is one that goes back to 2003. Beau Yates&
  • Geely’s Lynk & Co previews first model, launching October 20 – video

    httpv://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q29_-1KC5P8Chinese company Geely has released another teaser for its upcoming Lynk & Co sub-brand, this time previewing its first model.
    In the new video, it appears the company’s first offering will be an SUV, in line with a report by the UK’s Autocar this week.
    Owner of both Volvo and the London Taxi Company, Geely is expected to target its new ‘L’ brand at developed markets around the world.
    Reports suggest the new Lyn
  • No, a driverless Mercedes will not plow into a family to save you

    No surprise, reports this week that a Mercedes-Benz executive had declared the company’s future autonomous cars would prioritise the lives of occupants over those of bystanders, quickly elicited cries of “a-ha, I knew it!” from all corners of the internet.
    It started with a report in America’s Car & Driver, which quoted – and nothing is as sure as a direct quote – Mercedes-Benz driver assistance systems manager Christoph von Hugo.
    “If you know you c
  • BMW Confirms i8 Roadster - 2018 Launch Scheduled

    bmw has confirmed the open-top version of the i8 electric supercar will arrive in 2018.based on the concept car shown at the beijing motor show a few years ago (pictured), we’re making the bmw i8 roadster an early nomination for 2018’s best-looking new car to launch.according to european reports emanating from a media function for the updated i3 hatchback in santa monica, california, bmw chief harald krueger said the i8 roadster is a goer for 2018 but didn’t a...
  • 2015-16 Kia Optima recalled in US for driveshaft fix, Australian models affected

    Kia has issued a recall in the US for 12,214 of its 2015 and 2016 model-year Optima sedans equipped with the 2.4-litre petrol engine, over concerns the right-front axle driveshaft could crack.
    Vehicles with a cracked driveshaft may not be able to move forward, or could roll away even when the parking brake is engaged.
    The 12,214 affected Optima sedans in the US were built from 13 November 2015 through to 23 April 2016, equipped with the 2.4-litre naturally-aspirated petrol engine.
    In the States
  • Skoda Yeti Scores New Petrol Engine - Skoda Yeti 4X4 Outdoor 110TSI

    skoda’s yeti compact suv is now available with a new petrol engine, replacing the previous diesel option and making the yeti a petrol-only affair in australia.the new model is the yeti 4x4 outdoor 110tsi, which as the name suggests, offers all-wheel-drive matched with a 110kw petrol engine.previously, the outdoor was available with a 103kw/350nm 2.0 litre turbocharged four-cylinder diesel engine, but this model has been missing from the range for some time.as the outdoor re...
  • 2016 Bathurst 1000 - Results Stand As Red Bull Appeal Dismissed

    the two avenues open to red bull racing australia to revise the finishing order for the 2016 bathurst 1000 have now been closed, with the confederation of australian motorsport (cams) dismissing the team’s final appeal.through the supercars national court of appeal, triple eight race engineering had appealed the severity of the 15-second penalty handed to the #88 holden vf commodore of jamie whincup and paul dumbrelll following the on-track incident during the 1000km race at mount pano...
  • 2017 Audi R8 Spyder pricing and specs: “Lighter, stiffer and faster” droptop here next year

    The Australian pricing for the 2017 Audi R8 Spyder has been revealed at the international launch of the new flagship roadster, eight months ahead of the car’s local debut in mid-2017.
    The second-generation drop-top supercar, which its maker Audi Sport claims is “lighter, stiffer and faster” than the generation it replaces, made its debut at this year’s New York motor show and hits European showrooms in November, priced from 179,000 euros (AU$256,000).
    In Australia, 

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