• They Weren’t ‘Livestock’ – They Were Sentient Beings Who Didn’t Want to Die

    Dorothea Mackellar had it right a century ago when she wrote in her famous poem “My Country” about a land of “droughts and flooding rains,” where we feel “sick at heart” when “around us,/ We see the cattle die“.
    Today, the news channels and social media feeds are full of stories about graziers who are sick over the deaths of hundreds of thousands of cows – drowned in floods or, a few weeks ago, dying of heat exhaustion and thirst during the
  • Melbourne Game Sparks ‘Hero to Geese’ Award

    Indie video game Untitled Goose Game has taken the world by storm—both serious gamers and amateurs alike have become obsessed with it, and it’s all about geese’s perspective. Here at PETA, we’re such big fans of it that we’ve sent House House (the Melbourne creator) a Hero to Geese Award.The Award is also accompanied by some delicious hand made Treat Dreams geese-shaped chocolates!
    Even though geese are just trying to live in peace (and have been around for ab
  • Melbourne Cup: 12 Things You Need to Know About Horse Racing

    Whatever the results of this year’s Melbourne Cup, there’s one thing that you can bet on with confidence – horses will suffer because of this unethical spectacle in Flemington. Please consider the following information:1.  Horses die on racetracks all the time. During the last racing year, 122 of them died on Australian racetracks. Their deaths were traumatic and frightening, a stomach-churning mess of tangled limbs, fractured bones, and broken spines.2. Hu
  • African Swine Fever Warnings Reveal Pig Dogging Hypocrisy

    Pig doggers are worried about wild pig populations. State governments have released warnings about African swine fever, and the Northern Territory has warned that an outbreak could result in hunting restrictions and the eradication of the wild pig population. The Australian Pig Doggers and Hunters Association and its members are raising awareness of the issue and working to preserve the wild pig populations.
    Helping to protect wild animals and ensuring that their populations thrive may be an ad
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  • Kathmandu’s Best-Selling Puffer Jacket Is Now Feather-Free and PETA Approved!

    For too many years, one thing stopped animal-loving adventurers from reaching for Kathmandu’s well-known Heli jacket: the fact that it was filled with feathers.
    Happily, those seeking lightweight warmth without sacrificing their ethics can now rejoice – a new version of the Heli has just dropped, and in addition to being lightweight and super-snug, it carries the “PETA-Approved Vegan” logo!
    Made with 100% polyester and recycled polyester and featuring bluesign-approved s
  • Farmers Use Spiked Nose Rings to Separate Calves and Their Mothers

    There’s nothing natural about the way cows are treated in modern animal agriculture – even in the way they’re allowed to interact with their own young.In order to wean calves, farmers sometimes clamp spiked rings to their septum to prevent them from nursing and seeking comfort from their mothers.
    The spikes are painful to the cow’s udder when the calf attempts to suckle and can cause the cow to move away from or even kick her baby.
    Jo-Anne McArthur / We Animals
    Calves na
  • Sheep Kicked, Hit, and Shoved for ‘Sustainable’ Wool

    Companies selling wool may tout words like “sustainable” or “local” in their branding, but as new video footage shows, when it comes to animal welfare, these buzzwords mean nothing.
    In the Nevada desert, PETA US eyewitnesses documented freshly shorn sheep being loaded into trailers bound for a location hours away, in California. The sheep are used by Bare Ranch, which claims to produce “local” wool using “sustainable” methods with “respect&r
  • Victory! Beauty Brand Morphe Bans Badger-Hair Make-Up Brushes

    Huge news! Morphe has banned make-up brushes made with badger hair following pressure from over 150,000 supporters of PETA and our international affiliates, who sent e-mails and contacted the company on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.The beauty brand, known for its affordable, professional-quality brushes, announced that it will no longer source or sell badger hair, joining nearly 90 other brands and retailers around the world in doing so – including Priceline and Fishpond.
    This victory
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  • Australian Retailer Takes Vile Glue Traps off Shelves!

    Big news for small animals! Australia’s premier discount variety store, Cheap as Chips, has made the ethical decision to remove glue traps from its shelves.
    The change comes after PETA contacted the company – which has 30 stores across South Australia, New South Wales, and Victoria – with information about the cruelty of such traps. A concerned customer initially got in touch with us after seeing them in a store in Adelaide, proving that if you see something and say something,
  • Big News! Airbnb Experiences Bar Elephant Rides, Tiger Cub Petting, Dolphin Captivity and More!

    After working with PETA US, international hospitality company Airbnb announced the launch of new policy guidelines governing its Animal Experiences, which ban direct-contact activities that abuse and exploit wild animals!
    Airbnb Experiences are bookable tours and activities, designed and led by local experts. While Airbnb has excluded elephant rides from its tourism experiences for some time now, the new policy prohibits other encounters that cause animals harm, such as swimming with dolphins a
  • Police Officer Who Stoned Wombat Is Investigated

    The South Australian Police are investigating a video in which one of its officers is seen throwing stones at a wombat, seemingly killing the animal.
    The video, which was posted on Facebook, shows a man throwing rocks at a wombat as the animal tries to run away. The man hits the wombat several times and laughs and gives the camera a “thumbs up” as the animal falls and rolls over.
    A police officer who smiles as he pelts a living, feeling being to death should not only be struck off t
  • Historic: TripAdvisor Denounces Sea World!

    In a resounding victory for marine mammals and an unequivocal statement to companies that profit from their abuse, the world’s largest travel site, TripAdvisor, has announced that it will no longer sell tickets to captive dolphin displays.
    In TripAdvisor’s announcement, just posted on its website, the company said:
    Ultimately, we concluded that whales and dolphins do not thrive in captivity. The evidence is both plentiful and compelling. These are highly intelligent animals with com
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  • VICTORY: Bardot Plucks Feathers From Its Collections!

    After hearing from PETA about the cruelty involved in using ostrich feathers for fashion, Australian label Bardot has pledged not to use them in future collections.
    In September, the brand started selling a “100% ostrich feather” dress, bustier top, and bustier bodysuit. The garments were supposed to “[b]low them away this season”, but instead, social media blew up as concerned customers voiced their disappointment at the company’s use of cruelly obtained feathers.
  • This Tiny Mouse Needs Your Help to Stop Animal Testing

    A mouse experimenting is cute – experimenting on a mouse isn’t.
    In PETA’s newest video, a mouse running his own experiment gets the shock of his life when the real world comes crashing in.Creative agency 160over90, an Endeavor Company,  created this clever video to depict the reality of experimentation from the viewpoint of individual animals – all animals, no matter how tiny, have a mind, a personality, and the desire to go about their own lives.
    The mouse on his w
  • This Tiny Mouse Needs Your Help to Stop Big Pharma Testing

    A mouse experimenting is cute – experimenting on a mouse isn’t.
    In PETA’s newest video, a mouse running his own experiment gets the shock of his life when the real world comes crashing in.Creative agency 160over90, an Endeavor Company,  created this clever video to depict the reality of experimentation from the viewpoint of individual animals – all animals, no matter how tiny, have a mind, a personality, and the desire to go about their own lives.
    The mouse on his w
  • ‘Lucky’ Feet Hacked Off Live Rabbits for Key Rings

    Ever wonder where those “lucky” rabbit-foot key rings come from? Footage from PETA Asia reveals that on fur farms in China, workers hack off rabbits’ feet while the animals are still alive and hit them in the head before slitting their throats and tearing off their fur.China is currently the largest producer and consumer of fur products, and it has no animal protection laws. PETA affiliates’ eyewitness investigations have repeatedly documented that fur farmers confine an
  • Joaquin Phoenix Reminds Everyone That ‘We Are All Animals’

    Joaquin Phoenix is a talent who comes along once in a generation. And as if that weren’t enough, he also has one of the biggest hearts in Hollywood when it comes to animals.
    Coinciding with the release of one of the most highly anticipated movies of his career, the Joker star is joining forces with PETA US once again to share a very simple truth with the world:“We Are All Animals.”
    Joaquin’s campaign also encourages everyone to “live vegan” and help “en
  • Fight Climate Change With Diet Change: Vegan Message at Climate Strikes

    Along with hundreds of thousands of Australians around the country, PETA joined the Global Climate Strike on Friday 20 September to raise awareness of the climate crisis, encourage the government to take action, and share with everyone a simple way to make an environmental statement every day: go vegan.
    We know better than anyone that without protest, there is no progress but there’s no need to wait for a special date to commit to saving the planet.
    If you truly want to combat climate cha
  • What Arianwen Parkes-Lockwood Wishes Australians Knew About Wool

    “They cut her throat and let her bleed to death. … and I’m next.”
    In a moving new video, Australian actor and producer Arianwen Parkes-Lockwood narrates the life of a sheep, asking people who wear wool to consider the suffering of the animal it came from.“My mother actually had twins, but my sister was weak, and it was very cold. She died.”
    Born into flocks too large for individualised care and lacking industry standards that require shelter, around a quarte
  • UPDATE: Charges Filed Against Workers Who Slaughtered Horses in South Korea

    After a police investigation prompted by video footage released by PETA showing widespread abuse and slaughter of horses– including Australian racehorses sold to the South Korean racing industry – three people at the Nonghyup abattoir in Jeju have been charged, along with the company itself.
    PETA’s exposé shows castoffs from the racing industry and other horses beaten repeatedly in the face as they’re forced into the abattoir and killed for their flesh.
    The Jeju p
  • Activists Protest Forced Swim Test at Victoria University

    More than 80 activists from New Zealand Anti-Vivisection Society (NZAVS), PETA, SAFE for Animals, Speak Up for Animals NZ, and Helping You Help Animals (HUHA) have joined forces at the Victoria University of Wellington to call for an end to the “forced swim” test, during which experimenters put terrified mice, rats, and other small animals into inescapable containers filled with water and force them to swim for their lives.
    Despite receiving more than 12,000 emails from compassionat
  • PETA’s New Ad Blames Meat-Eaters for Amazon Fires

    As fires rage in the Amazon rainforest, PETA has launched a graphic new ad campaign that proclaims, “Eating Meat Kills More Animals Than You Think.”The ad – which was designed for PETA Germany by fischerAppelt – explains, “Ranchers set fires in the Amazon rainforest to graze cattle and grow crops to feed them. Go vegan.”
    Are Meat-Eaters Responsible for the Fires?
    The demand for meat in Australia and around the world is the cause of the deadly fires that are r
  • Is the Meat Industry Fueling the Record-Breaking Amazon Rainforest Fires?

    Why has the largest rainforest on Earth—the Amazon—experienced record-breaking fires for more than three weeks? As the hashtag #PrayForAmazonia continues to trend on Twitter, we should address the leading culprit in global deforestation: animal agriculture.
    View this post on Instagram
    A post shared by PETA (@peta) on Aug 22, 2019 at 4:05pm PDTIn less than a week, Brazil’s space research center INPE recorded more than 9,500 new fires, with the majority clustered i
  • Qantas Pledges It Won’t Promote Sea World!

    Just weeks after Virgin Holidays announced it would stop selling tickets for tourism experiences involving the exploitation of captive whales and dolphins, Australian airline Qantas has cut ties with dolphin parks.
    The company told Yahoo Lifestyle:
    “We don’t promote these types of venues.”
    “As Australia’s largest airline we know we have a responsibility to ensure organisations we partner with meet our own expectations and that of the community.”
  • Pacific Leaders Appeal to Australia to Do Something About Greenhouse-Gas Emissions – It’s Time to Tax Meat

    Pacific leaders are appealing to Australia to do something about greenhouse-gas emissions. Our own children are striking to protest inaction. It’s time to tax meat.
    A new research report suggests that meat could be targeted for higher taxes, given the industry’s role in climate change, deforestation, and cruelty to animals. “The global rise of sugar taxes makes it easy to envisage a similar wave of regulatory measures targeting the meat industry,” Fitch Solutions, a fina
  • MAJOR Australia and New Zealand E-Commerce Company Bans Badger Hair

    One of Australia’s and New Zealand’s biggest online stores has taken a stance on badger hair by removing it from its extensive website and even third-party suppliers.
    PETA contacted Fishpond – which has an online pool of more than 25 million products – with footage from a new exposé of China’s badger-brush industry. The video revealed that “protected” badgers are illegally hunted in the wild and that others are bred and confined on farms before b
  • Pig Semen in Shampoo Bottles?! And They Claim Protesters Are the Biosecurity Threat?

    In a scene straight out of a Hollywood farce, bosses of a Western Australia piggery have been caught, fined, and jailed for smuggling Danish pig semen in shampoo bottles. The importation has been going on since 2009, and it risks introducing a virus called the “pig plague”, along with other biohazards.
    ©Aussie Farms
    All the while, industries that exploit animals have been feigning concern about potential “biosecurity threats” on their factory farms from investigator
  • Live-Export Whistle-Blower Cleared After Government Investigation

    Exposing a crime is not committing a crime, but that’s what the live-export industry and its supporters tried to pretend when video footage was released showing thousands of sheep dying of heat stress on its ships.
    Trainee navigator Faisal Ullah took a camera on board the live-export vessel the Awassi Expressand filmed a journey to the Middle East. What he captured caused a seismic shift in the public’s view of one of Australia’s cruellest industries.
    The live-export industry&
  • Complaint Prompts Canada Goose to Change False, Misleading Marketing

    Canada Goose is trying to pull the polyester over shoppers’ eyes. After the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) conducted an investigation into Canada Goose’s advertising practices, the company altered its language (that pertained to “ethical” sourcing)—but other than a few words, not much has changed, as coyotes and geese are still being killed for the brand’s garments.
    Shortly after the changes were reported, the company’s stock fell 4.7%.
    ©Born Free
  • Australian Live Exporter Charged With Cruelty to Animals

    Emanuel Exports and two of its former directors have been charged with cruelty to animals by the Western Australian government.The charges come after abhorrent abuse was exposed on the company’s ships. On one especially deadly journey, on-board conditions resulted in the deaths of more than 2,400 sheep – and whistle-blower footage of their plight aired on news show 60 Minutes last year.These charges are set to be another nail in the coffin of the live-export industry, which has

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