• New Zealand University in Hot Water Over Near-Drowning Animal Test

    After learning that Victoria University of Wellington in New Zealand still allows experimenters to place small animals in inescapable beakers filled with water and make them swim, PETA is calling on faculty to ban the test.
    In a letter to the university’s vice chancellor and Animal Ethics Committee, PETA points out that this test not only is egregiously cruel to the mice and rats who are forced to swim frantically for their lives but also has been scientifically refuted.Bad Ethics and Bad
  • Australians Injured at Running of the Bulls, Bulls Barbarically Killed

    Two Australian tourists have been injured during the final bull run of this year’s San Fermin Festival in Spain. The tourists and one Spaniard were taken to hospital with thigh, armpit and arm wounds, none of them life-threatening, according to The Sun.
    The same cannot be said for the bulls, who were later tormented and killed in the bull ring.
    Running To Their Deaths
    Each morning of the San Fermin Festival, a rocket is launched to terrify six bulls – who are na
  • Running of the Bulls 2019: Activists Stage ‘Crime Scene’ Ahead of Running of the Bulls in Pamplona

    Fifty-four protesters staged a “crime scene” cordoned off with yellow tape in Pamplona, Spain. The supporters of PETA affiliates and Spanish animal protection group AnimaNaturalis represented each of the bulls who will endure a bloody slaughter in Pamplona this month after being chased down the streets during the infamous Running of the Bulls.View this post on InstagramTODAY IN PAMPLONA: Activists from the UK and other countries around the world – including Ireland, Australia,
  • Pamela Anderson Calls For Freedom for Dolphins in Australia and Around the World

    It’s Pamela Anderson’s birthday, and the only gift she wants is freedom for marine mammals in captivity.
    In a new PETA campaign, Anderson poses in a tub in her birthday suit and asks, “Could You Live in a Bathtub for Decades?”Her point is that dolphins and other marine animals kept at marine parks, such as Sea World and Dolphin Marine Conservation Park, are not given anything like the space and enrichment they’d have if they were swimming free in their ocean homes.
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  • UPDATE: Three People Charged With Torturing Camels in Egypt Following PETA Exposé

    In April, PETA revealed that horses were whipped and camels were beaten bloody for Egypt’s tourism industry. After seeing the investigative footage and after the Society for the Protection of Animal Rights in Egypt filed an official complaint, local authorities arrested three people suspected of torturing camels at the Birqash Camel Market in Cairo. They face being fined and imprisoned for up to six months.At the notoriously cruel Birqash Camel Market, men and children were observed vicio
  • Sydney Climate Emergency: Will the Lord Mayor Introduce a Vegan Food Policy?

    Sydney’s lord mayor, Clover Moore, declared a climate emergency on behalf of the city and set a goal of reducing its emissions 70% by 2030. PETA responded by noting that one act would go a long way towards helping to reach that goal: introducing a policy of serving only vegan food at the city’s council premises and events.In a letter to the lord mayor, PETA points out that although it’s admirable that the council will complete its transition to 100% renewable energy in 2020, i
  • The Cheesecake Shop Launches Not One, But TWO Vegan Cakes!

    After a successful trial in select Queensland stores, iconic Australian bakers The Cheesecake Shop have added two vegan cake flavours to their menu nation wide: Vegan Chocolate and Vegan Strawberry.
    The cakes have two layers, a jam and frosting middle filling and are topped with a Belgian chocolate drip, popcorn, dried raspberries and pistachios.
    With almost 200shops across Australia, this is a huge win for the day-old calves who are torn away from their grieving mothers and killed for dairy an
  • Yes, Senator, Peas Are Grown by Farmers, Too

    Australia’s new minister for agriculture, Senator Bridget McKenzie, is “[n]ot happy” about vegan meat. In a bizarre tweet, responding to news that a plant-based protein company is stocking its “chicken-free chicken” in Coles, the senator announced:
    Not happy with latest fake food push. Chicken-free chicken is not chicken, it’s reconstituted peas. We need to protect our farmers.
    Perhaps the senator isn’t aware that peas are grown by farmers, too? Or that
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  • Victory! Two Huge Aussie Fashion Brands Ban Cashmere

    After a PETA exposé revealed extreme cruelty and the violent killing of goats for cashmere, two major Australian brands have vowed never to use the material again.
    Australian Fashion Labels (AFL) – whose portfolio includes the labels Finders Keepers, C/MEO Collective, Keepsake, The Fifth Label, and Jaggar the Label – and designer label OneTeaspoon have both ditched the material after PETA provided them with video footage from China and Mongolia, which produce 90% of the world
  • This Australian-Born Horse Used for Racing Never Made a Penny – Unless You Count the $50 per Kilogram Charged for His Flesh

    Meet Praise the Winner (Seungja Yechan in Korean). He raced four times and was scratched from his fifth race. His retirement was a death sentence.
    Unlike some other horses used for racing, this Australian-born animal never made a penny – unless you count the $50 per kilogram charged for his flesh at the supermarket.In South Korea, thousands of imported horses like Praise the Winner are sent to slaughter when they’re no longer wanted for racing or breeding.
    Eyewitness investigators f
  • Greek Authorities Censor Ad Campaign Against Cruel Donkey Rides

    Authorities on the Greek island of Santorini have refused to allow an ad campaign that shows an exhausted donkey next to the words “Donkeys Suffer for Tourists. Please Don’t Ride Them” to be run on local buses and taxis. The ads were intended to be placed on vehicles across the island in time for the peak tourist season.A local ad company representative explained that because many bus and taxi drivers also own donkeys who are forced to transport tourists up steep steps, the mu
  • Greek Authorities Censor Ad Campaign Against Cruel Animal Rides

    Authorities on the Greek island of Santorini have refused to allow an ad campaign that shows an exhausted mule next to the words “Animals Suffer for Tourists. Please Don’t Ride Them” to be run on local buses and taxis. The ads were intended to be placed on vehicles across the island in time for the peak tourist season.A local ad company representative explained that because many bus and taxi drivers also own animals who are forced to transport tourists up steep steps, the muni
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  • Celebrate a Happy Elephant’s Five Years of Freedom!

    Do you remember Sunder? For years, he was held captive in a temple in India, where he was used to attract visitors and donations and was beaten to make him “listen” and “behave”. He was kept tightly bound in heavy chains (often spiked ones) that left deep wounds on his legs. An injured eye, a hole in his ear, and the many scars on his body were telling signs of the decades of abuse that he had endured. Taken from his mother, denied the company of other elephants, and eve
  • Exposé Reveals Captive Elephants Are Used as Punchbags at This Despicably Cruel Event

    PETA Asia has obtained video footage showing handlers viciously beating elephants at the Chitwan Elephant Festival in Nepal.In response to seeing the video, Renault, MINISO, Carlsberg Group, United Beverage (maker of Pulpy), Mega Bank, Kumari Bank, JGI (maker of Ruslan Vodka), Chaudhary Group (maker of Wai Wai noodles), Everest Insurance, and Hotel Seven Star have announced that they’re ending their association with the festival, but Mount Everest Group and NRNA have taken no action to se
  • Alli Simpson Is an Angel for Animals!

    Model, actor, and singer Alli Simpson has earned herself a pair of angel wings by starring in an animal adoption ad campaign for PETA.
    The Instagram starlet is known for her glamourous globetrotting, calling Sydney, Los Angeles, and the Gold Coast home, but she’s also no stranger to living rough, having done a stint on the streets while filming the SBS series Filthy Rich and Homeless. Now, inspired by the loneliness she felt while away from her own family during filming, she’s
  • Johnny Marr on Donkey Abuse: ‘It’s Wretched Stuff, and It Needs to End – Now’

    Ahead of his upcoming performance at the Release Athens festival, musician Johnny Marr has appealed to the Greek Minister of Tourism, Thanasis Theocharopoulos, to put an end to cruel animal “taxi” rides on the island of Santorini, a popular holiday destination.
    Johnny Marr | Ralph Thompson | CC BY-ND 2.0
    In a letter, the Smiths icon points out that donkeys and mules are forced to transport tourists – many of whom are Australian – up more than 500 steep steps from the por
  • Big News! KFC Launches Vegan Chicken In the UK

    Exciting news! Following talks with PETA UK, KFC is introducing a vegan version of its signature fried chicken.The people have spoken: more than 13,000 PETA UK supporters contacted KFC to ask the chain to add a vegan option to its menu. And the company listened: meet The Imposter. This vegan chicken burger boasts a bespoke Quorn fillet coated with the famous Original Recipe herbs and spices and topped with fresh iceberg lettuce and creamy vegan mayo, all in a soft glazed bun. Yum, yum, YUM!In i
  • Wool Hurts: PETA Protesters Cradle Shorn ‘Sheep’ in Sydney Mall

    As cold weather hits Australia, PETA supporters have staged a thought-provoking protest in a Sydney shopping mall, urging shoppers to reconsider buying wool this winter.Steven Walker
    Looking “beaten” and “bruised” and cradling a shorn “sheep”, the protesters held the demonstration after PETA and our affiliates released multiple video exposés of the wool industry around the world – including in Australia – which showed shearers punching shee
  • The Iconic Joins Over 1,000 Companies Using the ‘PETA-Approved Vegan’ Logo

    With the addition of Atmos&Here’s Capsule Collection by The Iconic, more than 1,000 companies are now using the “PETA-Approved Vegan” logo worldwide – a number that will continue to climb as more and more businesses respond to the public’s skyrocketing demand for vegan fashion.
    The “PETA-Approved Vegan” logo makes it easy for shoppers to find fashion that’s cruelty-free. We celebrate companies for using innovative, animal- and eco-friendl
  • Victory! Prada Will Stop Using Fur From 2020

    Corks are popping at PETA as Prada becomes the latest brand to drop fur. It now joins Jean Paul Gaultier, Armani, Versace, Ralph Lauren, Vivienne Westwood, and many others in banning the cruelly obtained material from its collections.
    The news comes after over a decade of campaigning by PETA’s international affiliates, which included PETA US attending Prada’s annual meetings as a shareholder, crashing catwalks, and organising street demonstrations. Most recently, in 2018, actor and
  • Toymaker Playmobil Asked to Launch ‘My First Abattoir’

    As Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison proposes funding farm visits for schoolchildren, animal advocates have asked toymaker Playmobil to create a “My First Abattoir” play set, which would show children the way animals are actually treated in the meat and dairy industries.PETA UK first wrote to the company in April to ask it to remove the misleadingly happy-looking animal figures from its “Large Farm” toy set. After receiving no word of reply, the group got back in
  • Royal Baby Receives Adorable Vegan Gift

    As Meghan and Harry, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex celebrate the birth of their first child, PETA UK has sent the newborn a warm and cosy welcome: a wool-free cardigan made of cotton and bamboo from Bramble Crafts.
    A wool-free cardigan is as soft and warm for a baby as it is kind to sheep. We hope this gift for Meghan and Harry’s little one will inspire parents around the world to dress their own tots in compassionate, animal-friendly style.
    Wool Production Is Cruel
    Since 2014, PETA and
  • Leonardo da Vinci and Animal Rights: 500 Years Ahead of His Time

    Is there anything that Leonardo da Vinci didn’t anticipate?
    His celebrated notebooks include diagrams for a human-like robot, a helicopter, a diving suit, a parachute, a ball bearing, and a self-propelled cart—history’s first robotic vehicle plan.
    Da Vinci was also an urban planner. His “ideal city,” designed in response to the Black Plague, was laid out to be sanitary from the ground up. He hypothesized that something about cities made people vulnerable to disease
  • Australia No Longer ‘Rides on the Sheep’s Back’

    As Australia’s drought continues and animals become increasingly expensive to feed because of a lack of pastureland, Australia’s wool industry is shrinking.
    Farmers say sheep are growing 15 to 20 per cent less wool because they’re not getting the same quality of food in the dry conditions. Consequently, farmers are buying more grain to feed the animals, which is affecting their profit margins and leading them to “destock“– an industry term that means sending
  • Update: What Recent Australian Cosmetics Testing Legislation Means for Animals and Consumers

    The Parliament of Australia has finally passed the Industrial Chemicals Bill 2017, legislation that is being touted as ending cosmetics tests on animals in Australia.But what does it really change for animals in laboratories and Australian consumers who don’t want to buy products with chemicals that have been dripped into animals’ eyes, poured down their throats, or rubbed onto their skin?
    This legislation has been a long time coming. Before the election in 2016, the Australian gove
  • Celebrity Request Prompts Vegan Hot Dog Launch!

    After Aussie party-starter and animal advocate DJ Tigerlily sent a letter to Wally’s Hot Dogs requesting that it introduce a vegan version of its famous hot dog, the vendor has done just that, launching a limited-edition vegan hot dog named the “Vegan Wally”.
    The dish, which will debut at the Sydney Royal Easter Show, features a delicious vegan sausage by Suzy Spoon’s Vegetarian Butcher topped with tasty non-dairy cheese – and the tempting snack is bound to have ev
  • ‘All Beings Bleed the Same’: New PETA Ads Challenge Speciesism

    In abattoirs, pigs and cows are hoisted upside down by their back legs and their throats are cut, even though they often haven’t been properly stunned. If you aren’t already repulsed by that fact, would it shock you if the victim were instead a dog? Shocking new PETA ads aim to challenge viewers to question why they love some animals but eat others.The “All Animals Bleed the Same” campaign was conceived by PETA Germany and advertising agency DDB Prague, working pro bono,
  • Breaking: China Greenlights New Non-Animal Cosmetics Tests

    After years of pushing from PETA US, the Chinese government has approved two more non-animal methods for testing cosmetics products in China.
    The two newly approved tests, the direct peptide reaction assay for skin sensitization and the short time exposure assay for eye irritation, will spare countless animals the agony of having substances dripped into their eyes and rubbed onto their skin.
    This major progress is thanks to the groundbreaking work of the expert scientists and regulatory special
  • Sheep Farming and the Wool Industry’s Damaging Environmental Impact

    The post Sheep Farming and the Wool Industry’s Damaging Environmental Impact appeared first on PETA Australia.
  • Victory! VEGAN Choc Tops Premiere at Event Cinemas!

    The choc-top: it’s a classic Aussie cinema treat. Now, for the first-time ever in Australia, you can enjoy a vegan version of the ice cream at Event Cinemas!Everything from the crunchy cone, chocolate top and the velvety ice cream inside (available in  both chocolate and salted caramel) has been made vegan for movie lovers with a conscious who know the truth about cruelly obtained dairy products.
    The new menu item has been added to select stores after an online petition signed by hun
  • The New ‘Dumbo’ Film Is Worth the Tears

    The trailer alone made grown adults weep. And now that Disney’s live-action Dumbo has arrived in theatres, we’re sure there won’t be a dry eye in the house by the time the credits roll.
    But while an adorable, computer-generated elephant with big ears has audiences in tears, we need to remember that real elephants – and many other animals – continue to suffer around the world in the name of entertainment, including for movies and television shows.
  • Belgium Bans Ritual Slaughter. Should Australia Be Next?

    At the beginning of the year, a ban on ritual slaughter came into force in Belgium. It requires that small animals – including chickens and sheep – be electrically stunned before their throats are slit, which some, but not all, believe would contravene dietary laws of Islam and Judaism dictating that animals must be healthy at the time of their death.
    In his book Animals in Islam, BA Masri Al-Hafiz argues that stunning is lawful under Islamic law. In fact, today, most animals slaugh
  • Live Export Update: Why the Government’s June to August Ban Isn’t Enough

    The Australian government has proposed to allow live exports to continue in May and September this year, despite recommendations that shipping be banned then because of soaring temperatures.
    The proposal comes after almost a year of investigations and reviews of the industry following the release of video footage by Animals Australia, which shows the horrifying conditions endured by exported sheep – who, panting and heat-stricken, lay in piles of their own melting faeces and the decaying
  • Victory! Johnson & Johnson Bans Near-Drowning Tests on Animals

    Huge news! After talks with PETA US, pharmaceutical giant Johnson & Johnson has committed to not conducting or funding the forced swim test, in which mice or other small animals are dropped into beakers of water and swim frantically to keep from drowning.
    The company and one of its subsidiaries, Janssen, have published about using this cruel, useless test in recent years. This announcement signals an end to the suffering of animals in these misguided experiments.
    Johnson & Johnson has d
  • Sickening ‘Sperminator’ Machine Used to Inseminate Sheep Infuriates the Internet

    Animal advocates – and, generally, anyone with even a sliver of moral fibre – were recently outraged by a video depicting how sheep raised for their wool are artificially inseminated in a machine dubbed the “Sperminator”. (Seriously, that’s its name.)In the video, sheep can be seen stuffed inside a mechanical rotating trap before they’re dumped onto a rack and bound upside down to it. They’re then rolled off like packages on a moving dolly.
  • Three Horses Died This Weekend on Australian Racetracks

    Three horses have died on Australian racetracks in just one weekend.
    At a race in Tamworth, a horse named Son of a Dun collapsed on the course, causing another four horses and riders behind him to fall. One other horse died, and four of the injured jockeys were hospitalised.
    Why did Son of a Dun collapse? It’s believed the 3-year-old gelding suffered a heart attack mid race.
    Within the same 24 hours, a mare named Payroll was injured and died at Flemington, the home of the Melbourne Cup.Th
  • Why Real Feminists Should Stop Eating Eggs and Dairy

    The feminist movement has never been more alive in Australia. We’re working to put more women in office and in corner offices. We’re fighting for equal pay, tax-free feminine hygiene products, an end to sexual harassment, funding for women’s sports, and streets safe enough for us to walk alone. Around the world, we’re working to end sex trafficking, slavery, genital mutilation, and “honour killings”. People rail against sexism in all its many forms – ex
  • Wellington Zoo Just Killed Some of Its Captive Baboons

    Four baboons – Habib, Osiris, Les, and Rafiki – have been killed at Wellington Zoo.The facility’s chief executive said the exhibit had become “untenable” for the primates, who had become aggressive with one another “after a breakdown in their social structure”.
    Unfortunately, these animals are hardly the first who’ve been killed by their captors or the only ones forced to live with incompatible cagemates, with no means of escape.
    Elise McDonald, S
  • 5 Reasons Why Polar Bears Do Not Belong in Australia

    It’s not hard to see why humans are fascinated by polar bears. These large, charismatic mammals are a symbol of the Arctic, one of Earth’s most untouched environments.
    Because people are so interested in polar bears, the Gold Coast amusement park Sea World keeps a number of them on display to entertain paying customers. But these animals will never be happy in Australia. Here’s why:1. They need space to roam.
    In the wild, polar bears spend most of their day travelling. They rou
  • Did PETA Really Say That About Steve Irwin?

    Google recently commemorated the late Steve Irwin with one of its doodles. The company described its tribute as a celebration of “the legendary Australian wildlife advocate & TV personality whose bravery & passion opened the eyes of millions to the wonders of wildlife”.
    PETA’s American affiliate tweeted about the drawing, sparking conversation about “conservation” all over the globe:#SteveIrwin was killed while harassing a ray; he dangled his baby
  • Update: Law Banning Animal Testing for Cosmetics in Australia Finalised

    Parliament has passed the Industrial Chemicals Bill 2017, an important step towards ending cruel animal tests for cosmetics in Australia.After being passed in the Senate last week – with 11 amendments made in consultation with Humane Society International to ensure worrying loopholes were closed and all chemicals were included in the ban – the legislation was again passed by the House of Representatives on Monday, finally making its approval official.The Bill includes measures
  • Herbal Essences Goes Cruelty-Free!

    Procter & Gamble’s iconic Herbal Essences brand has been added to the PETA US list of companies that never test on animals anywhere in the world! Watch for the cruelty-free bunny logo on some Herbal Essences packaging soon.“[PETA US’s] cruelty-free credential and logo provide consumers with the assurance they are looking for as they choose their shampoos and conditioners. We’re proud to have passed [the group’s] stringent verification process to join their
  • Table Tennis Donkey Gelatine Sponsorship Will Not Be Renewed

    In good news for donkeys, Table Tennis Australia (TTA) has confirmed to PETA that it will not renew the sponsorship of the Australian Donkey Industry Association, which expires in April.The association is a lobby group that promotes the cruel ejiao trade, an industry that is rapidly expanding. Ejiao, made from donkey gelatine, is baselessly marketed around the world as a traditional medicine and cure for everything from poor blood circulation and cancer to acne.
    A PETA eyewitness exposé
  • Boohoo Becomes First Major Fashion Retailer to Ban Wool

    After learning about the shocking, systemic cruelty in the wool industry, the global online fashion retailer boohoo group plc has announced that it will no longer produce items made of wool.The group – which includes the brands boohoo, boohooMAN, PrettyLittleThing, and Nasty Gal – told PETA that “as of AW19/20, we will not knowingly source any wool products”.
    “PETA is toasting Boohoo Group’s compassionate, business-savvy decision to scrap wool,” says PE
  • They Weren’t ‘Livestock’ – They Were Sentient Beings Who Didn’t Want to Die

    Dorothea Mackellar had it right a century ago when she wrote in her famous poem “My Country” about a land of “droughts and flooding rains,” where we feel “sick at heart” when “around us,/ We see the cattle die“.
    Today, the news channels and social media feeds are full of stories about graziers who are sick over the deaths of hundreds of thousands of cows – drowned in floods or, a few weeks ago, dying of heat exhaustion and thirst during the
  • Victory! Victoria Beckham Bans Exotic Skins

    Following years of campaigning by PETA UK, fashion icon and designer Victoria Beckham has pledged to stop using exotic skins in her collections.The brand also affirmed its fur-free status:
    Victoria Beckham will cease the use of exotic skins in all collections as of AW19. The Victoria Beckham brand has never used fur in its clothing or accessories collections and confirmed last year that the brand will remain fur free.
    Victoria Beckham’s decision to ban exotic skins will spare countless re
  • VICTORY! Priceline Ditches Badger-Hair Brushes Following PETA Exposé

    After PETA shared a horrifying video exposé of China’s badger-brush industry with Australian Pharmaceutical Industries, whose subsidiaries include health and beauty giants Priceline and Priceline Pharmacy, the company reassessed its use of badger hair and confirmed that it’ll avoid stocking make-up and shaving brushes and all other items containing the material in the future.PETA Asia’s investigation – the first of its kind – revealed that &ld
  • Greyhound Dies on Opening Night of South Australia’s Murray Bridge Track

    A dog has died following a race at the new Murray Bridge greyhound-racing track in South Australia.At the venue’s opening event on Sunday night, a 3-year-old greyhound named He’s Okay sustained a severe right hock fracture during a race. He failed to finish and was later euthanised.Despite years of opposition to plans to open this cruel racetrack – including around 7,000 letters from PETA supporters– the South Australian government went ahead with the project, and Greyho
  • Corn Flakes Get Kinder As Kellogg Company Ends Animal Tests

    Following extensive discussions with PETA US that spanned more than 11 years, the world’s leading cereal maker, Kellogg Company– which trades as Kellogg’s in Australia – has adopted a new global policy ending the use of animals in harmful and deadly tests for food products or ingredients when not explicitly required by law – a practice that the company pursued for nearly 65 years.
    PETA US first urged Kellogg to stop conducting and funding experiments on animals in
  • PETA Barbecues a ‘Dog’ in a Sydney Shopping Mall

    Soon, Australians will be firing up their barbecues for an Australia Day feast, but after a thought-provoking protest in a busy Sydney mall, they may be reconsidering what they’ll be cooking this year.
    PETA supporters took to Pitt Street Mall to barbecue a “dog” over a banner proclaiming, “If You Wouldn’t Eat a Dog, Why Eat a Lamb? Go Vegan!”Of course, the “dog” was just a prop, but the idea of barbecuing dogs rightly causes outrage amongst Austra
16 Jul 2019
15 Jul 2019

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