• Contiki Stops Sending Tourists to Cruel Running of the Bulls

    Travel Corporation has stopped offering tours to Spain’s San Fermín festival. The company, which operates Busabout and Contiki, the leading travel provider for people aged 18 to 35, builds its brand on adventure holidays. But increasingly, young people are realising that there’s nothing adventurous about terrorising bulls on the streets of Pamplona before the animals are stabbed to death in the bullring.Many of the tourists who go to Pamplona to run with the bulls have no ide
  • Penélope Cruz and PETA Urge Shoppers to Ditch Fur in New Christmas Ad Campaign

    “I’m strong and opinionated,” says Penélope Cruz. “Those qualities brought me a lot of problems since I was a little girl in school, saying, ‘I don’t agree,’ and fighting with the children. It’s part of my curiosity for life.”
    But strong, opinionated people who are prepared to stand up to others are exactly who animals need in their corner. So the fearless Cruz has appeared in a new PETA ad to oppose one of the things she doesn’
  • Chanel Is Banning Exotic Skins After Pressure from PETA Affiliates

    Corks are popping at PETA following the news that Chanel is kicking fur and exotic skins – including crocodile, lizard, and snake skin, – to the curb. It makes the Parisian fashion house the largest player in luxury to ban these cruel “fabrics”.For decades PETA’s affiliates have called on the brand to opt for luxury, cruelty-free fashion that no animal had to suffer and die for.
    Chanel said in the statement:
    We are continually reviewing our supply chains to ensure
  • VICTORY! Brisbane Ends Use of Animals in David Jones Christmas Parade

    After PETA pointed out that live-animal displays are demonstrably cruel and can be dangerous to the public, David Jones confirmed that it will not use any animals, including deer, donkeys, and camels, in its annual Christmas parade through Brisbane’s central business district this year!Christmas is anything but merry for animals who are exploited for nativity scenes, lighting ceremonies, and other holiday displays. Deer, who naturally shun human contact, endure a perpetual state of discom
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  • PETA to Bunnings: Ditch the Meat, Leave the Onions

    Following the news that Bunnings is ramping up health and safety regulations for its iconic weekend sausage sizzles – by recommending that onion be placed underneath sausages to prevent any falling out and creating a slipping hazard – PETA has written to the hardware chain to point out that the onions aren’t the real snag for health and safety.
    Stray onions on the floor may cause the occasional slip, but it’s the sausage meat that poses the real danger: The&nbs
  • Jean Paul Gaultier Announces The End of Fur, Calling It “Absolutely Deplorable”

    Jean Paul Gaultier is the latest designer to drop fur. The iconic designer now joins Armani, Versace, Ralph Lauren, Vivienne Westwood, Stella McCartney, and many others in banning fur from his collections.
    He announced live on French television that he won’t be using fur in future collections, admitting that the ways animals are killed for their fur are “absolutely deplorable”.
    The news comes after years of pressure from PETA affiliates, including an activist who was thrown ou
  • Yoda Cake Wins ‘Vegan Eats and Treats’ Contest

    A vegan chocolate cake from a galaxy far, far away has won a Gold Coast woman a month’s supply of vegan meals.
    Food brings people together and has the power to change minds, and no one knows this better than Zoe Lee, who used her chocolate Yoda cake with peanut butter frosting as a force for good at a Star Wars–themed birthday party.
    For her efforts, she won a 30-day supply of delicious, handcrafted vegan meals – such as Pumpkin Lasagne; Artichoke, Capers, and Lemon
  • RIP The Cliffsofmoher, Killed for Flemington “Entertainment”

    The Cliffsofmoher has been killed after fracturing his right shoulder in the Melbourne Cup.
    This is not a freak accident. He is the 5th horse to die in as many years at the Melbourne Cup.
    In 2014 Admire Rakti collapsed and died in his stall after the race, and Araldo broke his leg and was euthanised. The following year Red Cadeaux shattered a leg and was killed on the track and last year, Regal Monarch died after a dramatic mid-race fall at Flemington.
    How many more fatalities will it take befo
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  • Minister Urged to Cancel Melbourne Cup Day Public Holiday

    Public holidays should be occasions to honour significant events in our country’s history or celebrate festivals such as Christmas and Easter.
    On Melbourne Cup Day, horses are whipped and pushed past their limits. Normally, we’d call that cruelty to animals, but in Victoria, it’s a day off work for the sole purpose of gambling with horses’ lives. This needs to stop.
    © Liss Ralston
    PETA has sent a letter to Victorian Minister for Trade and Investment Philip
  • Pamela Anderson Urges PM Scott Morrison to Ban Live Exports

    In the lead up to her exclusive Australian television appearance on current affairs program 60 Minutes, PETA US’s honorary director Pamela Anderson has sent a letter to Prime Minister Scott Morrison urging him to end the sadistic live-animal export industry.
    In the letter, Anderson references the Prime Minister’s maiden speech, noting that she shares with him “the same strong principles of justice and compassion”, before urging the Prime Minister to &
  • VIDEO: Want Real Halloween Horror? Learn More About Animal Agriculture

    The meat, egg, and dairy industries want you to believe their tales of “happy” animals, but this shocking new video shows the real terror hiding inside every factory-farm prison.The video, created by PETA Germany in collaboration with Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg, is being released ahead of Halloween to serve as a reminder that there are horror stories playing out every day for animals used and abused for food.
    The misleading images of idyllic barnyard scenes that are propaga
  • 8 Powerful Vegan Moments From 2018

    It’s been a huge year on the vegan scene, and it’s clear that more Aussies are celebrating World Vegan Month than ever before.
    A study conducted by Roy Morgan Research found that between 2012 and 2016, 400,000 Australians stopped eating meat. That’s one person every five minutes, and from all reports, the numbers just keep growing!
    Here are some of the biggest #VeganCulture shifts of 2018 (so far!):Vegan Food Went Mainstream
    From the minute Forbes ran an article titled &l
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  • What to Say When Asked, ‘Why Vegan?’

    Although it seems obvious to us vegans that the taste of meat, eggs, and dairy “products” doesn’t warrant the misery and death of billions of animals or such foods’ catastrophic impact on the planet and our health, others can sometimes have a difficult time grasping the issues.
    So we’ve summarised five of the main reasons for making the switch to vegan living.Why Vegan? Because I Don’t Want to Pay for Cruelty to Animals
    Every single animal is a sensitive
  • Meghan Markle to Receive Farewell Gift From PETA

    Meghan Markle is already known for her impeccable taste in fashion and penchant for vegan leather pants, so as a parting gift as she leaves Australia, PETA is giving her some beautiful additions for her royal wardrobe.
    Markle will receive a high-end Vaute vegan suede coat and Indigo Apparel vegan wool scarf from Australian boutique The-V-Spot. Both are classic pieces with all the elegance and style the duchess is well accustomed to and with none of the cruelty that’s inherent in the produ
  • Macpac Joins Mohair-Free List After PETA Exposé

    Global outdoor retailer Macpac has joined the likes of Forever New, Gorman, Topshop, and hundreds of other retailers worldwide in implementing a policy against using mohair.Macpac made the decision following PETA Asia’s investigation of the mohair industry in South Africa – the source of more than 50 per cent of the world’s mohair. The eyewitness saw one worker slowly cut angora goats’ throats with a dull knife while they were fully conscious and then break their necks,
  • Vegan Royal Poutine Is Here, Just in Time for the Duchess

    To celebrate the royal couple’s October tour of Australia, PETA Business Friend Lord of the Fries (LOTF) has unveiled a signature dish created and named in honour of Duchess Meghan Markle.
    The Duchess’ favourite food is poutine (fries smothered in cheese curds and gravy), even though she eats vegan most of the time.
    But thanks to LOTF, she can now have her poutine and eat it, too – all while being kind to cows.
    Cows on dairy farms in Australia are repeatedly and forcibly impre
  • UPDATE: Thailand’s King’s Cup Elephant Polo Tournament Is No More!

    Victory: Following a PETA Asia campaign and eyewitness exposé of the King’s Cup Elephant Polo Tournament in Thailand, Minor International PCL founder and Chair William E. Heinecke has announced that he is “fully supportive” of the recent decision by the Thailand Elephant Polo Association—the main governing body behind the tournament—not to seek permission for a 2019 tournament and to cease its operations in Thailand. These elephant polo g
  • PETA’s iPhone App Makes Activism Easy – Download It Now

    PETA’s action alerts help save animals. From speaking out against animal testing to protesting against the cruelty of factory farms, you can make your voice heard by adding your name to our effective petitions or sending a compelling e-mail to a decision-maker.
    Animals need us to take advantage of every opportunity to speak up for their rights, even though our own lives may be hectic. To help make taking action easier, PETA came up with a fast, simple way for iOS users to help animals any
  • Dove Earns Cruelty-Free Stamp of Approval, Added to ‘Beauty Without Bunnies’ List

    The post Dove Earns Cruelty-Free Stamp of Approval, Added to ‘Beauty Without Bunnies’ List appeared first on PETA Australia.
  • A Sell Out To Cruelty: Why The Horse Racing Ad Should Be Stopped In Its Tracks

    The public are rightly outraged over the decision of the NSW government to allow horse racing advertisements on the sails of the Sydney Opera House.
    What’s next – booze ads on the walls of hospitals? Betting odds displayed on ATM screens?
    The architect who drew up the Opera House’s recent plan to preserve its identity warned that going ahead with the proposal was akin to “throwing garbage” at the Australian landmark. Garbage indeed – horse racing is a vile in
  • Australia’s Hottest Vegans For 2018 Are…

    Out of scores of entries came eight finalists from across the country, but there were two who stood out with their impressive combination of charm, activism and compassion for animals.
    Australia’s Hottest Vegans for 2018 are Kelly Benson and Kaz Quinn!
    Kelly – a semi-professional rugby player hailing from Newcastle – transformed his health and appearance when he started eating vegan to cure his sleep apnoea, inflammation, and skin problems.
    “[Eating vegan] has been vital
  • The Story of Lucky The Baby Pig, Who Is Just Like Your Dog

    When someone refers to “man’s best friend”, they’re usually talking about dogs. That’s no surprise, really, since dogs are loyal and sensitive animals.
    But have you ever thought that the term could be just as applicable to pigs?
    Pigs are actually smarter than any other domesticated animal – in fact, animal experts consider them more trainable than dogs and cats. They are sociable and like to cuddle and snuggle up with one another, nose to nose, as they sleep.
  • Hungry Jack’s Rolls Out Vegan Cheeseburger

    Vegans are taking over the world, one fast-food chain at a time!
    A few months ago Hungry Jack’s started trialing a “Vegan Whopper” in selected stores in Sydney and Melbourne. The burger was so successful they’ve now officially launched a 100% Vegan Cheeseburger, including vegan cheese and mayo, in all 400 Australian stores.Australian burger lovers are the first in the world to get their hands on this very vegan menu item, which is not even available yet at affiliated Bur
  • Bad Ethics and Bad Science: Killing Sharks After Attacks Is Cruel and Pointless Revenge

    While it’s upsetting to see footage of two people being rushed to hospital after shark attacks in the Whitsundays last week, the kneejerk response of the government has been panicked and pointless.
    Six sharks have been killed in the space of a week, with no evidence that any human has been made safer as a result.Within 24 hours of the second shark attack, Queensland’s Department of Agriculture and Fisheries had dropped drum lines – large baited hooks – into the water.
  • PETA Awards Hero Scuba Diver Who Saved Shark Tangled in Fishing Gear

    Not all heroes wear capes –some wear wetsuits!
    While scuba diving near Byron Bay, Inaki Aizpun noticed that a discarded fishing net was stuck between the jaws of a grey nurse shark.
    Instead of swimming away from the animal, Aizpun did something compassionate. Knowing that the shark would face a slow and painful death if the net weren’t removed, he swam calmly alongside the animal and worked to take it out.Another Victim of the Fishing Industry
    If it weren’t for Aizpun, this sh
  • Enter PETA’s ‘Vegan Eats and Treats’ Contest for a Chance to Win a 30-Day Supply of Vegan Meals

    You know the facts: Vegans save animals, have a reduced risk of developing many serious diseases, and don’t contribute to the catastrophic levels of water pollution and greenhouse-gas emissions caused by the production of meat, egg, and dairy “products”.
    But sometimes, it takes more than facts and powerful images to inspire someone to eat compassionately – it takes great cruelty-free meals. That’s why PETA is launching the Vegan Eats and Treats contest! 
  • Meet Your Finalists! Who Will Be Crowned Australia’s Hottest Vegans?

    All the entrants in PETA’s Australia’s Hottest Vegan Competition 2018 are already winners for choosing to be kind to animals.
    It was a tough choice, but we’ve narrowed it down to eight finalists – four men and four women – who dazzled with their fabulous photos and compassionate hearts.Abdullah Azhar
    Abdullah is a Melbourne-based electrician who grew up in Afghanistan. Two years ago, he had a nightmare about being a cow at an abattoir and immediately adopted a vega
  • New Zealand Bans Mulesing!

    The government of New Zealand has banned the practice of mulesing, meaning that the legs of lambs used for wool will no longer be restrained between metal bars while farmers carve huge chunks of skin from their backside.
    The new rules were introduced under the Animal Welfare (Care and Procedures) Regulations 2018 and will come into effect on 1 October.Meanwhile, in Australia, it’s been more than a decade since the wool industry’s peakbody –ironically named Australian Wool Inno
  • Fashion Giant Forever New Cuts Out Mohair!

    Great news for cruelty-free fashion lovers! Forever New is the latest major company to drop mohair after a PETA Asia investigation exposed animal abuse in the industry.In an e-mail, the Australian global fashion giant – which has more than 250 stores in 10 countries as well as an online store that ships internationally – assured PETA that the brand prides itself on taking care in sourcing the materials used in its garments.
    “Mohair does not meet our requirements,” it sta
  • Animal Transport Horror: 40 Pigs Thrown Into the Sea

    Dramatic video footage of live-animal transport reveals that pigs suffered and died in the summer heat during a four-day ferry journey. PETA Germany received the footage, which was shot by an eyewitness on the vessel between 24 and 28 July, showing trucks loaded with pigs being transported by ferry from Bulgaria to Georgia. So far, it’s not known where the pigs were raised.According to the eyewitness, the pigs weren’t given any water or food while on board, and because the trucks we
  • Seven Dead Platypuses Found in Fishing Trap in Victoria River

    Seven dead platypuses have been pulled out of a river near Melbourne after drowning in a fishing net.
    A group of teenagers made the grim discovery as they were clearing rubbish while kayaking down the Werribee River.
    Michelle Wallis
    Death Traps
    Earlier this year, more than 10,000 PETA supporters voiced their opposition to the sale of opera-house nets – a type of enclosed yabby trap – that had caused the death of at least 14 platypuses in 2017, although it’s likely that several
  • Racing to an Early Grave: 119 Horses Killed at Tracks in the Last Year

    One hundred nineteen: that’s how many horses died on racetracks during the last racing year, according to the Coalition for the Protection of Racehorses’ annual “Deathwatch Report 2018“.
    The report shows that, most commonly, horses die from catastrophic limb injuries, or breaks and fractures of their forelegs. Others die of cardiac issues, internal bleeding, or hind leg injuries, or they simply collapse after being pushed past their limits.
    On average, one horse die
  • VICTORY! Burberry Bans Fur and Angora

    Cartwheels are happening at PETA HQ following the announcement that iconic British brand Burberry is joining Armani, Versace, Gucci, Vivienne Westwood, Stella McCartney, and others in banning fur from all its collections – and that it’s ditching angora, too.Embed from Getty Images
    This great news comes after over a decade of campaigning by PETA and our international affiliates against Burberry’s use of fur, including holding dozens of protests outside its stores in places like
  • Farm Dogs Dumped As Farmers in Drought Look to Cut Costs

    As farmers continue to look for ways of cutting costs during the drought, “man’s best friend” has become the latest victim, and rescue groups are desperately trying to cope with a wave of abandoned working dogs.As their name suggests, working dogs are forced to earn their keep and are usually trained to control other animals such as sheep or cattle.
    As drought-affected farmers “destock” – a euphemism for killing livestock or letting them starve – there
  • DJ Tigerlily Is a Natural Vegan Beauty in New PETA Ad

    She’s best known for her talent on the turntables, but now DJ Tigerlily is turning heads for a whole new reason.
    Wearing nothing but a crown made of vegetables, Dara Hayes – known as Tigerlily – poses for a PETA ad with the message “Go Natural. Go Vegan.”“The best thing about being vegan is the way that it makes you feel and the immense amount of energy and happiness that I get after every single meal,” she told PETA.Tigerlily was horrified to learn abo
  • Sickening CCTV Footage From an Australian Abattoir Leaked

    It was Paul McCartney who said, “If slaughterhouses had glass walls, everyone would be vegetarian.”Leaked CCTV footage showing the inner workings of Gathercole’s Carrum Downs abattoir in a south-eastern suburb of Melbourne demonstrates exactly what McCartney meant.
    The footage – believed to be recorded by the company’s own CCTV cameras in January 2018– shows gentle sheep being punched and roughly handled before their throats were slit while they were fully co
  • The Life of a ‘Winter Lamb’

    There’s an old saying that “where there’s livestock, there’s dead stock”.
    The Australian sheep and lamb industry will slaughter more than 30 million animals this year, but an additional 10 to 15 million lambs will die – shivering and hungry – in icy fields.Why do so many die?
    Many sheep on farms are forcibly impregnated so that they give birth during the winter months and their babiescan be weaned in the spring when the fields are the most fertile.
  • Live Exporter’s Licence Cancelled After Cruelty Exposed

    UPDATE: Australia’s largest export company – Emanuel Exports – has had its license permanently cancelled.After unthinkable cruelty was exposed on its ships, Perth-based livestock export company Emanuel Exports has had its licence suspended by the Australian government.
    Last month, the Department of Agriculture and Water Resources sent a show-cause notice to the companyafter footage showed sheep crammed together on filthy, hot vessels, struggling to breathe and covered in
  • Animal Rahat: 15 Years of Groundbreaking Work for Animals

    Animal Rahat – a life-saving organisation that’s supported by PETA – was founded in 2003 in order to alleviate the misery endured by bullocks, donkeys, and other working animals in India. It has expanded to include community outreach programmes, to provide “community dogs” with medical care and sterilisation, and to conduct emergency rescues of countless animals caught in dire situations.
    There are thousands of reasons to celebrate Animal Rahat’s 15th anniver
  • Gorman to Ban the Sale of Mohair!

    Australian clothing brand Gorman is the latest major company to drop mohair, following PETA Asia’s exposé of cruelty in the industry.The cult-favourite – which has 34 stand-alone stores in Australia and two in New Zealand and has just opened its first US store in Los Angeles – joins more than 280 brands worldwide, including ASOS, Ralph Lauren, H&M, Zara, and Topshop, that have pledged not to sell the cruelly obtained material.Gorman’s compassionate business mo
  • India Bans Live-Animal Exports

    After appeals from animal rights activists, India’s Union Ministry of Shipping has announced that it has banned the export of animals for slaughter from all its seaports.
    “There were demands from the public to stop export of livestock for the purpose of slaughter,” Union Minister of State for Shipping Mansukh Mandaviya told The Indian Express. “There were many complaints and representations from jivdaya premis (those advocating compassion towards all living beings) and a
  • Care About the Ocean? Plastic Straws and Bags Are Just the Tip of the Iceberg

    These days, awareness of plastic waste in our oceans is at an all-time high.
    All over social media, well-intentioned campaigns are taking aim at items such as single-use plastic straws and bags, which have been shown to pose a risk to aquatic animals like sea turtles. But if you care about keeping animals in the ocean safe, don’t just look to your drinking straw – look to your dinner plate.
    In fact, eating fish does far more harm to our oceans than sipping through a straw ever will.
  • A Live-Export Ship Is up for Sale, and PETA Wants to Turn It Into a Memorial

    After hearing that the disgraced live-export operator Wellard Ships is selling the MV Ocean Drover, a ship used to transport live animals, PETA has written to the company with a suggestion for how it could instead put the vessel to good use to help animals: remove it from the market and turn it into a memorial to all the animals who suffered and died on board.Animals Australia’s latest heartbreaking exposé of the live-export trade shows the horrifying conditions endured by sheep se
  • VICTORY! NZ Designer Annah Stretton Drops Fur

    It’s been a big year so far for the fashion industry’s commitment to compassion.Following pressure from PETA, Annah Stretton has confirmed that she no longer uses fur in any of her products.
    More than 7,000 PETA supporters wrote to the New Zealand designer urging her to renounce possum fur, and in 2016, PETA activists took the message straight to the designer’s doorstep when they staged a protest outside her Christchurch store and declared, “Compassion Is Always in Fashi
  • 5 Times P!nk Was LOUD for Animals

    Rock icon Pink never hesitates to speak up for animals.She’s been a PETA US supporter for more than 15 years, using her name and fame to raise awareness of the abuse animals endure in the skins industry and writing letters to persuade governments, company executives, and even royalty to stop using animals for entertainment.
    Here are some of Pink’s most memorable campaigns for animals over the years:Wool Awareness
    Before there was widespread awareness of the horrendous suffering endu
  • The NSW Government Has Made an OBSCENE Donation to a Greyhound Race

    Historic events, they say, always occur twice: “Once as tragedy, and again as farce.”The tragedy happened in 2016, when the New South Wales government backed out of its principled pledge to ban the vile greyhound-racing industry. Its original decision followed an investigation that found the widespread use of live piglets, possums, and rabbits to “blood” greyhounds. It also revealed that these highly social and sensitive dogs are sentenced to life in cramped cages or ken
  • Arianwen Parkes-Lockwood Speaks Out for New Mums

    Australian actor Arianwen Parkes-Lockwood knows how strong the bond is between mother and child. The A Place to Call Home star and her newborn, Lucia, posed for PETA to raise awareness of families who are ripped apart by the dairy industry.Just like human mothers, cows carry their babies for approximately nine months. But their birth is no happy occasion. At less than a day old, calves on dairy farms are torn away from their mothers to be shot in the head, bludgeoned to death, or prepared
  • Australia’s Drought: If You Can’t Feed Them, Don’t Breed Them

    The front page of The Sunday Telegraph showed a photograph of a farmer holding a young lamb, making a plea for help in the midst of Australia’s drought. It includes this headline: “Les Jones has to shoot his 1200 starving sheep and bury them in a mass grave. He’s not alone….”Farmers are complaining that the big dry means that they have to kill animals prematurely and for no money. There’s no denying that millions of sheep bred into Australia’s woo
  • Here’s Why PETA Wants to Hang a Pro-Vegan ‘Fish Stinks’ Banner From Tasmania Council Buildings

    After hearing the Tasmanian Salmonid Growers Association’s (TSGA) fishy claims of strong council support for its notice of intent to the Environment Protection Authority to build a temporary “mort holding facility” at the Aquaculture Hub just outside Strahan, PETA has written to Mayor Phil Vickers to offer to pay a fee to hang a banner reading, “Fish Stinks. Go Vegan,” on the outside of council buildings.While a giant dead-fish graveyard would create quite a s
  • Why Vegan Fashion Is Always the More Sustainable Option

    We’re in the midst of a fashion revolution. Australians are increasingly concerned with how their clothes are made, and the market is responding. More designers and retailers are putting policies in place to eliminate cruelly produced fur, mohair, angora, wool, down, leather, and silk from garments, saving millions of animals from suffering and being barbarically slaughtered. Now, the questions are, what will the clothes of the future be made of, and what impact will they have on the envi

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